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Short in a sentence | short example sentences

  1. A short cut to hate.
  2. It was a short drive.
  3. He gave a short laugh.
  4. It would be a short.
  5. A short while later Dr.

  6. He paused for a short.
  7. He rested for a short.
  8. I have a massive short.
  9. But it was short lived.
  10. James, we are short a.
  11. This is all short term.
  12. I left a short message.
  13. It was a short spell.
  14. That was a short jump.
  15. That’s the short of it.

  16. There is a short silence.
  17. A short cry escaped her.
  18. That skirt is too short.
  19. To cut a long story short.
  20. There can be no short cut.
  21. We pulled out a short axe.
  22. A short while later the.
  23. Cancer cut her life short.
  24. Laura gave a short shiver.
  25. There was a short silence.

  26. It was ten dollars short.
  27. The boys pulled up short.
  28. Knowing the short cut, W.
  29. Within a short while, I.
  30. Out of one flew a short.
  31. This is nothing short of.
  32. Short and bitter I thought.
  33. Her laughter cut him short.
  34. In short the universe is.
  35. He paced only a short way.
  36. They shared a short smile.
  37. Their time truly was short.
  38. The rest of us fall short.
  39. Will be a short while yet.
  40. She was short in stature.
  41. It was a short phone call.
  42. In short, your body will.
  43. In short somebody: NOT ME.
  44. In short, the Palace was.
  45. It was an unusually short.
  46. But this too is short term.
  47. A short while later, they.
  48. He had a short glimpse of.
  50. Your time is running short.
  51. Dave keeps his reply short.
  52. These were in short supply.
  53. Because, in short, He has.
  54. The day was all too short.
  55. And life is only but short.
  56. We held a short conference.
  57. A towering man with short.
  58. Herndon kept his hair short.
  59. It was only a short while.
  60. They both had short tempers.
  61. She was short and rail thin.
  62. Those short warps were rare.
  63. He is in short unemployable.
  64. A little short of ten feet.
  65. A short smile came across Mrs.
  66. Mind you, it was short lived.
  67. Such a simple and short word.
  68. And it will be a very short.
  69. Well, maybe for a short time.
  70. Eyre with her short red hair.
  71. He had a short nose nestled.
  72. No it was the short version.
  73. My heart did a short flip-flop.
  74. He’d keep the meeting short.
  75. Their laughter was short lived.
  76. For a short while, there was.
  77. This is not a short term plan.
  78. He halted short, dagger lifted.
  79. A short while later she began.
  80. Three kilometers short of 206.
  81. During this short cruise, she.
  82. There are Loads Of Short Cuts!.
  83. The meeting was short and Jim.
  84. Short sleepers were also more.
  85. We take a short break now folks.
  86. Keta grinned for a short second.
  87. His scream stopped short when.
  88. It was a short and smooth ride.
  89. Within a few short minutes she.
  90. Just short of where he and the.
  91. Must have short changed someone.
  92. And in that short moment, I won.
  93. Wally was, in short, a happy man.
  94. As expected, the walk was short.
  95. He stopped a short distance away.
  96. Cease, because life is short.
  97. It’s short, about four meters.
  98. I’ll keep this short and sweet.
  99. In short, I felt trapped by my.
  100. But his relief was short lived.
  1. The opposite is for shorting.
  2. Shorting a put is very different.
  3. Shorting OTM puts was profitable 64.
  4. This record of shorting VeriSign Inc.
  5. We do some shorting, but very little.
  6. Clearly, this shorting was a problem.
  7. Shorting these straddles generated 1.
  8. Syke's other top rules for shorting:.
  9. Shorting a good company is always risky.
  10. Premium Seller and net options shorting.
  11. The reverse is true for shorting into pops.
  12. He ended up shorting another 100,000 shares.
  13. Jim Chanos talked about shorting Federal Express.
  14. The reverse setup applies for shorting, of course.
  15. Shouldn’t I then be shorting this rally into 3:52 p.
  16. You have no advantage shorting indexes, he says.
  17. Many investors use shorting as what’s called a hedge.
  18. Shorting is nothing more than the opposite of being long.
  19. But by the same token, simply shorting both has risks too.
  20. Usually, sloth is prompted by shorting someone else's idea.
  21. These numbers reflect much more aggressive shorting of GMCR.
  22. Shorting such options was like selling catastrophe insurance.
  23. Buying or shorting after price has already moved in your favor.
  24. In the 1919-1921 bear market, there was no evidence of shorting.
  25. Instead of shorting an October VIX future contract, 10 VIX Oct 40.
  26. What trade would fit that whole combo of thought? Shorting VIX calls.
  27. Check the latest reports on the share you’re interested in shorting.
  28. I [also] just consider shorting to be more intellectually stimulating.
  29. The model buys inverse ETFs (or shorting ETFs) when the model signals a sell.
  30. There are various ways of shorting: CFDs, covered warrants and spread betting.
  31. September 1929 found Baruch in New York shorting Radio Corporation of America.
  32. A trader fading an uptrend, for instance, would be shorting into that uptrend.
  33. You should seriously consider shorting a company where the management seems mad.
  34. With the large short interest, I do not recommend shorting this stock under 12.
  35. The problem is that shorting requires timing, which isn't my greatest strength.
  36. That is why I recommend that you first understand the long side before shorting.
  37. One general benefit of shorting is that it tempers volatility in both directions.
  38. It is time to look for shorting opportunities using oscillators for precise timing.
  39. The biggest risk to shorting puts is the left-tail risk that can cause large losses.
  40. Both our shorting and activism have done a good job for us in tempering the downside.
  41. This evidence suggests that shorting volatility might be a more profitable strategy.
  42. The only thing I did wrong was shorting the stock after it made a second attempt at.
  43. When shorting, place a protective stop near the top of the false breakout (Figure 18.
  44. Shorting near the highs requires wider stops than buying near quiet, sold-out bottoms.
  45. Stock Trader: I never thought of that, shorting a stock and selling an in-the-money Put.
  46. Shorting straddles was much more profitable for low-P/E stocks than for high-P/E stocks.
  47. There are no restrictions in shorting a currency, because when you sell one, you have to.
  48. Bearish divergences mark the ends of uptrends and some of the best shorting opportunities.
  49. As the price moves got larger than 5%, the odds started to turn against shorting straddles.
  50. Everything we've ever thought about shorting worked out eventually, but it's very painful.
  51. Some traders love to fade markets, specializing in buying weakness or shorting into strength.
  52. Still shorting when the moving averages have crossed and turned higher? Good luck with that.
  53. Shorting the FTSE at 6700 – closing the bet as it turns at 6000 – makes 700 points profit.
  54. You have much better odds if you are trading long in an uptrend and shorting in a down trend.
  55. That’s one of the benefits of owning options and one of the liabilities of shorting options.
  56. My plan was to restart my short position at higher prices if I saw a good shorting opportunity.
  57. You can't make big money shorting because the risk of big losses means you can't make big bets.
  58. If you thought that natural gas was overdone and faded the public by shorting the futures at 12.
  59. Then you are better off buying the call of the same strike and expiration and shorting the stock.
  60. If you feel like shorting and squint at a chart, you'll recognize a head-and-shoulders top.
  61. Purchasing that option could be thought of as being the same as shorting the future contract at 25.
  62. The other strategy is easier to explain and that is simply shorting the FTSE in a spread bet account.
  63. However, I would advise you to hold off from shorting indices until you are confident in your trading.
  64. The holographic number at the head of the driveway flickers, as if its power supply keeps shorting out.
  65. But when you short a stock, you could lose more than you invested, which is why shorting can be risky.
  66. In early October, Bill O’Neil was thinking about shorting stocks, and I was shorting stocks as well.
  67. Many traders were shorting LNKD into the earnings number, thinking that the stock was going to go down.
  68. Profits from shorting straddles did not increase monotonically with historical absolute EARET, however.
  69. On top of that, I think shorting is intellectually challenging and plays a valuable role in the markets.
  70. It noted naked shorting, however, as a potential area for concern and suggested surveillance procedures.
  71. It kept us from shorting the Internet in the 1990s—that was a valuation bubble more than anything else.
  72. Direct from Joe Feshbach is the statement, The mistake is always shorting the company that's not that bad.
  73. Notice that the NYSE short interest ratio currently shows zero shorting on the way down—this is ominous.
  74. Shorts in AIG, even persistent shorts that kept shorting and covering as the stock ran up, got hurt badly.
  75. Shorting has a bad reputation among uninformed (and undisciplined) investors who don't understand its nuances.
  76. If she feels that the premium is too small, she can go long the spread by buying Asset A and shorting Asset B.
  77. In this case shorting the immediate breach of the 50-day moving average would have been the proper entry point.
  78. When shorting, you should have tight stops and the discipline to cover your position if it's going against you.
  79. In Chapter 5, Bearish Directional Trades, we perform the same analysis on buying puts and shorting calls.
  80. Although Sykes admits that novice traders have to be extra careful when shorting, he thinks they should learn it.
  81. If sell programs are driving the markets to new lows, then the occasional buy program is a shorting opportunity.
  82. As such, when you’re thinking of selecting a stock or shorting one, this kind of trophy marketing is a red flag.
  83. Every trader selling or shorting these puts races to buy something to protect the position in case the market tanks.
  84. Shorting shares upon the breakdown through the lower boundary of the ascending wedge would not have been a bad trade.
  85. Channels help find buying opportunities when the market is cheap and shorting opportunities when the market is dear.
  86. At the right edge of the chart, the trend is down, while a pullback to value in area 5 offers a shorting opportunity.
  87. In 1906, he is reported to have made a killing shorting Union Pacific the day before the earthquake hit San Francisco.
  88. Shorting calls with further expiration dates resulted in slightly better average returns than the baseline case (–4.
  89. The problem with shorting is if a stock goes up, not down, your losses are unlimited, if you don't cover or use stops.
  90. Shorting has the tail winds of volatility collapse and time decay working in your favor, but it also has larger risks.
  91. If you are appalled when an executive lies about earnings prospects, do not just sell the stock, consider shorting it.
  92. By November, Bill was probably buying EBAY, and I was still shorting the market! I had missed the boat by a long shot.
  93. The results from both longing and shorting straddles shed new light on the conventional wisdom of buy low, sell high.
  94. I love shorting stocks that make a parabolic move because it's mentioned on CNBC or in three newsletters, he says.
  95. This was a case in which a reversal strategy, shorting the stock after the up gap, would have been the profitable tactic.
  96. In Chapter 4, Bullish Directional Trades, we analyze and compare the performance of buying calls and shorting puts.
  97. And the advent of inverse ETFs lets those with accounts that prohibit shorting to put on a short position by buying long.
  98. For example, the worst loss for shorting OTM calls was –3675%, almost seven times the worst loss for shorting NTM calls.
  99. If you are uncomfortable buying spikes to support or shorting spikes to resistance, consider adding these to your trading plan.
  100. They can close their naked put by buying it back, or hedge by shorting stock, or they can also roll the put down or out or both.
  1. I shorted at the open.
  2. He had shorted it at $12.
  3. He had, in fact, shorted U.
  4. So I shorted some more at 49.
  5. First we shorted it at 46 and.
  6. We first shorted it in Dec at 46.
  7. GMan: Actually I shorted FB at 21.
  8. So she has effectively shorted puts.
  9. So the stock was shorted and watched.
  10. Then the Greeks shorted it to Serapis.
  11. This is where the stock can be shorted.
  12. I mean I shorted 75c; it’s around the price.
  13. I shorted, and Mothercare just carried on slumping.
  14. Besides, it shorted out when it took a dive in the stew.
  15. Then you've shorted right at the bottom, which is a danger.
  16. Arcing wires at the end of the cables soon shorted out the local.
  17. She possibly has shorted stock against it already, and possibly not.
  18. The ships stabilizers and electrical systems nearly shorted out on.
  19. Usually, bolt is engaged (locked), the switch terminals get shorted.
  20. The bugs sparked and jerked as the water shorted out their circuitry.
  21. One trader chimed in that he shorted FirstRand just above resistance.
  22. As the stock rallied, the newsletter had shorted more, and so did he.
  23. We then bought it at 39 and sold it at 50 and then we shorted it again.
  24. If you've never shorted stocks before, it can seem a bit counterintuitive.
  25. In this example above, we shorted SPY at 145 and covered at 140 (we missed.
  26. Mitchell felt as though the circuit he tried to create had just shorted out.
  27. Baruch shorted it at par; it never sold at that price again, and he made $60,000.
  28. Whatever shorted out primary weapons drained the reserve power for the shield too.
  29. By the time I talked to him, he had shorted 400,000 shares at an average price of $16.
  30. Their brain functions and nuclear detonating capabilities were immediately shorted out.
  31. Your stop might be quite a distance from where you initially shorted the stock, so that 15.
  32. For RAX, those who listened to the negative press sold the stock or, worse, shorted the stock.
  33. Some traders shorted off this level off the daily chart and sat there, out above the next level.
  34. Oh, how it sizzled and screamed, I’m shorted! Then the telephone rang like a spoiled brat.
  35. If we had shorted shares after the breakout, we would cover our shares before the earnings release.
  36. It represents the number of days it would take for short to finish buying back all the shorted shares.
  37. Yes, we would have lost money if we shorted Facebook shares upon the completion of the H&S top pattern.
  38. The short sellers start to liquidate and cover their short positions by purchasing the stock they shorted.
  39. He told me he shorted the battery in the trunk, with the cuffs; it heated up and burned through the chain.
  40. Step1: Short left two wires of potentiometer and then lengthen the third wire and one wire from shorted pins.
  41. However, it will be a whole lot less fluctuation than if you shorted the futures and were wrong in the short term.
  42. A spark glimmered in the center, but it continuously shorted out before it could build enough power to remain stable.
  43. Shermar would not realize the gain because the purchase had not been made by the corporation that shorted the stock.
  44. What she gains on the volatility crash, she loses on the rise of the intrinsic value of her options that she shorted.
  45. He pointed out that the owner had been shorted by $500 and my father said, Well, he didn’t catch it, did he?
  46. Some shorts were foolish enough to let all this hubbub go to their heads, and they shorted and watched the stock double.
  47. Then the cars wouldn’t start because the wires were shorted; and if the engines would run, deep mud engulfed the wheels.
  48. By March, anyone would have shorted the stock, even a reformed short seller bent on steering clear of dumb valuation plays.
  49. First, the lender will receive the full balance of the loan, not a shorted amount as it does in the conventional short sale.
  50. A short interest of 300,000 to 500,000 shares means a professional short seller has already looked at the stock and shorted it.
  51. On the other hand, short put positions have an upside equal to the price of the put shorted, but the downside has greater risks.
  52. I shorted the stock in the $44-45 area and made a quick 25-30% gain as the stock plummeted very sharply over the next five weeks.
  53. If you shorted the stock because the inventories were too high and the 10Q shows the company has corrected the problem, cover-NOW.
  54. The blast was intercepted by the mech’s frontal shield projectors, but it sent a crackling wave of electricity that shorted out the shield.
  55. If the stock is shorted because of perceived temporary problems and because of excessive valuation, good management can fix the problems fast.
  56. An acrid smell filled the air, and a series of loud, crackling noises ran through the droid as the electrical circuits shorted out one by one.
  57. If you’ve shorted stock, that means you borrowed it first and you’ll have to pay the amount of the dividend to whoever lent you the stock.
  58. For example, furniture store Courts began issuing profit warnings long before it went bust in 2003 – you could have shorted and made a killing.
  59. Baruch shorted the stock in the face of advice from mentor Thomas Ryan, and he kept shorting as rumors circulated that insiders were also selling.
  60. This chart shows where I shorted the stock of Hess Corporation (HES) as it was tracing a short-term double top, with bearish divergences in all indicators.
  61. Most traders, having shorted CSCO a few days earlier, might have added to their short position in response, or simply and stubbornly sat with the position.
  62. Turned out that the Tursii hadn't mentioned that the shipments in question were mining explosives---and that the irregularities in question were shorted shipments.
  63. Assuming the October 2008 future would be at a discount to the November 2008 contract three months down the road, the October 2008 future would have been shorted at 24.
  64. Investors who shorted DRI at the open on September 8 would have positive 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-day returns, although the stock was in a trading range for the rest of 2011.
  65. But they cannot admit, then, that they did not do the work, that they shorted without cause (an extreme violation of short principles, making them no better than longs).
  66. Rocket stocks are shorted after their high volume climax run as they break below any day’s intraday low, which generally is the first sign that the climax top is at its end.
  67. Even though I shorted WLP at 67 for 1,800 shares and it stopped me out and then went down without me, I still was in it and I still came back strong with size in other trades.
  68. The spread gives you negative gamma as the calls you shorted have a higher gamma than the calls you own as well as positive time decay as the shorter option drips value faster.
  69. A trader who has shorted stock may sell more stock with a downside continuation, or the holder of short calls may sell additional calls if a bearish continuation signal is confirmed.
  70. A Short Squeeze is a situation or event where a heavily shorted stock or commodity moves sharply higher because short sellers close out their positions by buying back their short positions.
  71. In any event, if you wanted to be smart you could have shorted Vodafone and longed Orange and protected yourself from the outcome that Vodafone was too high instead of Orange being too low.
  72. If we shorted this stock after the breakdown through the neckline and placed a buy-to-cover stop-loss order just above the high of the breakout day, we meant to risk about 5% of our position.
  73. The next day showed a small hanging man type of formation, which is a cautionary sign at the end of a sharp move to the upside, and so I decided AIG could be shorted in size right here.
  74. For those veterans of the Baseball wars (Chapter 4), the points were interesting but not actionable-most short sellers stayed away and watched, or they shorted, got burned, and quickly covered.
  75. She can buy XYZ puts and short calls on the exact same strike and expiration (a synthetic, please see Chapter 12) and have virtually exactly the same position she would have if she shorted stock.
  76. Molloy had scrubbed a true memory about one jacker who had shorted out the fences and cut his way through, somehow sprinting across the gas in the no-man’s-land to saw a hole through the outer fence.
  77. In the tests that I ran on you last night I found the circuit that Zora shorted out and I have duplicated a power wavelength that’ll have the same effect and that can be broadcasted over a large area.
  78. He quickly reached for his phasor—the weapon of choice in that situation, pulled it from the holster, and aimed, but as he pulled the trigger the circuitry shorted out and the phasor became inoperable.
  79. The shorts shorted Pinnacle West but underestimated the marginal stupidity of the government and its propensity to bail out anything that looked like it had anything to do with taxpayers or a regulated industry.
  80. For example, high levels of disagreement and short-selling constraints together predict relatively low equity returns because overvalued stocks cannot be shorted and tend to be held by the most optimistic investors.
  81. When a bear is convinced that prices are going lower and wants to sell short, but a bull is afraid to buy from him, that bear can sell only to another bear who shorted earlier and now wants to cover, take profits and leave.
  82. Now, if the stock does fall to support at $350 you still get the same $3 profit, because when the stock is put on you at $450 it will cover the shares you shorted at $400 for a loss of $50, but you will keep the $53 premium.
  83. At the same time, though, we didn't want to be exposed to a cyclical downturn in the chemicals business, so we shorted a basket of European specialty chemical companies that had twice the margins of Arkema and were trading at higher valuations.
  84. This sort of technical action is often seen in down trending situations, and often a stock that is acting this way can be shorted at points where such declining-volume, or wedging, rallies move into resistance at their 50-day or 200-day moving averages.
  1. I pulled off the shorts.
  2. He even wears shorts and.
  3. So the shorts were morose.
  4. I took my arse shorts off.
  5. He tugged on a pair of shorts.
  6. I am so glad I packed shorts.
  7. He picked up his shorts and.
  8. Short shorts in all kinds of.
  9. Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts.
  10. Just keep your boxer shorts on.
  11. The shorts nodded and loaded up.
  12. Two pairs of boxer shorts, grey.
  13. Shaven head, T-shirt and shorts.
  14. Harvey still carried his shorts.
  15. KELLY is in shorts and halter-top.
  16. He was willing to remove his shorts.
  17. Everyone was in shorts and sweating.
  18. He looked up from zipping his shorts.
  19. Then she began to tug at his shorts.
  20. I’d put my shorts on when I got up.
  21. A True Story - The Bright Red Shorts.
  22. Leesa patted the pocket of her shorts.
  23. I could see the khaki shorts and T-.
  24. You get out of bed and some shorts on.
  25. Melinda noticed a stain on her shorts.
  26. David changed into shorts and T-shirt.
  27. Compared to shirt and shorts that men.
  28. Jeans shorts and a light blue t-shirt.
  29. A bunch of old fish, countered shorts.
  30. Chapter Twenty-One Shorts in the Snow.
  31. And the shorts smiled and stayed short.
  32. The lavender baby doll top and shorts.
  33. The shorts cheered and hung on for more.
  34. In swim shorts no less—and flip-flops.
  35. I was in a pair of shorts with a tee.
  36. Off came his shorts, his socks and shoes.
  37. Three boys went and retrieved their shorts.
  38. Balls in his under shorts – I like that.
  39. She put on her shorts and jumped into her.
  40. Luckily, I’ve spare shorts in the bedroom.
  41. The shorts used the disparity to short more.
  42. The shorts were flabbergasted, but unwavering.
  43. When prices fall, shorts gain and longs lose.
  44. Her hand found the way into the pyjama shorts.
  45. The shorts dropped to the ground next to him.
  46. Manulo, stripped to his shorts, leapt forward.
  47. I throw on a sports bra and some shorts with.
  48. He was bulging out of his red-blue gym shorts.
  49. His effulgence broke through his boxer shorts.
  50. I can hardly even get my shorts off like this.
  51. He took off everything except his boxer shorts.
  52. The shorts were a little loose round the waist.
  53. She unbuttoned Stan‘s shorts and slipped them.
  54. In no time at he was stripped down to his shorts.
  55. Amber slid her hand down the front of his shorts.
  56. She wished she had worn jeans instead of shorts.
  57. The June 30, 1988, 10Q was reassuring to shorts.
  58. He was wearing boxer shorts and a pair of socks.
  59. This is the best season for establishing shorts.
  60. Her shorts were also from thick leaves and vines.
  61. He wears blue gym shorts, no shoes, and no shirt.
  62. Here is where shorts made their first big mistake.
  63. Most of the males wore shorts and casual T-shirts.
  64. Boys in shorts and skivy shirts and tennis shoes.
  65. They all wore Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts.
  66. Longs are taking profits, and shorts are covering.
  67. His boots were gone, so were his jersey and shorts.
  68. Only if they sell Shamu for sushi, said the shorts.
  69. When prices rise, longs make money and shorts lose.
  70. I don’t think they'd seen a man in shorts before.
  71. He sat on his shorts and laid his shirt on his lap.
  72. She dropped to her knees and pulled down his shorts.
  73. In the morning, in our shorts and t-shirts, we mar-.
  74. She slid the hammer under the elastic of her shorts.
  75. He returned, dressed in shorts and carrying a towel.
  76. She felt her shorts slip down, fingers go inside her.
  77. A few seconds later the male arrived wearing shorts.
  78. He had on camo shorts and a Glock 18 behind his belt.
  79. During weekends most Expats wears shorts and sandals.
  80. The trustee said the shorts were part of a conspiracy.
  81. He was ten again, stripped down to his cut off shorts.
  82. The three Old Dogs now had new green khaki shorts and.
  83. Many of them cover shorts, go long, and join the bulls.
  84. She handed me thin, pale and nearly translucent shorts.
  85. Hayley shrugged her shoulders and picked up her shorts.
  86. Emily gasped when she felt the wetness on Allen's shorts.
  87. When that stock spikes during the day, he shorts it big.
  88. He always wore Bermuda shorts with a Guayabara shirt of.
  89. He was wearing red basketball shorts and a blue t-shirt.
  90. There were no side seams in Sebastian‘s running shorts.
  91. He looked so cute in his little red shorts, the baffled.
  92. Matt the Black Unicorn was wiping his hands on his shorts.
  93. He was wearing shorts and had a small cut across his leg.
  94. Took off his shoes and then his trousers and boxer shorts.
  95. The shorts hung comfortably down to the base of his knees.
  96. And with al this action, there was no shorts of hangabouts.
  97. I grabbed my shorts and a shirt and threw them into the car.
  98. And who has more urgency lately? Clearly the options shorts.
  99. She came up with the idea that she and I could sew shorts.
  100. The shorts were embarrassed and talked about short squeezes.

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