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Sullen in a sentence

His voice was sullen.
He sat down, sullen.
Sullen, Andrew shrank.
His face is sad, sullen.
He grew sullen instantly.
A whisper of sullen wind.
The sullen rank within….

And sullen hymns of defeat?.
She said in a sullen voice.
He usually was sullen and quiet.
He could discern a sullen mood.
She becomes unreachable, sullen.
the sullen, twisted way you said.
It was the sullen, scowling Burke.
His face immediately became sullen.
Seko’s face took on a sullen look.
He grew sullen, and began to swear.
Ethan looked sullen and embarrassed.
greasy surfaces of the sullen waters.
The sullen stream lay bare and empty.
His sullen eyes looked steady at me.
And don’t give me that sullen look.
The sullen shrivelled leaves of a past.
I came out with confused and sullen mood.
Alex’s face was sullen, his lips pursed.

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Synonyms for sullen

dark dour glowering glum moody morose saturnine sour sullen heavy lowering threatening