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    1. Dad said that only a weird, sad man picks up prostitutes

    2. But he was tired and it came out a weak, sad sound

    3. Ava's week had started on a sad note when she saw Kulai off on the Flying Northwind just before Morningday lunch

    4. Daniel opens and closes its mouth against his father’s neck and cries a low, sad moan

    5. and when I was sad

    6. He didn’t remember how their conversation had gotten so serious and sad

    7. It must have been a sad movie

    8. Odd, I can’t see him as a family man … but Stephen says he was desperate for children … so terribly sad about the baby … who could shoot a pregnant woman? The thought makes me shiver suddenly; there’s someone out there who took a gun, loaded it and shot Joanna Sadler in the back deliberately and then tried to make it look as though Liz Wynell had done it

    9. But Baggy was still sad

    10. Sad to say most have been trained to guard against what is not wanted and thereby attracting more of that to their life experience

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    Synonyms for "sad"

    deplorable distressing lamentable pitiful sad sorry sombre dismal gloomy doleful mournful dark dreary oppressive unhappy melancholy sorrowful downhearted morose rueful dispirited dejected tragic unfortunate grievous dire woeful poignant moving pitiable poor wretched cheap common bad

    "sad" definitions

    experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness

    of things that make you feel sad

    bad; unfortunate