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Sad in a sentence

1. It was a sad dawn.
2. If I am sad I cry.
3. I know you are sad.
4. I was sad for him.
5. It was all so sad.
6. But yet I was sad.
7. It is sad, so few.

8. I was sad to have.
9. It was a very sad.
10. It was all very sad.
11. It's sad, in a way.
12. It was a sad smile.
13. He eyes are so sad.
14. Hers is a sad story.
15. The adieux were sad.
16. Very sad, indeed.
17. Everyone is all sad.
18. That’s a sad tale.
19. It was sad, but true.
20. It was turrible sad.
21. This is a sad thing.
22. How sad for the baby.
23. You are always sad.
24. Christ, that was sad.
25. What a sad story.
26. Someone big and sad.
27. And he grew very sad.
28. Which is a sad story.
29. When she saw my sad.
30. I was incredibly sad.
31. He smiled a sad smile.
32. She was sad it seemed.
33. But Lena, that's sad.
34. I felt sad to say no.
35. That really is sad.
36. Have you been sad?
37. What a sad, sad world.
38. And there is the sad.
39. Oh, that is so sad.
40. It’s a sad, sad day.

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