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Diminish in a sentence

It should diminish in time.
It served to diminish public crime.
They do tend to diminish the flow.
Slowly, her shaking began to diminish.
The need for a legal system would diminish.
Time would heal the grief and diminish the memory.
Secondly, costs significantly diminish our profits.

You will know better, and your fears will diminish.
The current and roar of the flow seemed to diminish.
Don’t diminish what you’ve done for us, please.
Humiliate, terrify, demean, diminish, bring to despair.
Had his wants failed to diminish because there was no.
But the love and desire I felt for her did not diminish.
The difference in our age continues to diminish with our.
That another’s good fortune need not diminish your own.
We often diminish the enemy by putting him in a red suit.
At the heart they mix and gradually diminish into empti-.
By this statement, I do not want to diminish the merits of.
I listened to the noises in the galley slowly diminish, and.
As time passes, these price swings diminish on a daily basis.
She seemed to wish, but to be unable, to diminish its effect.
It did, obviously, but that is not to diminish the daunting.
The effectiveness of the bulb will diminish with time and use.
Akito lowered the blade and I felt most of my anxiety diminish.
Nothing may either add to His Greatness or diminish His Glory.
That doesn’t diminish, however, the sense that for a moment.
This can help to diminish the fear that they are feeling inside.
As the colony increases, the profits of stock gradually diminish.
Prayer, faith and time diminish the agony and makes way for action.
The warm feeling flooding through Locke’s chest didn’t diminish.
However, the focus on your career starts to diminish after the 23rd.
They work effectively and safely to diminish and remove the lesions.
But as their acceptance increases, their reliability tends to diminish.
The noise in the double beam room started to diminish as looms started.
Uh, oh, the driver said as the vehicle’s speed began to diminish.
What do you want me to do? He asks as he tries to diminish her fears.
Still, it doesn’t diminish in any way your achievements on this course.
Her face was awash with tears, but they didn’t diminish her beauty at all.
Its loss does not diminish the ability to function - and function very well.
The stuffy air which had played hob with her sleep did not diminish at the door.
The army was rapidly diminishing.
Everything around her was diminishing.
This showed diminishing buying pressure.
Here: diminishing possibility comes into play.
The heat from his hand was slowly diminishing.
Byron response to famine and diminishing resources.
His suit seemed to be diminishing even as I watched.
And the expected time for recovery is diminishing.
He did, and the noise abated with a diminishing roar.
In terms of diminishing libido, stress is right up there.
It was apparent that our chances of escape were diminishing.
Categories of diminishing reflections of the whole: fractals.
There has been such a tremendous diminishing of stress - its.
Yet these scientists who learn at a diminishing rate of return.
Machinery, use of soapstone in diminishing friction of, xiii, 192.
As a consequence their role in the private sector is diminishing.
Meanwhile, Id watched our water diminishing faster than it should.
He could no longer fight with Sam, his glow was diminishing quickly.
Even Skepticism aff ected Christianity in terms of diminishing the.
It has a reward of increasing return instead of a diminishing return.
Society, the State, by diminishing his hoard, had robbed him wholesale.
Instinctual control diminishing: while experiential control increases.
You will ultimately get diminishing returns on your training sessions.
The name given to this universal curse is the law of diminishing returns.
Her food supplies were diminishing, and this filled her with new anxiety.
Whose the killer of the ain'ts? Inquired the ever diminishing number.
CHANGES IN THE COST OF CAPITAL: Diminishing beta will decrease the cost of.
After two years of diminishing its debt, the firm may be past its optimum.
He was taller than he was, he could tell that even in the diminishing light.
Cass and Unks stroll towards the crew while staring at the diminishing dock.
She listened to her heart again and the sound of it diminishing into silence.
Maria was thrust forward toward the diminishing form of Elon in the distance.
By diminishing nothing one uncover singularity and the effort brings in a new.
The sounds of activity were rapidly diminishing as at last he peered over the top.
Therefore, you would quickly reach a point of diminishing returns by adding symbols.
Such skills can be improved through discipline however subject to diminishing returns.
The dynamics of diminishing returns has been scientifically proven in countless studies.
With a thrust of his arm he pointed to the bay that was diminishing in the fading light.
Behind him, the sky, New Jersey, and the water were a parfait of diminishing brightness.
Be as exact as you can, neither exaggerating your claim nor diminishing it out of modesty.
The diminished ratio would have.
He looked diminished and downtrodden.
They gradually diminished as the arm.
Risk is not diminished as time passes.
The intensity of his eyes diminished some.
The mortals’ faith diminished every day.
Varek looked down and his smile diminished.
But Shrank, with each word, was diminished.
The mountain now seemed diminished, fragile.
The rain was greatly diminished and I knew.
It has diminished greatly since Smolénsk.
Today, though, he found his position diminished.
However, the price received will be diminished.
Meanwhile, the pitcher of ale rapidly diminished.
This strategy will also lead to a diminished stock.
That is why we are living severely diminished lives.
The smile never diminished on the other man’s face.
His count of enchanted objects had diminished by one.
When the live steam diminished enough that we could.
The result will be a diminished EVA, and a declining.
It affected everyone in an area, and diminished in time.
The power of that word enslavement is not diminished by.
The pile of phone messages had only slightly diminished.
The struggling diminished as the man suffocated on his.
In effect, profits are enhanced and risk is diminished if.
The pumping was an enormous exertion for the diminished men.
His anger swelled and then diminished as the minutes passed.
No sign that the torture had diminished his strength at all.
His response was that money had diminished his creativity as.
My physical presence has not yet diminished but my soul, yes.
The cloud of elders diminished, and James hurried to take his.
The floor has stopped shaking, but the sound has not diminished.
Nothing has diminished its vividness or unreality in four years.
Not materially, not logically, but emotionally diminished lives.
Inevitably, the Navy with diminished SCN (new ship construction).
Obviously, Tragus's search for her hadn’t diminished his thirst.
She feared that in her presently diminished state, she no longer.
Two nights in the woods haven’t diminished your beauty a bit.
And did little to nothing to restore her already diminished energy.
Furthermore, this signal diminished gradually when the associative.
As their mass increases, their value diminishes.
Whatever diminishes constraint diminishes strength.
And, in proportion as labor diminishes, needs increase.
It's just that it implies respect and diminishes the intimacy.
The Value of Analysis Diminishes as the Element of Chance Increases.
The hits ratio should however improve soon as the range diminishes.
As the greed for sex diminishes, the complexity of marriage starts.
Anything that diminishes, dies, or goes extinct is considered a failure.
I have heard its value diminishes with every transport, Garcia said.
A new camp will be established here and will grow as the old site diminishes.
Once fixed costs change as they do in Year 4, that mirror diminishes and the.
Whatever we do in life there is always a risk, but as we grow the risk diminishes.
If they are not, then the index's status as a brilliant investment choice diminishes.
Sobriety diminishes, discriminates, and says no; drunkenness expands, unites, and says yes.
It diminishes the effect of further disputes and hard conflicts that may lead to disaster.
That of the manufacturing workmanship diminishes, perhaps, in all of them without exception.
The extent of the market, by giving employment to greater stocks, diminishes apparent profit;.
As women age, hormonal production diminishes and this can indirectly contribute to discomfort.
As the criterion threshold decreases and the strikes range narrows, loss probability diminishes.
The demand for servants increases, while the number of those who offer to supply that demand diminishes.
That diminishes the degradation coming through primal impulses of the beast to enhance the worth of humanity.
The effective maximum length of a baseband network cable segment diminishes as its transmission rate increases.
Partner without warmth, emotion, or himself with sexual dysfunction diminishes the desire in a woman to have sex.
At some point as the outperformance diminishes the premium collected is equal to the appreciation that we sold away.
It is loaded at the beginning of the backtesting process and significantly diminishes the problem of access rapidity.
The excavation gradually diminishes in size as you proceed backward, till at 100 feet from the entrance, it terminates.
At the same time, using the concave function diminishes losses occurring when trading outcome happens to be unfavorable.
Conversely, as the market’s expectations decrease, or demand for an option diminishes, implied volatility will decrease.
I do believe he was mistaken in his „For Whom the Bell Tolls, where he stated that the death of any man diminishes him.
The spiritual fruit begins to manifest in the spirit of humanity to keep the body healthy, as savage gratification diminishes.
When the forests again take root, they absorb the carbon from the atmosphere through photosynthesis, and the ice age diminishes.
Yet, because his goals are subjective, and the goal here is to lead him towards achieving that subjectivity, failure diminishes.
It emits pulsating heat below the skin's surface and diminishes the size of the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for acne.
If you are constantly stressed and do not practice relaxation, your tension will build and the size of your comfort zone diminishes.
Likewise, the hold put on the beast diminishes the notion that shelter is a fort, but instead shelter is a home of comfort and peace.
In the progress of improvement, rent, though it increases in proportion to the extent, diminishes in proportion to the produce of the land.
But in this time only the most ignorant people have faith in any such explanations, and the number of these diminishes every day and every hour.
As the number of possible values for the backoff interval increases, the probability of the systems again selecting the same interval diminishes.
Significant overvaluing observed for combinations situated at the first positions in the ordering sharply diminishes as the position number increases.
It can cause the body to exercise, but if it does not exercise itself, pathways can become clogged (Beta-amyloid?) and function diminishes (dementia?).

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