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    1. dole and he aspires to nothing

    2. He ought to have told her, instead of just pretending that nothing was wrong, getting up and going to work as usual … spending the day lounging around the job centre praying that something would come up, but the closure of the works had thrown a lot of men onto the dole

    3. He couldn't imagine her wanting to use it again to cut bread and he couldn't carry it to the dole office

    4. Damn! The dole! He checked his watch

    5. He reached the dole office with just five minutes to spare

    6. Dole queuers were as regular as clockwork in their places in the line

    7. And where did it get me? On the fecking dole queue

    8. I could get my dole transferred

    9. Surprisingly enough he woke in good form with a clear head on dole day

    10. After the dole he went to the bank to get some of his savings

    11. Yesterday had been dole day so he had a few pounds in his pocket

    12. The address she had written was the street directly behind the dole office

    13. The house was a narrow three storied building, wedged at the rear of the dole building

    14. There is no such thing as the dole though the government tries to help but there is simply not enough money and too many without a job, making it impossible for those lucky enough to be able to contribute enough

    15. Bush is among a long line of Moderate/Liberal Republicans; a list that includes former presidents Nixon and Ford and (would) have arguably included former Senate Minority Leader Robert Dole had he too been elected president, who simply failed to grasp the fundamental importance of lower taxes and increased productivity as the primary drivers that promote economic prosperity

    16. Parties spend millions and millions of dollars competing to get elected because of the ability to lie after winning—and dole out the candy—and this makes the Party winning the election much better off

    17. Because he was “on the dole,” they sent him home in a blizzard with the promise that a DSS worker would visit, once, to teach us both some simple rehab exercises that he should do

    18. the money left in their lives at Democrats simply because a stack of demonic mail frightened them into thinking that Dole would send

    19. on the dole and lost my dad when I was young

    20. She had paid her stamps while working and was able to claim the dole

    21. “Do you want to be on the dole?” Eddie knew that Colin desperately needed to keep his job

    22. After taking Tanswell around the house it became apparent that the $600 dollars he had on him was far from his nest egg and to our shock he produced a bank statement showing he was depositing a heap of cash into an account, the same account as his dole payments!

    23. Tanswell and co had also been charged that night with possession and supply of drugs the night of the event but funnily enough Tanswell was not charged with claiming the dole and having the proceeds of crime in his bank account

    24. As we grew up into young men 18 or 19 he went on the dole and I sold weed

    25. Through me the way is to eternal dole;

    26. Well, it didn’t last, not long enough for him to sign off the dole anyway

    27. They’d been informed David had been paid cash for employment that he hadn’t declared, and so he was no longer entitled to the dole

    28. the row with the Social Security and he was getting the dole again

    29. nothin’ to do, and they’re probably goin’ to be hangin’ around on the dole, that’s

    30. Sitting on his arse smoking his way through his Dole every week! He’d be better off back on the booze

    31. While they were drinking their coffee Susan told Steve how she had worked as a volunteer in the drop-in centers in London, living on the dole, and making extra cash collecting glasses in Irish pubs, eventually becoming full time on a government scheme as Crèche trainee assistant, at a women's' centre

    32. Why in the world would I share that I had to go "on the dole" for a bit?

    33. Brumvack’s quarters, in fact, had once been “The Food Room,” where previous leaders had stored away the Rabid Band’s consumables, and would dole them out—or not—depending upon their pleasure or whim

    34. Bob Dole revealed he is one of the test subjects for Viagra

    35. The dole payment by government underlines her reason to come

    36. Men dole it out in minute portions, if at all—and control a woman’s allotted amount so as to control her

    37. All this being said, it is true that perhaps most Muslims would, like perhaps most people of any other community, not protest against any dole being handed out to them

    38. He’s got more money than Victor and me combined yet he’s the one reluctant to dole out the cash

    39. Their entire city became a welfare state that was on a perpetual public dole system merely to allow their elite the freedom to conquer other lands and kill, rob, rape, destroy them into total submission… into the roman ways of civilized brutality, extortion, etc

    40. They are only practicing the art of living on the dole, living off the welfare of others, letting other people work and pay tithes and live off the donations of the rest of their societies

    41. She fought against his kind words and thought of the punishment Daemionis would dole out if he found out that she was in the presence of another’s deity

    42. It was the room at the end of the hall, near the back door, where she would dole out her punishment

    43. The stage is a mob, with the Fords, the Rockefellers, and new vice presidential candidate Bob Dole and his wife, Elizabeth, all crowded onto the small space

    44. There would be Hershey’s chocolate kisses that I’d dole out to myself over the next week

    45. But I had met a yoga teacher and clinician at Mayo who I liked, and I had hired her to come east and act as my coach for yoga and mindfulness, and hold and dole out my medications

    46. In the valley beneath lay the city they had just left, its more prominent buildings showing as in an isometric drawing—among them the broad cathedral tower, with its Norman windows and immense length of aisle and nave, the spires of St Thomas's, the pinnacled tower of the College, and, more to the right, the tower and gables of the ancient hospice, where to this day the pilgrim may receive his dole of bread and ale

    47. He got up early in the mornings that he might talk with Eugenie for a moment before her father came to dole out the provisions; when the steps of the old man sounded on the staircase he escaped into the garden

    48. "Our mother's long since gone to her reward: a ha'penny a day for the next thousand years, nuppence dole from there on, and cold summers for a million years

    49. ‘Our mother’s long since gone to her reward; a ha’penny a day for the next thousand years, nuppence dole from there on, and cold summers for a million years

    50. After all with a degree in Maths and another in astrophysics what else was there to do? It was either that or the dole queue again on Monday

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    Synonyms for "dole"

    dole pogey pogy dismal gloomy sad mournful dark dreary oppressive

    "dole" definitions

    a share of money or food or clothing that has been charitably given

    money received from the state