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    1. Thirty centuries later, her beauty was still as magnificent as in the legends, and the simple elegance of her robes even more so

    2. Jameson listened attentively and had to agree that his writings did not have the flourish and general elegance Titania and Hipolyta's compositions conveyed

    3. It was Sarah's turn, “But Belle, you yourself are the very epitome of elegance

    4. Jonathan Naybor rode in sartorial elegance on top of the horse drawn Jaguar

    5. Venizelou, but without its elegance, but marked

    6. more the elegance of construction and the scenic

    7. The elegance of his dress, of his equipage, of his house and household furniture, are objects which, from his infancy, he has been accustomed to have some anxiety about

    8. To see or wear a top hat in your dream signifies male elegance, formality and/or a flamboyant flair

    9. You are trying to connect to the elegance of the past

    10. The clergy of an established and well endowed religion frequently become men of learning and elegance, who possess all the virtues of gentlemen, or which can recommend them to the esteem of gentlemen; but they are apt gradually to lose the qualities, both good and bad, which gave them authority and influence with the inferior ranks of people, and which had perhaps been the original causes of the success and establishment of their religion

    11. them! He reeked of elegance and his cloths were immacu-

    12. Rex had added his loving touch to it’s elegance

    13. My jaw dropped at the elegance of the oaken panelling, the stately

    14. In the past, the top favorites are the unmatched elegance of wood decking

    15. When Khan watched Millicent fight, he didn’t see elegance or grace, he didn’t even see calculated brutality

    16. So much elegance and grace, enhanced by the lightning quick flashes of power as she attacked

    17. Nevertheless, there was a degree of elegance

    18. The ship moved with quiet elegance and a beauty that couldn’t be ignored

    19. of elegance and cheerfulness; and then the table at which I dined was

    20. The entire castle has benefitted from meeting you, learning from you, and experiencing your style and elegance

    21. elegance that marked the dinner of the year before; but it was merry,

    22. There was always that certain elegance that women had over men no matter how much you tried

    23. Everything was neatly arranged and the room was purposefully designed with elegance and style, a feel for the finer things in life

    24. “It has the elegance of simplicity

    25. Its tall sash window overlooked the grey stone elegance of Sherbrooke Street and the statue of Queen Victoria enthroned on the steps of the Royal Victoria College - we called it RVC

    26. white, rather than the Heron’s jumpsuit, truly a regal vision of elegance amidst the remnants of Denoras, unlike the other, who stood out like the contrast of a single

    27. This quality of personal power transforms ordinary human consciousness into a force that radiates elegance and grace

    28. Denying this vulture a third feed would have to be my number one priority, and I couldn’t risk being mesmerised by his elegance any more

    29. It can indeed boast of many parks and gardens and even luxuriant vegetation, avenues decorated with rows of trees and a 19th century stone architecture surprising in its elegance and parsimony

    30. With their houses decorated with iron reeds, certain areas of the metropolis remind sightseers of the elegance of New Orleans

    31. He painted them with elegance

    32. With the blaze of your elegance, grace and devotion without equal,

    33. Scientists thus invoke external limits of simplicity, mathematical elegance, severe tests, and other things in an attempt to further reduce degeneracy, but these attempts are ad hoc and send us back to metaphysics

    34. 27 And when Jesus went out of the temple certain of his disciples came forward to show him the buildings of the temple and its beauty and greatness and the strength of the stones that were laid in it and the elegance of its building and that it was adorned with noble stones and beautiful colours

    35. With all her elegance and formal speech, the sudden change in her voice came as a jolt to Nem

    36. with the elegance that Torie exuded in her understated but breathtaking, above the knee,

    37. The young man was not as high as the magician, to tell the truth, he was equal in height as me, did not even have either the indigo look or the elegant and powerful freightage, or the elegance of Leonardo's movements

    38. Ah! With such elegance Severa walked with her teapot pouring the precious amber liquid into our cups which exhaled their wonderful aromas: jasmine, orange, cinnamon or lemon! With such mastery she elaborated the delicious, fragile and fluffy pancakes that succumbing over a sea of maple and honey syrup expected the final destination to our mouths! The milk pouring into our glasses was not pasteurized in any way, no!; It came from a white cow with caramel spots, called Scarlet, which lived on a nearby farm whose owner each morning was given to the task to supplying of the precious liquid to some families concerned about the good health and nutritional habits of their offspring

    39. But Ño Josefina does not understand this immense love I feel for the "army of objects" as she called my dear trousseau; which for me are loving friends that as a flowered garden never get tired of proclaiming to the four winds the beauty of my ways, my elegance and my composure

    40. In Londal, the Harvest Festival is a night of balls and soirees and elegance and propriety

    41. White crown moldings gave the rooms a feeling of elegance, gracefully flaring out and then disappearing into the pearl-like tone of the walls

    42. Again, she covered her mouth with her hand, gazing at the most beautiful slate floor she’d ever laid eyes on; gray-black stone that added additional elegance to the intensely modern room

    43. Or it may be he is driven by the elegance, independence, beauty, softness, and the responsibility in supporting life

    44. his handsome face, his elegance and grace

    45. Even under his harsh attack, her poise maintained a delightful elegance

    46. It is true elegance

    47. She rose above every other woman through her finesse and elegance

    48. For me it was a sword of elegance,

    49. And the resulting elegance, the resulting simplicity in design almost achieves

    50. had -- the elegance, the

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    Synonyms for "elegance"

    elegance dignity grace beauty polish finish distinction taste symmetry balance rhythm

    "elegance" definitions

    a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste

    a quality of neatness and ingenious simplicity in the solution of a problem (especially in science or mathematics)