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    1. and the differentiation was made by grammars in

    2. This is just to give you an idea of the lack of differentiation or the lack of

    3. Jung describes the collective unconscious as the all controlling deposit of ancestral experiences from untold millions of years, the echo of prehistoric world events to which each century adds an infinitesimal small amount of variation and differentiation

    4. But that is where the differentiation begins

    5. is ignored in deference to a process of social differentiation that leads to increasing individuation

    6. With the qunamic evolution having acquired biological differentiation, there would have come into being male and female plunams that got together to procreate the preys for themselves

    7. sex differentiation by both parents, fathers to a greater extent, increases with the age of the child and tends to reach a maximum in the adolescent years (Unger 1979), when

    8. tell from the size differentiation of his forearms that he was a

    9. The differentiation between companies will depend on the extent to which analytics has been institutionalized in the decision making process of their organizations

    10. Beginning about 542 million years ago species evolution and differentiation accelerated

    11. complexity and differentiation of language was a

    12. personality disorder, the diagnosis is not applied to an individual under the age of fifteen to insure that there is a differentiation

    13. However, whoever is the determinant, the differentiation between willful and negligent behavior at workplace has to be looked at very seriously not only because such activities are of criminal nature but because they are harmful for the overall prestige of the business organization and our human resource practices

    14. Vitamin D is involved in cellular differentiation of many tissues

    15. this differentiation will be based on some level of innovation in product, process

    16. There must be a clear differentiation of the activities of unions and the use of union funds to purchase and manage business

    17. •There must be a clear differentiation of the activities of unions and the use of union funds to purchase and manage business

    18. Chaos was first a uniform space which then divided into four horizons, to mark differentiation and the potentiality of orientation

    19. , as that kind of differentiation led to serious conflict in other all societies

    20. For Me, there is no differentiation between a poor and rich nor between a week and a strong

    21. The flow of energy throughout all is a honeycomb of golfball stringed chambers slicing and reassembling without differentiation or exclusion

    22. Consequently, Ya'jooj and Ma'jooj which are (China) and (Russia) were given chance to profit by this differentiation to publicize their subversive godless thoughts

    23. Since people are alike in their origin, and there is no difference nor distinction among each other concerning the lineage and the noble descent, so this differentiation among each other is found according to the truthfulness and the high intention

    24. It is evident, therefore, that the individual is simply the differentiation of the one Universal Mind “which lighteth every man that cometh into the world,” and his so-called individuality or personality consists of nothing but the manner in which he relates with the whole

    25. Any differentiation of everything that “happens simultaneously” in the Collective Intelligence of Energy-Plasma into such habitual categories of existence as “the past”, “the present”, and “the future” is simply impossible

    26. In fact, this is not true: we are not separated (both from each other and from Forms used by all of us) anywhere for a single instant, we are not divided into anything or anybody; this illusion of differentiation happens because the inseparable Unity of our realizational Forms has energy-information connections with the definite quality structures of Space-Time

    27. I use the term “Continuum” not to designate the “objective” part of Creation “known” to physicists, but to define the “wide-rezonation area” of Space which I distinguished very subjectively and very notionally (by way of analysis, comparison, artificial differentiation and integration of something) in Time and which is formed by strong energy-information interactions between Configurations of Self-Consciousness of Forms that belong to a certain Time Flow and structure by themselves many different types of subjective realities

    28. At the moment of “Death”, there is an automatic differentiation of Information, held in the temporal ethereal constituent of “a personality’s” Self-Consciousness, into its constituents: each UU-VVU-copy, which to a greater degree associates itself with the quality of some former choices of this “personality”, naturally reprojects all of its Creative Activity into those living NUU-VVU-Forms (of the same Stereo-Form, or any other Formo-Type, or even another Proto-Form) which, according to the rezonation principle, maximally correspond to the quality state of its wave Configuration and will begin to completely identify themselves only with these “personalities”

    29. During this differentiation, UFS that was focused in the Form of a dinosaur (just like in case of any NUU-VVU-Configuration), became as if partially “desynchronized” with its previous creative content and quantum-holographously “split” into many identical independent UFS, each of which reprojected into a duvuyllerrt (in Configuration) biological Form and continued the creative activity on its typical frequency Level, in the range of Energy-Plasma that is characteristic of its new Configuration

    30. As I have already mentioned, owing to “the concentrated resonance” and other features of the RESOSCONTIONAL Branch, these conglomerates are simultaneously used by millions of “personalities”, whose TEC are initially structured by “borrowed” (by UU-VVU-Forms from ODS) VVU-Information that (through the continuous process of subjective (psychomental) differentiation into narrowly fragmented Self-Consciousnesses of UU-VVU-copies) can specifically (through the biochemical activity of the Formo-Creators of the brain) reflect in the structures of any “personality” Self-Consciousness all possible combinations of the synthetic dynamics of various Aspects of Qualities

    31. — Dear Oollsprookss, the point is not in some “supernatural” abilities and not in the usual ability of UFS for differentiation — it always simultaneously both self-differentiated and self-integrated in many types of Spaces and corresponding Time Flows

    32. Billions of billions of NUU-VVU-Configurations of each of billions of Formo-Types of an innumerable set of LLUU-VVU-Forms and other Proto-Forms of GOOLGAMAA-A participate simultaneously in this global inertial Process of interqualitative Synthesis! And each one of all these creatures — in each range of synthetic creativity — contributes its own psychomental share to the process of inertial formation and differentiation of the same UU-VVU-Information between all innumerable UU-VVU-copies generated by this Information in different-qualitative structures of Self-Consciousnesses of all living creatures and reflected through their Focuses of Dual Reflection into realizational “niches” of individual ODS

    33. The other “personality” may be represented in corresponding Formo-systems of Worlds by another (not yours) Stereo-Form, may have a different age, place of residence, be representative of another race, and even be of the opposite sex… However, owing to the fact that the NUU-VVU-Configuration formed by the stable dynamics of its Focus of Creative Activity and the degree of qualitative activity of the Levels of its Self-Consciousness are very similar to yours, there is a great probability that “you” (that part of NUU-VVU-Configurations of the Stereo-Form, the qualitative inertial dynamics of which you subjectively interpret at a given moment as “yourself”), at the moment of “Death”, will be able to refocus not into “the nearest” (which is very similar in Configuration) group of Stereo-Types of your Stereo-Form, but will resonate with other Forms of manifestation of Your UFS and, after a slloogrent differentiation into VVU-Configurations of many slloogrent modules of UU-VVU-conglomerates, will begin to associate yourself with some other “personality” (and simultaneously with many other “personalities”)

    34. You said that now our Continuum is in an extremely unstable state, when inertially, at every instant of our existence, there can be a qualitative differentiation of Forms that structure it into different (qualitatively more stabilized) duvuyllerrt “Continuums” that manifest in one and the same diapason of dimensions

    35. According to the degree of information resonance and discord of some Fields with other ones, Fields-Consciousnesses undergo internal differentiation, and SFUURMM-Forms may be diametrically opposed in their meaning and become immediately “absorbed” by other UU-VVU-copies that form other realizational “niches” of OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-systems by their typical vibrations

    36. Between these Levels, there is a qualitative (not only in terms of frequency!) differentiation that associates any wave dynamics with a definite dimension of Energy-Plasma

    37. However, the principle of inertial differentiation of any Forms in various structures of Space-Time is based not on the “linear distance” between these Forms, but on the infinite self-duplication of their quantum-holographous projections into increasingly differentiated manifestations of Aspects of Qualities, which are as if “packed” in one “multidimensional noo-time point” of the information “space”

    38. This rule agrees with American hunting traditions, as hunters had already made the differentiation before the SCI definition

    39. The differentiation of having mass or having

    40. I then after reading this realised that gravity is not mass orientated, but gravity is motion differentiation

    41. In the Universe there are no hot or cold, big or small, fast or slow but only a state of differentiation produced by time

    42. This is a crucial differentiation

    43. Any differentiation can be imagined, created, magnified, and used to turn anyone into an enemy

    44. � Domination brooks no difference, no differentiation from the categories of existence dictated by the dominator

    45. Through pain and tragedy comes the ability to acknowledge the gift of life, comparing the contrast of pain with the gift of potential joy and happiness expressed through the gift of human emotion and intellect that can identify the differentiation of thoughts and feelings about good and bad experiences

    46. The tendency of a tired eye is to see less differentiation, and to hark back to a dull uniformity; so get in touch at once with the vital differences while your eye is fresh and your vision keen

    47. However, there's much more to it than quantitative differentiation

    48. The One – is the Absolute in the unmanifested state, the Matter, devoid of any signs of differentiation

    49. “Spirit is the first differentiation from THAT, the causeless cause of both Spirit and Matter” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 1

    50. There was frequently some element of truth in these essential lines of differentiation

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    Synonyms for "differentiation"

    differentiation distinction specialisation specialization separation demarcation split

    "differentiation" definitions

    a discrimination between things as different and distinct on the basis of their characteristics or attributes

    the mathematical process of obtaining the derivative of a function

    (biology) the structural adaptation of some body part for a particular function