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Contest in a sentence

It would be no contest.
It was not a fair contest.
It was no contest really.
I come for the contest.
Maybe no contest for an.
The contest lasted a month.
The same day as the contest.

If! And if it were a contest.
The day of the contest arrived.
This time, there was no contest.
It’s like an archery contest.
It’s just some pissing contest.
It is the contest at the Lenaeum.
You’ll register for the contest.
Airplane Contest took place in the.
Let’s win this contest for Tam.
A hot will contest was taking shape.
This contest they would simply watch.
It would never do to have a contest.
A spirited contest, winner takes all.
It wasn’t supposed to be a contest.
If at the end of the second Contest.
What would you say to a contest?
It was my turn in this age-old contest.
It was a contest of kill or be killed.
My word against a dead guy! No contest.
Preventing action during the contest, e.
There are several contest directories.
We have seen the results of that contest.
The contest now grew warm and stationary.
That initially made it a soaring contest.
Intraday swing trades is that new contest.
And taught me every tactic for the contest.
Unscrambled Eggs poetry contest, and others.
Then I said, Lets have a pissing contest.
Yahoo! won the short-term popularity contest.
Her children would certainly contest the will.
During the next few days the contest continued.
It's a kind of contest, who can kill the most.
A restaurant might have a cooking contest for.
What statements are you contesting?
I’m not contesting that Pam, Ed said.
He began warmly contesting the justice of this view.
Pratt had no intention of contesting the drug screen result.
Their contesting the Will her voice rattled as she spoke.
Fighting a war or contesting an election without thought of winning.
The foreboding still hung over him; contesting now with his curiosity.
Tell the Elders I'm contesting his claim and I'll be there in the.
Also, a couple of students from your class are contesting their grades.
Contesting Castro: The United States and the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution.
They expressed no interest in contesting our progress or resisting our demands.
I asked Kejriwal later whether he felt he had erred in contesting from Varanasi.
But I had never even imagined to directly contesting Abbu in elections to stop him.
The funny thing is I feel such a fake that two terrific women are in a sense contesting me.
When this happens, a common means of contesting a will is employed that involves a claim of undue influence.
In south Bangalore, where former Infosys posterboy Nandan Nilekani was contesting, I met a group of techies.
He even decided to opt out by not contesting the Lok Sabha elections, preferring instead the Rajya Sabha route.
Unlike the BJP, many senior Congress spokespersons were contesting the elections and were not available in Delhi.
The coachman's office fell, as a matter of course, to Roman; nobody would have dreamed of contesting his right to it.
We are also contesting the statement made by the paper regarding the level of addictiveness of this particular medication.
Snorting wildly, the colt regained his feet and rushed on as the rest of the field, contesting for third place, rushed up to the finish.
When I said we don’t have enough money for contesting the election what did your holy brain comprehend? asked Zeeshan frustratingly.
The politician who insisted that the AAP would fight in more than 400 seats across the country is now terrified of even contesting the Haryana elections.
In this particular instance, any potential settlement would not reflect on the veracity of the claims, but rather the time, money, and inconvenience that contesting the charges would bring.
The Army of Glacierheart had been driven back for as much as twenty miles, but it had fallen back sullenly, contesting every inch of ground after the initial ferocious heretic bombardments.
Ironically, the only city where I noticed a slightly divided opinion was Amritsar in Punjab where Modi confidant Arun Jaitley was contesting a Lok Sabha election for the first time, against former Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh.
Jackson during the present winter set himself up as a British President in New York, contesting the point of jurisdiction before the people, with the American President at Washington; whilst Congress, regardless of their own constitutional powers, &c.
One faithful evening, as we gathered in our village country home during a Christmas celebration, I asked our Dad his reasons for not contesting election into any deserving elective position as that would enable him to serve his country at the capacity of a public servant.
The Waylya had stoutly contested.
This decision cannot be contested.
Weeds contested to spring up about.
Without being contested or even questioned.
Only those in their vicinity contested them.
A tribute to beauty, contested the senator.
After all, this is one of the most hotly contested.
It’s still being contested, last time we both checked.
For contested claims, yes, five to seven is the average.
The future of Azerbaijan, where we were, was now contested.
Vienna, but this action was contested by the Spanish andthe.
What is not often shown about a will is that it is contested.
One of the longest and keenly contested match ever played at.
But, Ive never been here before this, McLean contested.
APIs have become one of the most hotly contested areas of the.
And those of us in Europe, the contested mother, what will we do?
It also bested the United Nations in a hotly contested category that.
The FINA-organized World Trophy has been contested annually since 2006.
In 1969, LeeRoy Yarbrough (USA) won the three races contested that year.
It could not be contested that Ermengarde was as dull as she was affectionate.
Then all of the wills, and trusts left over by dead people would be contested.
In twenty-five years of teaching, no one had ever contested a grade given by her.
Morel and Annie almost contested with Miriam who should listen best and win his favour.
A hotly contested debate ensued between the vice-president and the secretary of defense.
A mood swing frame of mind matches well with Melbourne weather contested by pressure.
Any word that is not decipherable is open to misinterpretation and can be contested later.
Wills are contested in long bitter rivalries that often leave no member of the family unscathed.
The League has been contested every year since 2004, with Greece winning in 2005 and Russia in 2008.
Corporations that were candidates for contested takeovers were those with the following conditions:.
In 1971, Peter contested election to represent our constituency at the Federal House of Representatives.
Technically, you could call it contested territory, but in reality we are as active and unhindered as ever.
The largest football tournament (female) was Copa Telmex 2012, contested by 27,768 players and 1,542 teams.
In as many as 178 of the 464 seats that the Congress contested, the party’s candidates secured less than 16.
Although his time was contested by a rival Sherpa, the Nepalese government and tourist ministry upheld the record.
In November 1960, Jack Kennedy was elected president, defeating Richard Nixon of California in a hotly contested race.
Family relationship is the greatest challenge every time this factor is being contested during breakdown of marriages.
Too Big to Be Reorganized or Liquidated in an Uncontrolled, Contested Proceeding Whether Out-of-Court or in Chapter 11.
This is a hotly contested remark, but watching both price and volume can only enhance your timing and decision making.
The decision cannot affect the right of the United States, because it was not contested or defended before that court.
In fact, one senior Congress minister who had contested several elections rang up Vora seeking funding for his campaign.
Works in the same way as essay contests.
Trolls held belching contests all the time.
Fjur knew they would depend on many contests.
Used to have races, and contests; surprised!.
Pops thought sales contests got the juices flowing.
These contests are about great physiques with toned.
We’ve all entered contests at one time or the other.
Consider holding monthly contests among your employees.
I’m not saying this kid would win any sanity contests.
They had contests to try to open it, but none of them won.
Dance Contests, and this gets very much in the way of the.
Make things fun with contests, events, and other incentives.
That’s what usually made the difference in these contests.
Queensland have won the last seven contests, from 2006 to 2012.
Eating contests under scrutiny in connection with obesity fears.
You can locate on-line contests to sponsor at 421 http://contests.
For two vast days we struggled in undertones and wrestling contests.
Humphrey knew her as the winner of a string of martial arts contests.
Do you watch for the contests so al uringly featured in newspapers and.
If Foboko started a series of contests targeting specific author niches.
If you wil read this book thoughtful y you wil not have to win any contests.
The challenge, however, was a belching contest to end all belching contests.
They continual y run contests (Photo-sharing contest, Thea Watty Awards, etc.
Some moms then hold contests and give away the products that they have tested.
If уоu dоn’t know what writing contests to enter, juѕt tуре writing.
These discourage the conversion of negotiated transactions into bidding contests.
The earliest Roman gladiator contests may have been funerary games in which slaves.
She often tried to best him in physical contests, but he would beat her every time.
But all these were minor league teams that played only in local and regional contests.
Hill also participates in the web site’s stock-picking contests nearly every quarter.
There’s an activity in America, with one-on-one contests, and a national championship.
I’ve hardly mentioned these contests, but the Scherians themselves had paid them little.
There’d be no marriage for Nausicaa until someone could defeat him at any of these contests.
Team spelling contests: Each student who gets the spelling correct gets a point for their team.
These contests can be based on the most sales, the best customer service or a variety of things.
Earlier contests had left deep gouges in the wood, but the blazing fireball could still be seen.
That in early times, at least, all dramatic contests were not held here we have strong assurance.
Contests are a very effective strategy that you can use to boost the number of followers you have.
The Blues won the series in seven games but in a rematch, the Monarchs won in five out of six contests.
We go hunting and hawking, we have wrestling matches and contests of horsemanship, and we play football.

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