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Dour in a sentence | dour example sentences

  1. I shrugged with a dour frown.
  2. The dour guard and the grey.
  3. Castle Dour was still waiting.
  4. He meant it for a joke, but it was a dour one.
  5. With that, she made her way out of Castle Dour.

  6. Her nation’s mood matches her dour performance.
  7. Ulbrickson remained steadfastly and resolutely dour.
  8. Crumley watched with a dour eye and said, Let me guess.
  9. He had taken on the dour aspect of the Maya and was just as taciturn.
  10. Though just as heavy as the other farmer, this one was jovial, not dour.
  11. Or the sheriff’s office, Breckenridge added with a dour look at.
  12. It was a dour and gloomy place dedicated to good coffee and sad, soggy food.
  13. The dour recluse still there (he has his cake) and the douce youngling, minion of.
  14. While always present, the tension in Castle Dour had been especially thick recently.
  15. Here and there we stopped to stare at statues of whimsical animals and dour deities.

  16. The dour woman on reception at the hospital sighed as Smith and Whitton approached her.
  17. The woman in reception at the hospital was a dour, frump of a woman in her mid-forties.
  18. This man stood with his arms crossed and his expression weary and dour, yet vaguely hopeful.
  19. Here and there we stopped to stare at statues of whimsical animals and dour frowning dieties.
  20. Even if it was one that most of us hated! Judah finished the thought on a more dour note.
  21. Clad in their gold-colored robes, they did nothing save watch everyone they passed with dour looks.
  22. By the time it was over, they were all fighting back tears, even Al Ulbrickson, the Dour Dane himself.
  23. But, Dour Dane or not, Ulbrickson also felt the need to say something commensurate with the occasion.
  24. But it genuinely pleased her nonetheless to see her back in Castle Dour, looking no worse for the wear.
  25. Brynjolf paid the figure little mind, only noting it in passing as he continued on his trek to Castle Dour.

  26. It was a dour group of men—each of them weighing their part in this melee and trying to guess the outcome.
  27. She chose me, didn’t she? All the cute boys she could have had, she chose this puss, this dour personality.
  28. He held my friend's card in his hand, and he looked up with no very pleased expression upon his dour features.
  29. There were ten dour Scots assisted by four Aussies, two New Zealanders, three Canadians, and one South African.
  30. The more dour Legate of the Hjaalmarch camp, however, was not especially interested in the younger soldier’s indignation.
  31. Her candle revealed the novice mistress, Sister Simone – a dour middle-aged woman, normally a conscientious nun, not one to malinger.
  32. The other four, however, had been called to Warsaw for a political purpose, as Karol described it, with a dour expression on his face.
  33. The Presidents expression went from dour to optimistic, as with his famous smile he rose from his chair and went to where Warren was standing.
  34. To judge by the dour expressions on their faces (and by the simple, no-nonsense wares hanging in the kiosks) it was nothing pertaining to pleasure or leisure.
  35. How was it this damned man had such an effect on her? Dropping the broken plates into the bin, she walked back out into the café, forcing a smile as she tried to ignore Frank’s dour look.
  36. Tony, who became a sports commentator on the BBC, is rather dour and solemn as usual, but on Jason’s introduction to him he is warm and friendly, encouraging him to become a county cricketer.
  37. One such Friday, he saw a cluster of students with Very Serious Expressions sitting on one of the quadrangles, reproducing in their outsized drawing pads a bronze statue of some dour old Puritan.
  38. The friendly Imperial innkeeper Corpulus was willing enough to tell the Nord where to find the Legion representatives in the capital and after a small meal, he began to make his wary way to Castle Dour.
  39. At the final weather conference scheduled for 04 00 on June 4th; Group Captain Stagg, whom Eisenhower described as a dour but canny Scot, made the weather predictions, as he had been doing every day for a month.
  40. The screen then showed him returning home from his trip, the face showed his exhausted dour expression, the child his idealism before the realism of the urn clouded him into an aging elder sitting at a table staring at empty chairs imagining a companion and then laughing with a limping contempt, as he in the chair and himself on the screen half-heartedly spit a glass biting realism –.
  41. Obama, dour, deadpan, and soulless, with an arrogant tilt of the head, a great orator? Is stroking with soothing words those whose wonderful country he intends to drag down into sociofascist poverty quite the same thing? Is a wigwagging mist of rhetoric, soaring from alternate TelePrompTers, if seemingly enticing upon emission, but vaporizing when pursued for substance, great oratory? There must be another word for it.

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