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    1. He printed texts and helped them disseminate their manifestos on the networks and

    2. He printed texts and helped them disseminate their manifestos on the networks and along the highways of the many new worlds

    3. James was overwhelmed with this information; he was trying to disseminate it properly

    4. This is for selfish personal gains by those who are in a clandestine group who control power and disseminate information and control as they see fit

    5. Now, if these astronauts bring the picodust back to their home planet, then the picodust awakens from its hibernation and begins to disseminate all over the astronauts' home planet

    6. Add to that more teachers in the journalism schools who are dedicated to accurate newsgathering and reporting as opposed to the present drive to disseminate a collectivist prejudice that emphasizes, endorses, and promulgates the information that coincides with their partiality

    7. Batam expounded his chest with pride, nothing more pleasant to him than to disseminate the wonders of his birthplace to attentive and dedicated listeners, and with all the Oriental pride that was fitting on his veins, said:

    8. It is one thing to discuss the faults of others, and another, very different, to disseminate our own

    9. They are wishing to communicate with you and assist you but there is much that is done by few in positions of control to disseminate the impression of negativity by anything which may not evolve from your planet and its current civilization

    10. My job is to coordinate and disseminate all tactical information from this headquarters and that is what I did

    1. Knowing that this form of evolution is constant, one can only come to the conclusion that there is out there an intelligence that devised such a system and disseminated it in nature to form the universe

    2. Using my many years’ experience in both drafting and negotiating exceptions to contractual terms and conditions, I had undertaken a complete re-drafting of those sets of “boilerplate” and disseminated same to the many field sales offices spread across the U

    3. There is a fear factor that is being disseminated across the planet that on one level is true and on another level is completely untrue

    4. The figures of penetration of the subtle and masked goals of the Socialism movement are widely disseminated, but through it all stands out the simple concept illustrated by the distinct statement of Ludwig von Mises regarding the conflict of systems: “The real problem is whether or not socialism should supplant the market economy

    5. This happened because talk show hosts and the printed media (in spite of their bias) disseminated the truth of the matter well enough that the citizens had the message of what was really affecting their lives and estates (pocket books)

    6. We might then have more high quality information disseminated to the medical

    7. To think that ignorance is a better excuse is unbelievable but many on your plane are much happier with this information than with any other excuse or reason that could have been disseminated

    8. It becomes difficult to ignore the stories; many will doubt the truth that they know in their own minds because they are faced with such overwhelming influx of information supporting the cause disseminated by the government

    9. Be assured that all this will be reproduced and disseminated quickly via the history department of the Science Council

    10. intelligence, (or simply, ‘intell’), that is interpreted, and disseminated as needed

    1. disseminating the new Systemic Theory of

    2. disseminating the new Systemic Theory of

    3. The two of them have taken upon themselves the task of utilizing Leo’s militia’s broadcast uplink to begin disseminating volumes of valuable information regarding what people needed to do in order to combine and share resources to survive

    4. Knowledge workers typically add to the value of the corporation by contributing to the corporate knowledge assets, by documenting problems solving activities, by reporting best practices, and by disseminating information in newsletters, online, and in other publications

    5. However, there is no corporate-wide strategy for indexing, archiving, and disseminating the information recorded by the system and no integration of the collaborative system with other information systems in the corporation

    6. He became a key factor in disseminating the

    7. This incredibly delicate balance of paired molecules found a way of spreading and disseminating itself throughout the Dynamically Balanced medium of water

    8. Different religions, cultures and ideologies throughout the world can be viewed as a threat to Islam disseminating their beliefs and practices worldwide

    9. However, the substance of what the Buddha allegedly realized beneath the bodhi tree—and then began disseminating to his followers—was fascinating, illuminating, and once again appeared to have been crafted by someone who had spent a great deal of time inside my brain

    10. As part of the agreement, Standard and Poor’s assumed the responsibility for calculating and disseminating OEX values

    1. WRITERSWORLD disseminates information provided to it by the distributor and on a quarterly basis provides all the information to the author about the number of books distributed and consequently the royalties owed in a given monthly period

    2. And then Krishn speaks about the one who disseminates the sacred

    3. The current cultural and social virtual milieus comformicates its denizens not only with different priorities, but the comformicating virtualnism also creates its own gravities, with its own priorities, ethics, rules of interpretation and hierarchical systems which disseminates its beliefs, ethics, and priorities

    4. foundation that disseminates lies

    5. The CME Group disseminates this information twice a day, at 9:00 A

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    broadcast circularise circularize circulate diffuse disperse disseminate distribute pass around propagate spread scatter boast brag

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    cause to become widely known