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    1. the head and appeared to fasten under the chin

    2. He stood and began to fasten his

    3. With a motion of his hand, he indicated that she should fasten the leg iron

    4. With an agonizing groan she threw herself about until she could fasten her lips about the wildly spouting cock

    5. The last ones neutralizing action of harmful substances in the wood and fasten cement hardening in the same time

    6. “What about her legs?” asked Amanda as they lifted Lucy to her feet and Chris got ready to fasten the belt

    7. I lit another fag and then suddenly it came to me I stripped a rifle sling off one of the rifles I would fasten one end of this to Sam’s wrist and then lead him behind me like a child

    8. ” I said as I tried to fasten my seat belt while retaining some equilibrium

    9. "Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain, please fasten your seat belts

    10. it in a small tube, then fasten it to the bird’s leg

    1. The cage was fastened and then hoisted

    2. On the end of the other stick she had folded a point of shiny paper and fastened it on with a rubber band

    3. Poopsie fastened the buttons

    4. It fastened on the club, even with it's jaw smashed, but was unable to let go

    5. He picked up his medical bag and swung it over his shoulder by a strap he had fastened to it

    6. Kai saw to their seatbelts and made sure they were properly fastened

    7. Limbs dangled over one another or lay fastened around kids, twitching and rolling through some wandering dreams

    8. Ava had to suck her belly in as far as she could to get the thing fastened, and it was not comfortable

    9. It was then that Altera walked by him brazenly displaying Matai’s belt buckle fastened to her sword hilt

    10. The other end of cuff fastened around the table leg

    1. fastening the front with a large brooch and a near-instinctive gesture

    2. Checking the fastening of his coat, Tom set off across the

    3. "Come in!" She demanded, fastening the snap at the top of her faded jeans

    4. She tucked her hair back, fastening it behind a pair of pointed ears

    5. Leather straps and belts intersected throughout his armor, fastening an arsenal of weapons to the man's body

    6. ” she replied, and rolled her sleeve down once more, fastening it at the wrist

    7. ” Elijah stood up fastening his kit and saying to me

    8. She pulled his top of, fumbled with his trouser fastening

    9. She did not wait long before belting on her sword and fastening the harness of her bow case over her breasts

    10. Adem grunted before buckling on his sword belt and fastening his bow case straps across his chest

    1. ’ I assured him as he throws my bags over Sefir’s shoulders and fastens them in place

    2. Sex fastens a prison to win six

    3. The hearth of women fastens with animals under a greater resonance why? because she has higher animal sensitivity

    4. As for the “gossipmonger”, it is not meant to be that who carps at people by disclosing their faults, yet it indicates that who carps at himself by what he fastens on his spirit of stinginess, miserliness, oppression, envy and other spiritual faults which arise from loving this life

    5. He will be continually thinking about the debt, concentrating on it, and as thoughts are causes the result is that he not only fastens the debt closer to him, but actually creates more debt

    6. "Karma is like the vine that gathers strength through uninterrupted years, and which fastens its tendrils so closely that it is as strong as the structure to which it adheres

    7. Without speaking, Sigyn sets down the hammer and helps Loki slip on the breastplate as he fastens his simple unadorned helmet

    8. mind fastens it in place

    9. branch, or tendril, and fastens itself the closer to the one who has given it soil in which

    10. He stands, leaning over me and resting his weight on his hands on either side of me as his mouth fastens around a nipple

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