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Excommunication in a sentence

1. All excommunication will be lifted.
2. They will demand his excommunication.
3. That, the shame of public excommunication hurt me.
4. Bible, that prompted me to request excommunication from the Mormon.
5. BISHOP HIGBOLD: You have missed a lot of news in your excommunication.
6. For this Bruno was burned at the stake and Spinoza suffered excommunication.
7. If you disagreed with the church you were accused of hear say and treated to excommunication.

8. Am I on trial, that you would threaten me with excommunication? That is a problem that I have with the church.
9. Gutierrez would take them to Winthrop, and they would whisk him out to the ship for excommunication and banishment to exile.
10. I expected every moment your uncle to launch an excommunication there and then at the black eye-patch in the window across the Plaza.
11. They also practiced a form of excommunication from the assembly of worshippers, which in ancient Gaul meant a separation from secular society as well.
12. All of this can the better be understood when it is recalled that these Jews looked upon eating with unwashed hands in the same light as commerce with a harlot, and both were equally punishable by excommunication.
13. The only exception to the strict terms of her excommunication shall be Bishop Higbold's annual inspection; when, according to the ancient custom here, he insists on interviewing each and every person at the convent.
14. An attempt has been made to affix the lighter meaning of excommunication to this penalty in some instances; but it is unlikely, as Ewalda urges, that a clearly annexed penalty would signify some light punishment in one case, and capital punishment in others.
15. Nevertheless, though his sister’s sin was no fault of his, and could not impair the worth of his well-earned character, yet some of the thoughtless young ensigns began to draw off from him, and he was visited, in a manner, with the disgrace of an excommunication.
16. All his brother sectaries are, for the credit of the sect, interested to observe his conduct; and, if he gives occasion to any scandal, if he deviates very much from those austere morals which they almost always require of one another, to punish him by what is always a very severe punishment, even where no evil effects attend it, expulsion or excommunication from the sect.

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