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Argument in a sentence | argument example sentences

  1. It was a weak argument.
  2. It is a logical argument.
  3. So this was the argument.
  4. She waits for an argument.
  5. He had lost the argument.

  6. There had been an argument.
  7. I sat without any argument.
  8. It was a circular argument.
  9. This argument slid down a.
  10. The argument went in circles.
  11. That is not a moral argument.
  12. He began his final argument.
  13. We got into an argument at.
  14. An argument raged in my head.
  15. The argument is that God is.

  16. They had their first argument.
  17. The more argument they applied.
  18. I decided to avoid an argument.
  19. The argument didn’t last long.
  20. It meant the argument was over.
  21. Now my argument for what I said.
  22. There is no argument that can.
  23. It’s the same argument that.
  24. That is implied in the argument.
  25. This would require no argument.

  26. He lost the argument with Mr.
  27. There was no argument about it.
  28. There was no argument, of course.
  29. Back and forth the argument went.
  30. It was evidently an old argument.
  31. The men stopped their argument.
  32. You had an argument with them.
  33. Did you have an argument?
  34. That was the end of the argument.
  35. She welcomed yoga as an argument.
  36. That is what your argument proves.
  37. She chuckled No argument there.
  39. Or they remembered some argument.
  40. Obviously this argument is false.
  41. An Argument That Cuts Both Ways.
  42. That was the end to that argument.
  43. I saw the point in her argument.
  44. This bolsters the argument that.
  45. Another false argument was that.
  46. And that would be in an argument.
  47. Merthin tried a different argument.
  48. Argument is the fire of our mouths.
  49. That’s not much of an argument.
  50. To avoid an argument, Elowen did so.
  51. I presented the argument that the.
  52. The argument to this function may.
  53. Olin continued his defense argument.
  55. Petr, ready to counter any argument.
  56. Love is its own logic and argument.
  57. That, in turn, led to an argument.
  58. The argument did not impress Travis.
  59. This is the heart of the argument:.
  60. But she was already beyond argument.
  61. Whatever they bring as an argument.
  62. Jackson trying to calm the argument.
  63. Did you two have an argument?
  64. That argument cuts both ways, I said.
  65. This wasn't an argument worth having.
  66. For the sake of the argument, yes.
  67. If you have a valid argument, speak.
  68. The argument deteriorated from there.
  69. We hear her argument, he said.
  70. The argument does have some merit.
  71. The argument is that God is immortal.
  72. During the argument, the SaLing’s.
  73. He did try one last argument, though.
  74. It would have undermined my argument.
  75. You’re in the middle of an argument.
  76. Now is not the time for this argument.
  77. But, while I was there, the argument.
  79. So what was the argument about?
  80. The argument of mine afflicted stile:.
  81. The argument now is a plea of urgency.
  82. Christ's argument that there will be.
  83. The nothing can be destroyed argument.
  84. This was the tendency of the argument.
  85. Shamir asked, Is that your argument.
  86. Never was a more formidable argument.
  87. That is a fair argument, he said.
  88. But I lost the argument, he said.
  89. No argument was possible on that point.
  91. Come and settle an argument, please.
  92. I would have been spared this argument.
  93. Their argument was stated as follows:.
  94. This, of course, isn’t a new argument.
  95. It is a fair argument that wherever No.
  96. The problems with this argument are two.
  97. The graven argument was that Drola was.
  99. Tammas didn’t have an argument for her.
  100. They brought up every possible argument.

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