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Forbidding in a sentence

It had a forbidding feel to it.
forbidding him to reap his harvest.
Elandria gave him a forbidding smile.
forbidding the people to pay taxes to Caesar.
Outside the gates there was a forbidding calm.
Ÿ Regulations forbidding witches and mediums.
The large villa seemed forbidding at this hour.

some of the most desolate and forbidding country.
boat, and into the darkness of a forbidding forest.
He didn’t dare speak to the forbidding An Huang.
The rear aspect of the brick houses was forbidding.
He read him the scriptures forbidding fornication.
I gazed out at the forbidding maroon-brick buildings.
It was a sign, forbidding any guy to dance with her.
trudged beneath the forbidding walls of yet another.
But the forbidding proclamation was even to extend.
Although forbidding to most newcomers, the program.
They turned and passed under the low forbidding arch.
forbidding to pay taxes to Caesar, and saying that He.
ears back, eyes as dark and forbidding as the blackest.
It had no windows and carried a forbidding air about it.
forbidding exteriors and enter the old part of town that.
a forbidding aspect as it lay brooding beneath the rough.
In 1991, the Government of Korea passed a law forbidding.
The as forbidding part is its so inhibiting utter silence.
Nether World, Holy Water, the rosary, forbidding Priest to.
she went away, forbidding him, with a gesture, to follow her.
His face was ugly and forbidding, as Anna had never seen him.

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Yes, he forbids her to!.
The Air Kingdom forbids it.
Don't accept what God forbids.
God forbids that too of course.
profane things, which the law forbids.
((Have you seen the one who forbids)).
that forbids sleep; i lean out the window,.
Have you observed that who forbids;.
Prayerful worship shuns evil and forbids sin.
I guess we have an instinct that forbids it.
The Law forbids going more than a Sabbath Day.
The Law forbids going more than a Sabbath day.
The Great Manitou forbids that a Delaware should.
The Christian Church, however, forbids this thought.
10, which forbids the yoking of an ox with an ass (donkey).
We cannot tell you, the Spirit of the Valley forbids it.
The Dog and Cat Protection Act of 2000 forbids bringing in,.
I read in a book about Islam that Allah forbids all alcohol.
189 forbids the processing or trade with dog fur or cat's fur.
Nobody forbids you to have all of this, continued Sensei.
While eBay forbids linking out to other sites in your auctions,.
5 The altar also was filled with profane things which the law forbids.
I included how a past Pope deleted the Second Commandment that forbids.
In another surat the prophet especially forbids men to beat their wives.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

I forbid it.
But that I am forbid.
She didn't forbid him.
I forbid you to worry.
Heaven forbid, he said.
I forbid you to do it.
I absolutely forbid it.
"Forbid it," proceeded Mr.
Heaven forbid you should.
Heaven forbid it turn red.
Oh! yes, forbid me to die.
They absolutely forbid it.
knowing that the law forbid.
'Then will you forbid it?'.
Forbad: Past tense of forbid.
Many businesses forbid the.
What the … Heaven forbid.
God forbid it that anyone fail.
I will not forbid him the house.
If God forbid something should.
those rules forbid such material.
You can ’t forbid it, Mother.
'Heaven forbid that I ever should.
Our own laws forbid us to do this.
(God forbid we were to walk there.
They forbid the men from driving.

Synonyms for forbidding

ban banning forbiddance forbidding dour grim baleful menacing ominous sinister threatening