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Easily in a sentence

We easily may think of.
I lifted her body easily.
He'd let her down easily.
It could just as easily.
More easily said than done.
She gave in too easily.
You can be so easily read.

Love all too easily turns.
It had not come so easily.
He could so easily sweep.
This can be easily proven.
You’re so easily to love.
He could easily have been.
I don’t give up easily.
Sleep would not come easily.
It wont break so easily.
This can easily be done in.
Adriela ate her cake easily.
This dynamic can work easily.
You will not be free easily.
It was amazing how easily Dr.
The time could easily be off.
That's very easily done, Sir.
A thunderbird is easily seen.
Easily finding what she was.
Aaron easily catches up to me.
Such a traitor could easily.
They are very easily annoyed.
By doing this we can easily.
But court egos bruise easily.
And they are too easily eaten.
That can easily be arranged.
He felt he could easily stay.
Debts are easily paid or made.
It had all happened so easily.
Stress can easily tear apart.
Though the Mind could easily.
He flattened the bushes easily.
Prayers after that came easily.
Something that can be easily.

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