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    1. For the record, the Invisible Gardener believes that the secretary should ban each of these practices:

    2. The news that night was not good and there would be a complete fire ban on the Sunday and that meant no outside drilling are welding or BBQ's and absolutely no open fires at all

    3. As you are probably aware, the recent smoking ban has had a profound impact on our business

    4. It has progressed to such a state that some countries place a total ban on referring to the Judeo-Christian God

    5. Elmira and Lydia were concerned about their relationship, though they did not ban them from seeing one another

    6. ) Obama could not have picked a more in - tune Secretary of State, for while he continues on his self-appointed task of disarming America, Hillary continues to harangue us on the evils of gun ownership, and even goes along with the United Nations proposal to ban gun ownership for individuals

    7. A brief but unseemly episode marred the otherwise well-conducted ceremony when Scovel, angry at being excluded by Shafter’s ban on the press, scaled the roof of the Palace in order to appear in photographs of the flag-raising

    8. when senior police management tried to act and to ban those members from carrying firearms the police unions stopped them by court action

    9. In 1778, in the Virginia Congress he led efforts to successfully ban importing slaves into Virginia

    10. In 1784, he proposed an ordinance to ban all slavery in US territories, all lands that were not part of the original thirteen states

    11. In 1806 Jefferson proposed and passed a ban on the US international slave trade

    12. I would like to briefly respond to a letter published in your newspaper about a group of Larchmont residents, led by David Hechler, opposed to policies seeking to ban homosexuals from participating as Boy Scout Masters

    13. But as president he followed through with the bio-chemical ban begun by Nixon

    14. Native Hawaiians continue to work for a return to independence, and can point to some victories, the end of the language ban, restoration of voting rights, Hawaiian language schools, and a cultural renaissance

    15. Had the ban been vigorously enforced, it could have stopped the enslavement of perhaps 150,000 Africans and the deaths of as many as 450,000 more

    16. We do know that because of the ban, slave owners began treating their slaves more humanely so that slaves could increase in number mostly by giving birth

    17. The Constitution blocked any ban on the slave trade for twenty years, until 1808

    18. While still a delegate to Virginia in colonial times, Jefferson successfully pushed for a ban on importing slaves into the state

    19. By the time of the nationwide ban, only South Carolina still legally allowed slaves brought in from overseas

    20. There had even been an attempt to ban slavery from all future US states

    21. The ban failed to pass by only a single vote

    22. Another ban shortly passed, the Northwest Ordinance, which banned slavery from all territory north of the Ohio River, what would become the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin

    23. Congress not only passed the ban

    24. The size of the US coast and small US Navy made the ban difficult to enforce

    25. The passage of the slave trade ban was the high point of abolitionism until the Civil War

    26. Reagan overturned the weapons ban, publicly praising the dictatorship until the invasion of the Falkland Islands

    27. Reagan overturned the ban and worked with the apartheid regime

    28. The greatest successes the UN can point to is its ban on chemical weapons agreed to by 190 out of 196 nations in the world and its Non Proliferation Treaty, in which all but nine countries in the world agreed to never develop nuclear weapons

    29. Eisenhower agreed to a nuclear test ban treaty in 1958, but it was not his idea

    30. The test ban was undermined by the scandal over an American U-2 spy plane being shot down

    31. Both sides finally agreed to the ban in 1962

    32. Both the US and USSR hoped the test ban would pressure China to not develop its nuclear weapons

    33. Reagan led the opposition to SALT II and tried to undercut both Nixon's ban on anti ballistic missiles and the US ban on weapons in space by his “Star Wars” program

    34. There would have been an earlier test ban treaty

    35. Local authorities who are generally touchy and old-maidish in their political correctness routinely ban the use of such terms as “Christmas”, acting like latter day Scrooges

    36. Firstly, sugar (carbohydrate) is one of three basic food-types and to ban it is to ban at least one third of foods available

    37. Restrictions such as a ban on surface occupancy tie up 46% of the onshore federal oil and 60% of

    38. Because of its ban, malaria incidence has skyrocketed in recent years

    39. Because of the horrendous results of the ban, countries are going back to the use of DDT

    40. Pope Paul VI lifted the ban on cremation in 1963 and in 1966 he allowed catholic priests to perform cremation services

    41. Our Congress today had been so queasy over the question of interfering with freedom when it came to our own security that it is considering a ban against listening in on terrorists’ phone calls and had been woefully slow to block illegal entry into the States

    42. stock, how they were of Israel: the sons of Ladan, the son of Ban, the sons of Necodan, six hundred fifty and two

    43. shall shelter a Jew, shall, when he is hunted out, be put under the ban of fire, and be forever rendered useless to every living being for

    44. The first proud achievement of the environmental movement was to achieve a ban on the use of DDT as a spray to kill malaria-bearing mosquitoes

    45. A public furor was raised, and in 1972 the newly formed Environmental Protection Agency was asked to ban DDT

    46. On the thirtieth anniversary of the original DDT ban in the United States, Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords introduced a bill in the United States Senate calling for an international treaty that would further restrict the use of DDT

    47. The effects of the DDT ban are undisputed, and the results are known

    48. Christian churches have brainwashed the public and actually ban the truth from other sources

    49. And religions, in particular, felt the full force of the State's brutal ban

    50. The FDA also warns that they could ban Apotex drugs from entering the

    1. protested that I had effectively therefore been banned from the

    2. No scientific hypothesis had been banned or suppressed by religious teachers or kings in India

    3. The house was stripped of the appropriate electronic devices and following a brief forensic examination of hard drives, flash disks and sundry other items of magnetic storage, the Detective Superintendent in command of the vice squad charged the young man with a number of crimes related to the storage and distribution of banned materials

    4. 'Just good friends should be a banned phrase

    5. banned, trust me; in most cases, there is NO WAY

    6. checked, but it said nothing about vegetables being banned, and so

    7. Alas eventually most local bookmakers have banned me as I'm too successful and the national ones have started to stop me as well, so now I have to consider other alternatives so suggestions would be welcome

    8. “That could be banned

    9. materials as wel , but they have been banned

    10. Drug use was strictly prohibited in his organization, and those who were caught doing it were banned from Code Sanguinary

    11. All government sponsored supplies will cease, trading direct with Jupiter operations will be banned and all communications will be blocked

    12. ‘Perhaps they feel we have declared war on them, by using one of their banned technologies

    13. society felt this level was acceptable, otherwise it would have banned these robots a long time ago

    14. It then occurred to Adem that perhaps being banned from wielding for the same amount of time may have resulted in the same effect

    15. Camouflage uniforms were banned (in the townships) in order for the police to appear less military and more like police

    16. The Black Liberation Movements were strongly linked to Communism, trained militarily and equipped by Communist’s who were banned in South Africa

    17. Much different from its evil companion which was plain sadistic and should have been banned by the Geneva Convention

    18. The RSM banned the Hyena’s platoon to the rear, where they were less likely to embarrass him

    19. Anything though is better than the College which had a “duck walk” which was not for educated people and should be banned by the Geneva Convention

    20. " Many journalists were banned, and if caught in a banned area, arrested and no doubt sorted out too or so they claimed with boring regularity (sometimes rightly so)

    21. They were often banned to the playroom, without much coercion from Li

    22. The idea behind the Seychelles attack was to gain landing rights for South Africa for most countries banned the national air service from flights across their airspace

    23. From the end of World War One all gas related attacks are banned by international conventions because of the carnage caused

    24. The Northwest Ordinance, influenced by his bill, passed a year later and three years after banned all slavery in new states above the Ohio River, what would become Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin

    25. The Northwest Ordinance banned slavery in new northern states in 1787

    26. Most other northern states banned slavery after the American Revolution

    27. The insurance industry got its start from insuring slave ships and slaves, especially from losses where the ships' crews forced to dump slaves overboard if caught smuggling slaves after the overseas trade had been banned

    28. Many Americans were strongly opposed to slavery long before it was finally banned

    29. Cotton and tobacco plantations were already less profitable than in the past, and slavery depended more and more on an internal American slave trade now that the international one was banned

    30. Napalm is a chemical weapon today banned internationally for use against civilians, legal but widely condemned even when used against soldiers

    31. “A few more big ones like that,” he cheered, clapping her on the shoulder when the dancing tiny ball came to rest on her number, “and you’re likely to be banned from the casino

    32. All parties were banned, universities were closed, and several thousand Bolivians murdered or fled

    33. John Yoo also remains under indictment in Europe as well, was banned from Russia for his role in torture, and likely cannot travel in most of the world without facing charges

    34. The Chamorro language was banned

    35. The Hawaiian language was banned until 1986

    36. The Hawaiian religion was also banned

    37. In 1794, Congress banned any US ship, ship owner, or ship captain from taking part in the international slave trade

    38. Another ban shortly passed, the Northwest Ordinance, which banned slavery from all territory north of the Ohio River, what would become the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin

    39. Germany even permanently banned the Nazi Party and its symbols

    40. Political parties were banned, with usually only a single candidate on the ballot

    41. Other parties were often banned, and opponents assassinated

    42. It is a banned book in most if not all of our public

    43. The stage act that everyone paid money to see was banned in Queensland, being classed as lurid

    44. In 1987 at the Montreal Protocol the conference decided that Freon should be banned and President

    45. It may have been the Apostle Peter or an early successor within a “Counsel of Many” who banned these intrusions, charging those teachers of that Gnostic brand of Christianity with heresy, and the battle of the ages was joined

    46. Is it true that asbestos was banned during the building of the World Trade Center and was used only up to a certain level? If so, might this have had a bearing on the collapse of the tower(s)? If so, did Atta know this? After asbestos was banned were the heat shield materials used for the Columbia shuttle inferior and if so, might this “environmental protection” have actually cost astronaut lives? Jason stored such subjects in his mind, for a future conference

    47. Church but was banned in the time of King Constantine - END OF PSALM 151)

    48. They were even known to lead uprisings – and so the practice had been banned in Jamaica during the colonial period

    49. ” The author has included what she captions, “A Glossary of Banned Words, Usages, Stereotypes, and Topics” taken from various language cleansing sources

    50. banned from the course

    1. Jesus goes to that place where the moneychangers are collecting money and banning Gentiles and says, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations, but you have made it a den of thieves!” This same mentality runs deep within all of mankind

    2. Most of the people here had been to Alan’s universe and most agreed that he consumed an undue share of cherub space for his rank, but none was advocating shutting it down or banning his cherubs

    3. Guns sometimes prevent crime, but not as much as banning them does

    4. That she knowingly broke the rules banning insider trading needs to be properly dealt with lest her illegal investment activities encourage a pattern among other investors who may otherwise place themselves above the law

    5. Banning the slave trade was an issue Jefferson devoted decades of his life to

    6. Jefferson's compromise was to pass first the Embargo Act and then the Non-Intercourse Act, banning trade between the US and both Britain and France

    7. With his headlights materializing the world from the night, Truman imagined justifying himself to her by pointing out that it was foolishness for the government to think it could prevent the populace from indulging in its vices by banning them

    8. Banning the US international slave trade may have saved up to 200,000 African lives

    9. The judges looked at each other, and said, “There are no rules banning dolphins from a surf contest

    10. Last year as Bush signed the bill banning the torture of detainees he

    11. The clear and present danger of her predictions led eventually to the banning of DDT, the most effective mosquito killer known

    12. The subsequent banning of DDT that began in the 1970s was inspired by a willful misinterpretation of Rachael Carson’s book Silent Spring published in 1962

    13. She did not advocate banning DDT, but only that reasonable regulations be applied to its use

    14. The EPA, against its own scientific evidence, issued orders banning both the use and manufacture of DDT in the United States

    15. In 1980, before I was allowed to sue the Navy, Ed Banning, Assistant

    16. banning the festivities and added that " it is time to end such insecurity , "" no more heifers, we must be sensitive to people who horrified by these acts , are not good examples for our youth

    17. might be considering new legislation banning the use of bounty hunters and vigilantes in all

    18. Save the Bay has been working for banning the use of plastic bags so they don’t wind up in the bay

    19. Furthermore, all gibbon species are counted in Appendix 1 of the Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), banning all international commercial trade in the species

    20. Banning only was not enough, theories of right faith should

    21. The Wisdom of Banning the Meat of Carrion, Blood, the flesh of Swine and Strangled Animal:

    22. The wisdom of banning the meat of carrion:

    23. The wisdom of banning the blood:

    24. Now we are going to reveal a side of the Godly wisdom beyond banning the flesh of swine, and we shall touch on the most important side in the proper site later

    25. The Wisdom of Banning the Meat of Strangled Animal, those Beaten or Gored to Death, those Killed by Fall or Mangled by Beasts of Prey

    26. Out of his love to the religion and wishing to ascertain the wisdom behind banning the meat of swine, this man set cutting the flesh of swine into pieces as small as the grain of barely

    27. Some inquirers asked him about the wisdom of banning the flesh of swine in Islam legislation

    28. provision of separate transport and other public facilities for nonwhites, which was introduced under the Separate Amenities Act of 1953 By legislation in education, which first set out a restricted curriculum for black school children (under the Bantu Education Act of 1953), and later led to the establishment, in 1959, of five ` ethnic´ universities and the banning of nonwhite students from all other universities

    29. If I had my way there would have been an Act of Parliament banning RFPs for anything more complicated than the purchase of paperclips

    30. Even a cursory reading of the Quran would bring to the fore the paradox of banning books perceived as offensive to the religious sentiments of a community in a country

    31. the Dalai Lama refused his request to stop banning the practice

    32. The Dalai Lama has given two reasons for banning the practice

    33. Banning this is also the conclusion reached by His Holiness

    34. banning the Shugden Protector is in the interest of Tibetan’s

    35. Lying and deceiving others as to the reasons for banning the

    36. The Trilateral Commission on Hearings of Importance ruled it an activity that must be permitted, due to Abducted Ship Mazing being the official sport of the entire sector of the galaxy, which means banning or restricting it would be a gross affront to The Treaty of Manderbatt hammered out at the infamous Haurunbistle Tribunal

    37. For example, when it hears the forbiddance to deal in usury or committing an adultery and when the verses related to the veil and the banning of intoxicants and gamble are recited to it, it recognizes that and believes in it

    38. twitter webloids of what I'm saying, doing, thinking, wanting, buying, hoping, defriending, banning, hating, condemning now

    39. In most states, laws were passes banning sex shop employees from freely demonstrating the practical use of the sex toys to customers during business hours, and women in general stopped thinking that blowing themselves up to prove a point was a good idea

    40. dictator, took over, he legislated the banning of commer-

    41. banning require only a click or two, then it becomes tempting to proceed in order to win an

    42. Along with a legal restraining order banning him from visiting her or the children before the divorce hearing

    43. Then I found there is a worldwide network of laws and censorship concerning the Holocaust banning free speech and banning anyone from saying anything that went against the conventional version

    44. They have very strict rules concerning sexual relations and Norm is currently considering banning it all

    45. Take-Back Laws: Through banning the disposal of landfills by burning, and implementing laws that require companies to take back products at the end of their useful lifetimes governments can help to minimize waste and the consequences of the disposal of used products

    46. I wished their outrage extended to the Taliban’s banning of girls’ education

    47. The banning of the Jewish Helvetia Rowing Club in 1933 is mentioned in “Geschichte des Wassersports

    48. ” His rule banning KKK members drew threatening phone calls

    49. The League did achieve some very important breakthroughs, such as banning the use of lead in paint and establishing a proper law of the sea, but its political work proved a flop

    50. No one in America expected banning the sale, production, and consumption of alcohol to lead to wholesale racketeering, mob violence, and corruption on an unprecedented scale, but really, when you see the smuggling industry that arises just from customs duties, it wouldn’t have taken the greatest of minds to predict some sort of trouble if you took away people’s tipples

    1. She hated public transport now that the buggers in the government, lead by that cigar chomping public school twat, had introduced all these smoking bans

    2. introduced all these smoking bans

    3. It works in any number of nations with lower far lower death rates from both crime and suicide thanks to gun bans

    4. He took a quick look around him, the sun glinting off his black Ray Bans

    5. had export bans slapped on their products

    6. Several EU member states actively pursue nuclear programs, while some other member states have bans on nuclear energy use

    7. this private dogpound, the other 60% being euthanized - even if the law bans the

    8. sentence rises as well as other sanctions are provided, as for example occupational bans

    9. ” He said as he cut the bans on their hands

    10. Why not replace California’s Proposition 37 with a new one that bans GMOs in food or any food having GMOs completely

    11. Why not replace California’s Proposition 37 with a new one that bans GMOs in food completely or any food having GMOs

    12. Our government bans it, but shouldn’t


    14. A number of jockeys have found themselves having to hand back winnings from races and suffering riding bans for what the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) deem to be excessive use of the whip

    15. so he bans the ban

    16. Love bans together, familially, communally, nationally and globally

    17. France throws out the Gypsies, bans the burkas, and stops trains from Italy

    18. She’d sent them distressed 501s with leather jackets and a selection of classic sunglasses, such as Aviators and Ray Bans

    19. “I am proud you are because it is important for us both to be cool” I said as the FM instantly informed me that UN has warned of strict economic bans on any nation that falls in war

    20. His eyes were concealed behind dark Ray Bans, but she felt them upon her as she turned her attention back to the road

    21. " ' Their marriage bans have been set for June 30th, and the wedding will take place in the monastary

    22. He’ll have the bans at the church drawn up before their return

    23. For example, according to a Daily Mail story entitled, “Christian charity bans Christian themed children’s gifts”, Samaritan’s Purse has expressly banned “war-related items such as Action Man-type figures

    24. Long term bans would be placed on fishing in the

    25. al of these bans can be explained from the point of social structure

    26. of bans that obviously reduce the survival potential of this population

    27. Th e need of safety is frustrated in al religions that impose bans

    28. or bans connected with the world of spirits: causing off ence to this

    29. bans that were connected to food etc

    30. section of book: religion cannot exist without bans

    31. sively emerging as the stress-producing ones: bans and restrictions;

    32. Nearly a decade after the bans, the world has recovered some of its balance

    33. The idea was to get round bans on private armies by claiming these outfits weren’t proper military uniforms at all, honestly, officer

    34. These bans an' wafts an' boh-ghosts an' bar-guests an' bogles an' all anent them is only fit to set bairns an' dizzy women a'belderin'

    35. As for the chance episcopal perquisites, the fees for marriage bans, dispensations, private baptisms, sermons, benedictions, of churches or chapels, marriages, etc

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    Synonyms for "ban"

    ban prohibition proscription bachelor of arts in nursing banning forbiddance forbidding censor banish blackball cast out ostracise ostracize shun anathema curse excommunication malediction interdiction limitation taboo proscribe forbid disallow interdict halt outlaw enjoin bar exile prevent

    "ban" definitions

    a decree that prohibits something

    100 bani equal 1 leu in Moldova

    100 bani equal 1 leu in Romania

    an official prohibition or edict against something

    a bachelor's degree in nursing

    forbid the public distribution of ( a movie or a newspaper)

    prohibit especially by legal means or social pressure

    ban from a place of residence, as for punishment

    expel from a community or group