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Dispersion in a sentence

1. Dispersion of the Jews.
2. High dispersion of points on Figure 5.
3. Dispersion of the cesium, not visible to the.
4. They predicted the dispersion if there was no conversion.
5. Peter is writing to the Christians of the dispersion, those who have.
6. Verse 9 on to the end of this chapter refers to the Second Dispersion.
7. Here there is a prophecy of what will happen when the first dispersion takes place.

8. To be honest, I am getting better dispersion with this gun than I do with my Blaser.
9. This variable delay across the spectrum leads to dispersion distortion of the output waveform.
10. In fact, a little inaccuracy might actually help by giving us more dispersion to cover a wider area.
11. Thus matters rested for one week, during which time Jesus prepared his followers for the impending dispersion.
12. In general, the greater dispersion of public information today puts a premium on information that is exclusive.
13. The dispersion of points is wide in both cases: when comparing the first strategy to the second one and vice versa.
14. Troup said he knew that orders had been given to remove them, but of their removal and dispersion he had not heard.
15. So do other proxies for uncertainty, such as analyst disagreement (the dispersion of beliefs in earnings forecasts).
16. Who could say that the AR-15 is not an accurate gun, and that you can't get close dispersion with a semi-automatic!.
17. In those cases it's difficult for us to find the valuation dispersion and reflexive selling at nonsensical prices that we look for.
18. Dispersion among forecasters in inflation surveys is a third candidate; it too has varied with inflation level, peaking in the 1970s.
19. Therefore, these portfolios allowed for the most accurate estimation of the risk with relatively high dispersion of individual outcomes.
20. The risk of the option cannot be estimated with the standard deviation (or dispersion) of its price as is done in the classical portfolio theory.
21. Most of the dispersion occurs at those frequency components that have been attenuated, so the effect of the distortion is a relatively minor one.
22. The ex ante attractiveness and ex post performance of the dispersion strategy can be proxied by the gap between implied and realized correlations (i.
23. Inform the residents of the city that we will hold counsel tonight so that all may know of the dispersion of the invading Lykanthros and hostile goblins.
24. The average value and dispersion of these deviations should be analyzed by statistical methods and must be taken into account in practical application of criteria.
25. There is no need for computing correlation coefficients for nonlinear regressions to see that data dispersion is much higher for the PPLN than for the EPLN criterion.
26. It was suggested to use the standard deviation of asset returns (or their dispersion) as the measure of price variability, which is usually denoted by the term historical volatility.
27. It would be supported by high-quality earnings, as measured by things such as cash flow relative to net income, capital spending relative to depreciation and earnings-estimate dispersion.
28. The resulting correlation or dispersion trades have attractive historical returns but they suffer when correlation across stocks rises—typically during crises and in volatile bear markets.
29. For portfolios created shortly before the expiration (up to 20 days), the difference between the actual and the expected value changes were high, positive, and rather stable (low dispersion).
30. Success at HF selection is made more plausible because alternative managers exhibit wider performance dispersion as well as greater performance persistence and predictability than traditional managers.
31. This regularity can be converted into a profitable trading strategy, namely correlation or dispersion trading, where volatility risk is hedged by selling index volatility and buying single-stock volatility.
32. This follows from the fact that the dispersion of points (variance) observed at low levels of the independent variable (historical volatility) is much lower than similar dispersion observed at its high levels.
33. The problem with using the variance as a measure of dispersion is that if our observations, on temperature, for example, are in degrees Celsius, then the variance would be expressed in square degrees, whatever these are.
34. FoF indices have lagged direct HF investing due to the double layer of fees and dispersion risk (a FoF must pay incentive fees to winning managers in its portfolio even if net performance across all of the FoF’s holdings is flat or negative).
35. Most notable about the Ice Age is that its occurrence coincides perfectly with God’s dispersion of the people at Babel, who were building a tower to reach heaven and were instilling singularity of thought against God among all living upon the Earth.
36. In this case, different inflation and growth experiences across G10 countries kept policy rate dispersion quite wide, while dwindling ex ante opportunity for carry trading manifested itself elsewhere, through spot exchange rate richening of high-yielding currencies.
37. Stocks’ liquidity betas are shown to vary across two distinct states: a short-lived, abnormal high-beta state (high liquidity needs, high volatility, wide dispersion in liquidity betas across single stocks, high reward for bearing liquidity risk) and a more persistent, normal low-beta state.
38. Given that a dispersion trading strategy can hedge away delta and vega risks (equity and volatility risks) and has a reasonably symmetric return distribution, correlation risk seems to be the main explanation for the richness of equity index options and thus the profitability of option selling.
39. These distinctive links and interrelationships between utterances and languages, this movement of the theme through different languages and speech types, its dispersion into the rivulets and droplets of social heteroglossia, its dialogization – this is the basic distinguishing feature of the stylistics of the novel.
40. It may reasonably be expected that the good effects of this critical defeat and dispersion of a combination of savages, which appears to have been spreading to a greater extent, will be experienced not only in a cessation of the murders and depredations committed on our frontier, but in the prevention of any hostile incursions otherwise to have been apprehended.
41. In addition, Wright’s (2008) analysis of time-varying inflation risk premia using multi-country panel data documents a strong positive relation between time-varying premia and various measures of inflation uncertainty (including model-based time series volatility where the focus is appropriately on the volatility of the permanent component in inflation, dispersion among forecasters in a survey, and mean uncertainty as assessed by individual forecasters.
42. All the struggles of dynasties and of the various parties, all the executions, which are connected with these disturbances, all the suppressions of revolts, all the employment of military force for the dispersion of popular crowds, the suppression of strikes, all the extortions of taxes, all the injustice of the distribution of the ownership of land, all the oppressions of labour,—all this is produced, if not directly by the armies, at least by the police, which is supported by the armies.
43. The two keys here are the dispersion of Jews into the Roman dependencies of Gaul,.

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