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Easy in a sentence

It is easy to use.
It's as easy as A.
It was all so easy.
But go easy on him.
It is not an easy.
It is not easy to.
It was easy to see.

That is no easy task.
And try to move easy.
It was an easy kill.
It was all too easy.
All of this is easy.
I can now rest easy.
It was easy to key.
It would not be easy.
It is just that easy.
The way was easy now.
It was easy to lose.
That was an easy one.
It will not be easy.
Not so easy this time.
But it was so easy.
But life is not easy.
He found it easy to.
This will be so easy.
The test will be easy.
It made him feel easy.
It is not an easy job.
An easy mark for Mark.
Green is easy on the.
It was not always easy.
The task was not easy.
This was the easy part.
It seemed all too easy.
It is not an easy task.
It’s not that easy.
It’s simple and easy.
It would be very easy.
This is almost too easy.
Evil is easy to fight.

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Synonyms for easy

easy light loose promiscuous sluttish wanton gentle soft easygoing leisurely comfortable prosperous easily slow slowly tardily

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