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    1. From behind the columns of the flanking courtyards, the men of the crew began to emerge, dressed in white, coifed with heavy turbans, long black beards down their chests, long sideburns on their shoulders

    2. But they couldn't ignore the asteroid for long, in another Earth year at most, the natives will notice the direction it will emerge from its close encounter with Cynd and become alarmed

    3. Herndon had no way to observe for himself what direction the asteroid would emerge, but he was confident the Al-Harron's crew was skilled enough to nudge that asteroid so it would need little correction to strike its target, the Kassikan

    4. the products of the factory emerge enriched,

    5. that emerge, worrying their way out of flesh,

    6. She took a small step forward, hesitated, her breathing was deep, and he heard a shudder emerge from deep in her throat

    7. As usual, Joris is nowhere in sight when I emerge for breakfast

    8. A story began to emerge; a story of what was to take place in the future

    9. Fingerprints on the mirror emerge

    10. He’s standing by the rail near the foredeck when I finally emerge

    11. Andrea’s dragon was the first to emerge

    12. Before the battle begins, a White would always emerge and join forces with the side of Light

    13. If the insane ones got wind that a White would soon emerge, they would try to stop it, or his Rider

    14. He saw a way of saving the village and was about to do a deal with the government which meant names would emerge in the near future

    15. He was bent over a large screen, watching a pattern emerge as he slowly tweaked some dials

    16. Little towns here and there began to emerge

    17. I tried staring into my surroundings without focusing on anything in particular and that helped a distant crumbling ruin to emerge from its orange terraced soil but the stillness made me feel I was being monitored or that something nasty was about to happen

    18. reluctant brother, who was in no hurry to emerge

    19. As soon as the Scather ship landed, his men would emerge from their hiding place and attack

    20. Two boys emerge from the crowd and, grinning from ear to ear, they hold out two bottles of blue wonder

    21. When Titania was in charge of the store counter, Hipolyta would duck across and into the clothing store then emerge a while later, always with that notebook in hand

    22. Harry rose and walked back through the corridors they had navigated upon their arrival, to emerge into the fresh air at the doors of the Main Building

    23. From within the light, all he could see was something dark and massive beginning to emerge, growing larger and larger until it towered over him

    24. Through this shaking, the true Church will emerge

    25. He half expected to see the entire Dark Army emerge from behind a giant root and overwhelm them all

    26. Did life emerge from man or woman or both? Did it begin with a thought or desire? Did it come from the ovule or the spermatozoid? Everything that exists is made out of an assemblage of infinitesimal particles, some of them called quarks

    27. keenly for your near and dear ones to emerge out of the crowd

    28. Then I saw his neck emerge, then the belly and I

    29. surprised me, if a gunman was to emerge out of the dark, and

    30. your hero’s better nature will emerge

    31. But this was just a part of Mother Nature’s way of assisting her children so they could flourish and emerge into stronger, wiser, and more enhanced beings

    32. She hoped the weariness in her voice did not emerge as dismissal

    33. ” I picked a vantage point out on the flat roof of a house pointing north where we thought that the Turks might launch a probe against us or even where one of their patrols might emerge from

    34. Further to this, the designer had to anticipate the languages that would emerge, as well as the numbering system that would be associated with the letters of the alphabet that would be used

    35. They emerge from the flames charred

    36. Suddenly he saw a black speck emerge from the hole the explosion had

    37. I don’t think it was very popular at first, but it gained support when the first superstars began to emerge – Khan and Millicent

    38. Still, the people had to hold on to the belief that one day they’d emerge back onto natural Terra Firma, in a world cleared of radiation

    39. He would emerge with his head and his spirits high, and he would fight every battle that he was given

    40. Monique and our team have provided a means for escape, a way to gradually emerge back to their prior reality

    41. All Nathan wanted to do was to dive under the duvet and emerge in a year’s time when all of this may have blown over

    42. Just as he was beginning to resign himself to the prospect of being committed to this role, he heard a voice emerge from the gentle noise of the billions

    43. High Achievement is the result of hard work and (exceptional) effort, a product of the choices we make, or don‘t make, for that matter; not of group expressions; within groups, (however), there must necessarily emerge exceptional talents exceeding the normative standards of each group

    44. of the cosmos, where life is born, and where all things ceaselessly emerge

    45. This is not some recent phenomenon, although it may oftentimes appear that way in light of the many enhancements that continue to emerge without reprieve, but a cross-generational work in process, rather, that often assumes different sizes and shapes yet whose fundamental principles remain constant

    46. However, she felt too endangered to emerge from the cave and seek a wolf alone, in case someone discovered her walking

    47. He recalled watching her emerge, naked and streaming water, long hair falling over those gleaming breasts, and the triumph in her eyes as she gazed upon the moonstone in her small palm

    48. Patty was the first to emerge from the exit at the airport

    49. ) When he did emerge into the busy happy home, with the love of his parents and grandfather embracing him, the sounds of his children in his ears and Lucia’s tender warmth through the nights, it seemed a beautiful dream

    50. Now, was the right time to emerge into the open

    1. She went to the boat and soon emerged with a camp quilt, started down the beach

    2. This view emerged from the assumption that women generally do not enjoy sex, and that they only engage in sex to have children

    3. Sams’s phone rang as he emerged from his shower

    4. Aldous emerged, smiling at Kira’s old lady griping

    5. slowly emerged again from the rear of the car

    6. companions emerged onto a short landing at the end of which was another heavy

    7. “You!” he shrieked, pointing at the unkempt little accountant as the man slowly emerged again from the rear of the car

    8. Danton and his companions emerged onto a short landing at the end of which was another heavy wooden door

    9. As they emerged the large female dragon looked them over

    10. When she emerged he had already gone downstairs

    11. As they emerged Kate was taken by surprise at the sight before her

    12. Tears were streaming down his face as he emerged from the cave

    13. As they emerged from the opening and came down the last path there was an audible gasp from those below

    14. As the people emerged, they could see that there had been a terrible battle

    15. Two hours later they emerged from the chamber; and the difference was extraordinary

    16. When Jackson and Sarah emerged from the cave, there was a remarkable change in them

    17. Towards lunchtime father emerged from his pit and stumbled down to the kitchen

    18. Queenie called to Jake one day and told him that the egg on her hatching grounds was of such a size that they would have to make a new opening if the newly emerged dragon was to be able to leave the cave once it hatched

    19. And as I moved through the deepening shadows, delicate frescos emerged depicting the life of Christ and covering every centimetre of ceiling and walls

    20. As he emerged from the bathroom he found her sitting on the side of the bed

    21. finally emerged from the folds of his military fatigues, desperately

    22. 'Hey, what are you doing?' Omi said as he emerged from the waves like the

    23. They emerged in a large, low-ceilinged room with two men and one woman in it

    24. Here is an enigma: this song emerged from the depths of my mind repeating

    25. of leaves and a coyote emerged from the brush along

    26. They spotted the first glider as it emerged from the clouds and made a beeline in the direction of the Queens Hold

    27. Covered in green blood, the warriors emerged from the trees announcing their victory with shouts of “Uwah!” At Lord Tarak’s direction they left the mopping up to the Light Brigade and headed out towards the Ohmu Inn

    28. But a new Kai emerged and took the reigns of leadership of Miners Hold with gusto

    29. “This sucks!” She stormed to the bathroom and emerged shortly, dressed as when she arrived

    30. parted as though something had emerged, but there

    31. been provided, and emerged to a hearty pub breakfast, served with

    32. After about an hour’s stroll, the road emerged in more open

    33. The hallway was dark by the time she emerged

    34. suddenly emerged from the bush, ‘What in the

    35. They emerged from the elevator at a level that was probably quite a bit higher than the one they started out at

    36. and hacked at the Bolg as soon as they emerged

    37. For twenty decades the problem was considered solved, but recently a new human parasite had emerged in the Gengee area about eighteen hundred miles to the southwest

    38. All the other girls had gone by the time she emerged from the scanky stage door into the alleyway backing onto the club

    39. as Oliver, and one of the men who had just emerged from the

    40. When they were done, very late indeed, the twins emerged to the raised eyebrows and appreciative whistles of each of the men lounging in the great room

    41. They passed through the wispy clouds of gray smoke and emerged at the door to the Dining car

    42. They emerged between the train carriages and before entering the next, their own, Harry stepped out onto the steps used for entering or exiting the train car

    43. The tension between them is not as acute as it was when Helen first emerged from the lower barn, the packing has helped, but there is still an sliver of ice to melt

    44. The two companions headed toward the exits, but before they emerged onto the street, a carriage driver approached them and Mr

    45. Harry emerged from his rooms into the common area of the suite before Mr

    46. Cruttwell emerged to formally welcome them

    47. It was July twenty-fifth and after mid-day when he emerged from his room with letters for the post in hand

    48. ' As Hipolyta passed a blind alley to her right and was about to leap the last step to join her sister, two more of the young thugs emerged and cut off her path

    49. The stained glass fan, cast a delicate pattern on the wooden floor, as the first rays of the lavender sky emerged over the blanketed hills

    50. When they emerged on the other side, greeted by towering purple and red sandstone cliffs, plunging over one was a shimmering blue ribbon of water, into a motionless pond below

    1. The larva then becomes a pupa by spinning a cocoon and emerges in about a week as a hungry adult

    2. A Bangladeshi man emerges from an outhouse, picking his way around pools of raw sewage

    3. He emerges with a bottle of Jack, holds it up for all to see

    4. Barney comes running over, the ball in his hands, giggling as the two men chase after him as Molly emerges from the house carrying a tureen of potatoes

    5. Suddenly, an image emerges on the screen that I must admit is rather frightening

    6. In the midst of this story, another story emerges

    7. You must be the first person your dragon sees when it emerges from the egg

    8. Eventually, the track emerges from the woods and we find ourselves in a totally different landscape

    9. "I think Thom should just prepare the minutes of this conversation and have it in the captain's in box when he emerges from that meeting," Delos said

    10. Tearing himself free, he emerges into the clear space of the country lane and turns a full circle before he is able to pinpoint the direction that he should be heading in, towards the target location, the focus of his anger; Jock Cascarino

    11. In the giant play of humanity, every new existence begins with a dream, a thought, an intention that emerges in the mind and is treated by the same

    12. you about, that emerges from Kipseli Square

    13. The dragon emerges from the fire lake and approaches the spot where the intruder had been standing

    14. He never emerges so effectually from this obscurity, his conduct never excites so much the attention of any respectable society, as by his becoming the member of a small religious sect

    15. Romans 11:25 one can see that it is prophesied that Israel’s blindness will end at some point and that they will recognise and embrace their Messiah at a point in time, when the fullness of the Gentiles emerges or when the determined number of Gentiles (or people from nations other than Israel) have entered into God’s Kingdom

    16. the deep place of nothingness within where a geyser of images emerges,

    17. The dream that emerges from the nothingness within is a self -perfecting,

    18. Obviously this will only be where a pattern emerges or the defendant (usually the man) bragged to his friends about his "victory" and never was serious about marriage and only used the engagement as a way to get her into bed

    19. The same soft beat of reggae fills the air, in the shimmering heat of the afternoon when the only movement is children at play and, in the evening, when the entire population emerges, sitting in lawns, visiting neighbors or patronizing open air establishments

    20. The man who emerges is tall and slim, with hair cut close to his scalp

    21. I climb the stairs carefully, stopping just before my head emerges

    22. We walk into an old boiler room with machinery that emerges from the darkness so suddenly I hit it with my knees and elbows

    23. Tobias emerges from the men’s bathroom a few minutes later, his red Amity shirt replaced by a black T-shirt, and his short hair glistening with water

    24. Tobias emerges from a door hidden behind a length of white cloth

    25. Gradually another memory emerges, an incident forgotten until now, from the time when I was only nine years old

    26. It emerges crooked and small

    27. Then Evelyn emerges into the lobby, her posture regal, like a queen returning to her kingdom

    28. easy to remove the baby as soon as it emerges

    29. At the crucial point the “F” word emerges from under the wreckage, still in disguise for a time perhaps, but ultimately unable to conceal its true identity

    30. pure being emerges as the natural state

    31. When the new emerges,

    32. If you believe there is more to life, then you are experiencing an epiphenomenon—a mental and illusory side effect that emerges from matter

    33. Everything emerges as a side effect of randomness, of natural processes

    34. So it emerges from bit: matter emerges from information

    35. The woman calls out to the man, yet no sound emerges from her mouth

    36. And emerges, for the very lucky, as the finest, Most precious and mature love of all

    37. The inner light begins to glow, it emerges to prepare the soul

    38. As they continue to watch, she hears a crackling noise followed by a series of high-pitched squeaks, and a small beak emerges from the depths

    39. The mutation of a species emerges which happens to be

    40. the cave emerges a BLACK BEAR

    41. wisdom of the group itself that has been grasped as it emerges and begins to act

    42. conflicts that explode within the group itself and to reinforce the wisdom that emerges as a

    43. The self-knowledge that emerges is just as rich and complex and cannot

    44. In other words, what emerges is love and

    45. are revealed through an experience of joy, that emerges to testify to the

    46. When the Choral SELF emerges in a group, it is then possible to

    47. The theme emerges

    48. dimension that continually emerges through their rebellion, not with the tools

    49. which focuses the beam that emerges as collimated

    50. Slowly another dark figure emerges

    1. Something is emerging from the woods—a hundred bodies are creeping from the darkest shadows outside of Juneau

    2. But alas, my people have been made to African-American adult could rebuke any African-American believe we are simply a race of black men; no longer African; child because we were one community—a village, if you no ethnicities to speak of; no sufficient argument for our will—of displaced Africans; a people still emerging from the humanity

    3. where late night meets the crawl of emerging city streets,

    4. The men below were firing, killing them as fast as they could, but more kept emerging from the brush

    5. Their dragons were emerging at the same time

    6. When at last I caught up with the others, they were on the lip of a wide plateau of sandy rock and there, emerging from the wiry scrub, stood a tidy cluster of stubborn ruins and dry stone walls that seemed determined to stand forever

    7. Each time I stopped to catch my breath, a great canopy of emerging stars pin-pricked the sky and told me night had come

    8. As young Alan blossomed, finding girls and music and the dreams of unchecked possibilities breasting the far hill scapes of his world view, so too Ken determined to be a part of his son’s emerging life

    9. Nelson is a specialist in the emerging

    10. Helen came to her senses as if emerging from a deep dive in

    11. Every table is taken, the place being full of loud teenager girls and the emerging surliness of young men in their late teens and early twenties out on the prowl

    12. A host of small dark shapes could be seen emerging

    13. Silver shadows of clouds, hung on the emerging crimson sky, the mountains hazy purple outline, etched with a dusting of newly fallen snow, sent wave after wave of untold joy pulsating through her chilled body

    14. Allcock did not answer, but turned to face the party emerging from the Library

    15. So she focused on the picture that was emerging before her

    16. Emily figured he was probably on the verge of emerging from his shelter after she had buried Whimly and the demons beneath the avalanche of rock

    17. It also symbolizes emotions and thoughts that are emerging out of and submerging into your subconscious

    18. The currents were emerging from it

    19. ‘Len?’ And then the man appeared, emerging from behind a partitioned

    20. A research project commissioned by the Canadian government into the emerging religious sect, The Transcenders; studying their media-net output, the testimonies of those who had been rescued from their clutches

    21. If we consider the complexity, not just of the message that was hidden in this wrapped ELS, but also of the design properties, we see the following aspects emerging from this code and can therefore draw the following logical conclusions:

    22. Terese had salvaged the desk from piles of furniture and other gilded items that were gathered for a bonfire, one of the more disturbing practices emerging from revolution

    23. Also I would never be able to see the new world that seemed to be emerging from the horror of this war and that would I hoped be fairer and better for everyone

    24. When he stepped out he noticed at random places other people emerging

    25. The evening felt cold for October in Idaho; the change in climate was palpable since emerging from TIAR

    26. Emerging from a narrow tunnel-like waterway under the trees, which I had traversed for the last hour, winding in and out among the mangrove roots, amid the semi-darkness made by the dense foliage overhead, with its stifling, steam-like atmosphere, heavy with the foul smell of putrefying mud and rotting vegetation, I reached drier ground

    27. That fearful “Golgotha,” the slaves, and the terrible rites of human sacrifice: there was little room for pity; rather for thankfulness that the corrupt rule had come to an end at last; that Kumassi, henceforth, would not be a place to associate with deeds of cruelty and blood; and that in time, the thousands of Ashanti subjects would gain confidence, emerging from the cloud of a bloody fetish worship, to be taught a measure of self-respect by the presence of the English flag now floating over their head

    28. there is a clear recognition that life itself is a dream, emerging from a

    29. The ―Articles‖ were created by chosen representatives from each of the states to secure the freedom, sovereignty and independence of an emerging nation

    30. After falling into his usual trance, where he stood amongst the familiar pathways, Brock witnessed a shimmering shadow emerging from the far recesses of his psyche

    31. By now Rachel had heard the noise and was emerging from the second floor

    32. William could see the tears emerging from her eyes

    33. individuals who are gradually emerging within the African American Community

    34. That rather conspicuous moment in American History witnessed a troubling transformation in American political thought that subsequently ushered the moral and intellectual decline of traditional liberalism that would (eventually) invest it with an entirely different meaning; not to mention a peevish intolerance for liberal values deemed inconsistent with the emerging New World Order

    35. Transitional elements, as emerging possibilities present themselves, are oftentimes prone to violence because of rising expectations; unlike a society‘s wealthier segments who, lacking little in the way of material comfort, are ―stable‖, as a rule, or (ironically), the abject poor who, (temporarily) resigned to their wretched living conditions, are equally ―at ease‖ in a dormant stage of transition waiting for such an opportunity when there will be reason enough for hope or ―change‖

    36. Emerging accusations of pedophilia directed against the Catholic Church have promoted a groundswell of opportunity for the political left, that for years has sought every means to discredit an institution that arguably remains the final bastion of traditional religious and moral values in modern times

    37. We are in the throes of Western Civilization‘s greatest crisis; the challenge for its own (immediate) survival! What makes the times we live so unlike others is an emerging death-wish that, assisted by socially ―passive‖ dynamics, ―conscience‖ and self-hate, is unconsciously seeking its own destruction

    38. There has been a great deal of anxiety and political unrest emerging from both sides of the political aisle recently that, in spite of the record breaking voter turnout this last presidential election, appears to be devolving into a state of utter confusion if not outright cynicism and despair

    39. The triggering device behind these uprisings has been, among other things, a growing perception of (native) French complacency, indifference and (perhaps) bigotry by a (weary) nation that has grown accustomed to its creature comforts; supported by emerging working classes who feel deprived of its social and political rights as well as uncertain of their own proper role in French society

    40. It was that part of him that could be seen to be slowly emerging from his cocoon

    41. The emerging sun painted the water of the Caribbean and the sky above it a deep burgundy

    42. Emerging from its chrysalis into a world of bright sunshine the moth stretched its wings, pumping their tiny veins full of blood

    43. She moaned, and turned her chair to give him vantage, wanting the build-up to linger but, as she diddled, he swelled and grew to full height like an emerging sapling and, within moments, she was overcome with a spasmodic orgasm

    44. Emerging from the bathroom, she saw every available chair, including the one at Mike’s side, was occupied by a prostitute

    45. In case of discovery by the soldiers, the students and teacher could flee up through this pothole, emerging in this cave

    46. Kormos was an emerging Wood Sprite, he was a born leader and very intelligent

    47. There had been precedents surely but that had been another time entirely, when the Territories were still young and the people dumbfounded by the then newly emerging order of the world; one common rule for all, under one religion

    48. He woke up suddenly, as if emerging from a fitful sleep, having seen a nightmare instead of a dream

    49. A large green mass was emerging at the side of the pond

    50. The distinctive shape of a Wyvern’s head could be seen emerging from the bubbling foam

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    Synonyms for "emerge"

    emerge come forth come out egress go forth issue spring exit gush spurt appear loom dawn

    "emerge" definitions

    come out into view, as from concealment

    come out of

    become known or apparent

    come up to the surface of or rise

    happen or occur as a result of something