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Elaborate in a sentence

Pim can elaborate on those.
This meal was a elaborate.
He gave her an elaborate bow.
Hillary urged him to elaborate.
I waited for her to elaborate.
Then let me elaborate a bit.
The system is rather elaborate.

To spin elaborate webs of hope.
It felt like elaborate theatre.
But it all seemed too elaborate.
Can you elaborate on what you.
It was of course an elaborate hoax.
Could you elaborate on that?
Did he ask you to elaborate?
Every now and again, an elaborate.
Ears saturated with elaborate speech.
Would you care to elaborate?
Do not elaborate unless I ask you to.
Each time he had drawn an elaborate.
Your reward could be as elaborate as.
Would you care to elaborate on that?'.
They throw elaborate parties the night.
This could all be part of an elaborate.
But feel free to elaborate on the point.
He looks at me like I'm going to elaborate.
Fraser added, with elaborate carelessness.
A bit more elaborate than I was expecting.
He made her an unnecessarily elaborate bow.
Elaborate security measures are taken and.
To hear his elaborate thanks and blessings.
There just wasn’t much need to elaborate.
Junya sat down and ate the elaborate dinner.
Stephen lit a cigarette with elaborate pains.
He wouldn’t elaborate on his nightly trips.
His whole theory is an elaborate fantasy in.
All of it was pretty elaborate, even for Mrs.
Either this was the biggest, most elaborate.
Would you like to elaborate on why that is?
ROBERT: Popular? Could you elaborate on that?
Was all this an elaborate trap of some kind?
Elaborating on what.
I do not intend on elaborating about the mistake itself.
I was elaborating it on the way downtown in my electric.
This is my own apeshittery, Claire said, not elaborating.
Without elaborating on our company just a brief explanation to.
Tom only looked up at me in despair and nodded without elaborating.
I guess, Kurt answered, clearly having no intention of elaborating.
Elaborating the truth a little I told Office Services that Peter was so annoyed about the dead.
Instead of elaborating, Limu let out a rumbling growl, flexing his hands as though they were cramping.
I want to be helpful but I don’t know if that means that I should ask you to elaborate or tell you to stop elaborating.
Davis’s questions and instructions had divided her attention and prevented her from rehearsing or elaborating on the address.
As far as we know, no other yacht besides Anchor is outfitted with one, except this one, he said, without elaborating further.
Each one of us had something that needed to be spoken about, but Silas took the most time elaborating on his feelings of organizing Gods’ Church.
This often leads to a passage that contains not only the search term, but also additional insightful words, elaborating on the original search term.
Secondly, he was further elaborating on the I AM concept which we find in the Old Testament when Moses asks God what is his name? God replies, Tell them I AM sent you.
Strength is not violence, it is a power that one acquires after living for a long time and after elaborating one’s powerlessness so it can be transformed into personal power.
In Jeremiah chapter 2 the prophet is elaborating upon the sin of Judah and then in chapter 3 he turns his attention to faithless Israel and how God issued a divorce, but her sister Judah did not learn from Israel’s experience.
Elaborating on the status of the only business remaining that carries my father’s name, it reported, Though the Ithaca-based company sells advertising space to regional and national companies, over the last 20 years, revenue from local businesses increased from 20 percent to over 97 percent….
In his Indian captivity, moreover, he had gained much knowledge of the properties of native herbs and roots; nor did he conceal from his patients, that these simple medicines, Nature's boon to the untutored savage, had quite as large a share of his own confidence as the European pharmacopœia, which so many learned doctors had spent centuries in elaborating.
When all was ready the engineer began to explain the plans in detail, elaborating the explanation with simpler explanation, getting through the sections one by one with slow precision, repeating his elucidation of black lines, red lines, and green lines, of the length, breadth, and numbers of the piles, of the soil, subsoil, and sub-subsoil, that received them; all this in the manner of one who is instructing a child in the rudiments of engineering science, for he had made up his mind that Garstin would want a lot of instructing.
In answering the teacher's questions, the children will often connect several remarks that have no direct relation to the matter; for example, when the question is about what the parts of a magpie are, one may say irrelevantly that a magpie jumps, another that it chatters funnily, a third that it steals things,—let them add and give utterance to everything that arises in their memory or imagination,—it is the teacher's business to concentrate their attention in accordance with the programme, and these remarks and additions of the children he should take notice of for the purpose of elaborating the other parts of the programme.
Situation elaborated in the group.
Mike elaborated his point of view.
This is elaborated on as follows:.
He has so far elaborated only its.
Kurt elaborated on his prior comment.
Tell them quietly, she elaborated.
I have taken up and elaborated his idea.
The same is elaborated in the next verse.
He elaborated that the contact had to be well-.
Brandor should have elaborated on what to expect.
The central topic elaborated by the group is greed.
The General hadn’t elaborated, but she seemed to.
Five main points have been elaborated in the chapter.
Nevertheless having no other elaborated terminology.
The nature of this wisdom has been elaborated earlier.
Seeing that he didn�t understand that, she elaborated.
A global reality, elaborated with India as a case study.
Everyone was confused at this question so Karan elaborated:.
It can not be elaborated through words, terms, isms and ideas.
Barnes elaborated the story of him she speaks of always as Mr.
The Signification of Pran has been elaborated in the Atharv Veda.
Literature dedicated to psychology of religion, with elaborated.
There are several steps of yagya elaborated by the Ved-God’s own.
And here both ideology of tantra and elaborated system of correla-.
Only in the course of later church history was it elaborated into.
In Chapter 4, then, he elaborated the nature of yagya in which the.
In this chapter, Krishn has thus mainly elaborated and explained the.
Fashion school, Jackie elaborated, brushing a strand of hair back.
The dynamic description of the group experience was elaborated after the.
Yes, said Emeka, then he elaborated about his experiences with the chef.
He’d been very curious to know what things but his father had not elaborated.
If he elaborated, it would only dilute and crumble what had already been stated.
But I’d never elaborated, and Sydney was generally pretty good about not prying.
I have already elaborated on the former in the chapter of Tick Tock, Don’t Stop.
Relativity and elaborated on about 1980 by the American John Dobson - creator of the.
Papa gazed at my step-mother with admiring astonishment while she elaborated this image.
Swami Brahmanand has not elaborated the description of seven Chakras located in the body.
Technically, she wasn’t a witch at the time of activation, Belladonna elaborated.
Leoracle was present but the child was not, Nocturna elaborated, she paced worriedly.
He elaborated on how they had done it and why each effort brought them nearer to their aim.
Them elaborates on the theme.
Now he elaborates the rareness of this vision.
Krishn then elaborates the meaning and use of tat.
Krishn now elaborates the ways of this great Soul:.
Now Krishn himself elaborates the merits of the worthy pupil.
The booklet with Luke and Leia on the cover, he elaborates.
Keynes makes this clear when he elaborates on his views by saying:.
The first chapter, as we have seen, elaborates the respective structure.
It also elaborates the concepts of love, possessive love and authentic love.
The Bible itself elaborates on the Creator’s qualities in the following verses:.
For that, each team with specialization in its Area elaborates the Usuarist Projects.
Ray elaborates: But then in 1973, it set up the ingredients for the first oil shock.
Ray elaborates: I imagine four portfolios, each with an equal amount of risk in them.
If you do anything to me before she gets here, she’ll have proof that you were here, he elaborates.
It elaborates on the VPP (Valuable PREselling Proposition) and delivers the major benefit statements (more on content-building in the next section).
The evangelist then further elaborates his idea that the LOGOS was a Divine Person, the Agent of the Father in creation, and existing before all worlds.
Imagination, that which contradicts, extrapolates, or elaborates, is possibility, an alternative that can be self-conceived, believed, hoped for and possibly lived.
Mystic and philosopher, Timothy Freke, elaborates: Actually this sort of self-centered acquisitive attitude only generates more bad karma, because bad karma is always and only a consequence of self-orientation.
The Bible is clear about the topic and elaborates on the statements in Genesis 1 through additional passages elsewhere in the Bible - answering the question with clarity and putting aside any confusion one may have about the topic.
However, information that merely elaborates on an investment theme would not by itself be persuasive were it not accompanied by a second, more dramatic piece of persuasion: a big change in the market price in the direction predicted by the theme that has enriched a small but visible group of investors (or made them a lot poorer!).

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