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    1. foremost knowledge, but he must expect that the highest power will

    2. First, and foremost brotherly love MUST be in abundance for a congregation to

    3. Food was foremost in everyone’s mind

    4. Wherever it is that an element from foremost practice is is our world found

    5. Kaitlyn Spelman stayed out of the limelight to the best of her ability, allowing instead the talents and gifts of the Company to feature foremost

    6. Since then he has been a street beggar, a God, a keda, and the world’s foremost chippongga player

    7. Foremost would be his intelligence

    8. the leaders of our ten foremost families who serve on the council and rotate as jurors

    9. Caius Chaerea, one of the foremost of the Imperial court and rumored to be among the Elder Council, had gracefully approached them all with a bow, hugging each of them and offering articulate words of consolation and accolades for the fallen Legionnaire

    10. what will happen first and foremost is that safety of self and family before the global

    11. A man has to realize that the arts of war which he practices in the practice halls are first and foremost the tactics and stratagems of a battle that rages within his own soul

    12. As I looked up at the stars, the visit from Gabriel became foremost in my mind

    13. The result: the B’taris’ foremost astronomer lost somewhere in space – in time

    14. Compassion for my sons and daughters was foremost in my mind, knowing the anguish they would endure from the attitudes of their friends and neighbors

    15. But he wanted to keep his interest in Rosemary as a man, foremost

    16. Carl began with Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John as he wanted the stories of Christ to be foremost in their teachings

    17. Nonsense, one of the foremost copouts expressible in our language

    18. This ship and its crew are foremost in her mind at

    19. (subsequent) mischaracterization of Original Intent, must remain foremost in the minds of thoughtful individuals…

    20. Notwithstanding its (own) relative decline, however, America may arguably remain the world‘s foremost military power although its comparative advantage over other developing nations will be sorely tested by hostile upstarts

    21. One afternoon this week, the boy conveyed to his mother what was foremost on his mind regarding a subject brought up by his teacher in class; that this teacher, we did not ask her name, stated that anyone killing an animal would ―go to Hell

    22. My father was not a Jew in the religious sense; he was first and foremost a Pole and secondly a Jew

    23. Val is the Foremost Authority on the Human Animal BodyMind Connection

    24. This means first and foremost the entire Mississippi Valley will stay in the United States, along with the major port city of New Orleans and all the river cities of Memphis, Vicksburg, Natchez, and Baton Rouge

    25. That question had been foremost in all their minds, but Troy didn’t appreciate it being brought out into the open

    26. With that idea being impractical, Eileen had come up with a novel approach to the problem, based around a simple, easy to follow strategy that had proven extremely popular in the past, with the foremost memorable example being the Charge of the Light Brigade: Just barge in his warehouse office, kill him, and burn him with some gasoline or any other flammable material, except perhaps bourbon

    27. He reached the Gates of Pyr and demanded the surrender first and foremost of the Ruling Council

    28. With this threat foremost in his mind, Colling had been casting about desperately to think of a place where they might find privacy

    29. He reminded himself that first and foremost, he had to get back

    30. Don’t you see? We have to find him first and foremost before we do anything else

    31. He passed the nose of the ship with an air of unreality foremost in his mind, but he estimated the risk as quite low

    32. Foremost among them that silver knife plunging into Jade's chest, my master's cackle, Argyl's hate, over and over it burned through me and I could not breath, the memory of Jade, of my tree lover, of Argyl, of all the nameless men I had fucked for my master's profit, all the tortures, all the thoughts, all the moments lost in drugs, the murder of that woman, the infant I could not slay, it was all there at all once

    33. First and foremost prevention for children involves the parents in the biggest way

    34. Sports had not been foremost in Colling’s mind the previous fall, and he had to wrack his brain for the answer, “The Cardinals…St

    35. Soon they were up beside the foremost ranks

    36. It was so cutting sharp and violent that the foremost karawians, minotaurs, goblins, and trolls yielded back and hid their eyes with their arms

    37. The foremost ranks grabbed their swords and stood ready to receive the first wave of karawians

    38. Above the heads of the foremost ranks from whom came loud yells of joy, she saw for the first time in her life the Forest of the Light

    39. He was the foremost spokesman of the dangers of global warming

    40. First and foremost is to prevent the sorcerers from ever getting a foothold in your realm

    41. foremost focus of the Company

    42. accompanied by a life of rectitude, putting foremost the consideration of wisdom

    43. Sprouse Shrader Smith is one of the foremost

    44. 32 And God said to the seventy angels who stood foremost before him, to those who were near to him, saying, Come let us descend and confuse their tongues, that one man shall not understand the language of his neighbor, and they did so to them



    47. It is important to always keep in mind that Twitter is first and foremost a social network

    48. First and foremost you have to be aware and fully understand the fact that, this

    49. examination room now was foremost in the

    50. But foremost you have to be open willing to the

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