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Disputation in a sentence | disputation example sentences

  1. He could in disputation shine.
  2. Disputation is not amusing to cherubs.
  3. I am now going to cross the threshold of doctrinal disputation that has truly influenced.
  4. Argument follows the disputation and aggression is the final show from being out of control.
  5. Perhaps he suspected me of jesting with him, yet, being a thoroughgoing Patriarch, and being, as well, caught off guard by Flattery—that Universal Lubricant—he tumbl’d headlong into the Pit of Philosophical Disputation.

  6. Casaubon, that he arranged for the purchase of the picture in which Saint Thomas Aquinas sat among the doctors of the Church in a disputation too abstract to be represented, but listened to with more or less attention by an audience above.
  7. If this spirit keeps thinking deeply on this point, and advances in this field stride after stride, this fact will settle in this spirit’s depths until it becomes an axiomatic case, for it is a case that does not need disputation or proof or evidence.
  8. As they drew near, they discerned a considerable crowd gathered around the apostles and soon began to hear the loud words of argument and disputation of this group of about fifty persons, embracing the nine apostles and a gathering equally divided between Jerusalem scribes and believing disciples who had tracked Jesus and his associates in their journey from Magadan.
  9. In the course of the evening a certain lawyer, seeking to entangle Jesus in a compromising disputation, said: "Teacher, I would like to ask you just what I should do to inherit eternal life?" Jesus answered, "What is written in the law and the prophets; how do you read the Scriptures?" The lawyer, knowing the teachings of both Jesus and the Pharisees, answered: "To love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.

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