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Embarrass in a sentence | embarrass example sentences

  1. To embarrass us, and Groc.
  2. But I knew I'd embarrass him.
  3. I hope I didnt embarrass you.
  4. I am not trying to embarrass you.
  5. She didn’t want to embarrass him.

  6. But that would embarrass both of us.
  7. Just don't embarrass me, that's all I ask.
  8. His question seemed to embarrass her a bit.
  9. It would only embarrass her and create an.
  10. Would it embarrass you if we watched it?‘.
  11. This question did not embarrass Peter Ivánovich.
  12. Why embarrass the genuine with these explanations.
  13. He had only said that it might embarrass the king.
  14. The question seemed to embarrass him still further.
  15. How could you embarrass me in this fashion?

  16. He said, These are my guests, so do not embarrass me.
  17. This he would do intentionally to embarrass his rivals.
  18. Had Elon had to embarrass her in front of Lisa like that?
  19. It’ll be good to embarrass him in front of everyone!.
  20. He was probably waiting for the perfect time to embarrass her.
  21. What was Angie trying to do? Embarrass the daylights out of her?
  22. I did not want to embarrass you or put you in a difficult position.
  23. And they specially hate to embarrass the black politicos, they love.
  24. If your dad says anything that I think will embarrass you, look at me.
  25. With that smile of his, I know he is plotting something to embarrass me.

  26. Anything that could embarrass Israel would certainly be welcomed in Iran.
  27. Spears had begun to look for any opportunity to discredit or embarrass her.
  28. Before I embarrass myself further, let’s jump into the next obvious question.
  29. He stood up and did a version of a victory dance that would embarrass any teenager.
  30. Normally tel ing her Nan that she loved her wouldn't embarrass Nicole if she were.
  31. No one had a response to that, but only because they didn’t want to embarrass the.
  32. Put downs are words or actions intended to humiliate or embarrass you, or put you down.
  33. He only did that as a dirty trick on us all, Scarlett, to embarrass us in front of the.
  34. Please gentlemen, sit down and don’t embarrass me any further,’ he said with a grin.
  35. You couldn’t embarrass me said Alex, who now had unknowingly fallen into another trap.
  36. Ralph could not imagine what kind of document Caris might possess that would embarrass a king.
  37. The RSM banned the Hyena’s platoon to the rear, where they were less likely to embarrass him.
  38. You think? Your dad and I are going to a party this weekend and I’d hate to embarrass him.
  39. My heartbeat increased and I prayed that I wouldn't embarrass myself if I did catch the bouquet.
  40. You embarrass this administration and as you already know, you have a reputation as a troublemaker.
  41. She would not embarrass the man she swore allegiance to, but she would not sell out her own standards.
  42. He was beginning to embarrass himself by continually asking questions that were really directed at Susan.
  43. Not to embarrass her further with his forthrightness, he sauntered in the aisle to attract her attention.
  44. The story was that they had then planted the body in Abbottabad and faked the raid to embarrass Pakistan.
  45. Now, though it might embarrass her, I will say that this presentation was organized by Mileemi of Thon.
  46. He did not embarrass her much; but then on the Monday of the holiday he was to spend a whole day with her.
  47. She had a loose mouth and could tell all on her brother, but did not live to embarrass Lyndon any longer.
  48. The one thing I didn’t want to do was embarrass my children over this situation by bringing Nat to the U.
  49. The thick Oriental rug was so lovely and I really didn't want to embarrass myself in front of my host ….
  50. I hadn’t done it to embarrass her, but rather to give her the honor she deserved, but would never ask for.
  51. And I know I’m not a gentleman, in view of the fact that pregnant women do not embarrass me as they should.
  52. Badly? Why would you say that? I looked from Darant to Cassius and prepared to embarrass myself further.
  53. The young girls frolicked beneath the eyes of the nuns; the gaze of impeccability does not embarrass innocence.
  54. Polio as a kid, he said sotto voce, as if he’d noticed Mercer staring but didn’t want to embarrass him.
  55. She knew him well enough to be sure he wouldn’t embarrass her in front of all her friends and say they weren’t.
  56. Pal would ask what he was smiling about, then he’d have to make up some excuse so he wouldn’t embarrass the kid.
  57. She was still as lively as ever and mad as a hatter, but great fun as always, striving to embarrass Matthew as usual.
  58. There was no need to embarrass her further by bringing up how much I was looking forward to being intimate with her.
  59. It is almost as though the customers had no interest in what they ate as long as it had no character to embarrass them.
  60. Before I could embarrass myself and Baba anymore – but mostly to get away from Assef and his grin – I stepped away.
  61. Should she slip out again? Or make herself known and embarrass Honey as she deserved? But the next voice made her pause.
  62. I could deal with irritation, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself because my body was seduced by the tone of his voice.
  63. Would you care to explain or shall I have to embarrass you some other time once I have discovered your whereabouts?
  64. So… it’s true? You moved that mountain how? And why did you need me to embarrass mystery by moving around on a treadmill?
  65. Prepare properly and you won't embarrass yourself; prepare well and you'll go into the draft with a great deal more confidence.
  66. Not being hot at his preaching there was less enthusiasm about him now, and the presence of the grinder seemed to embarrass him.
  67. Kathy, I don’t mean to embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable, but it’s very important that you answer my question.
  68. He had no right to treat my men like that and certainly had no right to drag them into his office and embarrass them so publicly.
  69. That money could only embarrass me! But you can have it! Don’t let me stop you from asking for it in exchange for the gun!.
  70. He remembered such sensations from a time long gone; he was drawn, yet repelled by this woman, and he felt her power to embarrass him.
  71. I had got to the point of purposely refraining from beginning in order to embarrass her further; it was awkward for her to begin alone.
  72. Reconstructionist Jewish service, one will hear no mention of the real reason for the season, because that would embarrass the congregants.
  73. He hated me, as a child, he used to hit me and pull my hair; he always went out of his way to embarrass me and make me feel uncomfortable.
  74. I wasn’t going to embarrass him by making a big thing about it; but you could look it up in the secret files at Whitehall if you wanted.
  75. So as not to offend or embarrass this woman who was desperately trying to be helpful with her information, he said jovially, Oh, a 142.
  76. She faltered for a moment, trying to decide if it was better to embarrass herself or just accept the fact that things are the way they are.
  77. She probably couldn't stand the smell anymore, or didn't want to embarrass herself when the neighborhood boys came by asking to mow for her.
  78. Would he know anything of my inclinations? The light presumption of which the Magician could know about my fidelities, embarrass me enormously.
  79. Celeste wanted to put her hand on his arm to comfort him, but she didn’t want to embarrass him when he, after all, was the professional here.
  80. This is not there to embarrass any body but to let the child and parents know where their child stands and if anything can be done to help them.
  81. They looked a bit puzzled as they walked away but I continued to eat since I knew that she was probably still in her room too embarrass to leave.
  82. Soren would steal pecks from Ailia, but she knew he was holding back, not wanting to embarrass her or the others with their display of affection.
  83. I knew now that I would have to pull myself together and not embarrass her memory when I went to my death but to show the same courage that she had.
  84. Carmen knew that it wasn’t but she was not here to embarrass Olivera, Can you bring over the file and any evidence you have on the murders?
  85. She’d make him realize that these people had to pay their bills even if they were old friends, even if it did embarrass him to press them for money.
  86. Besides I can't count the number of famous people’s problem children we have transported to places where they can no longer embarrass their parents.
  87. Widgery expressed his surprise at the various expedients resorted to, to embarrass this question; and hoped this would have the same fate as the other.
  88. He was difficult to embarrass but for the life of him he couldn’t recall passing through Brazilian immigration and wondered if they had been confiscated.
  89. His belt reflected that he was a third-degree Black Belt and I prayed that I wouldn’t embarrass myself by forgetting anything I’d learned up to that point.
  90. Fearing Joe would side with his daughter and continue to support her financially, Rose took the step of threatening to leave Joe in order to embarrass him.
  91. Helene thought she should call her mother and an ambulance, but she did not want to embarrass Tadeo, and they would probably lock Francesca up for good this time.
  92. They had thought to embarrass Jesus before the multitude, but now they found themselves much confused before all who were assembled at that time in the temple court.
  93. However, fearing that she might embarrass herself by speaking live at the service, Baroness Thatcher videotaped her anticipated eulogy for Reagan months ago in London.
  94. When Rosemary laughed at something Jonquil had whispered, Cami knew what she was not going to do—she was not bringing him into the house so everyone could embarrass her.
  95. Somehow, Ingrid knew that MacArthur genuinely believed that she had something concrete in her mind and wasn’t putting her under the spotlight simply to try to embarrass her.
  96. It is said, and it is the principal argument urged against it, that it might embarrass our impending negotiations with Great Britain to interdict her public ships by this act.
  97. She had noticed that it was a sign he was faking a smile back when they were together, when she had dinner his parents and they had started to embarrass him but he smiled through it.
  98. It would take a chunk out of Rick’s money, but she felt that it was necessary as she could not possibly arrive in London looking like a countrified individual and so embarrass him.
  99. The Colonel leaned forward and in the tone one might use to enquire if I took The Times or The Telegraph, asked; Does it embarrass you to hold that position now you have an erection?
  100. The proposed liberation of the serfs was presumably intended merely to embarrass his adversary, for Napoleon can scarcely be credited with any sentimental weakness in favour of liberty for its own sake.
  1. It was embarrassing to have.
  2. It was an embarrassing load.
  3. That was a little embarrassing.
  4. It so embarrassing for two.
  5. There was an embarrassing pause.
  6. This wasn't embarrassing at all.
  7. That was a bit embarrassing !!!!.
  8. It was really quite embarrassing.
  9. And very embarrassing it was too.
  10. No, that was almost embarrassing!.
  11. It was too embarrassing for words.
  12. This had been embarrassing for him.
  13. It was embarrassing, and on video.
  14. It's more embarrassing than anything.
  15. It was preposterous and embarrassing.
  16. It was embarrassing to think about it.
  17. Because this is beyond embarrassing.
  18. Vorous also had an embarrassing problem.
  19. She would have to knock, how embarrassing.
  20. That’s embarrassing, I can tell you now.
  21. He had the embarrassing feeling that his.
  22. The shy maiden was feeling embarrassing now.
  23. Nothing too embarrassing about that apart.
  24. She is, and that was beyond embarrassing.
  25. Besides, it may be too embarrassing to ask.
  26. It was quite embarrassing for an author to.
  27. For them, the most embarrassing things to.
  28. He seems to enjoy embarrassing me in public.
  29. Maybe it's just embarrassing to admit that.
  30. How embarrassing it would be to call someone.
  31. He was very embarrassing to be around in the.
  32. Now she was embarrassing herself on top of it.
  33. This had to be national embarrassing truth week.
  34. Oh, it could not have been more embarrassing!.
  35. Well, the other one is a little embarrassing.
  36. And having a disabled child is so embarrassing.
  37. Who has been asking embarrassing questions?
  38. Alexei felt an embarrassing stirring as he bowed.
  39. It was embarrassing listening to his own eulogy.
  40. That would have been rather embarrassing, so I.
  41. Dad tends to say things that I find embarrassing.
  42. It was embarrassing – and, he still had to pay.
  43. What?! Old embarrassing moments came to mind.
  44. It was embarrassing to be reminded, but it was true.
  45. You are placing me in a most embarrassing position.
  46. No, Chuck, you’re embarrassing, said Bernie.
  47. Carter thought about embarrassing them both but the.
  48. It was very embarrassing moment for us to handle them.
  49. This embarrassing, irresponsible brand of journalism.
  50. Monmouth was embarrassing, and Brimmer let us have it.
  51. Shame on you, dear, for embarrassing her like that.
  52. This was awful: embarrassing, awkward and distressing.
  53. It had come, too, after a spate of embarrassing losses.
  54. It couldn’t be real or the embarrassing lapse that had.
  55. It is embarrassing and can really lower your self-esteem.
  56. In public, his behavior was frightening and embarrassing.
  57. After our interesting and embarrassing lunch conversation.
  58. She had not asked for money or done anything embarrassing.
  59. Helga had the embarrassing distinction of being the first.
  60. I quite see that it could be embarrassing for some of them.
  61. Will you puleasse stop?! You’re embarrassing me!!.
  62. What? Embarrassing them and said I had to add to that?
  63. The main objective here is to not have an embarrassing run-.
  64. Matthew who found her discussing the subject most embarrassing.
  65. There are few things that are more embarrassing than bad breath.
  66. Praise was redundant, embarrassing, patronizing and belittling.
  67. How embarrassing to walk in and hear herself being talked about.
  68. It was like my first evening with Tolle, only less embarrassing.
  69. This is sort of embarrassing, but I spent some time in prison.
  70. Though you do have organic origins, it’s embarrassing to admit.
  71. Oh, how embarrassing it was to have them looking for signs of our.
  72. To make a long story short, if not less embarrassing, I compromised.
  73. Now that he was putting it into words, it was sort of embarrassing.
  74. This eagerness was very gratifying, but it was embarrassing as well.
  75. That it’s so simple that it’s almost embarrassing to talk about.
  76. The outpouring of such raw emotion suddenly felt somehow embarrassing.
  77. This is still more than embarrassing and I rather keep it for myself.
  78. On the food front at least, Bulgaria was already embarrassing itself.
  79. The older I became, the more embarrassing it was and I was glad when.
  80. With an embarrassing look for a reply, Roopa departed in bewilderment.
  81. Bhagirath turned to his horse, hitting its face hard for embarrassing.
  82. He was concerned about his mother embarrassing him with her crazy talk.
  83. All single HFs do not of course share this embarrassing characteristic.
  84. Not for too long, which might have proved embarrassing for the villain.
  85. This experience was embarrassing because, when I didn't eat some of the.
  86. The whole village was probably watching and it was kind of embarrassing.
  87. She didn’t realize how embarrassing it was to go hunting with your mom.
  88. That had been an embarrassing investigation, but I had caught the killer.
  89. She was losing—against Jack—and she found that absolutely embarrassing.
  90. She had always thought of it as a harmless, if mildly embarrassing, habit.
  91. You should be Banished for your embarrassing inability to lead this group.
  92. It was still mildly embarrassing to admit to most people that I meditated.
  93. It sounds so pretty in pop songs, but is in the flesh merely embarrassing.
  94. It was embarrassing, but no where near as bad as what Nord had done to him.
  95. I…I… Although he felt embarrassing and troubled but there was a.
  96. The reaction was embarrassing, overwhelming and, I realise now, predictable.
  97. I felt like a lovesick teenage boy around her, it was honestly embarrassing.
  98. I am denied the right to go to church, because of my embarrassing condition.
  99. He knew far too much about me, and the whole thing was getting embarrassing.
  100. She was crazy about Midge and had her own issues about embarrassing secrets.
  1. He was embarrassed by her.
  2. I felt embarrassed for him.
  3. Anna was not embarrassed now.
  4. He was embarrassed at what.
  5. Anna was embarrassed as well.
  6. He was embarrassed and confused.
  7. Pierre that he grew embarrassed.
  8. I was very embarrassed for him.
  9. She looked a little embarrassed.
  10. She was embarrassed in her turn.
  11. She offered an embarrassed grin.
  12. There was an embarrassed silence.
  13. I would have been so embarrassed.
  14. He was surprised and embarrassed.
  15. Just the thought embarrassed him.
  16. I was much embarrassed, but the.
  17. Karima embarrassed left the room.
  18. I was embarrassed to keep asking.
  19. And she had embarrassed Churchill.
  20. You should never feel embarrassed.
  21. They were embarrassed about Connie.
  22. Ethan looked sullen and embarrassed.
  23. She shrugged and looked embarrassed.
  24. I was more embarrassed than scared.
  25. Killer, was that he was embarrassed.
  26. They are embarrassed by the Bible!.
  27. But suddenly I was embarrassed by it.
  28. She didn’t seem embarrassed by it.
  29. He has the grace to look embarrassed.
  30. Shi Chen secretly became embarrassed.
  31. Then I stood embarrassed before you.
  32. I was too embarrassed to look at her.
  33. I shook my head, feeling embarrassed.
  34. I was embarrassed by my thoughts too.
  35. Things that I am embarrassed about.
  36. I was a bit startled and embarrassed.
  37. But he looked embarrassed and said:.
  38. The talk� somewhat embarrassed her.
  39. Aspen was embarrassed and looked away.
  40. She was embarrassed and she was angry.
  41. He refused to look at her, embarrassed.
  42. Zoe was not embarrassed at being caught.
  43. It embarrassed her to look at them now.
  44. Doug stood there, angry and embarrassed.
  45. Now, my bodily functions embarrassed me.
  46. Hers were polite and a mite embarrassed.
  47. Connie is embarrassed by his appearance.
  48. I’d be embarrassed to be in that!.
  49. I had embarrassed her, just like her mom.
  50. Embarrassed that Heather slapped him in.
  51. Maureen stood, undecided, embarrassed now.
  52. Was he embarrassed? Had I offended him?
  53. That embarrassed her to no end, but she.
  54. Calm down, he chided himself, embarrassed.
  55. You can't imagine how embarrassed she was.
  56. Monty looked embarrassed and followed them.
  57. He looked at her, embarrassed but relieved.
  58. Some seem embarrassed, others horribly sad.
  59. I’d never been so embarrassed in my life.
  60. Helga, slightly embarrassed, ate in silence.
  61. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you.
  62. They were embarrassed at his shaking hands.
  63. He was embarrassed by me because I am jani.
  64. I was terribly embarrassed and looked away.
  65. Candy came in, but he was still embarrassed.
  66. She flushed and looked slightly embarrassed.
  67. I am almost embarrassed to teach this trade.
  68. They did as I showed them, embarrassed again.
  69. It always embarrassed George a little, this.
  70. I became embarrassed and eased away from him.
  71. Nord hurried past, embarrassed at his actions.
  72. Embarrassed that he charged and missed Roman.
  73. I felt very embarrassed but I acted the fool.
  74. I don’t know why you were embarrassed of me.
  75. Lucy was terribly embarrassed by her outburst.
  76. They looked over their shoulders, embarrassed.
  77. The King looked embarrassed as he answered her.
  78. I think the gal was kind of embarrassed by it.
  79. For a moment he was embarrassed by the clamor.
  80. He flushed red, embarrassed at this pathetic.
  81. I apologize, she said, feeling embarrassed.
  82. Good therapy, I said, a bit embarrassed.
  83. He just nodded and left the room, embarrassed.
  84. She staggered away, embarrassed and humiliated.
  85. Mostly I was embarrassed, but I was still in.
  86. Embarrassed, Locke patted Ned on the shoulder.
  87. Embarrassed, he walked to Kamin and apologized.
  88. Embarrassed, he pretended to search his pockets.
  89. I smiled and waved, feeling rather embarrassed.
  90. Most of her was embarrassed by the sudden and.
  91. And not only that, but they looked embarrassed.
  92. I am deeply sorry if you have been embarrassed.
  93. Now it was Whoadie’s turn to look embarrassed.
  94. Embarrassed that you were attacked in my house.
  95. Denalin looked up more than a little embarrassed.
  96. I was even more embarrassed by my ugly, old car.
  97. When I got her to my room, I was embarrassed at.
  98. He burped loudly and was not at all embarrassed.
  99. Embarrassed, she scrambled to unpack the money.
  100. Embarrassed, Bane scraped the ground with a stick.
  1. Does that surprise you? It surprises and embarrasses me.
  2. When you get drunk, it embarrasses me, so I'm drawing a boundary.
  3. If the ritual embarrasses it's owner, or is not carefully planned and.
  4. If he ruled for the youth it embarrasses a learned prosecutor and member of the judicial system.
  5. I own that your question embarrasses me, Valentine, for I cannot say that the count has rendered me any ostensible service.
  6. It is a clog which, for the supposed benefit of some particular countries, embarrasses the pleasures and encumbers the industry of all other countries, but of the colonies more than of any other.
  7. He also told us that only f communists and weak longhaired liberals f pass out while standing at attention, and he, personally, would deal with any such cadet who embarrasses himself in front of his f parents, and we could thank him later for his fatherly concern.
  8. One of the better tabloids, it embarrasses this < Tease magazine,.

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