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Refine in a sentence

He was eager to refine his barking.
Continually test, refine and improve.
You will upgrade and refine your image.
Tomorrow I can show you how to refine.
refine in the fire that you may be rich.
Do the best you can now, and refine later.
But our scientists continued to refine it.

With His love He will refine His people in.
Like trials, it improves us and can refine us.
night to refine his ideas, but his programming.
I was hoping that you’d refine it a little.
Refine your work in the Second Draft of the book.
Thinner paint is easier to refine and manipulate.
Devote 5-10 minutes to refine the chosen statement.
If the answer is yes, you can continue to refine the.
prayer and effort to refine and simplify the Emotion.
you’ll be able to refine this skill much more quickly.
You can then use this information to further refine your.
I am the wind among powers that refine, Ram among armed.
Exercises 5 and 6 will refine the work you did in Exercise 1.
Refine the Second Draft of your book to show how others treat.
’ All these forms of awareness help refine ones consciousness.
We’re onto something here, so let’s refine the methodology.
Those conversations allowed me to refine our interior finishing.
turns, this helps you refine your timing and rhythm---again, it.
where those visitors are coming from will help refine SEO efforts.
With plenty of time to brainstorm, design, and refine her plan of.
the masters continued to refine, innovate and evolve their systems.
We started refining.
Refining and Chemical Co.
smaller refining units in the UK.
His prose needs some refining though,.
5 Co-Created action plan and refining results.
With the invention and refining of ever more.
They are instituted to stop our refining oil.
Adopting the hacking term, they began refining.
But whenever you are refining your keywords, it is.
Comment on the Corn Products Refining Company Exhibit.
minerals that were taken out in the refining process.
It has a refining capacity of 557,000 barrels per day.
accommodating the needs of others, refining ourselves,.
Keep refining the practice; don't let it become a disaster.
refining her true, steady faith in Al’lah, so she did not fear.
Most major integrated oil companies have a large refining capacity.
In history, it was known that North Korea was refining Uranium for.
to increasingly satisfying hereafters, in an ever refining continuum.
Refining the classification a bit more doesn’t alter those results.
And of course, with the leadership of America, the refining of uranium.
sources of inspiration, and templates for creating ever refining futures.
refining (discerning) it down to its finest points, which are the wisdom.
When you keep refining each element, you can apply this knowledge to other.
These first four stages of Patanjali's ashtanga yoga concentrate on refining.
subtle effects by refining a phenotype with quantitative measures that may involve.
refining foods takes many of these key players out of the equation when it comes to.
One way to get exposure to the refining space is to invest in these major companies.
will in turn conjure up increasingly sorrowless hereafters, in an ever refining continuum.
It was refined.
Refined carbs and.
Ensign refined the bet.
be refined in His fire.
She was a refined and.
sugar or overly refined.
High in refined sugars.
Those who are refined.
Ingrid Semeska refined.
efforts and refined them.
refined for unknown ages.
elegant and less refined.
refined for nearly three.
Had a more refined way of.
Gold has to be refined 7.
pounds of refined plutonium.
refined, more perfect shape.
As much as we have refined.
I spit out the refined metal.
High in Refined white sugars.
They troubled the and refined.
become a refined problem-solver.
the silver is fully refined?.
We have refined our measurements.
then we would give refined lecture.
Are women refined aesthetes?.
refined and prepared for my destiny.
When remembrance is so refined and.
like overeating, to the most refined.
God refines, and the symbol is always by fire.
undoubtedly, love alone that refines, ennobles, and exalts it.
Krishn shapes and refines beings with special care at the beginning of.
In Verse 14, Paul refines this thought clearly stating that if those that live law can inherit –.
The manufacturers first supply the neighbourhood, and afterwards, as their work improves and refines, more distant markets.
Here is our master Joseph, who doesn’t care about the external appearance, but rather, he sees by Al’lah’s Light which refines one’s heart.
The principles of Islamic economy is that it never deprive the natural instinct of possessing among Muslims, but it refines and guides it for the protection of man himself as well as his society.
And now! now I felt, to the heart of me! I felt the prodigious keen edge, with which love, presiding over this act, points the pleasure: love! that may be styled the Attic salt of enjoyment; and indeed, without it, the joy, great as it is, is still a vulgar one, whether in a king or a beggar; for it is, undoubtedly, love alone that refines, ennobles, and exalts it.
When nothing else matters except that single part of a disconnected linear chain of a linear, causal process that rips ore out of the earth, filters it, crushes it, washes it, chemicalizes it, melts it, refines it, turns it into an alloy, ships it around the world to other factories that refine it further, shape it, re-melt it, pound it, twist it, flatten it, and then sell it to another set of disconnected linear processes that makes that metal ends up in half the houses of the world as a screw, as a pipe, as a nail….

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