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    1. Their eggs are good travelers, hitch hiking on board container’s en route

    2. He had a triple hitch today, BigThree, EndsWaving and BobbingTwo, all the kedas who over-filled the tiny pasture behind his place

    3. Grand Central Depot was announced at shortly before 6:30 in the evening and after the routine of disembarking was completed without hitch, Mr

    4. “Danip’s renting a company team so I’ll hitch ‘em up behind his

    5. “Good, I got to put these away,” he shook the axes, “and get ready to hitch up this team, come walk with me while I’m in a good mood

    6. They passed through security without a hitch, except the officer had to explain to Li-Li that Mr Snuggles would not be hurt going through the scanner

    7. fulfilled the first part of my plan without a hitch, but

    8. He was quite pleased with how things were turning out and how all the arrangements were coming together without a hitch

    9. Sometime in the future it could hitch a ride inside my mind

    10. ported without a hitch, the next message

    1. was bathed in a golden hue and her breath hitched at the

    2. hitched a ride” said Catwhiskers

    3. He hitched up his

    4. “Are they all hitched up yet?”

    5. he hitched his bundle on to his back, settled it as

    6. Usually the horses would be hitched to a tree or fence outside of the tabor but, due to circumstances, they were now kept inside the secure circle to prevent theft

    7. ’ He hitched the strap for his M249M22 machine gun over his shoulder

    8. He hitched his horse to a tree, took out his collapsible shovel from one of the saddlebags and started to clear a spot next to the fallen tree, shoveling the snow aside and forming a low three foot wall in a horseshoe shape

    9. Kallias hitched, she hurriedly made her way to the city gates

    10. But even before that, she sought out one of the deceased bandits’ horses hitched just outside the fort’s walls

    1. “She picked me up the morning after I was kidnapped, and again this morning as I was hitching back into town

    2. results of their labours for a moment before hitching up the team

    3. “But you said it was like hitching a wagon, that there’s a schedule and so on!”

    4. ” He teased, playfully hitching my leg over his hip

    5. She probably got tired and hitching a ride with him was the best alternative

    6. ” He purred hitching my leg up and burning heat shot through my core in anticipation

    7. In response to her gesture, he stepped into the boat, and she set off, hitching up her skirt to just above her knees and rowing with easy, yet remarkably efficient strokes

    8. She put the tray on the bed, then hitching up the fringe of a scarlet embroidered nightdress that only just covered her hips, climbed on to the bed and sat cross legged with the tray between her knees

    9. She decided that hitching a lift was the only option open to her

    10. Dublin’s saddlebag with food and canteen inside had been carelessly hung on the hitching rail

    1. I had to repair everything from back hoes, skip loaders, down to lawn mowers and anything else including fabricating and installing hitches on trucks

    2. A laugh hitches in his throat

    3. More stone and less red brick was the main difference between West Country schools and those of the Midlands, and the season passed without hitches until our entry in the West Country Shakespearian Festival had us denounced from several county pulpits and threatened with closure by the police

    4. dropping in half- hitches with an economy of movement that harmonised with

    5. He slowly hitches my right leg

    6. hitches and glitches - when it was all said and done and over - what an amazing time we

    7. Who’s responsible for the child’s life, the enforced mom? The “father”—if he’s around? The court? What happens when there’s one of those unforeseen hitches and the court-appointed and supervised doctor can only save one life—either the woman’s or a baby she was forced to have? Is she to be “killed” by law to “save” a child that wouldn’t have been born if she hadn’t been forced to have it? Guess!

    8. Aaron gets off near Salinas and then hitches over to Interstate 5, a straight shot all the way to Seattle

    9. What happens when there's one of those unforeseen hitches and the court-appointed and supervised doctor can only save one life— either the woman's or a baby she was forced to have?

    10. This had all been thought out and arranged very carefully years ago by Wemyss, and ought to have worked without a hitch; but sometimes there were hitches, and Lizzie's arm was a minute late thrusting in a dish

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    Synonyms for "hitch"

    hitch hobble limp encumbrance hinderance hindrance incumbrance interference preventative preventive hang-up rub snag arrest check halt stay stop stoppage duty tour enlistment term of enlistment tour tour of duty catch buck jerk gimp hitchhike thumb tie yoke noose obstacle obstruction difficulty interruption block shift work trick tether fasten attach connect couple hook totter reel hop waggle

    "hitch" definitions

    a period of time spent in military service

    the state of inactivity following an interruption

    an unforeseen obstacle

    a connection between a vehicle and the load that it pulls

    a knot that can be undone by pulling against the strain that holds it; a temporary knot

    any obstruction that impedes or is burdensome

    the uneven manner of walking that results from an injured leg

    to hook or entangle

    walk impeded by some physical limitation or injury

    jump vertically, with legs stiff and back arched

    travel by getting free rides from motorists

    connect to a vehicle: