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Boast in a sentence | boast example sentences

  1. I didn't boast of it.
  2. That boast of his was stupid.
  3. In silence and without boast.
  4. I had yet to hear Simon boast.
  5. Larger, it seem to boast a few.

  6. This it is my pride to boast of.
  7. Then allow me to boast for you.
  8. And that is not an idle boast.
  9. I wanted you: but don’t boast.
  10. I shouldn’t boast, but it is the.
  11. My soul will make its boast in the Lord.
  12. Let others boast that they were the best.
  13. And I only said so then to boast to you.
  14. This was no boast, no calculated threat.
  15. Such design as this no man could boast of.

  16. That doth presume to boast of gentle blood.
  17. One liked to boast of his fine roast goose.
  18. Those saved had something to boast of over.
  19. No, what he did was to boast he'd caught him.
  20. His record backed up his boast; he never lost.
  21. Bet she’s here to boast about their catch.
  22. Joey loved to boast about the conquests he'd had.
  23. It humbles man, and leaves him no room to boast.
  24. He actually seems to boast of it! she cried.
  25. It can boast, however, of a history quite varied.

  26. Nothing to boast of? And who are the others?
  27. This does not mean we have reason to boast because.
  28. The 220-mph limit boast Vinnie had made was accurate.
  29. As of 31 March 2013, Facebook was able to boast 1.
  30. He expected her to boast about her supernatural powers.
  31. Its pickerel, though not abundant, are its chief boast.
  32. So that is the reliability you boast so about? Great!.
  33. Her courage was not strong without Winfield to boast for.
  34. Why should Protestants boast over the Catholics in this.
  35. So he can boast about his attorney daughter to his friends.
  36. The most vocal of the churches all boast signs and miracles.
  37. He could boast great might crowned with signs of compassion.
  38. What other town had exploding soap bubbles to boast about?
  39. I can't answer that question because I don't like to boast.
  40. Not only did Twenex boast built-in security, but the system's.
  41. But let them not boast before the face of the Manitou too loud.
  42. The thief who believed had nothing of which to boast since his.
  43. The "Winter's Tale" can boast of another good shepherd (Act 3, Sc.
  44. We should therefore shine with this knowledge and boast the truth.
  45. We can boast in rewards, but if salvation is by free grace we have.
  46. The Big Sandfly of the South Island was not something to boast about.
  47. They boast a decent selection of the most savage Greegs imaginable.
  48. He knew Grimgy wouldn't dare make such a boast in Nathalia's presence.
  49. That's the great empire they boast about of drudges and whipped serfs.
  50. Otherwise, we could boast about our salvation if it had anything to do.
  51. Enkhuizen); a child left in anInclusa could hardly boast of his family).
  52. Other countries boast a variety in the subject of the films they produce.
  53. You have the gall to stand there and boast to me, your wife, that—.
  54. Thus says the LORD, Let not a wise man boast of his wisdom, and let not.
  55. Almost no one on the planet could boast of having a truly symmetrical face.
  56. Ren Kuangfeng got a boast in his spirit and decided that it was time to get.
  57. The main thing is that one has to try to make this an activity and not a boast.
  58. It would assuredly have been a vain boast in him to say that he was her master.
  59. Sasaki only wanted to reminisce about USC and boast of Japan’s coming victory.
  60. Her intellect was nothing to boast of, and her literary knowledge very doubtful.
  61. It's all very fine to boast of mutual superiority but what about mutual equality.
  62. But can we not observe the same phenomenon when the rich boast of their wealth, i.
  63. My father would boast to people about ‘my heavenly smile and heavenly laughter’.
  64. Hearing parents boast about their kids’ success causes other parents to fell envy.
  65. That supposedly enhanced computers to the next level of evolution, or so they boast.
  66. I It was the boast of the summer dwellers in Roscoe that they had not spoiled the place.
  67. Pro 27:1 Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.
  68. Enterprise, out of respect to Captain Kirk, the first only one to boast beating the test.
  69. The seamen gathered in the forecastle to boast of her fleetness and the tight shape of her.
  70. It is because of Him that you are in Christ Jesus…Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.
  71. In verse 27 Paul shows that no one can boast that they are not guilty of sin, and sinfulness.
  72. Ah! just Heaven! you may boast of having driven your grandfather to despair, that you may!.
  73. Those that have faith in the correct doctrine can indeed boast, Jesus thought it worth His.
  74. Rosegard did boast of its new football field however, with extended bleachers and a new track.
  75. Healing Crystals – These minerals turned crystalline are said to boast certain healing powers.
  76. The last part of this statement was not a compliment but a boast of his own personal achievement.
  77. He didn't even know he could grow a beard, though it was so scraggly it was nothing to boast of.
  78. I have some grasp of tactics, which is more than most of my brother and sister nobles can boast.
  79. Psa 49:6 They that trust in their wealth, and boast themselves in the multitude of their riches;.
  80. It may come as a surprise to you that not every profitable company can boast a positive cash flow.
  81. How long shall they utter and speak hard things? and all the workers of iniquity boast themselves?
  82. Their boast was that the Revolution was now capable of manufacturing anything from pins to rockets.
  83. To be sure, you hardly could say that, outside the regiment, the town could boast any ladies at all.
  84. Do you not marvel, then, at Stubb's boast, that he demanded but ten minutes to behead a sperm whale?
  85. These bad trees boast a lot about what they have, but when you look close you find that they are empty.
  86. Remember pickled beets? Corn relish? Heinz used to boast of 57 varieties of sauces, each one fermented.
  87. Conan thought of Tsotha's last abominable threat, and groaned in sick fury, knowing it was no idle boast.
  88. Forthwith I saw him stand up straight and heard him boast his strength return to either of the other men.
  89. Almazoff had a right to despise us gentlemen, and to boast of his superior skill in pounding the alabaster.
  90. I was boasting when I told Rakitin I had given away an onion, but it's not to boast I tell you about it.
  91. There are two motives for reading a book: one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it.
  92. And I believed he was ribbing me, trying to boast his way out of a strange match that held no love for him.
  93. If Wisdom ascends in meekness, the bitterness and self-seeking will not boast, nor lie against Me, the Truth.
  94. They were unaware that they were being followed as they began to boast to each other about their ‘victory’.
  95. On behalf of such a man I will boast; but on my own behalf I will not boast, except in regard to my weaknesses.
  96. That, to be sure, was a bit flamboyantly boastful; to exhibit a love token is as criminal as to boast of a kiss.
  97. In one respect, however, he might boast that he possessed some qualities in common with that immortal statesman.
  98. C) as that is the place where the devils appear to them, and they boast of how their science is gotten from the W.
  99. He wanted to go in for some examination, but it's only to talk and boast about it, it will go no further than that.
  100. I am brutal,—I not only allow it, but boast of it; it is one of the reasons of my success in commercial business.
  1. NO, he was NOT boasting.
  2. Your boasting is not good.
  3. It almost smacked of boasting.
  4. Do you think I am boasting?
  5. Well Mr Smelly starts boasting.
  6. All he did was boasting about it.
  7. It seemed to Ben she was boasting.
  8. Boasting of effects that are deadly.
  9. They are always arguing and boasting.
  10. The dragon stopped short in his boasting.
  11. Not that I am boasting for him but he was.
  12. They were betting each other and boasting.
  13. This boasting of the robber rather amused me.
  14. A Virginia soldier was boasting of General Robert E.
  15. My boasting was not ill-founded for I am still here.
  16. Really I have not achieved anything worth boasting about.
  17. I have never yet seen anything other than empty boasting.
  18. There was much boasting among the Dragons and their Riders.
  19. Days of Ignorance) that my Nation will never drop: boasting.
  20. Your boasting is unseemly, Ser Glendon told the Fiddler.
  21. Destroy this bubbling energy by boasting faith in mental form.
  22. Golyadkin the second was always boasting on every opportunity.
  23. Doc had been eliminated and Alan was boasting, challenging him.
  24. If you pretend to delight with boasting of repose and instruction.
  25. The man could not resist boasting of his cleverness, they said.
  26. Gogo spoke with no false modesty, nor was she boasting of her prowess.
  27. He saw his friend was boasting, and it occurred to him to gratify him.
  28. Thomas recalled all the pretty boys always boasting they never had to.
  29. I passed the paper over to Adi, feeling too proud boasting her abilities.
  30. There after did I know that at that time I was drunk and boasting of the.
  31. Linda said, Ramirez is boasting in town that he will carry you off from the.
  32. That was said without boasting, while she was intently listening to the German words.
  33. He didn’t want to be a boasting kind of guy, the kind who actively looks for trouble.
  34. They don’t appear constantly on financial television or run ads boasting of their No.
  35. The dirty Scallawags, the lousy trashy poor whites, boasting they would live at Tara!.
  36. Remember they are the ones boasting that if facts are not proven then it is fables and.
  37. The outpost was a planet boasting a population of twenty two billion sentient life forms.
  38. Ashish would remember and later tell those words to his colleagues, boasting that they were his.
  39. He remembered Prince Daeron boasting that no one could lie insensible in the mud as well as he did.
  40. You know we all thought you were Pavel Pavlovitch's friend, but it appears that he was only boasting.
  41. I was boasting when I told Rakitin I had given away an onion, but it's not to boast I tell you about it.
  42. At present, there are many herbal products available in online stores boasting hypertension remedy feature.
  43. Boasting is necessary, though it is not profitable; but I will go on to visions and revelations of the Lord.
  44. Yes, he’s boasting like a drunkard, added Nastasia, as though with the sole intention of goading him.
  45. Two adjacent houses were cleared, with secure doors and a window apiece, the men's boasting a puncheon floor.
  46. At first Americans weren’t sure they liked this cocky young boxer who was always boasting about how good he was.
  47. Only an overpowering show of force preserved the orderliness of the court from their boasting, bragging, and threats.
  48. He was always boasting that Zhlindu was the world's fifth greatest city after Trenst, the Yakhan, Yondure and Lumpral.
  49. A pause succeeded, and the rag-picker, yielding to that necessity for boasting which lies at the bottom of man, added:—.
  50. So although we enjoy boasting about our 'superiority' and 'progress', we are essentially the same as previous generations.
  51. But seriously, said Prince Andrew, we can at any rate say without boasting that it was a little better than at Ulm.
  52. Quite a hefty reward in their eyes, and the adventure had supplied ample material for boasting tales once each returned home.
  53. This is why the prisoners take such pleasure in boasting and exaggerating in burlesque fashion their own unhappy personality.
  54. When Braun Drix took another turn in the cypher I told Dan, Braun is always boasting of his elbow spins, so check this out.
  55. The state is boasting quite often of its healthy fitness condition; and Joe, you’ll see that it is written to be quite lenient.
  56. Adem insisted he had already learnt this trick before they arrived in Kismeria, but Adem was always boasting of his many talents.
  57. Know that the worldly life is only play, and distraction, and glitter, and boasting among you, and rivalry in wealth and children.
  58. Acorn and Pipkin, boasting that they were the best insect-catchers in the warren, brought in great numbers of beetles and grasshoppers.
  59. Without boasting, you know, I may say that I know the Army Orders by heart and know the Regulations as well as I do the Lord’s Prayer.
  60. Some of the vendors were boasting the cheapest rates on stolen bottles of Investment Banker, while most were selling maps of the planet.
  61. Rather, it was a massive Caterpillar 797 haul truck boasting a payload of 400 short tons and standing more than 50 feet (15 meters) high.
  62. He--man or people--who, boasting of long years of familiarity with the sea, neglects the strength and cunning of his right hand is a fool.
  63. Hence, I conclude, that in boasting himself to be high lifted above a whaleman, in that assertion the pirate has no solid basis to stand on.
  64. Why should he put us on our guard with his boasting? One would think that he would strike without warning, after the fashion of the barbarians.
  65. And some firms are hype-o-chondriacs, constantly spewing forth press releases boasting of temporary, trivial, or hypothetical opportunities.
  66. Most certainly were taught to take the scriptures literally, even boasting to our peers that we believe that the Word is to be taken at face value.
  67. Weathers was showing his biceps muscle to the company and boasting so much that the other two had called on Farrington to uphold the national honour.
  68. Finally, they run some risk when they give themselves up to this boasting; in which again they find a semblance of life and liberty—the only thing they care for.
  69. They had answered his melancholy and mourning by sympathy and sorrow; his assertions, by gestures of confirmation; and his boasting, with the exultation of savages.
  70. Such is the spectacle which the deputed authorities of a nation, boasting its religion and morality, have not been restrained from presenting to an enlightened age.
  71. This surprises us, where the persons concerned are thieves, bragging about their dexterity, prostitutes vaunting their depravity, or murderers boasting of their cruelty.
  72. Cockily, he walked close before he recognized Tom; and when he did, his boasting face changed, and admiration and veneration shone in his eyes, and his swagger fell away.
  73. Kennitch was a wealth of information about the city, about the movers and shakers of the region, and alluded to some of his own connections without boasting in the least.
  74. When I get home I have no inclination to start boasting on internet forums or in hunting magazines about how much I have had to go through for the sake of a successful hunt.
  75. Upon the occasion of the archbishop's next visit, the prioress recounted the affair to his Grace, making something of a confession at the same time, and yet boasting of her deed.
  76. I withdrew a conducting chip from a compartment and was proudly demonstrating how to install it to my students and boasting about the properties of her new implant when the crisis occurred.
  77. We are surprised when we hear thieves boasting of their cleverness, or murderers boasting of their cruelty, but that is only because their circle is limited, and because we are outside of it.
  78. Outside their state I think Texans are a little frightened and very tender in their feelings, and these qualities cause boasting, arrogance, and noisy complacency—the outlets of shy children.
  79. One that I spotted recently was Applied Graphene Materials, boasting a new material that everyone could use to make things thinner, especially … er, condoms! Can you imagine the huge market for that?
  80. One of the chaps on the International Clearing computer section has been heard in the gents boasting to a chum that he doesn’t really need to work, since he has plenty put by for a rainy day - or words to that effect.
  81. Broadcasting the message from the state year after year, if not at the top, is near the top of the list of states boasting the lowest obesity rate would be perfect; that this is how Colorado intends to maintain and improve its healthy image.
  82. It bears mentioning that although boasting an impressive regular season won-loss record, Osborne‘s bowl record against ranked opponents was 9 (wins) and 13 (loses) including 7 loses in a row prior to winning his first national championship.
  83. Brooke on this occasion abstained from boasting of his tactics to Ladislaw, who for his part was glad enough to persuade himself that he had no concern with any canvassing except the purely argumentative sort, and that he worked no meaner engine than knowledge.
  84. By being more expressive, more argumentative, trying to influence other folks by boasting about your personal potentials, resources, abilities and victories, you will never befriend other people rather the distance between you and other people will be enhanced.
  85. He could only obtain a promise of their calling at the Park within a day or two, and then left them in amazement at their indifference, to walk home and boast anew of their attractions to the Miss Steeles, as he had been already boasting of the Miss Steeles to them.
  86. On the subject of kingdoms, heavenly and otherwise, what mom really yearns, much less lusts for one? Now, a nice house she could turn into a home without too much trouble, boasting a great kitchen and enough bedrooms for her brood, would be something she’d go the distance for.
  87. And can it be a dream, that in the end man will find his joy only in deeds of light and mercy, and not in cruel pleasures as now, in gluttony, fornication, ostentation, boasting and envious rivalry of one with the other? I firmly believe that it is not and that the time is at hand.
  88. While the count smiled at hearing this song, which made him lose sight of Andrea in the recollection of Benedetto, Madame Danglars was boasting to Monte Cristo of her husband's strength of mind, who that very morning had lost three or four hundred thousand francs by a failure at Milan.
  89. Over many seasons Soffen had begged and pleaded with her father not to use the Dark Healing when he was preparing his palliatives, but he would never listen to her, boasting instead how his potions were the finest and most powerful in Brockenhurst Valley, indeed in the whole of Boddaert's Realm.
  90. To no baroness and her daughter during the evening, in the event of their accepting the box in class of persons is the presentation of a gratuitous opera-box more acceptable than to the wealthy millionaire, who still hugs economy while boasting of carrying a king's ransom in his waistcoat pocket.
  91. Prince Gotimin of The Elves of Sming presented them with Winghoof Estate, a working horse ranch boasting some six hundred and forty of the finest riding horses, complete with a sprawling home of sixteen rooms, outbuildings, gardens, and a few farm animals, as well as an established staff of ranch hands.
  92. Nearby, a handful of Canadians in loud plaid jackets and ill-fitting trousers were trying not to sound like their south pacific neighbours, while a small group of Nigerians in pillbox hats and colourful robes ogled mini skirted girls boasting bouffant hair, pancake makeup, frilly petticoats and spike heels.
  93. The best floral arrangements of the region were exhibited there and my step grandmother had won unconquered the last three years; but judging by the events in full development and the voracious famine that was boasting in the vigorous movements of the jaw of the ruminant, this year the award would go to other hands.
  94. Caroline escaped to the washroom, just as he began boasting about having his own private cop he could annoy to his heart’s content, ‘and there’s nothing the prick can do about it, either!’ Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was a story that she had heard too many times already and, more filled with bravado with each telling.
  95. Of Katerina Ivanovna he almost forgot to think, and wondered greatly at this afterwards, especially as he remembered perfectly that when he had protested so valiantly to Katerina Ivanovna that he would go away next day to Moscow, something had whispered in his heart, That's nonsense, you are not going, and it won't be so easy to tear yourself away as you are boasting now.
  96. Here is a Catholic convention, he reasoned, to improve understanding between the Church and the Spanish people, and the name of Christ has not been mentioned even once during the whole weekend… That morning, a representative from Washington gave a most disturbing and provoking talk, blasting the Anglo clergy and boasting that his office had been responsible for this gathering of about one thousand people.
  97. It is not out of mere pride or boasting that I give this information, for, if that were my object, I could tell a dozen actions of mine which are quite as splendid; but I do it in order that certain gentlemen in Paris may understand that I, who am able here to tell about the fate of Monsieur Caratal, can also tell in whose interest and at whose request the deed was done, unless the reprieve which I am awaiting comes to me very quickly.
  98. This statement is not my boasting, haughtiness or arrogance, but a rich Experience of research of the scenarios of development of many other Continuums and a logically reasoned statement of the fact, and any of you can make sure of its incontrovertibility right now, by thoroughly testing the vibrations automatically generated by any IISSIIDIOLOGY books or even by this Information recorded on any other digital carrier using any available methods (for example, Kirlian photography).
  99. Are they prepared to sacrifice modern civilization, their manner of life, their religion, the accepted conventional morality? Are they prepared to be deprived of all the fruits which have been worked out with such efforts, of the fruits we have been boasting of for three centuries, to be deprived of all the comforts and charms of our existence, to prefer wild youth to cultured debility, to break up their inherited palace from the mere pleasure of taking part in laying the foundation for the new house, which will, no doubt, be built after us? (Herzen, Vol.
  100. By 1970, swarms of penniless youths, having heard tales of wondrous hospitality, were cadging their way around the southern Mediterranean and across the Middle East as far as India, deliberately bludging off the inhabitants whose hospitality soon curdled to hostility when they realised they were being used by the relatively wealthy youth of Europe who would return home boasting how they had stayed in someone’s house, been taken everywhere and treated like a prince – and it hadn’t cost them a penny! Just like the way world trade is skewed for the benefit of Europe and the U.
  1. A negro who had boasted of rape had.
  2. Thus the slaves boasted of their master.
  3. This city boasted a remarkable landscape.
  4. How’s that for a shot? he boasted.
  5. Islam now boasted to be the largest faith.
  6. But I got a piece of him! boasted Why.
  7. The city also boasted a beautiful Cathedral.
  8. Had the Professor boasted before his death?
  9. She’d boasted of her ugly master’s gifts.
  10. I got an A on my history paper, she boasted.
  11. She had boasted bravely that she could sell cloth.
  12. One or two of them boasted they had slept with her.
  13. We’re living with the Triplets, he boasted.
  14. The showroom boasted a sleek design along with the.
  15. And Paul boasted of these sweets among his friends.
  16. It was huge and like most others boasted a casino.
  17. You've boasted of the prospect many a time –.
  18. For years the Toronto Humane Society boasted of its 6.
  19. But it wasn’t the ten revolutions he had boasted of.
  20. Roy loved it and boasted about the salesman’s ability.
  21. He often boasted of his many successes with the fair sex.
  22. It boasted a large island in the middle and a 6 door aga.
  23. One woman, a wine-seller, boasted that she could do this.
  24. One of my classmates boasted that he had received an A.
  25. He boasted to his friends that he’d stolen away my lover.
  26. This boasted American Republic is to them a nation of liars.
  27. One preacher had boasted how he read the Bible over twenty.
  28. He boasted to me you didn’t have a clue about him and Dale.
  29. They both boasted of the same black eyes and wavy black hair.
  30. If nothing else, the present boasted random acts of violence.
  31. Pride, the company boasted, was at the core of their business.
  32. Fort San Antonio boasted three bronze guns, and Santa Inez one.
  33. Adamuz, several centuries ago, boasted of apopulation of about.
  34. Proctor’s protégé, boasted how white liberals influenced Dr.
  35. Many of the hackers who staffed the AI Lab boasted similar, in-.
  36. He often boasted about his matches and how hard he worked at them.
  37. I was happy that she was part of my family, and I boasted about her.
  38. It actually looks like it’s accelerating, boasted Ruettgers.
  39. Cuan Watkins was a qualified engineer and additionally boasted an MBA.
  40. And God boasted to the devil, pointing to his great and holy servant.
  41. From these red-haired conquerors the earlier Pharaohs boasted descent.
  42. My power is constant like the waves, Visola boasted with a smirk.
  43. He even boasted about the unspeakable things he was into with children.
  44. In that case, the rod were her fingers, which boasted quite long nails.
  45. The main entrance hall now boasted refreshment tables and a dance floor.
  46. In 2353, less than a hundred years later, New Fabrini and Oran boasted a.
  47. Over two thousand channels on pay per view, boasted the alien guard.
  48. They called him ‘Bottom’, because he once boasted of being a top-gun.
  49. And did you tell them that you can sham fits, as you boasted then?
  50. He boasted aloud that he would kill his father; we all heard him, here.
  51. It was an impressive building and boasted a decent restaurant and tearoom.
  52. Benoni as it boasted the only indoor net facility in the Transvaal Province.
  53. But the more he talked and boasted, the more grave and silent the Rat became.
  54. Brian was well over seven feet tall and boasted fantastically broad shoulders.
  55. The crest of their concealing hill boasted a scattering of northern spine trees.
  56. The convicts delighted in the smallest success, and boasted of it like children.
  57. She was quite one of the family, and boasted of about twenty-three years of age.
  58. It was a sturdy little house that boasted a front porch, a wood floor, and windows.
  59. She often boasted that her creations would bring the wearer love or wealth or luck.
  60. He always boasted that the German bullet had not yet been made which could find him.
  61. Would I ever learn the nationality of this eccentric man who had boasted of having.
  62. Each one boasted of his prowess, gave his opinions, and freely contradicted Pougatcheff.
  63. But, despite his youth, his black-and-silver uniform boasted the white bar of midshipman.
  64. She swore splendidly; she boasted of being able to crack a nut with one blow of her fist.
  65. He drank enough, but not too much; fought when it was required of him; and never boasted.
  66. I noticed the guys who boasted the most about their conquests always had the most complexes.
  67. The photo gallery already boasted additions of the severed finger and accompanying evidence.
  68. Some would say, perhaps, that with us it is rather a failing than anything to be boasted of.
  69. There came at length a moment when Jarvis could not have boasted that he still had them in hand.
  70. They boasted about it and assumed as much swagger in their gait as their broken boots permitted.
  71. It was opened at the beginning of the twenty first and boasted all the usual modern conveniences.
  72. He was worked up to forget the fiendish prudence he boasted of, and proceeded to murderous violence.
  73. Placid and Oilfield boasted about the weights they could bench press and strange dietary supplements.
  74. The paneled library boasted a magnificent eighteenth-century fireplace over which hung a rare Holbein.
  75. It was a first edition and besides hard bindings to enclose a lengthy treaty, also boasted metal corners.
  76. It was a demoralizing, humiliating predicament for one who had always boasted of success and independence.
  77. Sitting at the dock, opposite to the multitude for major derision, this way began such a boasted judgment.
  78. I have my new fox skin, boasted Lovern, touching the band on his arm, the skin of a red fox, his guide.
  79. Investment trusts actually boasted that their portfolios consisted exclusively of the active and standard (i.
  80. He remembered what Valannus had said—that Zogar boasted that he could summon wild beasts to do his bidding.
  81. Although the unbelieving Jews knew the Law, they only boasted about the laws that had nothing to do with Faith.
  82. On our road alone there were only four homes; the roads on either side of us boasted two and three, respectively.
  83. Releasing the story with linkage to the Tweety-Bird Case as a continuing news item was my idea, he boasted.
  84. He was a Tsigan all over in his doings, liar and cheat, and not at all the master of his art he boasted of being.
  85. Then he’ll see his champions fall, boasted Ser Glendon Ball, and in the end, he’ll hand his egg to me.
  86. The urban complex boasted of being within five hundred miles of four of Earth's six busiest spaceports at the time.
  87. Vladimir Doktorenko, said Lebedeff’s nephew briskly, and with a certain pride, as if he boasted of his name.
  88. The boudoir led to a large bedroom further on, which had a triple sized bed and boasted a glorious view of the Nile.
  89. Prince Vasili no longer boasted of his protege Kutuzov, but remained silent when the commander in chief was mentioned.
  90. Zarko recognised the ‘seven wise owls’ who had boasted that they had obtained and interpreted the king’s dream.
  91. After making a watercolour, I hitched to a gorge that boasted caves with stalactites that were not as grand as Waitomo.
  92. I had, merely in the style of _badinage_, boasted of my conquest, and repeated his lover-like compliments to my husband.
  93. He was always modest and never boasted about it and it was only little by little that I found out the full extent of it.
  94. Like everything else in New York, the corporation had even during Warrener’s time boasted several different addresses.
  95. I beat them, but they adore me, do you know, Karamazov? Kolya boasted impulsively; but I am always fond of children.
  96. Was this the morning-after feeling that men and boys joked about when they boasted how much strong drink they could take?
  97. From the beginning of time, men have boasted of their conquests, and the students at the military school were no different.
  98. Oh yes, I know about Rufus’ problems quite intimately—we do go back years and years, he and I, boasted the painter.
  99. The 1999 annual report for Nortel Networks, the fiber-optic equipment company, boasted that it was a golden year financially.
  100. Lovely as the Greek girls of Cyprus or Chios, Mercedes boasted the same bright flashing eyes of jet, and ripe, round, coral lips.
  1. Today the country boasts a 100%.
  2. Whoever boasts of a false gift.
  3. This card also boasts low annual fee.
  4. Its giant skull boasts a length of 17.
  5. I have wasted great wealth: he boasts.
  6. Who are you, to make such boasts?
  7. Cuisine Sauvage, it boasts above the door.
  8. It boasts the highest trout density, the.
  9. I have wasted great wealth’: he boasts.
  10. I knew some and had heard their boasts of chop-.
  11. But man boasts a purer and more ethereal temperature.
  12. Revision3 now boasts more than 80 million monthly views.
  13. He’s ninety and boasts he’s still taking women to bed.
  14. Michigan and boasts a plentiful supply of trout, steelhead, and.
  15. And then the private party boasts to me – We aren't starving!.
  16. Ozandjave Hunting Safaris in Namibia boasts of being located in.
  17. Beijing boasts the world's largest Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.
  18. Notice that the sector itself boasts an average annual compound return of 13.
  19. This dugong—which also boasts the name halicore—closely resembled a manatee.
  20. This new coalition, Lash boasts, will set the moral tone for the whole country.
  21. For the wicked boasts of his heart's desire, and blesses the covetous, whom the LORD.
  22. It is because of Him that you are in Christ Jesus…Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.
  23. I know one who is deeply in the local politics and boasts that any resort that patronizes him is immune.
  24. It boasts of its 29 key dimensions that predict in-depth compatibility and more successful relationships.
  25. The county boasts of the most vast and cleanest natural freshwater lake in the entire state of California.
  26. Then the dwarves forgot their joy and their confident boasts of a moment before and cowered down in fright.
  27. What other state boasts a burger joint where you can get 3 cheeseburgers and an order of fries for a buck?
  28. For he boasts of you in all those Churches which alone then knew the Lord; but we of Smyrna had not yet known Him.
  29. It boasts the highest number of restaurants in the top ten in the world, taking up two of these most coveted spots.
  30. The company boasts year-over-year revenue of 187 percent between 2007 and 2008; a number that is tough to argue with.
  31. It was the time of the fine English worsteds and the boasts that this suit is twenty years old and is as good as new.
  32. Her past experience boasts twenty-eight robot kills, and hundreds of successful missile deflections and target decoys.
  33. The island of Sark is the smallest of the UK’s four main Channel Islands and boasts its own prison, built in 1856.
  34. We believed, then, in the old woman’s boasts; and those who had traded with her were quick to dispense of their jewelry.
  35. He boasts about the high degree of freedom, but at the same time they have compulsory religious teaching, a crude Catholic one.
  36. He went to Choate, a prestigious private, college-prep boarding school in Wallingford, Connecticut, that boasts President John F.
  37. On an inscription in the Temple of Minerva (Roman god), Pompeii boasts about taking 12 million subjects at surrender in 1,500 towns.
  38. So the boasts of men about their conquests would seem hollow since it’s the vulnerability of women that fetches them their favors.
  39. The city of Dunedin, with one hundred and twenty thousand people, rightly boasts of its Otago University of twenty thousand students.
  40. It boasts the highest trout density, the most consistent action, the best dry fly fishing, and the best scenery among its attributes.
  41. The company also boasts the largest and most efficient nuclear fleet in the United States and third largest commercial fleet in the world.
  42. Sure, you’ll want to look at how big the difference is and if the new company consistently boasts a higher margin, but you get the picture.
  43. Sydney proudly takes advantage of that wonderful landscape and justifiably boasts of its successful role as the host for the 2000 Olympic games.
  44. I took advantage of one of her visits to the shops to hire a guide and visit some of the many lovely and historic churches that the city boasts.
  45. This is amazing growth considering the country boasts the world’s fourth largest economy based on GDP measured on a purchasing power parity basis.
  46. A neatly hand painted sign outside a farm entrance proudly boasts that you can hire ball gowns and hats as well as buy the obligatory free range eggs.
  47. She would dispatch her good girl reputation and shut those acquaintances of hers up with their taunts and boasts of their film star life style privileges.
  48. Appreciate the stories told you by others yet place no faith in a strangers boasts for as you yourself shall not divulge your true or entire story, nor shall they.
  49. Today, China, known as the world’s factory, boasts more than 700 steel mills and nearly 7,000 companies involved in bending, shaping, or otherwise forming steel.
  50. I’ve read in Benign Flame that the boasts of men about their conquests would sound hollow for it’s the vulnerability of women that fetches them their favors.
  51. Most track inversions in a roller coaster: The Smiler at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, UK, boasts 14 inversions along its 1,170-m (3,839-ft) track.
  52. Why build plush cinemas and nightclubs when Broad St boasts ‘Ronnie Scotts and the ‘Millionaires Club’? The grand neighbour was gradually swallowing up Chesford.
  53. Crazy ideas month, Craigslist boasts over 30 million new classified ads, making it the leader of both classified and jobs ads in are great, often the crazier the better.
  54. Mumbai, India’s hi-tech financial capital, boasts the largest slum in Asia, and if you take a taxi from the airport you’ll spend most of your journey going through it.
  55. If you bought a company because of its outstanding new products, high profit margins, and accelerating growth rate and the company still boasts those attributes, there’s no reason to sell.
  56. The State of Alaska boasts, with justifiable pride, of having three thousand rivers of which, twenty-six are officially under the protection of the Department of Natural Resources of the United States.
  57. When this student receives his certificate showing his marks, I wonder: will he hide it? Of course not! On the contrary, he will display it for all to see for he feels proud of his achievement and boasts of it.
  58. Why, then, should we need a quote on our 7 percent interest in Coke? If he bought a quality company and it still boasts all of its quality attributes, Buffett considers it a success and keeps it in his portfolio.
  59. For that matter, there are more than a few elves who would love to own it, despite its larger dimensions! It boasts thirty-six rooms, with twelve bedrooms including the master suite, stabling for thirty horses, and garage space for six carriages.
  60. It was thus, the boasts of Gamal Abdel Nasser that he would push the Israelis into the Red Sea sounded like music to the Muslim ears the world over for Allah’s faithful then, Nasser seemed like the Pharaoh of Islam about to enslave the hateful Jews.
  61. In spite of this gradual punishment, poor is man, he is proud of himself and thinks that this wealth is because of his skill and cleverness, he may even boasts over pious Muslims and sincere believers, he doesn't know that he is being gradually punished as Allah says:.
  62. Some miles to the south of London, nestling in the gently rolling, green swathed hills of the Surrey Downs, there stands an old country manor house, which boasts the thickest of stone walls, a small but nonetheless impressive little tower and ornate white painted wooden gables.
  63. London boasts at least seven Interweb billionaires amongst its fabled glitterati, but not one of them can begin to measure their fortune or their white-hot technological status against that of old Jimmy Cameron, the founder, chief executive and principle shareholder of NanoGoo International.
  64. The effect of his indifference began to extend itself to the other spectators; and a youngster, who was just quitting the condition of a boy to enter the state of manhood, attempted to assist the termagant, by flourishing his tomahawk before their victim, and adding his empty boasts to the taunts of the women.
  65. Monte Carlo has no handy beach, but we visited the Royal Palace and waved to where we imagined Princess Grace was sipping tea, before wandering the steep streets and shoving a few franks fruitlessly into fruit machines in the magnificent entrance loggia of the fabled casino, which boasts what surely must be the most luxuriously appointed toilet on the planet.
  66. Today it is the largest port for luxury yachts in the Mediterranean, and the peninsula that I knew as a quiet stretch of rocky land covered in pines and scrub, dotted with hidden private villas, is mostly built up and boasts the most expensive real estate and the most luxurious residences in France, being the preferred choice of the really wealthy – more prestigious even than Cannes.

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