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    1. He printed texts and helped them disseminate their manifestos on the networks and

    2. He printed texts and helped them disseminate their manifestos on the networks and along the highways of the many new worlds

    3. James was overwhelmed with this information; he was trying to disseminate it properly

    4. This is for selfish personal gains by those who are in a clandestine group who control power and disseminate information and control as they see fit

    5. Now, if these astronauts bring the picodust back to their home planet, then the picodust awakens from its hibernation and begins to disseminate all over the astronauts' home planet

    6. Add to that more teachers in the journalism schools who are dedicated to accurate newsgathering and reporting as opposed to the present drive to disseminate a collectivist prejudice that emphasizes, endorses, and promulgates the information that coincides with their partiality

    7. Batam expounded his chest with pride, nothing more pleasant to him than to disseminate the wonders of his birthplace to attentive and dedicated listeners, and with all the Oriental pride that was fitting on his veins, said:

    8. It is one thing to discuss the faults of others, and another, very different, to disseminate our own

    9. They are wishing to communicate with you and assist you but there is much that is done by few in positions of control to disseminate the impression of negativity by anything which may not evolve from your planet and its current civilization

    10. My job is to coordinate and disseminate all tactical information from this headquarters and that is what I did

    11. I’d like to take a look at it from a different prospective than what I once heard a man, calling himself a preacher, stand before a crowd and disseminate countless hours about

    12. “Remember what I said - both senders and recipients need access to the same codes and ciphers, and I don’t want to disseminate them worldwide if that’s not necessary, for obvious security reasons

    13. The Principal of Endowment states that whatever you disseminate, or give away, has a direct correlation to what you garner in return

    14. ” JUST-ICE hacked the drone's spyveillance controls, flipped its ID-Drive™ to disseminate a counter-consumer message, and then returned his attention to the speakers at their #FuckMoney celebration, their collective and continued insurrection against money and intervention for humanity and the Earth

    15. In effect: mass media functions not to disseminate information, but to funnel only one piece of information and ram it down the minds of billions of viewers who blindly accept whatever they are exposed to

    16. This movement identified with the behaviour of people gathering informally to dialogue and discuss their everyday experiences and spiritual beliefs, achievements, future plans and goals, in order to disseminate the phenomenal message of the Messiah

    17. To disseminate His messages He told intriguing and sophisticated parables and performed miracles, raising dead people to life

    18. Jesus, a radical and revolutionary divine authority through which God intended to disseminate the essence of His Being of unconditional relational compassion and reconciliation and to provide substantial and unequivocal evidence for the continuation of human immortal life after ‘physical’ death

    19. Just as Christ still does today, through the spirit of His followers and the individual and collective behaviours and attitudes of love they disseminate

    20. Resources of energy with planet earth will inevitably will ultimately dissipate and disseminate into the atmosphere as the remnants of changed energy

    21. They would disseminate into the mind of the reader not only, that man is “essentially immortal” and continues after death, but that whosoever opposes it, is a virulent, malignant enemy of the truth

    22. The Department of Education should develop and disseminate guidance on the implementation of multitier systems of supports throughout our education system, using evidence-based instruction, screening, and research-based interventions to support the behavioral health needs of students

    23. Facebook can disseminate a lot of information about you, and it is important that you use the controls that Facebook provides to place the limitations you want on who can see what

    24. Indeed, so well recognized is this peril of the Newfoundland Banks, where the Labrador current in the early spring and summer months floats southward its ghostly argosy of icy pinnacles detached from the polar ice caps, that the government hydrographic offices and the maritime exchanges spare no pains to collate and disseminate the latest bulletins on the subject

    25. The military men of the higher ranks, instead of encouraging the coarseness and cruelty of the soldiers, which are necessary for their business, themselves disseminate culture among the military, preach humanitarianism, and frequently themselves share the socialistic convictions of the masses, and reject war

    26. And so, when the journalists say in print that all the Russians sympathize with what took place at Kronstadt, Toulon, and Paris; that this alliance for life and death is confirmed by the will of the whole nation; and when the Russian minister of education assures the French ministers that his whole company, the Russian children, the learned, and the authors, share his sentiments; or when the commander of the Russian squadron assures the French that the whole of Russia will be grateful to them for their reception; and when the chief priests speak for their flocks and assure the French that their prayers for the life of the most august house have reëchoed joyfully in the hearts of the Russian Tsar-loving nation; and when the Russian ambassador in Paris, who is considered to be the representative of the Russian nation, says after a dinner of ortolans à la soubise et logopédes glacés, with a glass of champagne Grand Moët in his hand, that all Russian hearts are beating in unison with his heart, which is filled with a sudden outburst of exclusive love for fair France (la belle France),—we, the people who are free from the stultification, consider it our sacred duty, not only for our own sakes, but also for the sake of tens of millions of Russians, in the most emphatic manner to protest against it and to declare that our hearts do not beat in unison with the hearts of the journalists, ministers of education, commanders of squadrons, chief priests, and ambassadors, but, on the contrary, are full to the brim with indignation and loathing for that harmful lie and that evil which they consciously and unconsciously disseminate with their acts and their speeches

    27. When one remembers all those novels and their lust-kindling descriptions of love, from the most refined to the grossest, with which the literature of our society overflows; if one only remembers all those pictures and statues representing women's naked bodies, and all sorts of abominations which are reproduced in illustrations and advertisements; if one only remembers all the filthy operas and operettas, songs, and romances with which our world teems, involuntarily it seems as if existing art had but one definite aim,—to disseminate vice as widely as possible

    28. Samuel Brown, is preparing to disseminate the productions of his skill, and to make this important art (executed with American materials,) extensively useful in this country

    1. Knowing that this form of evolution is constant, one can only come to the conclusion that there is out there an intelligence that devised such a system and disseminated it in nature to form the universe

    2. Using my many years’ experience in both drafting and negotiating exceptions to contractual terms and conditions, I had undertaken a complete re-drafting of those sets of “boilerplate” and disseminated same to the many field sales offices spread across the U

    3. There is a fear factor that is being disseminated across the planet that on one level is true and on another level is completely untrue

    4. The figures of penetration of the subtle and masked goals of the Socialism movement are widely disseminated, but through it all stands out the simple concept illustrated by the distinct statement of Ludwig von Mises regarding the conflict of systems: “The real problem is whether or not socialism should supplant the market economy

    5. This happened because talk show hosts and the printed media (in spite of their bias) disseminated the truth of the matter well enough that the citizens had the message of what was really affecting their lives and estates (pocket books)

    6. We might then have more high quality information disseminated to the medical

    7. To think that ignorance is a better excuse is unbelievable but many on your plane are much happier with this information than with any other excuse or reason that could have been disseminated

    8. It becomes difficult to ignore the stories; many will doubt the truth that they know in their own minds because they are faced with such overwhelming influx of information supporting the cause disseminated by the government

    9. Be assured that all this will be reproduced and disseminated quickly via the history department of the Science Council

    10. intelligence, (or simply, ‘intell’), that is interpreted, and disseminated as needed

    11. My close friend and I chatted most of the night, hashing as many particulars of God that either could come up with, and every time a subject was disseminated, the Spirit would show one or the other, and sometimes both, a revealed meaning of the scriptures

    12. securities before those with publicly disseminated information have a chance to react

    13. wished to see disseminated

    14. authority held by the church and information disseminated to the fold, the comparison here is to see one held

    15. Be assured that I already am working on such offensive plans, which should be ready and disseminated within a month

    16. From America, it then disseminated throughout the neighboring countries

    17. There is the information created through the work of the state that needs to be disseminated among the society

    18. He disseminated his optimism and belief in his students in both action and in words

    19. Pursuing and delving deep into eternal truths, their forebears had disseminated their insights add revelations all over the world

    20. Besides that, the China's communistic traders disseminated their cheap goods among the nations of the world because of the excessive rise in prices which accompanied by the serious penury

    21. What would come of the yet-to-be-born genius Albert Forquessas, whose transitioning Ralf had disseminated some centuries past?

    22. In either case, information is disseminated and applied to improving efficiency and effectiveness, as reflected in the bottom line

    23. That is, simply because a knowledge worker submits what he or she thinks is a best practice doesn’t mean it should be disseminated throughout the organization

    24. Nevertheless Chandra maintained that his supply was finite and so it could not be disseminated liberally amongst everyone

    25. But since it is not collected, collated, connected, disseminated, applied, or used comprehensively… it remains segmented and unconnected, it becomes a wasteful, pointless accumulation

    26. The actual truth of WW2 is the exact opposite of the propaganda and historical lies disseminated by the winners

    27. In accordance with the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I request that this letter be made a part of my credit file and thereupon disseminated with any request on me

    28. It is believed the galaxies will continue to expand until the galaxies and their stars are disseminated so greatly they cease to exist but in their smallest atomic particles, which too will eventually decompose, corrupt and disappear

    29. The essence of the Soul and seeds of the Spirit have been instilled and disseminated throughout the universe as a manifestation of the predetermined design and order of the Will, and in turn, the processes of evolution,, firstly, as expressed in the atom-energy structures and functions of non-living inorganic structures such as rocks and sand etc

    30. I had developed something called disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), which meant my blood was not clotting, my blood pressure was very low and my blood acid had risen

    31. Marta had not been able to find one, and the matter was now becoming pressing; some organ was absolutely needed to counteract the effect of the lies disseminated by the Monterist press: the atrocious calumnies, the appeals to the people calling upon them to rise with their knives in their hands and put an end once for all to the Blancos, to these Gothic remnants, to these sinister mummies, these impotent paraliticos, who plotted with foreigners for the surrender of the lands and the slavery of the people

    32. And it occurred to her that he, too, had been acting—that this was all to be disseminated as office gossip

    33. The new index is calculated and disseminated under the symbol “BXM,” on a daily basis, using closing prices of the S&P 500 Index and the closing price of the selected SPX call

    34. Where stock markets used to have a physical presence where people met and haggled about deals, electronics has liberated them so the disseminated market is everywhere and nowhere

    35. Cortez, a nontraditional college student, was not a fan of the misinformation about trading disseminated on his campus

    36. Although no one knows the exact price at which the stock will reopen, the indication (very often disseminated by the exchange) is somewhere between 67

    37. Initially, VIX values disseminated by the CBOE were derived from the prices of OEX options

    38. However, I do want to point out one thing: A charting method known as Kagi has been widely disseminated as being a technique that originated in Japan and was unknown in the United States until recently

    39. In the vast cosmic exchanges the universal life goes and comes in unknown quantities, rolling entirely in the invisible mystery of effluvia, employing everything, not losing a single dream, not a single slumber, sowing an animalcule here, crumbling to bits a planet there, oscillating and winding, making of light a force and of thought an element, disseminated and invisible, dissolving all, except that geometrical point, the I; bringing everything back to the soul-atom; expanding everything in God, entangling all activity, from summit to base, in the obscurity of a dizzy mechanism, attaching the flight of an insect to the movement of the earth, subordinating, who knows? Were it only by the identity of the law, the evolution of the comet in the firmament to the whirling of the infusoria in the drop of water

    40. Quotes for this index are disseminated using the symbol VXD

    41. Bivalve shells are made to open and shut, but on what a number of patterns is the hinge constructed, from the long row of neatly interlocking teeth in a Nucula to the simple ligament of a Mussel! Seeds are disseminated by their minuteness, by their capsule being converted into a light balloon-like envelope, by being embedded in pulp or flesh, formed of the most diverse parts, and rendered nutritious, as well as conspicuously coloured, so as to attract and be devoured by birds, by having hooks and grapnels of many kinds and serrated awns, so as to adhere to the fur of quadrupeds, and by being furnished with wings and plumes, as different in shape as they are elegant in structure, so as to be wafted by every breeze

    42. But this beauty serves merely as a guide to birds and beasts, in order that the fruit may be devoured and the matured seeds disseminated

    43. I infer that this is the case from having as yet found no exception to the rule that seeds are always thus disseminated when embedded within a fruit of any kind (that is within a fleshy or pulpy envelope), if it be coloured of any brilliant tint, or rendered conspicuous by being white or black

    44. Flowers and fruit have been rendered conspicuous by brilliant colours in contrast with the green foliage, in order that the flowers may be easily seen, visited and fertilised by insects, and the seeds disseminated by birds

    45. One of the striking phenomena of our time is that preaching of slavery which is disseminated among the masses, not only by the governments, which need it, but also by those men who, preaching socialistic theories, imagine that they are the champions of liberty

    46. Thus it has always been and it has become more and more definite, in proportion as the Christian teaching has been disseminated and elucidated

    47. The common deception, which is disseminated among all men, consists in this, that in all the catechisms, or the books which have taken their place and which are now the subject of obligatory instruction for the children, it says that violence, that is, tortures, imprisonments, and executions, as also murders in civil or external wars for the purpose of maintaining and defending the existing order of the state (whatever it be, autocratic, monarchical, a convention, a consulship, an empire of either Napoleon or of Boulanger, a constitutional monarchy, a commune, or a republic), is quite legitimate, and does not contradict either morality or Christianity

    48. Thus, according to this doctrine, all the founders of religions, such as Moses and the prophets, Confucius, Lao-tse, Buddha, Christ, and others preached their teachings, and their followers accepted them, not because they loved truth, elucidated it to themselves, and professed it, but because the political, social, and, above all, economic conditions of the nations among whom these teachings appeared and were disseminated were favourable for their manifestation and diffusion

    49. Similar doctrines were disseminated by peddlers from New England and elsewhere, throughout the southern country—and masters have been found so infatuated, as by their lives and conversation, by a general contempt of order, morality, and religion, unthinkingly to cherish these seeds of self-destruction to them and their families

    50. It is extremely unfortunate for those engaged in researches concerning the objects of this class, that so many of them have been disseminated abroad

    1. WRITERSWORLD disseminates information provided to it by the distributor and on a quarterly basis provides all the information to the author about the number of books distributed and consequently the royalties owed in a given monthly period

    2. And then Krishn speaks about the one who disseminates the sacred

    3. The current cultural and social virtual milieus comformicates its denizens not only with different priorities, but the comformicating virtualnism also creates its own gravities, with its own priorities, ethics, rules of interpretation and hierarchical systems which disseminates its beliefs, ethics, and priorities

    4. foundation that disseminates lies

    5. The CME Group disseminates this information twice a day, at 9:00 A

    1. disseminating the new Systemic Theory of

    2. The two of them have taken upon themselves the task of utilizing Leo’s militia’s broadcast uplink to begin disseminating volumes of valuable information regarding what people needed to do in order to combine and share resources to survive

    3. Knowledge workers typically add to the value of the corporation by contributing to the corporate knowledge assets, by documenting problems solving activities, by reporting best practices, and by disseminating information in newsletters, online, and in other publications

    4. However, there is no corporate-wide strategy for indexing, archiving, and disseminating the information recorded by the system and no integration of the collaborative system with other information systems in the corporation

    5. He became a key factor in disseminating the

    6. This incredibly delicate balance of paired molecules found a way of spreading and disseminating itself throughout the Dynamically Balanced medium of water

    7. Different religions, cultures and ideologies throughout the world can be viewed as a threat to Islam disseminating their beliefs and practices worldwide

    8. However, the substance of what the Buddha allegedly realized beneath the bodhi tree—and then began disseminating to his followers—was fascinating, illuminating, and once again appeared to have been crafted by someone who had spent a great deal of time inside my brain

    9. As part of the agreement, Standard and Poor’s assumed the responsibility for calculating and disseminating OEX values

    10. I myself have been disseminating unceasingly for a number of years

    11. With these objects under despotic governments there is direct prohibition against printing and disseminating books to enlighten the people, and everyone who might rouse the people from their lethargy is exiled or imprisoned

    12. Were gentlemen to confine themselves to a temperate investigation of the propriety of adopting measures either recommended by the Executive, or proposed by the majority, who is there that would not listen with pleasure and satisfaction? But when the liberty of debate was prostituted in disseminating the most unfounded charges, in the indiscriminate abuse of the constituted authorities of the nation, he confessed he could not "always be a hearer, and never reply

    13. the liberty of debate prostituted in disseminating the most unfounded charges, 639;

    14. During the vacation they are disseminating this practical knowledge and their spirit through the whole State

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