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    1. every time they saw her and always more forgetful about recent

    2. “…such as becoming very forgetful or his headaches

    3. But there appears to be nothing we can do about his increasingly forgetful nature

    4. “He can be very forgetful, you know, so he leaves a key with me in case he locks himself out,” Dorothy told her

    5. It was only natural if he was grieving that he’d be troubled in his sleep, though aloof sometimes, disenchanted and forgetful in his devotions

    6. A damn near-sighted, forgetful fool

    7. Nevertheless, a stroll through Robson Street, exclusive domain of young adults forgetful of debts, can be of great interests to travelers

    8. “See, my wife is very forgetful

    9. They seem well adjusted and forgiving, though not scar free, nor forgetful

    10. from being a doer of the Word, rather than a forgetful hearer

    11. forgetful: (not a) forgetful hearer

    12. I fiddled in my breast pocket, frowned, turned to Jon and said tersely, „You haven"t left them in the car have you? After telling me I was getting forgetful

    13. She could often be rather dizzy or even forgetful at times

    14. knowing that he could sometimes be forgetful about minor things

    15. Ensorcelled by that belling resonance, Conan crouched forgetful of all else, until its hypnotic power caused a strange replacement of faculties and perception, and sound created the illusion of sight

    16. Flinging aside the crumpled corpse, already forgetful of it, Thoth grasped the ring in both hands, his dark eyes blazing with a fearful avidness

    17. Smoking a lot of hooch had me both forgetful and slightly paranoid at times as you will see

    18. hounds; sometimes they’re forgetful when no treat is received

    19. Strong emotions and strong drink brought about in Ambrosius a forgetful daze, until he was half hypnotised by the oscillations of his pint glass between the mottled table top and his unsmiling mouth

    20. Mindfulness is the quality of noticing, of being aware of what’s happening in the moment, not allowing the mind to be forgetful

    21. Worst Qualities: Forgetful in remembering that not

    22. He destroyed their forgetful chaos and created a meaningful

    23. When you get at believing in that there is no God but Al'lah and become one of those who see that God's Hand controls the movement of all universe, when your spirit becomes immersed in this viewing and you become witnessing that no winds blow, no clouds cover the sky or stick together, no rains flow, no lightning flashes or shimmers, no thunder resounds, no sea runs high and low with restless waves, no water of river flows in constant flax, no volcano breaks out angrily, no flood streams in force and intension, no earthquake shakes the land making forgetful and heedless hearts tremble scared, no earth circulates in order to cause Night and Day and four seasons, no stars swim shining within systematic orbits: that is to say, if you become of those who witness that the universe with all its creatures is but one unit directed by a Hand of Wise and Peerless One and a Will of Cognizant and Omniscient One, according to your efforts, and your Daily-contemplations, and without Him even your hand does not move, your eye does not blink, your ear does not hear a sound or a noise, your heart does not beat pulsing between systole and diastole, your stomach does not secrete its gastric juice over the foods inside it, your liver does not store substances or secrete others according to a firm standards, your lungs do not expand and contract between inspiration and expiration, your blood does not flow in arteries and veins, the red corpuscles do not carry what they carry to and fro, the white corpuscles do not fight and struggle with microbes, the germs do not attack the body severely: I say, if you become sure of that by minding and spiritual witnessing, not by hearing from specialists or reading in volumes and books so that you become seeing that everything is controlled by God's Hand and that all people, notables or commoners, near or far, strong or weak, and even all the creatures, can not render you a benefit nor protect you from an evil, nor hurt you or cause any change in your state except by Al'lah's Leave, there; you will enter the fort of straightness and will never exceed God's bounds

    24. the realm of the forgetful

    25. He has a tendency to do that to me; make me want him, and forget what I want; make me weak in the knees and weak-willed; make my heart race and my mind forgetful

    26. Forgetful of her objections to German crowds and smoke she sat down in the chair vacated by Andrews, made the Professor sit down again in his, and plunged into an exuberant conversation, which began by an invitation so warm that it almost seemed on fire to visit herself and the bishop before the summer was over in the episcopal glories of Babbacombe

    27. By the time she was on the sofa she was presently put on in the inner hall she had caught up with her usual condition of naturalness again, and sat on it interested and forgetful of self

    28. and forgetful if you have her waiting around

    29. 'My Everard,' she murmured, gazing back at him, forgetful in her pleasure of the parlourmaid

    30. Oh, forgetful me

    31. forgetful of the threat

    32. forgetful of the rhymes

    33. Through bodily ejections and functions like defecating or urination… and becomes one of the millions of children known as bedwetters, or thumb suckers, or head bangers, or criers, or whiners, or angry, or short tempered, or prone to violent outbursts, or overactive, or easily distracted, or needing distraction, or short-term memories, or forgetful, or pretending to be helpless… as a way of getting attention, as a substitute for the love that is not given to them

    34. 25 But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed

    35. Students with the disorder may be interruptive, inattentive, forgetful, unorganized, distracted, fidgety, talkative, restless and impatient

    36. And that half-hour he had lost over an irrational plan, simply because he had thought of it in delirium! He had become extremely absent and forgetful and he was aware of it

    37. With a solemn interest in the lighted windows where the people were going to rest, forgetful through a few calm hours of the horrors surrounding them; in the towers of the churches, where no prayers were said, for the popular revulsion had even travelled that length of self-destruction from years of priestly impostors, plunderers, and profligates; in the distant burial-places, reserved, as they wrote upon the gates, for Eternal Sleep; in the abounding gaols; and in the streets along which the sixties rolled to a death which had become so common and material, that no sorrowful story of a haunting Spirit ever arose among the people out of all the working of the Guillotine; with a solemn interest in the whole life and death of the city settling down to its short nightly pause in fury; Sydney Carton crossed the Seine again for the lighter streets

    38. But even the satisfaction of talking with a distant connection of the British nobility did not render Amy forgetful of time, and when the proper number of minutes had passed, she reluctantly tore herself from this aristocratic society, and looked about for Jo, fervently hoping that her incorrigible sister would not be found in any position which should bring disgrace upon the name of March

    39. Yesterday I learned that, forgetful of his pledge to me, he was about to marry another, and that he was to go this morning to plight his troth, intelligence which overwhelmed and exasperated me; my father not being at home I was able to adopt this costume you see, and urging my horse to speed I overtook Don Vicente about a league from this, and without waiting to utter reproaches or hear excuses I fired this musket at him, and these two pistols besides, and to the best of my belief I must have lodged more than two bullets in his body, opening doors to let my honour go free, enveloped in his blood

    40. And again, if he is forgetful and retains nothing of what he learns, will he not be an empty vessel?

    41. "Did I?" she replied, in an incidental and forgetful way

    42. Many became more forgetful and self-absorbed, and often lacked emotion, even to the point of being uncaring toward loved ones around them

    43. "Well, in one of your late conversations with him, you said that I appeared to be forgetful

    44. "'O God,'" he read, "'preserve my memory!' Oh, yes," he cried, "that was my only prayer at last; I no longer begged for liberty, but memory; I dreaded to become mad and forgetful

    45. “He’s becoming forgetful

    46. More usually, he was forgetful and distracted

    47. ' His spirits finally quite restored, he must needs go and caress his possessions, and take a lamp and show off their points to his visitor and expatiate on them, quite forgetful of the supper they both so much needed; Rat, who was desperately hungry but strove to conceal it, nodding seriously, examining with a puckered brow, and saying, 'wonderful,' and 'most remarkable,' at intervals, when the chance for an observation was given him

    48. The Lord of these mountains hath given us a charge not to be forgetful to entertain strangers, therefore the good of the place is before you

    49. She smiled a bright hot smile which was forgetful of time or place or anything but the memory of his mouth on hers

    50. If you are so forgetful of my favors at her hands, I am not

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    Synonyms for "forgetful"

    forgetful oblivious mindless unmindful short unretentive forgetting

    "forgetful" definitions

    (of memory) deficient in retentiveness or range

    not mindful or attentive

    failing to keep in mind