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Foremost in a sentence

First and foremost.
be acted on foremost.
First and foremost I.
default first and foremost.
was foremost in my thoughts.
But Talus first and foremost.
foremost focus of the Company.

I am Polish, first and foremost.
But first and foremost thought.
Foremost would be his intelligence.
First and foremost it was the women.
Foremost is the overriding importance.
Always keep this foremost in your mind.
Food was foremost in everyone’s mind.
Those in the foremost files bore torches.
and the foremost thing is how a business.
examination room now was foremost in the.
foremost leaders, captains of the soul:).
Hel o! Said the foremost of the men.
I consider myself foremost a customer.
foremost of which was the search for truth.
foremost is the impression that we create.
Foremost among these is The Theosophical.
This is the great and foremost commandment.
Militaries are first and foremost economies.
together on earth was foremost in our minds.
First and foremost you don’t know that.
Bulstrode, the banker, is his foremost man.

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first foremost frontmost firstly

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