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Prove in a sentence | prove example sentences

  1. And I can prove it.
  2. So it was to prove.
  3. I will prove to you.
  4. And prove it he could.
  5. I would fain prove so.

  6. I intend to prove to.
  7. If I can prove these.
  8. I prove that this is.
  9. That CD will prove it.
  10. I can prove it to you.
  11. It can prove a theory.
  12. To prove a point, he.
  13. And we can prove it.
  14. He still had to prove.
  15. To prove there was no.

  16. I’ll prove it to you.
  17. He now had to prove it.
  18. So glad to prove useful.
  19. I prove what gravity is.
  20. How do we prove it?
  21. We just need to prove it.
  22. No one can prove either.
  24. Tell them to prove that.
  25. Let me prove it to you?

  26. You promised to prove it.
  27. But they do not prove it.
  28. I will prove to each of.
  29. I have no data to prove.
  30. And time will prove it so.
  31. I can prove that I can't.
  32. There is nothing to prove.
  33. And how do we prove it’.
  35. Elena: Then prove it to me.
  36. With time, I can prove it.
  37. Time would prove us wrong.
  38. But are used to prove both.
  39. He just needed to prove it.
  40. They try to prove it today.
  41. But we never can prove.
  42. Only a DNA test can prove.
  43. I don't want to prove them.
  44. And I can prove it to you.
  45. Prove thus the two are one.
  46. What she said helps prove.
  47. God does prove his servants.
  48. No one can prove the dark.
  49. The Truth Will Prove Itself.
  50. Once again, you prove that.
  51. They still have to prove it.
  52. Either way, it could prove.
  53. So prove the attraction is.
  54. What I could say may prove.
  55. Then prove it, he said.
  56. That is why you must prove.
  57. I needed to prove something.
  58. This could prove to be the.
  59. It does not prove both the.
  60. To prove it, psychiatrist Dr.
  61. I can prove this to you, Ben.
  62. I don’t have to prove it.
  63. As I’ll continue to prove.
  64. To prove that I’m a coward.
  65. There's nothing to prove you.
  66. Prove: To test; to try a thing.
  67. This insight should prove real.
  68. I still have a point to prove.
  69. Exceptions do not prove rules.
  71. You can’t prove any of it.
  72. It does not prove its reality.
  75. Anon longed to prove him wrong.
  76. And to prove that I was super.
  77. I don't want to prove anything.
  78. What would that prove anyway?
  79. I can prove who the killer.
  80. Prove that you are a gentleman.
  81. It could prove to be important.
  82. How far will they go to prove.
  83. So, as if to prove a point to.
  85. Don’t need tests to prove it.
  86. Here I'll call him to prove it.
  87. Prove me now herewith, saith.
  88. And soon she hoped to prove it.
  89. I want to prove to you Im.
  90. The things he did to prove to.
  91. Become eager to prove that the.
  92. If you can prove to me that.
  93. There is no need to prove that.
  94. I wanted him to prove something.
  95. And I got the poster to prove it.
  96. I shall prove it, sweet Simla.
  97. He will have to prove it!.
  98. Create new ideas and prove them.
  99. Then I will prove myself to you.
  100. Though this buck might prove a.
  1. It was proving to be a.
  2. Science is proving billions of.
  3. And he was proving to be a for-.
  4. So far reality was proving more.
  5. He was proving to be unpredictable.
  6. But this is just what wants proving.
  7. Tafferel was proving to be an idiot.
  8. It was not proving to be a good day.
  9. Proving that Jesus lived beyond the.
  10. Now I have a mystery proving itself.
  11. Flint-tools, proving antiquity of man.
  12. Alistair was proving difficult lately.
  13. In rigorous terms, proving the moving.
  14. He was proving himself in a tough field.
  15. Yes, we succeeded in proving my theory.
  16. She was proving a difficult nut to crack.
  17. Ulbrickson was bent on proving them wrong.
  18. If it were Samuel, instead of proving he.
  20. It was a proving to be a good life for him.
  21. His please proving futile, Hal changed the.
  22. She was proving to be a desperate woman and.
  23. But proving it is something else entirely.
  24. Well, that’s also proving rather popular.
  25. I’m proving there’s nothing wrong with me.
  26. She didn't believe in ghosts, and proving him.
  27. Dinas Hein was certainly proving to be expensive.
  28. This bit of Research is proving most difficult.
  29. Further proving that a concept can come before.
  30. Proving a concept does not need to be expensive.
  31. Eph 5:10 Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.
  32. Proving its ancient age stands the famous statue.
  33. In this case, Pops had some difficulty proving it.
  34. It was proving quite difficult to hit her though.
  35. The market was proving to be interesting for both.
  36. It looked like his worries were proving to pan out.
  37. He is proving after all to be a poor leader of men.
  38. I'm proving that you have been purposely deceived.
  39. Gods and stars, so far the day was not proving easy.
  40. Just further proving that this is not a new concept.
  41. You fool, there is no way of proving that God exists.
  42. Again, the culture of 1959 was proving to be quite.
  43. I’ve got years of experience proving exactly that.
  44. Is this about proving Jeremy Foster innocent or.
  45. I am now proving to you, in a variety of ways, that.
  46. It is an aberration in medical terms, but proving to.
  47. It was proving more difficult than he had anticipated.
  48. My voice found me proving EvE in the midst of her dream.
  49. Hal was going to have a tough time proving self-defense.
  50. And proving that it is possible for one to know before.
  51. By proving it is gravity that the individual structure.
  52. Everything depended, you see, on my guess proving right.
  53. It is charged with proving the Carnival to the Parisians.
  54. If it ends up proving out, all I did was connect the dots.
  55. Like Janelle, Ashi was proving to have a truly green thumb.
  56. This new mode of redress proving no ways satisfactory, Mr.
  57. Unfortunately, his solution is a naïve one, proving once.
  58. Proving god’s existence is a foreign concept to Uronians.
  59. The combination of having a new girlfriend and proving his.
  60. Apart from proving stubbornness, was this worth anything?
  61. In this, the invasion plan was proving absolutely brilliant.
  62. Doesn’t proving fraud pave the way to punitive damages?
  63. Further adding evidence, and proving the prophetic prophecies.
  64. Most of our energy is spent on proving ourselves to each other.
  65. Focus all your energy and resources on proving your innocence.
  66. So? Is the youngling proving his worth? He looked at Dar.
  67. She was proving a little more to handle than Steve had thought.
  68. The actions of the undead were proving to be highly intelligent.
  69. Now, I find that natural facts are proving the mystery is real.
  70. Proving to yourself that you actually can make money from home.
  71. Then maybe what you should be doing is proving it’s not him.
  72. But she knew that she would just be proving his point even more.
  73. If one of my people was subverted, the proving will reveal it.
  74. A related issue is proving causality instead of mere correlation.
  75. Proving, he needed love very badly and was getting it from them.
  76. Unfortunately, there’s no archaeological evidence proving that.
  77. Her departure proving that homophobia doesn’t only hurt homos.
  78. Unfortunately, however, this case was proving difficult to crack.
  79. And while proving the things that are true, we disprove the false.
  80. By proving it is gravity that the individual structure generates.
  81. To these proud laws of the air, the water and the ground, proving.
  82. I’m not impressed by proving things to others, Garcia said.
  83. These are chemicals which are proving to protect us against cancer.
  84. Newton is correct without ever proving to you that Newton is correct.
  85. This is the first time we hear of Joshua, and he is already proving.
  86. The wall was proving to be of a great surprise in terms of endurance.
  87. Oh dear, letting the cottage is proving more difficult than I thought.
  88. Try proving that to our whorde of pensionless never-to-be retirees.
  89. Harry thinks he's ready, and God knows I owe him a shot at proving it.
  90. Returning was proving to be far more difficult than he had anticipated.
  91. If it were Samuel, instead of proving he was alive, it proves he was.
  92. A few wore horrific scars, proving exactly how they’d been cut down.
  93. REVEALED: The Secret of Christianity does a good job of proving that.
  94. Many things happened in my final proving ground for sexual orientation.
  95. He did not want any evidence later proving that he had left the plant.
  96. His whole life was centered around proving himself to his dead old man.
  97. You likely have a lot of questions about how to best go about proving.
  98. It will be another half hour before they’re ready for the proving.
  99. This chapter not only exposes the lies by proving the truth about the.
  100. Step 2 - Truth (combining science with faith, proving faith to be true).
  2. He also proved to be.
  3. When I have not proved.
  4. It proved a bad mistake.
  5. He had proved his point.
  6. No one has proved it.
  7. And it cannot be proved.
  8. He still proved to be a.
  9. He proved to be prophetic.
  10. They can be proved wrong.
  11. And that proved to be so.
  12. We already proved it was.
  14. And it proved to be fatal.
  15. That proved to be a wise.
  16. It proved to be a bad guess.
  17. Though it proved that Van.
  18. Patch was proved right as.
  19. I think my point is proved.
  20. This proved to be his home.
  21. And you proved it today.
  22. But she had proved herself.
  23. This night proved him wrong.
  24. How he proved it was simple.
  25. That proved to be a problem.
  26. They proved very good at it.
  27. In this he'd proved mistaken.
  28. Newton never proved that F =.
  29. The Galilean had proved 463.
  30. It had proved he had made it.
  31. Lauren and I have proved that.
  32. Lastly she proved that I was.
  33. You just proved that you exist.
  34. It proved to be the right way.
  35. Al these things proved to me.
  36. That remains to be proved….
  37. I have proved to myself that.
  38. My fear landscape proved that.
  39. He had proved the better tribe.
  41. He has proved, quite resilient.
  42. You have proved that in battle.
  43. Marchant proved to be different.
  44. His one good arm proved useless.
  45. But the windows proved to have.
  46. That kiss we shared proved that.
  47. But the added sensation proved.
  48. The whip proved to be immovable.
  49. Rulers all claims proved a hoax.
  50. Dupree proved to be skilled at.
  51. His feelings proved to be right.
  52. This mistake proved to be fatal.
  53. This proved true with this chap.
  54. This weapon proved to have the.
  55. The year 2007 proved no different.
  56. The cancer proved stronger than.
  57. Indeed this proved to be correct.
  58. In that he was soon proved right.
  59. Climbing proved to be more diffi.
  60. My mild suspicions proved correct.
  61. Our expectation proved to be true.
  62. They were not to be proved wrong.
  63. It proved to be a beautiful ride.
  64. Palin, none of which were proved.
  65. Is it so bad to be proved wrong.
  66. Hubble proved beyond doubt that.
  67. The minor was proved by the major.
  68. The forensic autopsy proved hed.
  69. Thrilled through and proved us one.
  70. It proved useful helpful this time.
  71. It had proved to be a fatal error.
  72. The letter proved to be from Luis.
  73. His bold question proved worth it.
  74. This visit proved a disappointment.
  75. You will have proved to yourself.
  76. The tests proved to be cancer of.
  77. Anyway, in the end it proved fatal.
  78. He proved, however, to be too late.
  79. That much Aya had proved at dinner.
  80. Skirting the table proved difficult.
  81. This observation proved beyond the.
  82. And I would not be proved faithless.
  83. But everything else proved worrisome.
  84. But that decision proved disastrous.
  85. The move proved to be good for Emma.
  86. They proved to be harder to destroy.
  87. But the investigation proved to be.
  88. Q: My very coming here has proved it.
  89. How the low-fat diet proved its value.
  90. What has just happened has proved it.
  91. And proved the value of the Name.
  92. And she was proved right in her hope.
  93. Markus have clearly proved otherwise.
  94. Andy’s plan proved the right choice.
  95. In fact, we proved you would during.
  96. Alas, our search proved unsuccessful.
  97. Last night’s episode proved where.
  98. In our weakness, He is proved strong.
  99. This battle proved so important that.
  100. He proved to be a Mahican named Occon.
  1. It proves it for neither.
  2. This proves that there is.
  3. History proves it has not.
  4. That proves they have souls.
  6. But then she proves me wrong.
  7. It proves my point that all.
  8. It proves faith and loyalty.
  9. This proves one of two things.
  10. It proves nothing of the kind.
  11. It sure proves the old adage.
  12. This book proves the point in.
  13. His silence proves that he is.
  14. The fact that I think proves it.
  15. It proves nothing, of course.
  16. This proves to be a much more.
  17. These proves the validity of St.
  18. The Hubble concept proves that.
  19. Proves you aren’t in the dark.
  20. It also decisively proves that.
  21. This proves that the killing of.
  22. The pimple proves to be cancerous.
  23. I guess that proves you're a man.
  24. The Carlson glass proves as much.
  25. History proves this at every turn.
  26. That is what your argument proves.
  27. Exception That Proves the Rule, n.
  28. Proves that she is of Legion stock.
  29. It "proves" to him that he exists.
  30. As the latter proves it’s worth.
  31. Obviously, this just proves it.
  32. I guess this proves it to be true.
  33. Whether our p-value proves to be 4.
  34. This proves that happiness depends.
  35. It proves him unspoilt by his uncle.
  36. The ring, after all, proves nothing.
  37. This proves that Dorje Shugden and.
  38. This also proves that ancient pre-.
  39. Proves he doesn’t know everything.
  41. This proves vampires really exist.
  42. Doing this proves that we will never.
  43. A simple magnifying glass proves that.
  44. It proves nothing, Nadya Alexandrovna.
  45. The Hubble constant proves that space.
  46. That just proves they are afraid of you.
  47. It proves once again what a class act Ms.
  48. This proves witches can be wrong too.
  49. It proves, if nothing else, yet that Mr.
  50. The mere act of dog fighting proves an.
  51. This clearly proves that our body that.
  52. Yet, they use this passage that proves.
  53. That just proves the pervasive societal.
  54. This also proves the assertions by Rome.
  55. This proves that it is life that allows.
  56. His invitation to the District proves it.
  57. Once he proves himself, he’ll be happy.
  58. The physician’s story only proves this.
  59. The fact that you are even here proves it.
  60. History for thousands of years proves this.
  61. If it were Samuel, then it proves he was.
  62. How you react on that proves how upright.
  63. Death is a forecast that never proves wrong.
  64. This wisdom proves that Christianity is a.
  65. All the evidence proves that the one true.
  66. And that proves you are the chief murderer.
  67. This is the exception that proves the rule.
  68. Which proves something to us, about the guy.
  69. This just proves that he was indeed done in.
  70. It proves absolutely nothing, Miss Krause.
  71. Isaac Newton’s principles this book proves.
  72. It further proves that the Vatican and its.
  73. I hope he proves… worthy of your kindness.
  74. It proves that Issa lived until His old age.
  75. Give it a month and see if he proves himself.
  76. Thus Ishmael proves his love, his friendship.
  77. That proves nothing, he said cheerfully.
  78. It doesn't unless the rumor proves to be fact.
  79. But even then, nothing we can do proves fatal.
  80. Abalyne interrupted, That proves nothing.
  81. The fact you are reading this book proves that.
  82. Unfortunately, that cliché rarely proves true.
  83. It being a vision proves they were not called.
  84. But although running proves to be tedious and.
  85. It proves only that they might have saved us.
  86. Parliament, which proves that, at the previous.
  87. The dart that has struck me proves without fail.
  88. Which proves they’re worried about Westwood.
  89. Just another sign of stress that proves you.
  90. God and further proves this was a later addition.
  91. That proves nothing as to honesty, said he.
  92. That surely proves that fate brought us together.
  93. Anyhow, all this inquiry proves that most of the.
  94. God is in control and predestination proves that.
  95. Knowing this proves physicist’s stupidity and.
  96. Whatever you want to call it, it proves my point.
  97. But oft the unbidden guest proves the best company.
  98. This actually proves to be the more difficult task.
  99. If you say we can't, this proves our inequality.
  100. Your outburst to Olsen just moments ago proves that.

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