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Dumpy in a sentence

She was a short dumpy.
Humpty Dumpy on that infamous wall.
A short, dumpy woman in her forties accompanied her.
The woman was short and dumpy, with rust-colored hair.
He was shorter than the two women, round and dumpy looking.
Their shuttle was smaller than the Cloud, and shaped like a dumpy sausage.
It did suit her although the large bustle at the back didn't flatter her dumpy figure.

She was short and dumpy, her hair was long and stringy and she looked like a witch from hell.
The pressure release valve looked like a dumpy traffic bollard mounted on a half metre square mounting platform on the top of the dome.
At the end of the block, a young, dumpy couple sat in the cold on a Dairy Queen bench, staring out at the traffic, like they were watching TV.
They seldom spoke, but always the good arm of The Other Burgundian would be about the shoulders of his dumpy friend in a gesture of protection.
He made tracks heavily, slowly with a dumpy sort of a gait to the door, stepped heavily down the one step there was out of the shelter and bore due left.
It was no more than a dumpy, glistening mound, but the trumpeting chorus was swallowed at once by the crashing waves created in the island’s tumultuous rise.
He handled my rejection of a physical relationship like a man, but confessed he desperately wanted to be a woman instead of a dumpy, extremely hirsute young man.
The short, dumpy, sweaty, dinner-suited sheik ignored my outstretched hand, instead reaching with hirsute paws to grasp at my shoulders; staring up my nostrils as if assessing a camel.
Meanwhile, as a stranger, Mercer was forbidden to enter the guy’s dumpy house, and had to sit out front with the chained-up dog who shared his owner’s distinctly malevolent cast of eye.
Miraculous, I thought, revivifying, beyond the senses! A week later, in Greenwich, I saw Quillan ambling along with a dumpy little woman, his own age, of course, only thirty-two, but she’d gone to seed young.
The waitress put both the plate of meat and the glass of red liquid on a serving tray and went to a table where a rather dumpy woman in her forties sat opposite a big, powerful man wearing the clothes of a manual laborer.
Then there was handshaking The girl, getting up for this ceremony, showed herself as a dumpy little thing, very round in a yellow knitted jumper, tight-skinned indeed, thought Fanny, who, beholding her straightened out and unfolded, was sorrier than ever for Dwight.
While I sat on the bus alone, I wondered: why is that hot older girl with that ugly, dumpy, geeky looking guy? – And I’m not talking about the geeky looking dudes that are loaded with cash! That’s a no brainer, I’m talking about the hot chick with the ugly dude and the dude is driving in a beater car.

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dumpy podgy pudgy tubby chunky squat squatty stumpy

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