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  1. He knelt to examine it.
  2. We need to examine him.
  3. I started to examine him.
  4. She got up to examine them.
  5. Were others to examine my.

  6. We'll examine the Code of.
  7. If we examine the CAPM in.
  8. I examine it, very closely.
  9. He stopped to examine the.
  10. Examine closely so that you.
  11. He turned to examine the roof.
  12. But you told me to examine it.
  13. They were keen to examine her.
  14. Step2: examine all neighbors, i.
  15. She was trying to examine Dana.

  16. Examine the way in which that.
  17. Let’s examine the set-up again.
  18. There was a lot of it to examine.
  19. Brian leaned forward to examine.
  20. By default, when we examine the.
  21. He will examine the papers for me.
  22. I don’t even want to examine it.
  23. Let us examine each, separately:.
  24. Banks should examine the control.
  25. John stooped to examine my drawing.

  26. Becky wanted to cross examine Harry.
  27. Examples of tests used to examine.
  28. It is your refusal to examine that.
  29. First I tried to examine my thoughts.
  30. Chubikoff began to examine Aquilina.
  31. Examine the papier-mâché bull here.
  32. He stooped to examine the flesh wound.
  33. And examine the contents of packages.
  34. I'm just coming to examine my prize.
  35. In all actions I will examine my mind.
  36. CARRIE: Yes, a doctor will examine her.
  37. I had not time to examine it minutely.
  38. Carrie bent close to examine the plant.
  39. He says, 'I shall examine them myself.
  40. We must examine the window thoroughly.
  41. There are two ways to examine the path.
  42. I wanted to examine the place quickly.
  43. KELLY: Shouldn't a doctor examine her?
  44. Let us examine the case in common life.
  45. She’ll find another place to examine.
  46. Here I proceeded to examine its contents.
  47. Perhaps it would be wise to Examine him.
  48. Examine your daily schedule to see how.
  49. I stood watching Cordus examine the deer.
  50. Leave the evidence for others to examine.
  51. Jim and Wade started to examine it more.
  52. Examine the idea, see its inherent con-.
  53. Peter immediately started to examine the.
  54. If we examine carefully the schedule (Fig.
  55. I stopped to examine the silver carefully.
  56. Nothing to examine, nothing to understand.
  57. To examine whether the results in Table 13.
  58. Examine your reasons for raising chickens.
  59. Examine your Dictionary and see the truth.
  60. Dahms walked over to examine the handbeams.
  61. He tried to examine the effect of the yaag.
  62. Now examine all three possible approaches.
  63. The doctor had been called to examine him.
  64. Not oriented graph: 2*E edges to examine.
  66. Caris began to examine those who were left.
  67. Examine it, now, whether it is your son's.
  68. The team’s medic went over to examine Max.
  69. Stopping to examine (and show me the time0.
  70. We will examine how to identify strategic.
  71. Let’s examine this process more carefully.
  72. Alaric went out to examine the surroundings.
  73. They are the ones who will examine almost.
  74. He handed it to her so she could examine it.
  75. Doesn’t he want to examine Gwenda?
  76. Then she turned back to examine the build-.
  77. Let’s examine the bull, said William.
  78. Lucy did not examine the dysfunction of her.
  79. So he decided to examine it a little closer.
  80. An important first step would be to examine.
  81. Examine the formation of hydrogen and helium.
  82. Florian stooped to examine the injured knight.
  83. But let us examine this, and see if it be so.
  84. After that the jury had to cross examine him.
  85. He could examine the papers in his own office.
  86. Then we will examine the dining-room together.
  87. To emphasize this, let us examine another fact.
  88. What is its size? Calmly examine how it feels.
  89. We all stopped to examine that monstrous spoor.
  90. He did nothing other than examine his dreams.
  91. The nurse came over and started to examine him.
  92. They examine his samples with great excitement.
  93. But I will examine these provisions separately.
  94. Let’s examine the more specific benefits of.
  95. M: Examine the motion of change and you will see.
  96. The fMRI procedure has been used to examine the.
  97. Examine the volatility skew of the options series.
  98. He knew just what masks to examine to find those.
  99. An uprising being given, we examine it by itself.
  100. Let us examine this verse of the Scripture closely.
  1. Like he was examining him.
  2. Examining the role of theta.
  3. Mike insisted on examining me.
  4. They began examining the rock.
  5. He took her hand, examining it.
  6. Examining the goods on offer.
  7. We are simply examining the facts.
  8. Examining his finger, he licked it.
  9. They stood side by side examining it.
  10. After examining her pouch of coins.
  11. In examining the sixth chapter of S.
  12. Holmes had been examining the window.
  13. But Scarlett was examining her heart.
  14. Lizzie was examining her new wardrobe.
  15. She was now examining the avatar itself.
  16. He would insist on examining the patient.
  17. He returned to examining the photograph.
  18. Lying in my crib and examining the wall.
  19. Examining the entire rim, the other two.
  20. The day she stood examining her hideously.
  21. You have got some serious examining to do.
  22. And then I started examining my good mood.
  23. He wandered about the office examining a.
  24. I was examining it and forgot your arrival.
  25. Moyer opened the door to the examining room.
  26. Examining the charts and the rate of return.
  27. However, even within the studies examining.
  28. Examining the process of the sun setting and.
  29. Then he began examining with his stethoscope.
  30. By examining the daily chart of GRMN (Figure 6.
  31. He came to look at the spot she was examining.
  32. Examining the causes of the Second World War.
  33. Meantime, I was hurriedly examining the visitor.
  34. Having come this far in examining the two most.
  35. Andrew stopped and began examining the position.
  36. Tulip took his time examining the old sovereign.
  37. He has struck me on the head! (Examining table.
  38. Hanor’s illness is unique, and needs examining.
  39. Shorty kept the gun up, examining the young guy.
  40. She knew she should be examining her conscience.
  41. They spent another four hours examining the two.
  42. The rest of the day was spent examining some of.
  43. When he reached the apse, he began examining the.
  44. We did not lose any time in examining the chests.
  45. Examining the ins and outs of the copper industry.
  46. Two soldiers hustled over, examining the situation.
  47. Penn shook his head no, while quickly examining the.
  48. I only remember how they began examining the witness.
  49. We'll be examining this point in more detail later on.
  50. She pulled the long sword out, examining it carefully.
  51. They had immediately to begin examining the witnesses.
  52. However, previous studies examining the effect of an.
  53. That’s fucked up, Gary said examining the box.
  54. I am an examining lawyer and a weak man, I confess it.
  55. Prince Andrew stopped and began examining the position.
  56. The agent nodded, then continued examining her passport.
  57. I walked alongside the riverbank, examining the terrain.
  58. Charles was left sitting upright in bed examining the.
  59. She seemed to calm down as Ang was examining the Dorje.
  60. He must have been up half the night examining the new.
  61. An examining judge could not have done the look better.
  62. The examining magistrate swore, and left the bath house.
  63. She turned it over in her hand, examining the wax seal.
  64. The examining magistrate ordered Nicholas to be brought.
  65. What it is? Holly asked him, examining the liquid.
  66. Pam blurted out before she hurriedly left the examining.
  67. I paused, examining the tiny unit and rubbing my temples.
  68. The policeman lent over, carefully examining the machine.
  69. The drug the committee was examining was called Zyptorin.
  70. El-ahrairah made a great business of examining the King.
  71. Could you start my bathwater? I asked, examining my foot.
  72. While he was doing that, the female Reall was examining.
  73. She’s lying there examining her hands with cross-eyed.
  74. Nekhludoff was meanwhile examining the people in the room.
  75. When they reached home, the examining magistrate found Dr.
  76. Carefully examining the ground, Bru was on hands and knees.
  77. Examining the nearly weightless package, he shook his head.
  78. The doctor had only just been examining him very seriously.
  79. Vinnie bent down on one knee and started examining the door.
  80. He ducked his head, examining the prairie grass at our feet.
  81. But he now fixed his examining glance on Will and said—.
  82. Chin was carefully examining the creature which appeared to.
  83. Tobias eyed her suspiciously, his eyes examining her closely.
  84. Meanwhile I was carefully examining these unleashed breakers.
  85. Philander were deeply interested in examining the skeletons.
  86. I think Sam needs his head examining if he can’t see that.
  87. As for the base rates, as you can see by examining Table 14.
  88. He moved to the Councillors Chairs, examining them in detail.
  89. Examining this further, it appears that Jesus has the right.
  90. Examining the averaging period, we stopped at the tenth day.
  91. He was examining the documents to recommend to the Bush ad-.
  92. On examining the coat, it was found that one skirt had been.
  93. She was on her knees examining Danny’s casts running her.
  94. She turned the pages slowly, intent on examining everything.
  95. How did this one wind up here? he asked examining the.
  96. When examining yourself and your behaviour, know this is how.
  97. The silence was finally broken by the examining magistrate:.
  98. Just what I thought, he said, examining at the back of it.
  99. She sat at the reading table examining each volume carefully.
  100. From examining yourself, and realizing that you started this.
  1. At that time I examined.
  2. She examined it more closely.
  3. The deputy examined the door.
  4. He examined the young woman.
  5. The Poles, too, were examined.
  6. Then she examined her shirts.
  7. Join me now, and be Examined.
  8. Freedom is the thing examined.
  9. He examined my face carefully.
  10. Harry, who examined it briefly.
  11. Has This Been Examined Before?
  12. I picked it up and examined it.
  13. I examined my bloodied knuckles.
  14. I examined her skin and frowned.
  15. He bent over and examined one.
  16. I took it up and examined it.
  17. Bo examined his own pale bony.
  18. A gynecologist has examined you.
  19. Next day the doctor examined him.
  20. He picked it up and examined it.
  21. He examined the surface closely.
  22. I snatched it up and examined it.
  23. Aragorn halted and examined the.
  24. I examined the dangling pictures.
  25. She picked it up and examined it.
  26. Brown examined her and concurred.
  27. He took it from me and examined it.
  28. Psyekoff as they examined the door.
  29. Tarzan examined these all minutely.
  30. Emelian approached and examined it.
  31. I stooped over him and examined him.
  32. Reese examined it for a long moment.
  33. I examined the pink sparkly candle.
  34. McCoy took the ring and examined it.
  35. The guys examined the line of boats.
  36. The animal I have not yet examined.
  37. They examined each other�s papers.
  38. Critically, Massie examined her hair.
  39. He went to her and examined her head.
  40. The spot was lately examined by Col.
  41. He examined me using the ultrasound.
  42. Doc examined the young girl carefully.
  43. Kate examined the facade more closely.
  44. Hilar examined the patient before him.
  45. She took his hand and examined the cut.
  46. Bryce took it from her and examined it.
  47. Garcia took the device and examined it.
  48. He removed it and examined it closely.
  49. The Doctor went over and examined Will.
  50. Your sample will be examined for the.
  51. Enjolras and Combeferre examined them.
  52. Enoch took the object and examined it.
  53. He examined the air conditioning units.
  54. I examined your work, M’Shaw said.
  55. Is never examined morally or ethically.
  56. Tanya examined the pen with admiration.
  57. He numbly examined his outstretched arms.
  58. Doc examined the yearling and informed.
  59. The skin peeled away as she examined it.
  60. Jackson bent over and examined the blood.
  61. He took the rifle from me and examined it.
  62. The two men examined the handful of coins.
  63. Jet examined the weapon and felt its heft.
  64. Robert the Nephew examined it, curiously.
  65. He examined the book more closely, then.
  66. Mary examined the load I had brought home.
  67. He carefully examined the Rashid brothers.
  68. Fysto examined his nails and looked bored.
  69. She has examined my memory of the event.
  70. Mountain-Spirit examined the card intently.
  71. Dave examined several of them more closely.
  72. I examined it with a completely open mind.
  73. The man held it up willingly to be examined.
  74. Andrew examined the wound hoping to learn.
  75. Ginnie examined the whole suit very closely.
  76. I took the case and examined the small lock.
  77. Brother Arnold examined them in Dorchester.
  78. Stan examined it closely for a few seconds.
  79. Jake examined his finger for a brief moment.
  80. After contacting experts who examined our.
  81. Carrie frowned as she examined this feeling.
  82. Bomb Squad officers quickly examined the C4.
  83. He stooped and examined the wound carefully.
  84. E leaned down and examined the scale closer.
  85. The Omori POW doctor examined Harris gravely.
  86. I have examined my conscience, at length.
  87. I examined my new companions with curiosity.
  88. Opening the fridge, he examined its contents.
  89. Hmm, she examined the gun and turned.
  90. I was suspicious, and examined the decanter.
  91. We are being examined, Kalon whispered.
  92. Tom examined the print then handed it to Bill.
  93. She examined me, then offered congratulations.
  94. Lov examined a new cut he had received today.
  95. Silas examined one, pecking it with his beak.
  96. She examined the contents of the porridge pot.
  97. Morgan lifted my chin up and examined my face.
  98. I bit my lower lip and examined my reflection.
  99. He examined the rock and decided it was all.
  100. He examined the pictures one by one, scenes.
  1. When one examines all that is written about.
  2. His eyes are intense as he examines my face.
  3. I’m a writer who examines our human status.
  4. She picks up the mail, examines it carefully.
  5. He steps over a foot and examines my corkboard.
  6. The Doc examines the contents of the package.
  7. One of them smokes, another examines some papers.
  8. What are you doing to me? She examines his neck.
  9. Xzavier examines the RoboBoxes hanging around his neck.
  10. The report examines the impacts on jobs and the economy.
  11. Jerry still thoughtfully examines the map and looks around.
  12. That was a Wednesday, she examines the calendar again.
  13. The Mayor walks over to the rocketship model and examines it.
  14. Shi Chen bent down to examines his hand, which was cold and rigid.
  15. Orcher examines the watch again, then rubs its face on his sleeve.
  16. He examines my face, sees my smile, and he smiles too—satisfied.
  17. He can barely contain his enthusiasm as he examines the fruits and.
  18. So I give him a penny, which he examines real close, I can tell you.
  19. The beekeeper opens the upper part of the hive and examines the super.
  20. The colleague frowns as he examines the connections on the respirator.
  21. Herr Siedler buttons his cuffs and examines himself in a smoky mirror.
  22. Some of the space vehicles he examines are the size of colonising ships.
  23. He carefully examines the lawn and determines that the gopher problem.
  24. This section examines whether there is PEAD in stocks used in our sample.
  25. He examines a long splinter embedded under the skin of his blistered hand.
  26. Finally, when the physician examines the sufferer, it is already too late.
  27. She arranges her face into a pout and examines her reflection in the mirror.
  28. This chapter examines short volatility trades: short straddles and strangles.
  29. My book, The Ultimate Deal 2, examines strategies that owners of businesses.
  30. If the student examines the Spearman rank correlations in the section about.
  31. Chapter 12 examines how you should select your securities based on company size.
  32. While Macourek takes a money clip from his pocket, Devon examines the invitation.
  33. This chapter examines the same data that fueled the operating income study in the.
  34. He checks the tubes with nervous and shaky movements, examines the wires and infuses.
  35. The Necro lifts himself up on his elbows and examines the wounds in his leg and abdomen.
  36. This also proves negative and as a final check Grailem examines the skull with little hope.
  37. Chapter 14 examines potential industry effects that might lurk in the depths of the data pool.
  38. As one examines the many biblical examples of God’s dealings with the wicked, it will be.
  39. Al Maxey: As one examines the many biblical examples of God’s dealings with the wicked, it.
  40. Everly examines the French manicure left over from her brother's wedding last weekend as she responds.
  41. It is the hour of the pearl—the interval between day and night when time stops and examines itself.
  42. His expression is placid as he examines his cuts, turns off the water, and dries his hands with a towel.
  43. Entering the hold Grailem examines the packing cases, boxes and sacks that fill it from floor to ceiling.
  44. This section examines a few recurrent patterns and concepts, and lays a foundation for further exploration.
  45. When a doctor examines a patient suffering from burn injuries, he verifies the degree of burns by a pinprick.
  46. I have been to consult Botkine of late; he examines every one of his patients at least half an hour at a time.
  47. Whatever problem or situation your mind examines let it continue as long as progress is being made in that area.
  48. One that he examines, built in a torpedo shape, is ten kilometres long and three kilometres at its widest point.
  49. A smart trader examines strikes around the 10–11 deltas to see whether there are any strikes that are mispriced.
  50. She lay back and he looked at her as one examines a poor sculpture; all criticism, all quiet and easy and uncaring.
  51. Landing the shuttlecraft as gently as possible next to the airlock, Grailem gets out and examines the door mechanism.
  52. This chapter examines the technology behind these services and the procedures for implementing them on your network.
  53. His book Shows About Nothing examines the assumptions and effects of contemporary television and movie entertainment.
  54. He steps out and examines the dragon tracks on the dirt floor of the cave, and they lead him toward the cave’s exit.
  55. This section examines the powerful tool of volatility and how to use it for increasing the odds of a profitable trade.
  56. Turning back to his paper, he examines the classified ads he has circled, then crosses out the ones he deems inappropriate.
  57. He tries to identify with the bodies he examines each day, but to him, they are still just carriers of hard, cold evidence.
  58. We must emphasize the point that the security analyst examines a far larger list of securities than does the market analyst.
  59. This section examines how the performance of short volatility trades varies with different expiration dates and holding periods.
  60. This chapter examines some of these features and technologies and explains how they can enhance the performance of your network.
  61. It examines, it scrutinizes, it analyzes; then it puts together once more, it proceeds by means of reduction, discarding all hatred.
  62. This chapter examines the client platforms commonly used on networks today and the software used to connect them to various servers.
  63. As he examines the unveiling chart, he is disconcerted to see that the price now appears to have started falling (to close the gap).
  64. Media violence research examines whether links between consuming media violence and subsequent aggressive and violent behavior exists.
  65. This chapter examines Lindsay’s approach to locating the origin of the 107-day interval, the date from which we count forward 107 days.
  66. Behe, professor of biological science at Lehigh University and a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, examines what it means to think.
  67. Sara watches Julie as she examines the thicker letter, addressed to her, and then the thinner one, the rejection letter, addressed to Glenn.
  68. This chapter examines some of these tools and how you can use them to configure workstations en masse, rather than working on them one at a time.
  69. He’s got probably every book in existence which examines the various European water myths: the Selkie, Melusine, Kelpie, Vodyanoy, and the Rusalka.
  70. This section examines whether we can further improve the performance of the enhanced strategies by incorporating information from the other three factors.
  71. Lomborg builds a Litany, as he calls it, of causes advanced by various groups of environmentalists, and examines each for its cost and effectiveness.
  72. This book examines in detail how computers on a network communicate; what functions they perform; and how to go about building, operating, and maintaining them.
  73. Another nonparametric test based on chi-square distribution examines the difference between the frequency obtained in the experiment and any expected frequency.
  74. As we said, Klarman examines the risks-by which he means the likelihood and magnitude of possible losses-of any investment before he starts to think about the returns.
  75. Part III examines the Lindsay Timing Model, which is both its own, free-standing model as well as the concluding technique for determining the correct count for the 3PDh model.
  76. Thus, the Almighty Al’lah examines man in this world, so whatever one hides in his secret, surely his reality will appear one day and the latent of his spirit will be uncovered.
  77. The EPS Rating measures a company’s two most recent quarters of earnings growth against the same quarters the year before and examines its growth rate over the last three years.
  78. Now aware that the microchip is not only a harmless transmitter and receiver but is also an active device Grailem examines the one he had removed from Alexander Finda more closely.
  79. The soil has been more profoundly explored, and found to contain innumerable and invaluable productions, which the mineralogist examines with pride, and the economist turns to profit.
  80. Normally, a NIC examines the destination address in the data link layer protocol header of each packet arriving at the computer, and if the packet is not addressed to that computer, the NIC discards it.
  81. Van Helsing examines, he tells me, her teeth very carefully, whilst she is in the hypnotic condition, for he says that so long as they do not begin to sharpen there is no active danger of a change in her.
  82. The top-level domain server examines the second-level domain in the requested name and transmits to the original server a referral containing the addresses of authoritative servers for that second-level domain.
  83. Instead, the average person examines the inner workings of self-expression, as these manifest in their daily circumstances, no different from your inner manifestations appearing in print, but with an exception.
  84. Whoever examines with attention, the improvements which Peter the Great introduced into the Russian empire, will find that they almost all resolve themselves into the establishment of a well regulated standing army.
  85. This chapter examines the fundamental Ethernet mechanisms and how they provide a unified interface between the physical layer of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model and multiple protocols operating at the network layer.
  86. Laws of motion of any kind become comprehensible to man only when he examines arbitrarily selected elements of that motion; but at the same time, a large proportion of human error comes from the arbitrary division of continuous motion into discontinuous elements.
  87. History examines the manifestations of man’s free will in connection with the external world in time and in dependence on cause, that is, it defines this freedom by the laws of reason, and so history is a science only in so far as this free will is defined by those laws.
  88. Have you examined yourself and applied these two Verses to your own life? Have you found yourself to be one of those who, when Al’lah examines your spirit, says “my Provider has obliged me” when you are the recipient of His donation, or “my Provider has abased me” when difficulty and hardship come in your way?
  89. The question then remains, what do you get when you purchase a server for more money than you would spend on a workstation with the same processor and a comparable amount of memory and disk space? The following list examines the ways in which the basic components in a server differ from their counterparts in a workstation:.
  90. This Chapter is examines the energy actually delivered to the main consuming sectors (industry, transport, the domestic sector and services) but it should be remembered that on average this delivered energy represents only about 70 per cent of the primary energy actually use to produce it, though the percentage will vary from sector to sector.
  91. The team begins to wonder why is such action necessary, is there something wrong in the company, or worse still, what have they done wrong, and they start examining all aspects of their various relationships, firstly, with the company and leader and then amongst themselves, and finally, each individual examines their own life searching for a reason to explain what they feel is a lack of trust.
  92. Were the hills along the Ohio, before they were worn away by the streams which now empty themselves into that river, ever high enough to raise the water to the north of them to such a degree that it would overspread the country where the prairies and barrens are now found? Although the height of these hills has not been ascertained by the proper instruments, yet from appearances, not to be mistaken by any person who examines them and the country towards Lake Erie, these hills are much higher than any land between them and that lake.
  93. Whoever examines, with attention, the history of the dearths and famines which have afflicted any part of Europe during either the course of the present or that of the two preceding centuries, of several of which we have pretty exact accounts, will find, I believe, that a dearth never has arisen from any combination among the inland dealers in corn, nor from any other cause but a real scarcity, occasioned sometimes, perhaps, and in some particular places, by the waste of war, but in by far the greatest number of cases by the fault of the seasons; and that a famine has never arisen from any other cause but the violence of government attempting, by improper means, to remedy the inconveniencies of a dearth.
  94. If a person of this age of maturity reflects on the wonderful construction of their body, and on their appearance which has been shaped based on the greatest degree of perfection in accuracy and arrangement, and contemplates each of their organs and the order of the systems of their body; if they think of the correlation between these systems and of their continuous movements and functional workings, seeing how they all work together in cooperation and in harmonious order so as to provide for this body and for the whole world; and indeed, the body can also be referred to as a world and as a single unity in itself, in a state of continuous existence and growth; I say, if a person examines their body from such a perspective and thinks in this way, and then returns to their origin on the day when they were a drop of semen that was put in their mother’s womb; if they remember that day when they were nothing worth mentioning, and how they had no character, no prestige and no rank, and did not have such an organized body or such an arrangement; I say, if a person examines themselves by adopting these two approaches, one of which is through the lens of the present time, and the other through the lens of the past, and then they bring these two cases to remembrance together, in comparison, inquiry and judgment: there is no doubt that their thought will quickly lead them to realize that there must be a potent Hand that has made them into a complete person and has created them as such a perfect creation.

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