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    1. “Ahhh, I needed that,” said Forgo, as he followed it up with a mighty belch: “Brrawwwppp!”

    2. “Millin, I’m sorry to hear your news,” said Forgo quietly

    3. “Keep going, lad,” softly intoned Forgo

    4. “Right! I’m a lawman in the aforementioned village, in the employ of one Sheriff Forgo, and we have had a youngling—a child, to you—kidnapped just a few days back

    5. “Sheriff Forgo, are you in? Hello?”

    6. By all means, Sheriff Forgo, contact me if you require more information on this matter

    7. They heard some shuffling in the back room and then an enormous Crash! Forgo and Dorro bolted in the direction of the noise and burst into the rear office

    8. Dorro and Forgo each got a grip on one of his arms and hoisted Rufus into a chair

    9. Dunhill,” noted Sheriff Forgo, “But they could just as well file them in return for roughing up the boy

    10. At that, Rufus actually smiled and laughed a little, as did Forgo and Dorro

    11. “I’ve had communications from other constables around the county and deeper into the kingdom,” said Forgo

    12. With this revelation, Forgo and Dorro looked at each other

    13. ” Dorro’s meaning was crystal clear and Forgo understood it

    14. Sitting around the table were Bosco, Porge, Longleaf, Coal, and, newly returned from Thimble Down, Dumpus, who’d brought a note from Sheriff Forgo with him

    15. Thankfully, they didn’t find the bodies of any children, though Forgo half expected to

    16. Forgo said nothing for a second

    17. “Let him rest, Forgo, ye big bully!” barked Nurse Pym in her strong lowland accent

    18. Sheriff Forgo unsheathed his short, but very sharp sword and ran toward the disturbance

    19. And with his tall, skeletal frame, Rufus staggered around like a drunkard, though Forgo was sure he in fact was not

    20. “You said it was her blood, Lickspittle,” said Forgo with some exasperation

    21. Forgo looked exasperated and put his hands on his hips

    22. Sheriff Forgo had never disobeyed a direct command before

    23. At that precise moment, Forgo spun around and delivered a meaty left hook to the Mayor’s jaw and sent the politician sprawling to the ground, splendidly and completely unconscious

    24. At that, the remaining Halflings waved their arms and cheered in almost perfect unison, “Huzzah! Huzzah for Sheriff Forgo!” and all started streaming down the trail with Minty Pinter at their lead

    25. Forgo felt as if his heart were going to burst, and he even stifled down a rare tear or two

    26. At the lead of the quick-paced caravan was Sheriff Forgo on his pony, Tom, and tiny Minty on an equally tiny pony he called Mr

    27. The bookmaster harrumphed, but knew Forgo was right—these Halflings were exhausted and needed a speedy conveyance

    28. Forgo opened his mouth to protest, but then reconsidered

    29. Both Dorro and Sheriff Forgo shot Bosco sideways glances and then at each other—clearly, the young deputy had formed an attachment in Water-Down, which accounted for his solemnity and sense of gravitas

    30. This was no longer the jovial Bosco, a Thimble Down lad who used to tease Forgo in public

    31. “And what’s that, Winderiver?” asked Forgo, his voice exhibiting the kind of irritation that occurred when Dorro revealed a secret piece of information he’d been holding back from the Sheriff

    32. “My dear Forgo, you quite forget yourself,” said Dorro with a sniff

    33. “And? Hurry up, bookmaster!” Forgo was about to blow his stack

    34. By this time, Sheriff Forgo was boiling over red, but a hand on the shoulder calmed him

    35. ” Sheriff Forgo laid out the plan quite plainly, though it seemed far-fetched

    36. “They’re escaping! They’re escaping!” From his vantage point at the far end of the vast encampment, Dorro and Minty could see everything, including about two dozen children running for the woods, accompanied by some sword-wielding Thimble Downers led by Sheriff Forgo

    37. An hour later, all the attackers—including Dorro, Forgo, Bosco, Longleaf, Minty Pinter, and the rest of the villagers—were frog-marched to a hard-packed dirt area and made to sit in a circle, surrounded by the bows and swords of the pirates and mercenaries

    38. She decided to forgo her ambitions of creating a cohesive unit

    39. Dorro, Forgo, Bosco, and Longleaf took stock of this council of evil and quickly figured out the operation

    40. Yet from the woods in every direction came fighters from the force Forgo held in reserve, just in case the first attack failed, as it had, miserably

    41. With Dorro, Forgo, and the rest of the prisoners watching in horror, Nutylla let go of the spear and let the corpus of Esmond fall to the ground with a cold, empty thunk

    42. Yet as Sheriff Forgo ran a pirate through the gut with his sword, he realized sadly, There are too many of the enemy

    43. Forgo and Dorro both swore they saw Dalbo in the midst of the fighting, yelling commands to the two giant bears who were, unbelievably, targeting pirates and leaving the Thimble Down combatants alone

    44. Forgo and Dorro were pretty sure Rufus would survive, though his future was far from certain

    45. Rarely given to emotion, Sheriff Forgo shed tears as he bore her body to a cart for the return home

    46. Forgo said nothing, but simply clasped his friend on the shoulder and then walked off to begin awakening villagers for the long march back to Thimble Down

    47. An hour after dawn, the hoarse voices of Sheriff Forgo and Dorro Fox Winderiver still echoed across the lonely sea

    48. Forgo and the other sailors rushed over and began scanning the wreckage

    49. Dorro could tell that Forgo was beside himself with emotion; his knuckles gripped the gunnels until they were white and his eyes were electric with fear and exhilaration

    50. “But we can’t go back to the harbor!” growled Sheriff Forgo

    1. And We wrote for them in it: a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and an equal wound for a wound; but whoever forgoes it in charity, it will serve as atonement for him

    1. Not that the animal would have suffered greatly by forgoing the occasional meal

    2. The collector accepted the tax, forgoing the penalty for tardy payment because they had been for some time absent from Galilee

    3. He had seen that same crazed look in other men’s eyes and could recall their having wagered everything on them then forgoing personal property

    4. sacrifice of leaving their homeland, then forgoing me as a “daughter”?

    5. should choose his associations wisely, forgoing the pollution, noise and congestion of ugly cities that simply aren’t conducive to peace and quiet

    6. By forgoing the

    7. I have literally performed thousands of simulated emergency surgeries, even forgoing sleep, so that I could better understand the role of my character and what he, and other doctors in that sort of setting, went through

    8. here is of quite a different thing: they are thus connected to the forgoing: Christ shall be revealed with a sudden

    9. forgoing: Christ shal be revealed with a sudden vengeance; for when God shal cast of the city and

    10. when the discourse here is of quite a different thing: they are thus connected to the forgoing:

    11. "I wonder and can any understand these words of pious men flying to Christ, [in the rapture] when the discourse here is of quite a different thing: they are thus connected to the forgoing: Christ shall be revealed with a sudden vengeance; for when God shall cast of the city and people, grown ripe for destruction, like a carcass thrown out, the Roman soldiers, like eagles, shall straight fly to it with their eagles (ensigns) to tear and devout it

    12. I thought of the evening I was forgoing, with the lights coming out along the banks of the Seine, and the company I should have had there - for I was at the time concerned with two emancipated American girls who shared a garçonnière in Auteuil - and wished I had not come

    13. It also takes stern self-discipline to take profits in a roaring bull market knowing shares may well rise further and one is therefore forgoing some of the extra profit

    14. By forgoing college and starting your own business, you learn how to develop ideas that will be accepted by others, sell them, build and execute on an idea, delegate and manage, and most important, eat what you kill

    15. Equally surprised would be managements and long-term buy-and-hold shareholders who are pressured by OPMI shareholders who want the company to maximize short-run reported earnings per share, even when this entails forgoing attractive investments in projects with a long-term payoff or results in income tax bills that are larger than would otherwise be the case

    16. However, the point of forgoing fieldwork is to demonstrate that vast amounts of information frequently are available, so that quite meaningful conclusions often can be obtained by trained analysts relying solely on publicly available documents

    17. (Graham and Dodd advise forgoing investing in any senior security that ever fails one test

    18. He sat staring straight ahead, forgoing his normal demands from her staff for everything from coffee to the removal of a spot from his tie

    1. liquidated and losses or forgone profit opportunities may then

    2. “I’d have negotiated longer I think, just for the principle of it, but as Povon said, my agreement was forgone at the first argument

    3. had been a forgone conclusion since they left Eretz

    4. Byron disliked forgone conclusions and his power was growing restless within him

    5. They had no utensils to heat water in so a hot wash was a forgone luxury

    6. The instrument used ranks universities based on return of investment (compensation five years after graduation minus tuition and the forgone salary during school)

    7. I have of late--but wherefore I know not--lost all my mirth, forgone all custom of exercises; and indeed it goes so heavily with my disposition that this goodly frame, the earth, seems to me a sterile promontory, this most excellent canopy, the air, look you, this brave o'erhanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire, why, it appears no other thing to me than a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours

    8. Couldn’t he have forgone a weekend in Vegas?

    9. If the immediate revenue, earnings, or cash flow outlooks are poor, common stock investment is to be forgone regardless of long-term prospects

    10. "In the 54 years (Charlie Munger and I) have worked together, we have never forgone an attractive purchase because of the macro or political environment,

    11. He could have forgone the application of a stop order until he witnessed the interim support level at 80 during February; at which point a tighter stop at this level would have secured a profit of 20 points versus his realised loss of 5 points

    1. He forwent the usual lift access to our offices choosing instead access

    2. He forwent the usual lift

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    Synonyms for "forgo"

    forego forfeit forgo give up throw overboard waive dispense with foreswear relinquish antecede antedate precede predate resign renounce surrender abandon

    "forgo" definitions

    do without or cease to hold or adhere to

    be earlier in time; go back further

    lose ( or lose the right to ( by some error, offense, or crime