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Chunky in a sentence

It was heavy and chunky.
I decided to start with chunky.
On the table beside them was a chunky camera.
His chunky legs dangle over the edge of the bed.
She crushed them and swallowed the chunky powder.
Example of chunky castings is a CUBE, for RANGY.
Then the chunky, tough guy took his friend from behind.

The rabid Bigfoot were kittens in comparison; the four chunky.
They were on the porch when Desa got stopped by a chunky blond guy.
She refilled my chunky brown mug with fresh-brewed Colombian java.
Helen was the sort of chunky that regular blokes would pass over.
It was shiny blue, had chunky rubber wheels, and had never been used.
Dennis, the thirteen-year-old, was short and chunky, like his mother.
The blond was a bit taller than her chunky crippled friend and sported a.
Helen was wearing a colorful blue Chico’s blouse with a chunky necklace.
Recipe makes 4 servings, smooth or chunky, it all depends on your taste.
The chunky woman who is in and out all the time has a clone of a kid, who.
Polished black shoes and a chunky watch on his left wrist complete the ensemble.
Madge was shorter than her husband by more than a foot, but her build was chunky.
She was a small, chunky woman with an underbite that gave her jaw a determined look.
However, Chartres was unnecessarily chunky by the standards of the fourteenth century.
Ground shoots mixed with seeds, nuts and various chunky looking leaves filled a white.
A short, chunky man with an acne-scarred face stood at the register awaiting my order.
One evening the boy walked into the living room after heating a can of Campbell's Chunky on the stove.
The three members of Diamond Head Crater sat facing Sebastian and Susannah across a chunky farmhouse table.
Tony was about 6 ft 3 or 4, a charismatic Croatian Australian lad that wore a lot of chunky rings and stuff.
In the Hell part of Hell, Detroit is Iran, the sour chunky goat milk is stored in a donkey’s anus, and the.
She had a very tight short dress on and to say it was tight was to ignore the fact that she was a little chunky.
I suggested 'Tostitos Chunky Salsa' -- because it's made with all natural ingredients to enjoy a very healthy snack.
They had never been so happy or contented and knew, with the exception of Chunky, nobody would believe their tales.
Paying her no heed, I pulled out a can of chunky soup, a can opener, and a rations bar, which I got stuck into first.
All have a chunky body, wide head and rattle on the end of the tail that is usually but not always sounded as a warning.
There was a love hate relationship between Spock and Chunky, but deep down the big gentle giant had a soft spot for the old dog.
I took a seat while he went to the refrigerator under the bar and poured out bottles of water into two chunky crystal glasses of ice.
In a moment London came into the tent, and the stranger followed him, a chunky, comfortable-looking man dressed in a grey business suit.
The welding was tricky to master underwater, but no one was going to complain about the rough and chunky joint, as long as the bars held.
Shock went coursing through Stu as he thought of old chunky and of what he’d just eaten and he spat out the lump he’d been chewing on.
Aldin wore a brown beaded wrist band with a chunky wooden cross marked with the symbol of a fish, the ancient sign for followers of Christ.
This morning she appeared in one of her trademark red suits, wearing bright lipstick and chunky jewelry, her short hair in crisp, silver waves.
He was sat with his best friend, Walter, a chunky fresh-faced lad with a shock of ginger hair and clothes that were clearly 2 sizes too small for him.

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chunky lumpy dumpy squat squatty stumpy

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