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Split in a sentence

The 3rd Split is Time.
I got there a split.
The 3rd Split was Time.
A klaxon split the air.
Split the two into four.
I propose we do a split.
We could split a cab.

In a split second, the.
The vans split up when.
So he split test the ad.
They split up years ago.
Dislike may split a crew.
I suggest we split up.
That split Europe in Two.
The 3rd Split created Time.
Q and I split up for good.
Let’s split up and look.
After a split second, he.
We’re going to split up.
I thought Alf would split.
Just for a split second.
He split the wood for the.
Diverted in a split second.
But reality cannot be split.
Split off parts of the self.
I just got a nice split lip.
Talons edge split your skin.
They had split apart to be.
With only a split second to.
The basement was split into.
A split not many could handle.
You better split too, Tabitha.
Rebecca and I had to split up.
We’d probably have split up.
There is a split pin through.
The 5th Major Imbalanced Split.
It's too late to split hairs.
The 1st Major Imbalanced Split.
It split into two paths ahead.
Would the Clintons split the.
Try splitting life up into.
Splitting up is the best option.
They planned on splitting their.
I have one splitting headache.
Finitude is the act of splitting.
Splitting in two to surround the.
The splitting technique helps in.
I dreaded alike his splitting me.
No matter who's splitting the bill.
How to have fun while splitting up.
Time has a uniform rate of splitting.
His hooves are splitting and cracking.
He’s splitting up from his wife, Dad.
The splitting branch howled in protest.
This is also why Time keeps on splitting.
His head was splitting from the tension.
This time with a splitting headache and.
She was almost a splitting image of Alana.
He had a splitting headache, and his body.
I love waking up with a splitting headache.
As with the splitting of the atom, so one.
Billy and Lance hopped in, splitting in the.
The sun rose, the horizon splitting it in two.
The 1st half of this splitting was going out.
My head was splitting and I felt sick to my.
This apparent splitting of Reality is called.
High, nerve splitting, and filled with terror.
If he were splitting wood, he cut off a finger.
One can understand energy splitting, even space.
Next morning I woke up with a splitting head ache.
After splitting the mature and normal egg in half.
Marco returned her splitting gaze and then nodded.
The casing burst open with an ear splitting crack.
Or another way of putting it is: splitting with K.
Visualize them finally splitting up and divorcing.
Pit the plums, splitting them into halves or thirds.
Yet other medical experts recommend splitting the.
The 2nd half of this splitting is now coming back in.
Energy is a Condition of the 1st Dimension splitting.
Not without splitting the timelines again, Margaret.
These church splits should be.
And reveals a tongue that splits.
The 3 splits are an organic whole.
No two splits are exactly the same.
Because of numerous stock splits, etc.
But even imbalanced splits are balanced.
The road splits it's tongue into a fork.
Seconds later a scream splits the silence.
All bad luck comes from these Soul Splits.
Sometimes the family as a whole splits up.
It is God Who splits the grain and the seed.
The Path of Splitness disconnects and splits.
Whoever splits wood may be endangered thereby.
Splits in the wood should be cut off immediately.
It is the basic Force which splits things apart.
Stocks tend to top around excessive stock splits.
The black powder splits you in half, she said.
But the rate at which it splits is always the same.
It splits the glass and rockets out into the street.
The growth of a tree is a series of Connected Splits.
One splits by placing an equal wager next to the first.
When the skin splits the meat can be removed and boiled.
His face splits into a huge grin, and he shakes his head.
One splits off and leans on the rail, searching the room.
The 2nd and 1st dimensional splits were Causal in Nature.
Awareness splits and exists in two places at the same time.
Mount of Olives and the Mount splits in two (Zechariah 14:4).
The splits were causal: they happened in a specific sequence.
The polythene holds it together in the box, in case it splits.
These many Hurt Inner Children splits flow in and out of your.
Children splits! Which use the Strategies of the Poor Me, The.
It splits the 1st and 2nd Dimensions inside the 3rd Dimension.
Children splits! Which use the Strategies are the Poor Me, The.
By use of proxy machinery (mergers, reverse splits, consents).
Roast ungutted in embers, when the shell splits they are ready.
The stock (adjusted for later splits) opened for trading at $31.
The egg starts to shake some more; a tiny hole splits into a tear.
By default, CodeIgniter splits a URL into several different parts.
In Extremis, these fractures or splits are one of the reasons for.
The flow of water splits into two parts, the concentrate and the.

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