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Descend in a sentence | descend example sentences

  1. And descend upon the plains.
  2. Bogey descend to that level.
  3. Descend to four thousand feet.
  4. The steep descend to oblivion.
  5. As we descend, the next level.

  6. The moon was starting to descend.
  7. In other terms, he must descend.
  8. He couldn’t descend the stairs.
  9. As time runs on, and stars descend.
  10. They watched Jose descend the steps.
  11. For the Lord himself shall descend.
  12. For the Lord Himself will descend.
  13. He decided to descend the staircase.
  14. Flower Descend With Touching Thoughts.
  15. Finally the footsteps began to descend.

  16. Athos, would descend to his kalyva by.
  17. Of wood and stone, nor will He descend.
  18. It is true that He did so descend, but.
  19. He was about to descend into the unknown.
  20. To improve the ability to descend stairs.
  21. Will watched him slowly descend the ladder.
  22. DESCEND TO HADES; for if the miracles had.
  23. The men in white descend upon the new patient.
  24. Gary felt a large hand descend on his shoulder.
  25. As they began to descend the marble steps in.

  26. Then did God send a Spirit1 of His to descend.
  27. Leonardo approached the cart to help me descend.
  28. To improve the ability to walk or descend stairs.
  29. Harry expected the storm to descend any day now.
  30. Apostle Paul: Yeah, the power will descend again.
  31. They decided that only three ships should descend.
  32. With but one step, Mary begins to descend the hill.
  33. Cynthia and I had no choice but to descend to the.
  34. You will descend to the earth to unite with your.
  35. He watched it descend; it seemed descending for ever.
  36. They also might descend into that well and search it.
  37. For the Lord himself shall descend for Heaven…and.
  38. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven, with.
  39. He will let it descend at any time He wants and wills.
  40. So much so that when I began to descend the mountain.
  42. As soon as Corey began to descend the steps I quickly.
  43. Their bodies slowly descend into the hot abyss of lava.
  44. The lift took longer to descend that Owen expected and.
  45. Hap had begun to descend the steps just as the Admiral.
  46. Mithraism believed that human souls descend into the.
  47. We had to dismount to descend into the deep valley below.
  48. Roth inhaled before continuing to descend down the stairs.
  49. He reduced the throttle and the Cherokee began to descend.
  50. Onyx tugged the lever hard and the ship started to descend.
  51. Jesus (PBUH) will descend from the Heavens resting on the.
  52. Raindrops descend on land and sea, blowing where they whist.
  53. As soon as I entered the stairwell I told Corey to descend.
  54. He watched her descend to the sidewalk and cross the street.
  55. Not alive before The Lord himself shall descend from heaven.
  56. She returned the blade to its sheath and prepared to descend.
  57. They started to gently descend, heading for their little cave.
  58. People began to leave the Court House and descend the stairs.
  59. Mount Hood and died in a vain attempt to descend, the dominos.
  60. You should have waited for my leave to descend, she said.
  61. Instead, I decided to descend to the meadow and head down the.
  62. Peter was the first to descend but they could see little until.
  63. Lord himself shall descend from heaven, with a shout, with the.
  64. But my clemency is always ready to descend upon the vanquished.
  65. Conal stood awkwardly, feeling a coldness descend on the office.
  66. When the Lord shall descend from Heaven, them that have fallen.
  67. With them that descend into the pit (bohr) Ezekiel 26:20.
  68. With them that descend into the pit (bohr) Ezekiel 31:16.
  69. They heard him softly descend the stairs, and Harlow, turning to.
  70. Let the reformers descend from the stands where they are forever.
  71. It was as he began to descend that Gerrid noticed the other craft.
  72. Holding onto him he felt her slowly descend towards to the floor.
  73. We descend the steps into the Pit and I say, I have a question.
  74. The rope, of course, is far too short that we could descend by it.
  75. The driverless air taxi slowed down and started to descend rapidly.
  76. Though he was loathe to do so, he saw little choice but to descend.
  77. I too arising, answering, descend to the pavements, merge with the.
  78. He allowed silence to descend on the hall again before he continued.
  79. Just when they were about to descend down the mountain, she suddenly.
  80. They began to descend; Monsieur Defarge going first with the lamp, Mr.
  81. She gets her answer when John and Annie descend together onto his bed.
  82. The little girl watched the monster descend until he was seen no more.
  83. With them that descend into the pit (bohr) Ezekiel 26:20; 31:16.
  84. At once the floor beneath them shuddered and then it began to descend.
  85. With them that descend into the pit (bohr) Ezekiel 26:20; 31:16.
  86. He was too old to descend personally into the centre of the arena at Sta.
  87. As it started to descend, my mobile rang, frightening the shit out of me.
  88. I’d hate to have a gaggle of reporters descend on the Cicciaros’ lawn.
  89. Words that were sincere caused Mei Yinxue to descend into a deeper pit of.
  90. So as all kinds of evil spirits must die, to be descend to hell perdition.
  91. Ricketts to descend from the stairs in the parlor, so Rad was by the steps.
  92. When I shall bring you down with them that descend into the pit, with the.
  93. The ceiling is smooth and black; slabs of it descend over him as he treads.
  94. Very soon they began to descend, and Harry saw the outline of a great city.
  95. When they reached the cliffs, they forced the girls to descend before them.
  96. He gained another hundred feet before he levelled out and began to descend.
  97. For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice.
  98. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice.
  99. Brotherhood is ever with him; but it will descend upon him precisely in the.
  100. Now all he had to do was get into the main hanger and descend to the prison.
  1. We are not descending the.
  2. The sewer was now descending.
  3. The sun was rapidly descending.
  4. The axe was already descending.
  5. He looks like a star descending.
  6. Descending through the clouds to.
  7. Mabeuf was descending on his side.
  8. After descending for four miles it.
  9. Balloons were still descending from.
  10. They were descending, but was it slow going.
  11. Jacob thinks of descending to it 'mourning.
  12. I was over the hill, and descending into an.
  13. Descending the stairs he called the coxswain.
  14. That night the wagon which was descending to M.
  15. Katcrina Nikolaevna was descending the staijs.
  16. He did not see his mother descending like the.
  17. The early twilight was already descending on St.
  18. NutriSystem formed a textbook descending triangle.
  19. Above us, the stars and the moon were descending.
  20. He clipped onto the rope, and started descending.
  21. The golden moon was descending towards the steppe.
  22. Sorren stood motionless in the descending elevator.
  23. He watched it descend; it seemed descending for ever.
  24. May I be satiated by the four joys of descending and.
  25. It was in the lift, descending, that Olga came to mind.
  26. A descending triangle is making a decline to a new low.
  27. As we were descending the mountain we took notice of a.
  28. This was a stance called the ‘The Descending Rain’.
  29. Heathcliff almost close upon us, descending the Heights.
  30. The Descending Hawk pattern starts with a long white day.
  31. He picked it up and read the title Pegasus Descending.
  32. Very steep stairs appeared, descending into the darkness.
  33. I followed Electra to the basement descending a total of.
  34. Jody, that ‘Cindy witch’ saw the two of us descending.
  35. We can buy shares upon breakout from this descending flag.
  36. As I continued descending in ability, I began to feel fear.
  37. Raskolnikov continued descending the staircase in silence.
  38. Sandra was descending the escalator while the young couple.
  39. It is still possible that a descending triangle in forming.
  40. The world has the word of God for a scendinng or descending.
  41. After descending to his level, and spending more time than.
  42. Even as I was descending the stairwell there were obstacles.
  43. At that moment a pair of black trousers descending from the.
  44. He said in a descending voice, Let me tell you about love.
  45. It all happened in slow motion, soaring, arching, descending.
  46. I glanced at the window where darkness was already descending.
  47. It’s certainly better than descending through Suicide Pass.
  48. After descending the steps to the cobblestone walk, she asked.
  49. The right shoulder developed in the form of a descending flag.
  50. Both days of the Descending Hawk pattern must have long bodies.
  51. I think we are done here, said Neil descending the stairs.
  52. They seemed unaware of the powerful force descending upon them.
  53. Wells shouting for help while descending down the home on his.
  54. Always our being is descending into us from we know not whence.
  55. The girl descending the steps, and passed only inches from her.
  56. I’m starting a slow, descending spiral that should keep the.
  57. One would have said that something dark was descending upon her.
  58. Alex took the lead in slowly descending the stairs, assuming it.
  59. Consider an ordering of combinations sorted by descending profit.
  60. Was anarchy, then, on the point of now descending from on high?
  61. As the sun was descending, the air started to get a little chilly.
  62. He prowled the larger room once more before descending the stairs.
  63. The ship was descending rapidly now, coming in for a landing just.
  64. Her house is the way to hell, descending to the chambers of death.
  65. Some of us may have preferred the descending wedge interpretation.
  66. Oded is just descending the stairs and looks interrogatively at us.
  67. Two long plaits descending down her shoulders and over her breasts.
  68. They then swam 20 yards away, descending slowly to a 40 foot depth.
  69. After an hour’s delay they at last moved on, descending the hill.
  70. Iratus intercepted the descending blade with his own crimson saber.
  71. The descending triangle is an inverted image of an ascending triangle.
  72. Use both hands and face the ladder when ascending and descending the.
  73. Television reporters and camera crews had begun descending on the scene.
  74. The Descending Hawk breaks down to a white body with a long upper shadow.
  75. Joshua told Nathaniel that he would see angels ascending and descending.
  76. Edwards & Magee would likely identify Figure 53 as a descending channel.
  77. This fulfills the essential requirements of a Descending Middle Section.
  78. The sound of footsteps, hollow as though they are descending a staircase.
  79. It just keeps on curving until eventually you realise you're descending.
  80. The walkway was descending now to where it intersects with a bridle path.
  81. From triangles of other kind the descending triangle is considered below.
  82. I got up as well and saw Abdullah descending and stepping into the lobby.
  83. Her professional life was rapidly descending into the fifth level of hell.
  84. There came a creaking from upstairs, and the sound of feet descending the.
  85. Another thing about the handle to look for is how the metal descending rod.
  86. We looked up at the sky and saw The ZX3 gracefully descending out of the sky.
  87. David, descending through Jesus and James, is the blood of the Kings of the.
  88. I was on a slope, the mountain rising above me and descending steeply below.
  89. A Descending Middle Section is essentially a downtrend in a long bull market.
  90. Most Muslims make the same claim of descending from Abraham; which they do.
  91. Johnny’s yell reverberated off the walls of the quickly descending elevator.
  92. Is there anything that would prevent us from descending to the surface?
  93. Prices broke out of the descending wedge five days before the earnings release.
  94. He was just descending the last steps when he heard rapid footsteps behind him.
  95. They couldn't have walked more than a few feet, after descending the deck steps.
  96. Sinai moment descending upon us chosen few – the few to know, but not yet be.
  97. There are three main types of triangles: ascending, descending, and symmetrical.
  98. On the steps of the City hall Councillor Nannetti, descending, hailed Alderman.
  99. Descending from the tree I hastily collected what remained of my provisions and.
  100. Teresa shone her light down on a steeply descending, slick black chute of metal.
  1. They all descended on Less.
  2. They had descended into a.
  3. Silence descended on the cell.
  4. The cloud descended into Earth.
  5. As soon as we descended onto.
  6. The Amazons descended on them.
  7. I descended the tree and then.
  8. To his horror, they descended.
  9. Naturally, I descended to the.
  10. Rachel descended from the podium.
  11. As she descended the staircase.
  12. She descended toward the kitchen.
  13. A silence descended upon the camp.
  14. Her voice descended to a whisper.
  15. Darkness descended on her vision.
  16. A sort of quiet descended on them.
  17. A sense of dread descended on me.
  18. He understood and descended the.
  19. Every now and again it descended.
  20. I carefully descended the building.
  21. Whores had descended on Sherborne.
  22. God descended on earth to save men.
  23. The maester descended from the dais.
  24. In seconds, the cavalry descended.
  25. Blackout descended, and a hush fell.
  26. Paul shook me gently as we descended.
  27. An eerie silence descended upon them.
  28. Seth is descended from the pastor.
  29. He resumed his retreat and descended.
  30. A sudden hush descended on the arena.
  31. Don and Christina descended the ladder.
  32. Together they had descended the stairs.
  33. Now a great darkness descended over him.
  34. The road thinned and descended rapidly.
  35. As she descended, she caught the sound.
  36. And looked at the world, and descended;.
  37. She heard the door close, and descended.
  38. He smiled awkwardly as I descended the.
  39. A silence had descended upon the two men.
  40. A cloud of helplessness descended over me.
  41. Suddenly a heavy storm of rain descended.
  42. I descended the tree with incredible ease.
  43. As she descended, the voices became quiet.
  44. It came, as usual; he descended, as usual.
  45. He used Jim’s key and the car descended.
  46. Gloom descended on the group by the hillock.
  47. A strong sun-browned hand descended on mine.
  48. Barnes to-day descended to the age of bibs.
  49. The red sun soon set and twilight descended.
  50. She descended, and went through the passage.
  51. Pierre descended the tree and then ran to us.
  52. She then descended and dispatched many more.
  53. Together they descended into the dark tunnel.
  54. As they descended the stairs he came near her.
  55. A great sadness had descended on Dragons Hill.
  56. All men have descended from Adam through Noah.
  57. The gentle slope of the grassy hill descended.
  58. She descended from the ship with courage, 95.
  59. Abu Lahab is a man descended from Quraish.
  60. The judge scampered out the room and descended.
  61. Amaranthe’s stomach descended into her boots.
  62. Jeff grinned at me, and then descended the tree.
  63. Alec descended the stairway with Tetloan in tow.
  64. They descended the stairs and entered the room.
  65. They descended upon Ixian and the nearby forest.
  66. Until someone fell and they descended upon them.
  67. From heaven she descended and here she was found.
  68. He got to the stairs and rested, then descended.
  69. An oppressive silence descended on the gathering.
  70. More spotlights descended on the pitch, and the.
  71. When night’s shadow had finally descended, the.
  72. They descended to the surface and looked at chaos.
  73. This man has realized that he has descended into.
  74. As they descended, the sun moved in front of them.
  75. Myra opened her hatch and descended to the ground.
  76. Nick was silent as they descended Observatory Hill.
  77. John gave the two a guided tour as they descended.
  78. When Jean descended into the valleys once more, he.
  79. As he descended the stairs on his way out, the old.
  80. He finally descended and hovered one foot over the.
  81. A cloud of helplessness descended over me.
  82. It descended upon the huddled masses who, in dark.
  83. As if an invisible cloud had descended over their.
  84. It descended tremblingly from their temples and ribs.
  85. Over time, darkness descended upon the face of the.
  86. I descended the mountain at a jogging pace and then.
  87. As they descended the air became more damp and cold.
  88. As we descended down the steps part of the wall on.
  89. We descended and rushed inside the airport building.
  90. An eerie stillness had descended around the cottage.
  91. They descended the spiral staircase without saying a.
  92. Rebecca and I descended the steps to the ground floor.
  93. His eyes locked on Kate as he descended the mountain.
  94. The King raised his hands again and silence descended.
  95. His whiskers were braided and descended to his chest.
  96. As soon as we descended the stairwell leading to the.
  97. The solicitor addressed me as he descended the stair.
  98. Salome shrugged her shoulders and descended the stair.
  99. Sidhu) has himself descended to earth and given the.
  100. The black warm waters descended and engulfed the town.
  1. Stubb, and descends the scuttle.
  2. A glass wall descends between them.
  3. He descends onto the Mount of Olives.
  4. In this model, desire descends first.
  5. He upon whom My wrath descends has fallen.
  6. Summertime withers as the sun descends.
  7. Then the curve descends down to its minimum.
  8. One descends, one sees no longer but one has seen.
  9. His body descends as the planet’s gravity takes over.
  10. God descends in the spirit of man under an empire of words.
  11. The little pistol, a mere shadow, descends to a waiting purse.
  12. The Greeks had a name for this energy which descends from the.
  13. What beauty is this that descends upon me and rises out of me?
  14. When the pulpit descends and goes instead of the carver that carved.
  15. Her hair first descends, and then rises again, and turns into trees.
  16. God descends into the heart at the level at which we stand, begins to.
  17. When the sun sets and darkness descends, that too you watch and enjoy.
  18. My Pretty Lotus descends from the heaven above to feed me with ice cream.
  19. Ours is a somber group that descends the cliff, battered, weary, and bleak.
  20. It is because of its extreme barrenness that it descends to such expedients.
  21. The autumn harvest descends from heaven’s water which is pure and transparent.
  22. If God descends at earlier time, the alternative faith will decrease in height.
  23. Christ descends, that are left, shall together with them be caught up in the.
  24. The supposed Evremonde descends, and the seamstress is lifted out next after him.
  25. WHEN CHRIST RETURNS: THEN we that are alive at the time Christ descends, that.
  26. Or when a hero or a villain descends into the absurd, it can be a cautionary tale.
  27. When it descends into their yard, miserable will be the morning of those forewarned.
  28. Christian taps another code into the keypad, then the doors close and the elevator descends.
  29. Remember the one where a thick mist descends from the mountains to cloak the land in fog?
  30. It is contained in a narrow ridge of mica slate, which descends into, and is lost in, a valley.
  31. The river descends rapidly and winds between hills, not high, but steep, and of beautiful forms.
  32. As The Vengeance descends from her elevation to do it, the tumbrils begin to discharge their loads.
  33. Michael when the archangel descends the dragon back to his bottomless pit during the second coming.
  34. An overwhelming peace descends upon him and in this holy state he remains fixed for many untold hours.
  35. One declines, descends, trickles away, even crumbles away, and yet is hardly conscious of it one's self.
  36. We are told that a great city descends out of heaven from God, and that this is the bride of Christ.
  37. Freed of all artificial constraints: civilized man descends to a level lower than that of savage animals.
  38. Legend has it that on the Chinese New Year, the Masked Dragon descends from the stars to dance along the rooftops.
  39. Eat of the good things We have provided for you, but do not be excessive therein, lest My wrath descends upon you.
  40. He has raised his arms towards the arc of its flight but when it descends no lower, he brings them to his side again.
  41. Conversely, as a vessel descends a river or body of water the green buoys are on the right and red buoys are on the left.
  42. He knows what penetrates into the earth, and what comes out of it, and what descends from the sky, and what ascends to it.
  43. The moist prairies generally lie along some stream, or at the head of one, on level land, or on that which gently descends.
  44. I suppose I feel so because of the hush that descends on my soul when I get out of the close, restless house into that silent purity.
  45. The figure is tall and imposing, with a billowing cloak that descends around its knees and eyes at could have slain the world and then again.
  46. When Ulysses descends into Hades, Teireisias warns him carefully about what kind of danger awaits him when he reaches the island of Thrinacia.
  47. They apparently develop when air at the surface has been warmed and a column of air descends from the base of cumulonimbus storm clouds above.
  48. The second proceeds from the back of mountains to the west, descends the Missouri to its mouth, and then spreads over a vast extent of country.
  49. So he makes the best of it; and when the sailors find him not to be the man that is advertised, they let him pass, and he descends into the cabin.
  50. Please impress upon Leppich to be very careful where he descends for the first time, that he may not make a mistake and fall into the enemy’s hands.
  51. Who knows that the breath [ruach] of man ascends upward and the breath [ruach] of beast descends downward to the earth? New American Standard Bible.
  52. As soon as the breathless Clerk descends with the heavenly Silk, the Draper gathers it up into a Sleeve and drapes it seductively ’round my Shoulder.
  53. Glacia drives out of the complex and Victoria’s navigation system directs us through the city to a ramp that descends underground: the Main Throughway.
  54. The white houses of Algiers sloping towards the sea look like the washing of a laundress spread out on the grassy hill which at Meudon descends to the Seine.
  55. The fire that is burning at the level of your mind (understanding) can not transform you into a spiritual man unless it descends upon your heart (center of emotions).
  56. She hears the sound of someone breathing deeply, this sound and that of the machinery grow louder and louder as she descends into the darkness in a state of trepidation.
  57. A sudden idea is a balloon with a light bulb descends from Heaven to echo the Bible “Let there be light” and “God is light” an area in the brain shines from within.
  58. Who know that the breath (ruach) of man ascends upward and the breath (ruach) of the beast descends downward to the earth? (Ecclesiastes 3:21 New American Standard Version).
  59. Things were bound to happen so, for persons of her type who have once entered upon that road descend it with ever-increasing rapidity, even as a sledge descends a toboggan-slide.
  60. Ulysses descends into Hades, with the help of the Sorceress Circe, and encounters there Teireisias, who predicts for him what the final solution to his conflict with Poseidon must be.
  61. A robe of serge with large sleeves, a large woollen veil, the guimpe which mounts to the chin cut square on the breast, the band which descends over their brow to their eyes,—this is their dress.
  62. The door holds and satisfied, he runs down the stairs, as he descends he sees Dave and Steve waiting for him by the front door; �See if you can mend that catch will you so we can shut the door after us.
  63. From this highest ground between the Ohio and the lake, it is a well-known fact, that the land descends towards the north much more in a given distance, than it does towards the south, and the distance is not half as far.
  64. Every second Sunday she descends the mountain at sunset, the door-key in her pocket, and dances all night in some convivial _Gasthof_ in the town, coming up again at sunrise or later according to the amount of fun she was having.
  65. I would not have agreed to pass it, for a reason given a day or two ago, that the right to trial by jury is inalienable; it is a right which descends to us with our other birth-rights; it is one without which liberty is but a name.
  66. Nevertheless, when Ulysses descends into Hades and speaks with Achilles, the most glorious hero of those times, Homer tells us that Achilles prefers even the most humble life of a country bumpkin over the glory given by dying in battle:.
  67. But here comes a man with flowing hair and dressed differently from the others, who has just arrived; he descends from his droschky and goes toward the house of the Zemskaya Uprava, while the policemen clear a way for him through the crowd.
  68. But soon a life that is miserable and woeful will return, and the jinn’s damage will increase and its evil actions will prevail, until the spirit descends from a low grade to a still lower one, eventually reaching the lowest level of all.
  69. Here it is that this creature takes his daily seat, cross-legged with his tiny stock of matches on his lap, and as he is a piteous spectacle a small rain of charity descends into the greasy leather cap which lies upon the pavement beside him.
  70. Until, when the earth puts on its fine appearance, and is beautified, and its inhabitants think that they have mastered it, Our command descends upon it by night or by day, and We turn it into stubble, as if it had not flourished the day before.
  71. We conclude, therefore, that the death-penalty of the Law of Moses signified the destruction of life, and that this is the curse, however varied in the details of infliction, from which the Divine Incarnate Life descends on earth to redeem mankind.
  72. JO BRENNAN: Midtwenties, petite, with delicate features and short, spiky dark hair, she descends from one of the six famous Irish bloodlines that can see the Fae (O’Connor, O’Reilly, Brennan, the McLaughlin or McLoughlin, O’Malley, and the Kennedy).
  73. While the resolution before us, sir, affects to support the Executive Government against insult, and language "highly indecorous," it descends into a style of expression, itself more culpable and degrading; unworthy, indeed, of the country and the dignity of its Government.
  74. It is a primitive, insulated elevation, with a nucleus of serpentine; the ground gradually descends in every direction except on the river side, where mural precipices of serpentine rock are observed, extending about 100 rods parallel with the water, and elevated from 60 to 100 feet above its level.
  75. But nothing arrests nor interrupts the tension of all these energies toward the goal, and the vast, simultaneous activity, which goes and comes, mounts, descends, and mounts again in these obscurities, and which immense unknown swarming slowly transforms the top and the bottom and the inside and the outside.
  76. The lawyer wound up by beseeching the jury and the court, if the identity of Jean Valjean appeared to them to be evident, to apply to him the police penalties which are provided for a criminal who has broken his ban, and not the frightful chastisement which descends upon the convict guilty of a second offence.
  77. Defarge, that sister of the mortally wounded boy upon the ground was my sister, that husband was my sister's husband, that unborn child was their child, that brother was my brother, that father was my father, those dead are my dead, and that summons to answer for those things descends to me!' Ask him, is that so.
  78. Let us suppose then, that the river Scioto descends one hundred feet from the mouth of the Whetstone, which empties into that river at Columbus, to the Ohio, and that the Whetstone which runs through a limestone formation, descends another hundred feet, which would make Upper Sandusky two hundred feet higher than the Ohio river.
  79. Eric stands up, Razor Mick is scary but Steve was in a completely different league, Eric had seen him put five tough bikers in the hospital because one of them owed him money, they learnt that five against one wasn't enough! Eric puts his jacket on and with a final look at a worried Carol and a smiling Dippa he opens the door and descends the stairs.
  80. He, Jesus states further that heaven and earth will pass before the law fails, this is scriptures -and yet we have the good theologians calling these very same statutes of scriptures, Jewish Culture not applicable today! Well then, let me not judge, but rather state that I do not wish to be part of this cesspool of vile crap which only descends into DIRE consequences!.
  81. Where am I? What has happened? What magic stream has united all this into one feeling, into one mind? Does one not feel here the presence of the God of love and brotherhood, the presence of something higher, something ideal, which descends upon men only in lofty moments? The heart is so full of something beautiful and pure and exalted, that the pen is not able to express it all.
  82. How low in the scale of nature the law of battle descends I know not; male alligators have been described as fighting, bellowing, and whirling round, like Indians in a war-dance, for the possession of the females; male salmons have been observed fighting all day long; male stag-beetles sometimes bear wounds from the huge mandibles of other males; the males of certain hymenopterous insects have been frequently seen by that inimitable observer M.
  83. Thus:--There are two subdivisions, in the lower of which the soul uses the figures given by the former division as images; the enquiry can only be hypothetical, and instead of going upwards to a principle descends to the other end; in the higher of the two, the soul passes out of hypotheses, and goes up to a principle which is above hypotheses, making no use of images as in the former case, but proceeding only in and through the ideas themselves.
  84. The sum of the New Testament doctrine is that forth from God have come to the earth Two Almighty Powers, for the salvation of sinful mortals: the Divine Word or Logos, who took flesh of the Virgin Mary; and the Holy Spirit the Comforter, the Lord and Giver of Life, 'proceeding from the Father and the Son,’ who in viewless action, like the wind, descends wheresoever He wills, to dwell in and renew the nature of man, making the Church 'the temple of God;’ 'one Spirit with, the Lord of Glory (1 Cor.
  85. Who but knows the inward peace that descends upon him who makes good resolutions and abides with him till he suddenly discovers they have all been broken? And what does the breaking of them matter, since it is their making that is so wholesome, so bracing to the soul, bringing with it moments of such extreme blessedness that he misses much who gives it up for fear he will not keep them? Such blessed moments of lifting up of the heart were Priscilla's as she sat in the churchyard waiting, invisibly surrounded by the most beautiful resolutions it is possible to imagine.
  86. And when I speak of the other division of the intelligible, you will understand me to speak of that other sort of knowledge which reason herself attains by the power of dialectic, using the hypotheses not as first principles, but only as hypotheses--that is to say, as steps and points of departure into a world which is above hypotheses, in order that she may soar beyond them to the first principle of the whole; and clinging to this and then to that which depends on this, by successive steps she descends again without the aid of any sensible object, from ideas, through ideas, and in ideas she ends.
  87. The snow descends and buries all,.
  88. That she will meet as she descends,.
  89. Descends the bank with care extreme,.
  90. Of the moon that descends the steeps of the soughing twilight,.
  91. THEN we that are alive at the time Christ descends, that are left,.
  92. Down goes Veruca! Down the drain! And here, perhaps, we should explain That she will meet, as she descends,.

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