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  1. We will fasten them above.
  2. And fasten the clothes to dry.
  3. While you are eyeing the fasten.
  4. Only fasten the rope to the wall.
  5. He stood and began to fasten his.

  6. Finn's eyes did not fasten on them.
  7. You have nothing to fasten on me for.
  8. Fasten anyone to the spot for awhile.
  9. He motioned me to fasten my seat belt.
  10. See her fasten the thread to the window.
  11. His foot was tapping faster and fasten.
  12. Make sure you fasten your helmet and drop.
  13. Please take a seat and fasten the seat belt.
  14. Doing this they thereby fasten all together.
  15. He will fasten upon her in order to be rude to me.

  16. Shatov remembered he had forgotten to fasten the gate.
  17. Ivan directed her how to fasten the cord to the cross-.
  18. Position a handle in your hand and fasten using a bandage.
  19. Please fasten your seatbelts, the stewardess interrupted.
  20. Position a handle in their hand and fasten using a bandage.
  21. Just as he was ready to fasten his helmet he realised that.
  22. Anne was trying to fasten a little gold chain about her throat.
  23. Alex proceeded to fasten the front straps around Othin's neck.
  24. The woman's first instinct would be to shut and fasten the window.
  25. Then he wanted to get hold of her, to fasten her, almost to chain her.

  26. You had better change your frock now; I will go with you and fasten it.
  27. You see how they fasten a bell to my paw as though I were a wild beast.
  28. Don't throw anything at wires or electrical equipment, and don't fasten.
  29. Open the window again wide: fasten it open! Quick, why don't you move?
  30. In the first place it was necessary to make a loop and fasten to his coat.
  31. Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain, please fasten your seat belts.
  32. They heard her close the windows, fasten them, lock the door, and go away.
  33. With a motion of his hand, he indicated that she should fasten the leg iron.
  34. THE harder Tom tried to fasten his mind on his book, the more his ideas wandered.
  35. Gird: To fasten and secure clothing with a belt or band: or, to equip; to prepare.
  36. I tell you JoySun, that was a major one for me! Fasten you seat belts and hear my.
  37. I wrap the jacket around Caleb’s shoulders and fasten one of the buttons over his chest.
  38. You notice everything! You've really a playful mind! And you always fasten on the comic side.
  39. Then the girl's interest began to fasten itself upon the work and she forgot everything else.
  40. Awareness shot through me in spades as Colt’s hands came down to securely fasten on my hips.
  41. Look it up—pacific means peaceful and peace comes from the Latin pax, for to fasten together.
  42. This we shall fasten, for when it is there none can emerge, so that at least says the superstition.
  43. In the crucial moments of life our minds fasten upon the locality where joys or sorrows overwhelm us.
  44. Ivan directed her how to fasten the cord to the cross-piece, and at something she said he laughed aloud.
  45. The Scarecrow and the Woodman now began to fasten the mice to the truck, using the strings they had brought.
  46. The almost ten-hour flight is over quickly and before I realize it, I get the command to fasten my seatbelt.
  47. The attendants showed him how to fasten his safety belt and minutes later the plane backed up out of its slot.
  48. Akoulka's mother tried to fasten herself on me; but I cried, 'Mother, you don't know about anything but money.
  49. What about her legs? asked Amanda as they lifted Lucy to her feet and Chris got ready to fasten the belt.
  50. With an agonizing groan she threw herself about until she could fasten her lips about the wildly spouting cock.
  51. And how the devil did you come to fasten me out, you toothless hound? Don't stand muttering and mumbling there.
  52. The last ones neutralizing action of harmful substances in the wood and fasten cement hardening in the same time.
  53. And how the devil did you come to fasten me out, you toothless hound? Don’t stand muttering and mumbling there.
  54. What’s more, I need it, I said, turning my back to him so he could fasten the long silver chain around my neck.
  55. It was from my mother! she called out, as with shaky hands, she fumbled to fasten the bracelet around her wrist.
  56. Numb with emotional shock, he almost doesn’t feel it when the thick nails bite into his hands and fasten him to the beam.
  57. Please fasten your seat belts and follow the demonstration on the use of the life jacket which is located under your seat.
  58. Diane and Teresa look at each other with relief! Dana frowns as she bends to fasten up her sneaker, having one foot on the stool.
  59. Her husband, Thomas, glanced over the rampart of The Wall Street Journa4 saw nothing to fasten his regard, and sank back in place.
  60. The script contains a number of memorable lines, not the least being Davis’s warning to her captive audience to fasten your seatbelts.
  61. It is known that you are not my sister; I cannot introduce you as such: to attempt it would be to fasten injurious suspicions on us both.
  62. My thoughts were interrupted by the ship’s voice letting us know that arrival was imminent and that we should fasten our safety harnesses.
  63. She just looks up for a second, frustratingly rolling her eyes, then looking back down at her sneaker, continuing to fasten her other sneaker.
  64. The air hostess must have seen her fear and she leant over to squeeze her hand with a reassuring smile, whilst helping her to fasten her seat-belt.
  65. In her heart she was enchanted to fasten an ugly and uninteresting girl on Charles, whose life in the West Indies had rendered him very attractive.
  66. Arrested between the two wooden posts for people to fasten their horses to, Nostromo did not move, as if he, too, had been planted solidly in the ground.
  67. You’ve really a playful mind! And you always fasten on the comic side … he-he! They say that was the marked characteristic of Gogol, among the writers.
  68. Dario had a lock on his chest, and clearly, he’d foreseen the need to fasten it, but Jess had come from a family of smugglers, with a dash of thieving thrown in.
  69. She jumped and opened her eyes when the intercom came alive with a buzz and the passengers were reminded to fasten their seat-belts as they were cleared for take-off.
  70. The funnel mouth, m, of the receiver being provided with a suitable cork soaked in wax, fasten into it firmly the beak of the retort, containing the generating materials.
  71. I lit another fag and then suddenly it came to me I stripped a rifle sling off one of the rifles I would fasten one end of this to Sam’s wrist and then lead him behind me like a child.
  72. Her thick blond hair, which was inclined to wave, and which easily uncoiled, and which it was necessary to fasten up incessantly, seemed made for the flight of Galatea under the willows.
  73. The device was inside a protective case with a thick Velcro wrist strap attached to the back, which the corporal used to fasten the device to my right forearm, like an oversized wristwatch.
  74. By jings, we forgot to fasten that lean-to door! The nigger Nat he only just hollered "Witches" once, and keeled over on to the floor amongst the dogs, and begun to groan like he was dying.
  75. All round, her unpanelled, open bulwarks were garnished like one continuous jaw, with the long sharp teeth of the sperm whale, inserted there for pins, to fasten her old hempen thews and tendons to.
  76. While he helped Vicky into the harness, which resembled a nylon baby swing, he said, Okay Vicky, it works like this, you sit in this harness, I fasten the straps around your chest, waist and legs.
  77. Cora bestowed an approving smile on the pious efforts of the namesake of the Jewish prince, and Heyward soon turned his steady, stern look from the outlet of the cavern, to fasten it, with a milder.
  78. Andrew asked; would the Baptist or Jesus settle or allow His Church, His called-out-ones, to fasten themselves to a immoveable structure of dead stone, and then call it church? Of course they wouldn’t.
  79. When pressed beyond our present expectation by our enemy, we shall not make any difficulty in submitting to arrangements which may appear to us advantageous, but which are calculated to fasten us to the car of the conqueror.
  80. She had long since quitted her cell on the second floor for an attic with only a latch to fasten it, next the roof; one of those attics whose extremity forms an angle with the floor, and knocks you on the head every instant.
  81. She and Rodolphe had agreed that in the event of anything extraordinary occurring, she should fasten a small piece of white paper to the blind, so that if by chance he happened to be in Yonville, he could hurry to the lane behind the house.
  82. In the Shore Whaling, on soundings, among the Bays of New Zealand, when a Right Whale gives token of sinking, they fasten buoys to him, with plenty of rope; so that when the body has gone down, they know where to look for it when it shall have ascended again.
  83. The same has happened to us with this difference,—that you cannot deceive horses, and, in order not to let them out, they must be fastened in; while we are kept in unnatural and hurtful conditions by all sorts of temptations, which fasten and hold us as with chains.
  84. This vagrant power to erect a bank, after having wandered throughout the whole constitution in quest of some congenial spot whereupon to fasten, has been at length located by the gentleman from Georgia on that provision, which authorizes Congress to lay and collect taxes, &c.
  85. Every keel a sunbeam! Hurrah!—Here we go like three tin kettles at the tail of a mad cougar! This puts me in mind of fastening to an elephant in a tilbury on a plain—makes the wheel-spokes fly, boys, when you fasten to him that way; and there's danger of being pitched out too, when you strike a hill.
  86. Instead of living for, in, and with yourself, as a reasonable being ought, you seek only to fasten your feebleness on some other person’s strength: if no one can be found willing to burden her or himself with such a fat, weak, puffy, useless thing, you cry out that you are ill-treated, neglected, miserable.
  87. Aye! Ahab must have the doubloon! and with his own hands he rigged a nest of basketed bowlines; and sending a hand aloft, with a single sheaved block, to secure to the main-mast head, he received the two ends of the downward-reeved rope; and attaching one to his basket prepared a pin for the other end, in order to fasten it at the rail.
  88. She was on the point of beating them in her indignation at such a suggestion, but Lambert overhearing, shouted to her behind the screen not to hinder them, but to do as they asked; " they won't leave off if you don't," he added, and Alphonsine instantly produced a collar and began to fasten the tall man's cravat without the slightest sign of disinclination.
  89. That seemed rather too favourable an arrangement to be hoped for; and yet I did hope, and began to cheer up under the prospect of retaining my home and my employment, and, above all, my beloved young mistress; when a servant—one of the discarded ones, not yet departed—rushed hastily in, and said ‘that devil Heathcliff’ was coming through the court: should he fasten the door in his face?
  90. It was the summer when fireflies showed up in Saint-Malo, and their father was very excited, building long-handled nets for his boys and giving them jars with wire to fasten over the tops, and Etienne and Henri raced through the tall grass as the fireflies floated away from them, illuming on and off, always seeming to rise just beyond their reach, as if the earth were smoldering and these were sparks that their footfalls had prodded free.
  91. What, then, I would ask, sir, has since occurred to alter the face of affairs, to induce this new attempt to fasten on the restrictive system against our intercourse with Great Britain? Is there any thing in the last communication from the President, calculated to produce such an effect? On the contrary, it furnishes the most conclusive evidence of the treachery of Bonaparte, and ought to serve as a beacon to warn us against trusting him further.
  92. But when she was satisfied in regard to the pot, she looked around and, seeing trim Tíkhonovna with her wallet and correct peasant attire, making the sign of the cross and bowing low toward the front corner, felt ashamed of her words and, as though regaining her consciousness after the cares which had worn her out, she put her hand to her breast, where beneath the collar-bone buttons clasped her dress, and examined it to see whether it was buttoned, and then put her hands to her head to fasten the knot of the kerchief, which covered her greasy hair, and took up an attitude, leaning against the oven-fork and waiting for the salute of the trim old woman.
  93. To her the cares were sometimes almost beyond the happiness; for young and inexperienced, with small means of choice and no confidence in her own taste, the "how she should be dressed" was a point of painful solicitude; and the almost solitary ornament in her possession, a very pretty amber cross which William had brought her from Sicily, was the greatest distress of all, for she had nothing but a bit of ribbon to fasten it to; and though she had worn it in that manner once, would it be allowable at such a time in the midst of all the rich ornaments which she supposed all the other young ladies would appear in? And yet not to wear it! William had wanted to buy her a gold chain too, but the purchase had been beyond his means, and therefore not to wear the cross might be mortifying him.
  94. To her the cares were sometimes almost beyond the happiness; for young and inexperienced, with small means of choice and no confidence in her own taste, the how she should be dressed was a point of painful solicitude; and the almost solitary ornament in her possession, a very pretty amber cross which William had brought her from Sicily, was the greatest distress of all, for she had nothing but a bit of ribbon to fasten it to; and though she had worn it in that manner once, would it be allowable at such a time in the midst of all the rich ornaments which she supposed all the other young ladies would appear in? And yet not to wear it! William had wanted to buy her a gold chain too, but the purchase had been beyond his means, and therefore not to wear the cross might be mortifying him.
  95. And therefore, I said, Glaucon, musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul, on which they mightily fasten, imparting grace, and making the soul of him who is rightly educated graceful, or of him who is ill-educated ungraceful; and also because he who has received this true education of the inner being will most shrewdly perceive omissions or faults in art and nature, and with a true taste, while he praises and rejoices over and receives into his soul the good, and becomes noble and good, he will justly blame and hate the bad, now in the days of his youth, even before he is able to know the reason why; and when reason comes he will recognise and salute the friend with whom his education has made him long familiar.
  96. They are further represented as seeking liberty to transmigrate into the bodies of two thousand swine, and as accomplishing the destruction of the whole herd as by the passage of some malignant whirlwind; * at another time as possessing a slave-girl at Philippi, and enabling her owners to make 'much gain’ by her supernatural spiritualism; a 'divination’ so effectual that when the spirit was cast out there was no legerdemain remaining, or natural clairvoyance, so that the 'hope of their gains was gone:’—loudly crying up the apostleship of Paul and Silas as 'the servants of the Most High God,’ so as to fasten the brand of their abominable advocacy upon the ministers of the Gospel—and then leaving the wrathful proprietors of the dispossessed medium to wreak their vengeance on the evangelists before the magistrates of Philippi, who beat them cruelly with rods and cast them into the prison.
  1. We got in the car, fastening my seat belt.
  2. He emerged just as he was fastening his suit jacket.
  3. I’m ready, she said, fastening the last button.
  4. She pulled his top of, fumbled with his trouser fastening.
  5. One of the figures was fastening a garrote around her neck.
  6. Checking the fastening of his coat, Tom set off across the.
  7. After Dana finishes fastening her sneakers, she bends back up.
  8. New chains fastening the stout iron; the lock must have broken.
  9. The Improved Clinch knot is used for fastening the leader to the fly.
  10. She tucked her hair back, fastening it behind a pair of pointed ears.
  11. I finished fastening the remaining bundles and climbed up into the lawn chair.
  12. She was just fastening the zip on her case when there was a knock at the door.
  13. I reciprocate, fastening my teeth over his top lip, teasing him, and he groans.
  14. Coupling: That which connects together; uniting in couples; fastening or embracing.
  15. I felt quick hands on the fastening of my shorts and a giggle as they were pulled.
  16. He looked at me: I happened to be near him, as I had been fastening the clasp of Mrs.
  17. With a terrific snap, every fastening went adrift; the ship righted, the carcase sank.
  18. Actually, no, he said, fastening a metal clip to the top to hold the cloth in place.
  19. The traveler, having packed his things with his practiced hands, began fastening his coat.
  20. Earnshaw? I did not relish the notion of deliberately fastening myself in with Heathcliff.
  21. He placed her on the table and began to slowly loosen the cords fastening her undergarments.
  22. Then with a long, thin knife we pushed back the fastening of the sashes and opened the window.
  23. The coastguard said the man must have tied up his own hands, fastening the knots with his teeth.
  24. Adem grunted before buckling on his sword belt and fastening his bow case straps across his chest.
  25. The Doctor turned, with his hand upon the fastening of the window, and said, with a cool, bold smile:.
  26. Walter turned to him as he was fastening his seat belt, Have you ever heard of the Cayman Islands?
  27. The fastening to the ankle would be bothersome but he was free and the feeling was enormously exhilarating.
  28. Leather straps and belts intersected throughout his armor, fastening an arsenal of weapons to the man's body.
  29. She did not wait long before belting on her sword and fastening the harness of her bow case over her breasts.
  30. I was still buttoning up my shirt and fastening my belt when the elevator doors sprung open in the downstairs lobby.
  31. As did we all, fastening our eyes first to STOP and then CONSIDER and then along to THINK and ending the tour with DO.
  32. The weight should be so positioned that the centre of gravity (CW) is higher than the point of fastening to the frame.
  33. In this form of magic, knots represent social ties, and this magic relates to the fastening or unfastening of such ties.
  34. In a prompt manner he returned, fastening the latex condom to the base of his penis, before positioning himself on the bed.
  35. An artisan was fastening Mother Hucheloup's big straw hat on his head with a string, "for fear of sun-stroke," as he said.
  36. The Fräulein looked up, and fastening her eyes on a point somewhere below the large girl's chin said, 'The wages are good.
  37. The Second Coming will involve fastening the dragon in his abyss like a burial in his birth place restricting his movements.
  38. Through the opening an arm was passed to find the fastening, then a second; the window turned on its hinges, and a man entered.
  39. Ruth had just been putting the child to sleep and she stood up as they came in, hastily fastening the bodice of her dress as she did.
  40. Fastening the bolts on the inside proved to be an easier job, but she was glad when her aching fingers had finished turning the last screw.
  41. The first dog’s action is a signal for the others and they tear into him, cruel jaws fastening on arms, hair, body, whatever they can find.
  42. The men do not know it, but the sound they hear of the maul striking the coin's fastening nail is their sea-coffin lid being hammered flat shut.
  43. She was just fastening my veil (the plain square of blond after all) to my hair with a brooch; I hurried from under her hands as soon as I could.
  44. I'm dressed and sitting on top of the bathroom vanity, hair dryer in hand while Luke stands in the bathroom door fastening his watch to his wrist.
  45. Satisfied that she had really gone, he returned to the terrace and re-entered the library, fastening the window carefully and pulling down the blind.
  46. With amazement he gazed at himself and everything in the room around him, wondering how he could have come in the night before without fastening the.
  47. My work was fastening down the things on the deck so that nothing could roll about if the weather should grow rough when we got further from the land.
  48. Immediately every one, old and young, surrounded Semyon Ivanovitch, standing in a row round his bed and fastening eyes full of expectation on the invalid.
  49. He fastened Stazl's seat belt, then walked around the Scooter and entered from the driver's side, and after fastening his own seat belt, he turned the key.
  50. She tied her trousers under the knees and at the ankles, then put on a pair of socks and straw sandals before slipping on her tatami do folding armor and fastening it.
  51. Mother eyed me, Annie and Andrew, as we loitered in the hall, both watching the drama unfold and fastening our boots as we prepared to make the very short trip into the town.
  52. Now, Carter, be on the alert, he said to this last: I give you but half-an-hour for dressing the wound, fastening the bandages, getting the patient downstairs and all.
  53. It was almost morning, when Defarge's wine-shop parted with its last knot of customers, and Monsieur Defarge said to madame his wife, in husky tones, while fastening the door:.
  54. Yet one thing perplexes me to this day : how he, Lambert, succeeded in gaining admittance to, and fastening himself upon, such an unapproachable and superior personage as Anna Andreyevna.
  55. As Dana is fastening her sneaker, Diane asks, "Dana why didn't you tell us that you were going to have your tubes tied so soon? Why didn't you say anything to us about it?" Dana does not respond.
  56. Little or no jewellery was needed except for my usual gold earrings, but I was still fastening a gold bracelet and struggling with the clasp, when a shadow appeared outside the frosted glass door.
  57. Fastening their boat to a willow, the friends landed in this silent, silver kingdom, and patiently explored the hedges, the hollow trees, the runnels and their little culverts, the ditches and dry water-ways.
  58. The band of reporters reassembled at the front gate, and I watched the attractive newscasters flipping their hair and fastening microphones to their collars, using the backdrop of the Dakota for their on-air reports.
  59. First: In order to facilitate the fastening to it of an additional line from a neighboring boat, in case the stricken whale should sound so deep as to threaten to carry off the entire line originally attached to the harpoon.
  60. Prohartchin, though deprived in this way of imagination, could never have made a particularly favourable impression from his figure or manners (upon which scoffers are fond of fastening), yet his figure did not put people against him.
  61. He completed fastening the gear on Hilderich, binding the ropes and setting the large leaf across Hilderich’s back, as a sort of cushioning to ease the friction without which he believed he’d be unable to move him more than a foot.
  62. With amazement he gazed at himself and everything in the room around him, wondering how he could have come in the night before without fastening the door, and have flung himself on the sofa without undressing, without even taking his hat off.
  63. Only half an hour before he had been fastening up her plaits for her, and talking the "little language" of affection, which Rosamond, though not returning it, accepted as if she had been a serene and lovely image, now and then miraculously dimpling towards her votary.
  64. Now wearing only her bra on her torso, she got up from the gurney and draped her shirt over the shoulders of Ingrid, fastening the top buttons to hide her lover’s breasts, whose nipples stood hard and erect from the freezing temperature in the cold storage room, smiling as she did that.
  65. Every keel a sunbeam! Hurrah!—Here we go like three tin kettles at the tail of a mad cougar! This puts me in mind of fastening to an elephant in a tilbury on a plain—makes the wheel-spokes fly, boys, when you fasten to him that way; and there's danger of being pitched out too, when you strike a hill.
  66. They helped him like a child, fastening his tickets and immi-gration documents to his pockets with safety pins, mak-ing him a detailed list of what he must do from the time he left Macondo until he landed in Barcelona, but nonetheless he threw away a pair of pants with half of his money in it without realizing it.
  67. In the nursery he was, when, yet unable to walk, he crawled to that spot on the carpet where stood my unsuspecting legs the while my eyes and hands were busy with the playthings on the table, and fastening his youthful teeth into them made holes in my flesh and also in my stockings, for which, when she saw them, my mother whipped me.
  68. From the fish branch there were manta rays, enormous cartilaginous fish ten feet long and weighing 600 pounds, their pectoral fin triangular, their midback slightly arched, their eyes attached to the edges of the face at the front of the head; they floated like wreckage from a ship, sometimes fastening onto our windows like opaque shutters.
  69. Outside, the storm was full blown, williwaws blistering down the sides of houses, screeching winds fastening around all objects, tearing at joints and roots, clouds of snow flying on eddies in all directions, funnels of powder skirting the pavement, sticking to the shadows of filth, layer upon layer, deeper and deeper, as my feet sank into the white earth, destination known and unknown.
  70. And how dangerous ambition can become when it is once wholly wedded to self-seeking and supremely motivated by sullen and long-suppressed vengeance! What a crushing thing is disappointment in the lives of those foolish persons who, in fastening their gaze on the shadowy and evanescent allurements of time, become blinded to the higher and more real achievements of the everlasting attainments of the eternal worlds of divine values and true spiritual realities.
  71. Alice said afterwards she had never seen such a fuss made about anything in all her life—the way those two bustled about—and the quantity of things they put on—and the trouble they gave her in tying strings and fastening buttons—'Really they'll be more like bundles of old clothes than anything else, by the time they're ready!' she said to herself, as she arranged a bolster round the neck of Tweedledee, 'to keep his head from being cut off,' as he said.
  72. There are also some female heads, recalling Greek Sicilian coins; standing figures; an Athena, a Pan, a Hermes fastening his heel-pieces, a Marsyas, an amazon, a nude woman fastening her sandal, recalling coins of Larissa in Thessaly; some of groups, a man overthrown by a lion, a lion devouring a horse, a man standing and killing a kneeling woman, an episode of the contest of Achilles and Penthesilea; finally some purely Egyptian types, such as scarabs with royal cartouches.
  73. She, not realising what a German Christmas meant, had only a cigar-case for him; and when, her lap full of his presents and her wrist decorated with the bracelet in which he showed an honest pride, carefully explaining the trick of its fastening and assuring her it was real silver and that little women, he well knew, liked being hung with these barbaric splendours, she put her arm round his neck and apologised for her dreadful ignorance of custom and want of imagination and solitary, unsurprising, miserable cigar-case--when she did this, with her cheek laid on his furry head, he drew her very close to him and blessed her, blessed her his little wife and that greatest of gifts that she was.
  74. We had parted with a kiss at the entrance to her house, her mysterious house into which I was never invited, then I’d shuffled off towards the metro, in the midst of the blizzard, the snowflakes like down, innumerable and delicate, swirling vortexes, spinning out the back of the market stalls, the last vendors closing up for the night, pulling down the tarpaulins, fastening the doors and shutters, the others already gone, finding their way home to warm rooms, as I went on down the escalators of the metro, past the billboards and the advertising, the girl on the poster, sweet fifteen, with love on her lips, catching my eye every day for a month, on along to Komsomolskaya, spare change for legless soldiers who were singing for their supper, then through the doors at Prospect Mira, thinking of going back to Kurskaya and the Boar House for a little chicken and beer but knowing I was running late, that Svetlana was waiting, that the money was rolling in and that I wanted to roll with it.
  1. He fastened his own weary.
  2. Fastened to his face was a.
  3. He fastened his eyes on her.
  4. But I am fastened so tight.
  5. He fastened his eyes on Arkady.
  6. Horror fastened on their faces.
  7. Her fingers fastened on a root.
  8. Rodolphe fastened up the horses.
  9. George fastened to the cording.
  10. He fastened on the infrared sight.
  11. She fastened it around her tunic.
  12. His seat belt was still fastened.
  13. Carrie fastened her eyes on the.
  14. Michael's blue eyes fastened on me.
  15. He then fastened it around his neck.
  16. Stand therefore, having fastened on.
  17. He fastened the clasp around her neck.
  18. She turned left and fastened her pace.
  19. The cage was fastened and then hoisted.
  20. It opens, you see! It wasn't fastened.
  21. The door of this carriage was fastened.
  22. Garcia sighed and fastened his seat belt.
  23. He climbed in and fastened the restraint.
  24. Chevalier nodded and fastened the seat belt.
  25. Were they all fastened this morning?
  26. Frodo took the cloak and fastened the brooch.
  27. He dashed to the door and fastened the latch.
  28. It was still securely fastened to her finger.
  29. I tried to open it, but it was fastened inside.
  30. How are the chains fastened? I ask Ryodan.
  31. The eyes of the audience were fastened upon him.
  32. His lips twitched, his eyes fastened upon Alyosha.
  33. They should be securely fastened to the floor or.
  34. He fastened it to a card string and handed it to me.
  35. I fastened his ankles to a tight rope to his wrists.
  36. The other end of cuff fastened around the table leg.
  37. Iron fetters are fastened on the legs of murderers.
  38. Emily in his lap and fastened the belt over them both.
  39. At last his eyes were fastened intently on one point.
  40. Fear is a habit of mind which has been fastened upon.
  41. Just imagine! the door of our house is never fastened.
  42. He pointed to doors fastened with either iron or wood.
  43. The man took the note and fastened it to Tim's collar.
  44. There was a note fastened by a metal twist to the tarp.
  45. The eyes of all in the synagogue were fastened on Him.
  46. You see, it is not fastened down; only just laid there.
  47. A wooden door was fastened across the southeast tunnel.
  48. You see, it is not fastened down, only just laid there.
  49. Our eyes fastened on the gates of the mysterious house.
  50. It was fastened, she saw, by a loop to its master's arm.
  51. He showed them out and fastened the door with the latch.
  52. The disheveled creature already had fastened his eyes on.
  53. Alberto was tied up with ropes and fastened into his chair.
  54. She fastened her intent gaze upon Thenardier and said:—.
  55. He wasn't, but nodded anyway as he fastened his seat belt.
  56. Sespian’s fingers fastened around the hilt of the dagger.
  57. The window was certainly shut and fastened upon the inside.
  58. His tie was fastened to his white button-down oxford-cloth.
  59. The girl was not whipped but she too was fastened to a tree.
  60. He whimpered as a tentacle fastened itself around his waist.
  61. He struck out for the claws of metal fastened at the peak.
  62. The eyes that were fastened upon her set her pulses tingling.
  63. Karenin's fixed, dull eyes were fastened upon Vronsky's face.
  64. Once a harpoon or two was securely fastened in the whale’s.
  65. Doc Phillips fastened his glare here and there along our group.
  66. A heavy chain attached to the collar was fastened to the wall.
  67. Nate had immediately fastened on the weakness in his position.
  68. He lifted her up on to him, her legs fastened around his waist.
  69. The merwoman had fastened a brass mount to the magical sphere.
  70. See that all the shutters are securely fastened, I added.
  71. I saw a flash, the boy continued, his eyes fastened on me.
  72. Fastened to its back was a golden platter with a cup of water.
  73. So, you had a good time? she asked as she fastened me in.
  74. I took note of the fine steel of my new knife and fastened its.
  75. Bucca picked up the birch bark container and fastened it to his.
  76. Each man had a black briefcase fastened with a chain to his arm.
  77. A different perspective regarding them had fastened in her mind.
  78. Bogdan stepped over me as he fastened the last button on his coat.
  79. Albert had fastened the faded bunch of violets to his button-hole.
  80. And while he fastened up his box he discoursed about the doctor's.
  81. These bits of lace are fastened under the chin with a rosebud, so.
  82. There were a few pieces of machinery fastened to various rocks and.
  83. Tonight she fastened it about her white throat with a dreamy smile.
  84. There were cords going up to a belt that fastened around the waist.
  85. An apple made of gold and garnets fastened his cloak of yellow wool.
  86. It was fastened with two screw-eyes held together by an old padlock.
  87. A moonstone brooch big as a hen’s egg fastened it at the shoulder.
  88. He put the collar of the coat up higher and fastened the top button.
  89. Before she could say more Walter's big hand fastened on her shoulder.
  90. He then took the necklace he gave me and fastened it around my neck.
  91. I got out of my wheelchair and fastened my seat belt in the machine.
  92. It was locked, so he opened it and undid the knots that fastened it.
  93. The Professor covered the cross in asbestos and I fastened it to the.
  94. His legs were fastened and his hands tightly cuffed behind the chair.
  95. A loop of rough leather, fastened to the metal with a massive staple.
  96. Kai saw to their seatbelts and made sure they were properly fastened.
  97. She opened the small, neat package, fastened with a red ribbon and bow.
  98. That night his papa fastened the tree into a block of wood so that it.
  99. Wendy fastened her E V A helmet while she waited for the dust to clear.
  100. I fastened my seat belt and anxiously waited for the plane to take off.
  1. Sex fastens a prison to win six.
  2. He stands very close as he fastens the cuffs.
  3. Deftly he fastens the harness and tightens all the straps.
  4. His steely grip fastens around her wrist and she is drawn away.
  5. There is something in a treasure that fastens upon a man's mind.
  6. It fastens itself and is easily changed from one vest pocket to another.
  7. There is no getting away from a treasure that once fastens upon your mind.
  8. Ciere hits him again, but this time his fist fastens around the broom handle.
  9. Once the fireworker has removed the casing from its wooden form, he fastens a long match, or passafuoco, inside.
  10. The hearth of women fastens with animals under a greater resonance why? because she has higher animal sensitivity.
  11. He stands, leaning over me and resting his weight on his hands on either side of me as his mouth fastens around a nipple.
  12. Without speaking, Sigyn sets down the hammer and helps Loki slip on the breastplate as he fastens his simple unadorned helmet.
  13. Karma is like the vine that gathers strength through uninterrupted years, and which fastens its tendrils so closely that it is as strong as the structure to which it adheres.
  14. He will be continually thinking about the debt, concentrating on it, and as thoughts are causes the result is that he not only fastens the debt closer to him, but actually creates more debt.
  15. As for the gossipmonger, it is not meant to be that who carps at people by disclosing their faults, yet it indicates that who carps at himself by what he fastens on his spirit of stinginess, miserliness, oppression, envy and other spiritual faults which arise from loving this life.
  16. Endowed with the delicate perception which a solitary soul acquires through constant meditation, through the exquisite clear-sightedness with which a mind aloof from life fastens on all that falls within its sphere, Eugenie, taught by suffering and by her later education to divine thought, knew well that the president desired her death that he might step into possession of their immense fortune, augmented by the property of his uncle the notary and his uncle the abbe, whom it had lately pleased God to call to himself.

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