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  1. An apostasy must precede the Coming.
  2. She lets him precede her into the lobby.
  3. Strong convictions precede great actions.
  4. Period τs may precede period τo or vice versa.
  5. And it is good for such study to precede prayer.

  7. Please indicate direction and I will precede you.
  8. He opened the door and waited for her to precede him.
  9. The ladies motioned her to precede them out of the room.
  10. There are numerous signs that will precede the Mahdi, a.
  11. Nancy’s answer, she motioned for her to precede her to.
  12. Nonetheless, there are seven dimensions that precede and.
  13. Some say the Rapture will precede the tribulation, and the.
  14. Volume, during most phases of the market, will precede prices.
  15. These signals tend to precede reversals by weeks if not months.

  16. Christians will not precede [go ahead of] the Christians that are not.
  17. There is a close connection between that verse and those which precede.
  18. Still others have noticed that specific cravings tend to precede their.
  19. Mac let Jim precede him through the door and then slid it closed behind him.
  20. Volume indicators confirm price direction and often precede a strong reversal.
  21. If dopamine acts to promote the repetition of actions that immediately precede.
  22. He took the key, opened the vault, and again courteously motioned me to precede.
  23. So what if the apes did precede our complicated choreography with a lesser one?
  24. They approached the stairs and he swept his hand, indicating she should precede him.
  25. He will precede his people on the Day of Resurrection, and will lead them into the Fire.

  26. This is cause and effect within the seven spiritual dimensions that precede and define.
  27. He does not seek to show all, but some of the events which will precede Christ's coming.
  28. Hence, there are seven hidden dimensions that precede and define the four dimensions of.
  29. That wasn’t funny, he muttered as he opened the door for me to precede him outside.
  30. The turns of this indicator usually coincide with price turns, but occasionally precede them.
  31. As explained earlier, we are clearly shown that the seven unseen dimensions that precede and.
  32. Sheila’s mission and to precede her mission in same organized and speedy manner as she did.
  33. Like I said at the top of this guide, I wasn't sure whether stocking should precede tank, or the.
  34. Did language precede music or the other way around? Maybe they both occurred around the same time.
  35. These two years rise like two mountains midway between those which precede and those which follow them.
  36. At the turn of the stairs, where the gong was, Miss Entwhistle stood aside and let Chesterton precede her.
  37. Others thought that this was merely a special occasion which was to precede the regular Passover celebration.
  38. This is true for shareholders; how much more so for creditors, who precede shareholders in the hierarchy of claims.
  39. We that are alive, that are left unto the coming of the Lord, shall in no wise precede them that are fallen asleep.
  40. If he killed this girl, she would precede him into the next world, and the Church’s wrath would be waiting for him.
  41. A crowd is more likely to follow its gut than its mind, and that's why changes in volume often precede price changes.
  42. He made no move to touch me, just stepped aside so I could precede him onto the graveled paths that circled the barracks.
  43. Proceed, Precede, Present, president… dentures, teeth; get it? Press hands, Pres ‘i’… Present your ego as a smile.
  44. No, I’ll stay aboard, said I to Mulholland, as he stood aside for me to precede him down the gangway to the launch.
  45. It came, and she had yet heard nothing of her return, nothing even of the going to London, which was to precede her return.
  46. It came, and she had yet heard nothing of her return—nothing even of the going to London, which was to precede her return.
  47. Starting with the warning that there will be false Christ’s he then speaks of the wars that will precede the end of the age:.
  48. However, it appears to complete certain trajectories established throughout the transitions between the five levels that precede it.
  49. This state of mental anguish is, however, less terrible than the sufferings that precede or the punishment that possibly will follow.
  50. The Professor took the key, opened the creaky door, and standing back, politely, but quite unconsciously, motioned me to precede him.
  51. Once she was safely balanced on the padded sticks, Joel motioned for her to precede him from the room, and ushered her out into the hallway.
  52. It is probable that there is not one who obeys then all, and certainly no one obeys the four which immediately precede the Communion Service.
  53. Learn to observe all wind and pressure changes and keep a record of the weather and the conditions which precede it and what they develop into.
  54. In Nancy’s history, you played a major part in the design of the SR-71, so what you will be doing now is in reality to precede your own footsteps.
  55. The President had always supposed that the embargo must precede war—the only difference has been as to the time, which has been finally compromised.
  56. We have come to know that thinking is a spiritual process, that vision and imagination precede action and event — that the day of the dreamer has come.
  57. Also, most markets have electronic sessions that precede their official opens, so the instrument may have traded for many hours before the opening print.
  58. For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord, will not precede those who have fallen asleep.
  59. There are seven eyes and seven spirits because there are seven spiritual and conceptual dimensions that precede and define the four dimensions of space-time.
  60. The principals being all agreed in this respect, it soon appeared that a very few weeks would be sufficient for such arrangements as must precede the wedding.
  61. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord, shall not precede them which are asleep.
  62. For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we, who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord, will not precede those who have fallen asleep.
  63. Looking at her watch, she saw that Sunrise was only one hour away: the ideal, traditional time to start an artillery barrage meant to precede an attack at dawn.
  64. Porter said he was in favor of an embargo, as a measure which ought to precede war; but it was very important that we should be prepared before we commence war.
  65. You don’t want too much buying to precede this first day, so the day before the pattern cannot be a white day that is longer than the first day of the pattern.
  66. Accordingly, it is not without satisfaction that he cries out to his victim, "Look out! you are going to have it!"—customary and fatal words which precede the first blow.
  67. With this pattern, you should ensure that the high-low range of the first day is greater than the average of the five days’ high-low ranges that immediately precede the pattern.
  68. Depending on the time frame and intended holding period for the trade, it may be possible to find that there are patterns that precede and set up the best examples of these trades.
  69. Fairfax precede me into the dining-room, and kept in her shade as we crossed that apartment; and, passing the arch, whose curtain was now dropped, entered the elegant recess beyond.
  70. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we that are alive, that are left unto the coming of the Lord, shall in no wise precede (go before) them that are fallen asleep.
  71. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we that are alive, that are left unto the coming of the Lord, shall in no wise precede [go before] them that are fallen asleep.
  72. The six reconnaissance P-38s of Captain Avery, which will be armed with two bombs each for this occasion, will precede closely the TBFs to draw enemy fire away from our torpedo planes.
  73. Third, have dedicated fighter-bombers precede the bombers by a couple of minutes, so that they could eliminate or soften up in advance the enemy anti-aircraft guns around the objective.
  74. He alone will reveal it at the appointed time: none knows its appointed time, I am no other than an informant, I know nothing about its time, but there are indications that precede it.
  75. The signs or indications that precede the occurrence of the Hour are many, so we shall mention from them those which have been reported in the Holy Qur'an and have actually been realized.
  76. We must go after this Sir no matter what happens because this will precede another counterattack, he said this I could hear the shrapnel pattering down like hailstone on a tin roof.
  77. The passage says, For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we that are alive, that are left unto the coming of the Lord, shall in no wise precede them that are 116 of 168.
  78. Through the exploration of the world of Japanese candlesticks, you should now be able to identify candlestick patterns that precede continuations and reversals, and be ready to exploit them.
  79. In most cases your reputation will precede you! You may think that no one is discovering your flawed business manners, but actually, the word is spreading and on the net, it spreads quite rapidly.
  80. Hussey concerning the nearest way to bed; but, as Queequeg was about to precede me up the stairs, the lady reached forth her arm, and demanded his harpoon; she allowed no harpoon in her chambers.
  81. This could only be the head of a column; and of what column? The attacking column, evidently; the sappers charged with the demolition of the barricade must always precede the soldiers who are to scale it.
  82. And yet it may well be that, even if there be no bodily infliction, a greater and more frightful penalty in the spiritual results of a sinful life, shall precede and accompany the destruction of great offenders.
  83. Encumbered by his rifle, and, perhaps, not sustained by so deep an interest in the captive as his companions, the scout suffered the latter to precede him a little, Uncas, in his turn, taking the lead of Heyward.
  84. Will had never kissed her before, had never failed to precede her name with Miss and, while it surprised her, it warmed her heart and pleased her very saw that it was the same old rickety wagon in which she had fled from Atlanta.
  85. One night I had been awakened by her yells—(since the medical men had pronounced her mad, she had, of course, been shut up)—it was a fiery West Indian night; one of the description that frequently precede the hurricanes of those climates.
  86. And she thanked heaven that she herself had no innocent boys liable to be picked up, nor that which must, or should, precede innocent boys, a husband; for husbands too, she understood, were liable to become entangled in predatory female activities.
  87. Such characteristics precede a universal fellowship that, however vaguely uncertain, exceeds the salient features that normally sustains the Whole in a manner that seeks to promote natural rather than artificial solutions to its social commitments.
  88. This legal precedent: changing the name of a ruler from Emperor to President: was also a cultural precedent: The leader had to show his teeth to the people in a smile: He had to precede his public outings with his teeth showing first in a smile of legal equality.
  89. From the time of the expiration of the British Treaty of 1794, and the refusal to renew it, the American Cabinet have been careful to precede negotiation with some circumstances or other, calculated to make it fail, or at least to make a successful result less certain.
  90. As one of the movie characters, albeit not a true primary one, and due to her knowledge of the Japanese language, she had been designated by Marvel Studios to go help spice up the movie’s premiere in Japan, which would precede the various North American premieres by a week.
  91. There studies would expand your awareness of higher level of consciousness, reaffirm the reality of higher realm, of life’s continuation, of death as a doorway to another existence, and beliefs about rhe worlds that precede your conception and entry into this physical world.
  92. If Stubb even, who is but a peg higher than Flask, happens to have but a small appetite, and soon shows symptoms of concluding his repast, then Flask must bestir himself, he will not get more than three mouthfuls that day; for it is against holy usage for Stubb to precede Flask to the deck.
  93. When this act passed this House, we were told that its provisions held out the strongest inducement to each of the great belligerents, to precede its rival in the abrogation of the injurious edicts affecting the commerce of this country, and that whoever might lead the other would unquestionably follow.
  94. The happiness she was imparting, too, happiness very little alloyed by the black communication which must briefly precede it—the joyful consent of her father and mother to Susan's going with her—the general satisfaction with which the going of both seemed regarded, and the ecstasy of Susan herself, was all serving to support her spirits.
  95. With this pattern, you should ensure that (1) the high-low range of the first day is greater than the average of the five days’ high-low ranges that immediately precede the pattern, and (2) the high-low ranges of the second and third days be greater than 65% of the average of the five days’ high-low ranges that immediately precede the pattern.
  96. The value comes from three factors: understanding the patterns that can precede a failure of trend continuation, differentiating between those failures that are likely to lead to a dramatic reversal and those that are more likely to transition into a sideways range, and finding specific risk management points for trades that set up around these patterns.
  97. The earth is not a mere fragment of dead history, stratum upon stratum like the leaves of a book, to be studied by geologists and antiquaries chiefly, but living poetry like the leaves of a tree, which precede flowers and fruit—not a fossil earth, but a living earth; compared with whose great central life all animal and vegetable life is merely parasitic.
  98. You are, without doubt, correct in stating that Carlyle’s attitude of hatred of the bad was not conducive toward his own best development; on the other hand, what should be the attitude toward the giant evils of the day, such as war, graft, murder, vice, theft and the like? Is it not often true that a tearing down, a clearing away of the brush piles, so to speak, must precede constructive work?
  99. The Indian chief paused another moment to consider the signs of the contest, which was now rolling rapidly up the ascent, a certain evidence that the Delawares triumphed; nor did he actually quit the place until admonished of the proximity of his friends, as well as enemies, by the bullets of the former, which began to patter among the dried leaves on the ground, like the bits of falling hail which precede the bursting of the tempest.
  100. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we that are alive, that are left unto the coming of the Lord, shall in no will precede them that are fallen asleep, For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven, and with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first; then we that are alive, that are left, shall together with them be caught up in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air; and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
  1. We have read in a preceding.
  2. The preceding trend is important.
  3. The preceding sheets were considered as.
  5. Jean bad not come on the preceding evening.
  6. Recall from the preceding chapter (Section 2.
  8. The two preceding Chapters on Population and.
  9. Consider the fate of the preceding nations!.
  10. Preceding digits ("172") translated as hours.
  11. Following the preceding notation (equation 2.
  12. Preceding digits ("1721") translated as hours.
  13. To you I wanted to write the preceding chapter.
  14. That implies that the prophecies preceding the.
  15. Preceding the Big Bang (which created this local.
  16. I laid in my bed , going over the preceding events.
  17. Here is the R code for the preceding calculations:.
  18. I have written of opportunity in a preceding chapter.
  19. In the days preceding the evening of the full moon.
  20. Look for the item highlighted in the preceding code.
  21. This may readily beinferred from the preceding verse.
  22. He had dined at the Parsonage only the preceding day.
  23. But 1,11,111,1111 etc are each of the preceding term.
  24. The preceding list is vast but in no way is it complete.
  25. The preceding failures may or may not be actual failures.
  26. Philander, preceding it, was precipitated upon his back.
  27. The preceding chapter examined bullish directional trades.
  28. Now, this and the preceding chapters have brought us to.
  29. Look for the item I've highlighted in the preceding code.
  30. It had rained on the preceding night; the soil was soaked.
  31. In each of the preceding examples, the sample size was one.
  32. From its intimate connexion with the preceding subject, Dr.
  33. It was strengthened to a degree by the preceding downtrend.
  34. Fantine had grown ten years older since the preceding night.
  35. The places mentioned in the preceding testimony by Dr Juan.
  36. As all of the preceding events continued on in their daily.
  37. Since writing the preceding paragraphs, I have read the Rev.
  38. He recalled all the inward conflict of the preceding months.
  39. The moments preceding and following those heartbreakers are.
  40. The preceding is two prophecies in one: Fatima will outlive.
  41. The preceding list is by no means complete nor is it listed.
  42. Executing the preceding example gives the following output:.
  43. Executing the preceding snippet gives the following output:.
  44. This pre-mind is the subconscious preceding consciousness, i.
  45. Create the preceding file and add the following code to it:.
  46. Skin the tomatoes and cook to pulp as in the preceding recipe.
  47. This man's name the reader has learned in the preceding book.
  48. The command shown in the preceding screenshot connects C:\Test.
  49. These exercises are based on the text of the preceding stories.
  50. And all three went out, Jondrette preceding the two strangers.
  51. All the people in the preceding list were Nobel Prize winners.
  52. The actual entry is in the consolidation preceding the breakout.
  53. The preceding fall he made his first trip out west and loved it.
  54. Remember that long days are based upon the data preceding them.
  55. In the preceding section we described four direct search methods.
  56. When this occurs, the last trading day is the preceding Thursday.
  57. Jays had disturbed my sleep badly during the preceding few nights.
  58. The following mainLoop function carries out the preceding steps:.
  59. A preceding trend is easy to identify, in fact it should be obvious.
  60. The following screenshot shows the output of the preceding command:.
  61. As always the pattern will have a big upside price run preceding it.
  62. These then provide insights into the nature of the preceding cycles.
  63. Only the new reality exists, the preceding one is wholly obliterated.
  64. When the preceding notices cannot be obtained, the first will suffice.
  65. Marius went thither, and ate even more than on the preceding evening.
  66. The preceding function assumes, without checking, that n is an integer.
  67. After both preceding str_replace, we test the current value of the $_.
  68. The underlying premise of the Word preceding Creation, I believe, is.
  69. Of course, the values in the preceding example are true only in theory.
  70. In addition, each trade is completely independent of preceding trades.
  71. We can see an example of a bullish preceding trend on the same chart:.
  72. As on the preceding day, she wore her damask gown and her crape bonnet.
  73. In his haste of the preceding day, he had neglected to moor the dinghy.
  74. So always look for good long candles and a nice strong preceding trend.
  75. At the end of the period (shown on the preceding chart) the price was 1.
  76. B: The bounce at B is out of character with the preceding price movement.
  77. I was offended by your public slurs of myself during the preceding two.
  78. Once you have drawn the preceding decide which existing plants you are.
  79. First, the body range of each day is less than that of the preceding day.
  80. The preceding story has drawn great amounts of laughter and criti-.
  81. This 'lake of fire’ is in the preceding verse called 'the second death.
  82. The high preceding the gap down is at an area of previous price resistance.
  83. The following screenshot illustrates the output of the preceding command:.
  84. The reason should be apparent from the preceding discussion of fund costs.
  85. The action of thought in getting rich is fully explained in the preceding.
  86. One could have thought that he was undergoing the agonies preceding death.
  87. Every chapter in the gospel of John gives force to the preceding argument.
  88. Yunker Vlang, whom he had waked up on the preceding evening, was also there.
  89. Any amendment proposed in accordance with the provisions of the preceding.
  90. It was dated from Montague Place upon the preceding evening, and ran thus:.
  91. To the twelfth century, and those immediately preceding and following it.
  92. Keneisha had explained what had happened to her, preceding the blood thirst.
  93. Observations made during the preceding twenty years confirm this statement.
  94. He is not a free agent, because his acts are the result of preceding causes.
  95. Starting at the core, each subsequent layer uses the preceding layer(s) to.
  96. The ISO 8601 year begins on the Monday on or immediately preceding January 4.
  97. The reversal candle is colour coded in red and the preceding candle in green.
  98. The preceding night, Yes' Steve Howe had repeated the word subterranean over.
  99. The snow promised by the Candlemas sun of the preceding day had actually come.
  100. Following the preceding rules, we limit the potential initial set considerably.
  1. The guests, preceded by M.
  2. A scream preceded the man.
  3. In the lull that preceded the.
  4. Ten preceded the current one and five.
  5. Word of my performance had preceded me.
  6. Admiral Payne preceded Admiral McGarrah.
  7. Next the choice was preceded by the fact.
  8. Seryozha came in preceded by his governess.
  9. Mahatma Bharat who preceded even Lord Mahavir.
  10. Loud, interfering static preceded his report.
  11. Kangaroo tails preceded by giant candlesticks.
  12. The trembling always preceded a violent action.
  13. Most of what has preceded this has dealt with.
  14. The fall of Italy preceded the conquest of Peru.
  15. You wished it to be preceded by all these titles.
  16. Bino’s distinctive hack preceded his raspy voice.
  17. However involution preceded the onset of evolution.
  18. Everywhere Johnny went, his reputation preceded him.
  19. Slaughter of pigs is preceded by being stunned with a.
  20. This symbolism preceded ancient Egypt and is clearly.
  21. It would seem my reputation as a medium had preceded me.
  22. It is my theory that al receiving is preceded by giving.
  23. A knock at the door preceded two senior police officers.
  24. They undeniably preceded all of the so-called Catholic.
  25. If those generations that preceded us could see what is.
  26. John von Blum may have preceded him, or worked alongside.
  27. Rachel’s reputation with land vehicles had preceded her.
  28. In my hesitation, Laura got out of the Volvo and preceded.
  29. A silent pause at the woman's end preceded a nod of her head.
  30. We had entered, and the doctor had preceded us into what was.
  31. Peale, (whom we preceded) while preparing for another assault.
  32. Plender preceded him by some days; there was a difficulty here.
  33. Here feeling perplexed I began to think over what had preceded.
  34. As you can see, other clans have already preceded us to this.
  35. I am sure those which preceded me cascaded me, as have you all.
  36. One hand, which held a revolver, preceded the rest of the body.
  37. Whether the War of 1812 continued into 1813, or Cyrus preceded.
  38. In the days that preceded our trip to Woodstock, Beth conducted.
  39. Glain preceded him, opened the locked door, and let him through.
  40. Usually his visits were preceded by a letter or a telephone call.
  41. It was your journal of the four months that preceded my creation.
  42. It was evident that his reputation for goodness had preceded him.
  43. The listing of the criteria is preceded by the following statement.
  44. How word of our coming could have preceded us I don't know anyway.
  45. In contrast to the weekend that preceded it, Monday was a nightmare.
  46. His well-earned reputation for savagery preceded him on the streets.
  47. Rainer’s severe training preceded the leaving of Manson with Kifter.
  48. It preceded a voice that was equally hollow, reedy and insubstantial.
  49. It reminded me of the two other stars that preceded miraculous events.
  50. The adult dentition is preceded by a widely different milk dentition.
  51. A long pause preceded the fisherman’s surprising reply: Up there.
  52. She had preceded him into the pantry to help him off with his overcoat.
  53. Midnight had just preceded and left time to tick with no interruption.
  54. I was about to enter the landing bathroom when flushing preceded the.
  55. Every scenario a familiar twist on one of the horrors that preceded it.
  56. If looks could kill, Ian would have preceded Terry to the Pearly Gates.
  57. An accent occurs when i or u is preceded or followed by another vowel:.
  58. One man leaned in the window, and the warm smell of whisky preceded him.
  59. Any plan followed by the letter ‘B’, usually is preceded by a plan A.
  60. Ravan’s reputation had preceded him when Adorno returned from Duval’s.
  61. Duval entered, preceded by his armed escort, commanding and larger than life.
  62. The reputation of a bone crusher that had preceded The Elephant had no basis.
  63. As fast as we’d run, news of our public display seemed to have preceded us.
  64. A pause of silence preceded by a split-second the leap with which it appeared.
  65. It was after seven o’clock when he left the office, preceded by Lorenzo Daza.
  66. Behind him a cavalry regiment was coming down the hill preceded by its singers.
  67. Note that each number of standard deviations is preceded by a plus or minus sign.
  68. I eagerly awaited the morning meeting that preceded the teambuilding activities.
  69. The camel had preceded Tartarin without knowing it, covered with dust and sweat.
  70. Early as that strike was, it was preceded by one in 1636 by a group of fishermen.
  71. What We inspired in you, of the Book, is the truth, confirming what preceded it.
  72. The northwest wind usually preceded a southerly change in that part of the world.
  73. Notice how November’s wide candle and increased volume preceded that nice move.
  74. And if it was, what kind of the future would be preceded by such a message? With.
  75. In fact, it is a confirmation of what preceded it, and an elaboration of the Book.
  76. Nothing happens in this universe without first being preceded by thought, whether.
  77. She made no answer, and without looking at him left the room, preceded by the warden.
  78. His story was interrupted by the entrance of Maslova, who was preceded by the warden.
  79. The troops sweated their way along the well-used path of those who had preceded them.
  80. The Inquisitor’s reputation preceded him and it was an ominous reputation, at that.
  81. That scream always preceded his fits, and always terrified and upset Marfa Ignatyevna.
  82. When the direct object is a definite noun, it is almost always preceded by the direct.
  83. Thus, taking note of the above sequence of events that preceded the distortion of the.
  84. This leads one to believe these strikes were probably preceded by other similar events.
  85. There is a gathering coming when we will be joined with all of those who have preceded.
  86. Theinfinitive when used as a noun usually is preceded by the masculinedefinite article.
  87. More subtle but equally important was the change in the MA line that preceded this move.
  88. The old lady died not knowing her other son had preceded her and never having made a will.
  89. This symbolism preceded ancient Egypt and is clearly embodied by the Sphinx, which is a.
  90. Gould and Don Martin, preceded by the horseman bearing the torch, had gone on to the jetty.
  91. War of the Ring and included many glimpses of the yet more ancient history that preceded it.
  92. The infinitive expressing purpose is regularly preceded by para,but after verbs of motion.
  93. In fact, nothing happens in this universe without first being preceded by thought, whether.
  94. Understanding that many of these texts preceded the New Testament we see today and Rome’s.
  95. Fritzing preceded Priscilla into her parlour, and when she was in he shut the door behind her.
  96. The distinction between the Christian doctrine and those which preceded it may be thus defined.
  97. This situation is often preceded by prices rising gradually in the early stages of an advance.
  98. Each nagual is preceded by a numerical coefficient between 1 and 13 which modifies its meaning.
  99. The Scriptures inform us that the Word preceded the Creation and that the ―Word was Good‖.
  100. The howling gale that had blown the other riders over the top of the ridge had barely preceded.
  1. The supply always precedes the demand.
  2. I see my presence precedes me, again.
  3. And the prince’s reputation precedes him.
  4. In fact, the Karmapa line precedes that of.
  5. A high degree of consensus precedes reversals.
  6. Granville theorized that volume precedes price.
  7. Not personally, no, but his reputation precedes him.
  8. I know who you are, and your reputation precedes you.
  9. Glory! Suffering with Jesus precedes the glory of Jesus.
  10. A vision always precedes reality; it is never the other.
  11. Waiter precedes the same very to clear other soiled plates.
  12. A series of ages that precedes the Christian dispensation.
  13. This often precedes declines in the general market averages.
  14. I believe that the active side precedes the passive in the.
  15. Prayer precedes the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of God.
  16. Beware what precedes the decay of the ruggedness of states and men.
  17. The vision always precedes; and itself determines the realization.
  18. Of note is the fact that neurological involvement precedes the anemia.
  19. The fundamentals of subspace communications precedes the invention of.
  20. It is these impressions of love as feeling which precedes its cognition.
  21. These signals are truly based on the theory that volume precedes prices.
  22. When todo precedes a verb of which it is theobject, lo also must be used.
  23. In the practice of concentration, which precedes meditation, we learn how.
  24. The first Resurrection - Precedes the 1000 year rule of Christ on the earth.
  25. It precedes the green and flowery spring, as mythology precedes regular poetry.
  26. It was the dull listlessness which follows despair and precedes the death agony.
  27. Lo que here = what; the prepositional force falls onthe que, though lo precedes.
  28. The verb usually precedes the subject in the Torah narratives, as in Genesis 1:1:.
  29. A basic low that precedes the final bear market low is very important in this system.
  30. The mind precedes all things, the mind dominates all things, the mind creates all things.
  31. It is my understanding that if the subject is to be emphasized, the subject precedes the.
  32. This larger decline from the right shoulder of the Cupola precedes another short recovery.
  33. Again, we can agree that everything existing in this moment is shaped by what precedes it.
  34. In this display, the number that precedes X is beta, while the other number is alpha.
  35. Life precedes Form – Spirit manifests itself in the form of the Soul, but not vice-versa.
  36. A series of such aeons precedes the introduction of a new series inaugurated by the Christian.
  37. The 20th century branch of philosophy which stresses that since existence precedes essence.
  38. In enlightenment, willing precedes act, but without the following act there was no enlightenment.
  39. The gloomy moment had come that usually precedes the dawn, the full triumph of light over darkness.
  40. As the result of years of analysis, he theorized that there is a realm of existence that precedes and.
  41. That stated, once for all, in connection with what precedes as well as with what is to follow, we continue.
  42. All this was accomplished without haste, with that strange and threatening gravity which precedes engagements.
  43. First the trumpet blasts of warning issued from the porch back in dream-six, and now judgment precedes from it.
  44. Why? If you learn nothing else from the seasonal chapters in this book, remember this: Price precedes consumption.
  45. Normally volume drops off as the morning progresses and a final increase in volume then precedes the closing bell.
  46. From my experience these candlestick patterns have more power for a trend reversal the longer the trend that precedes them.
  47. Here we have a vision of the law, we see cause and effect, we see that thought necessarily precedes and determines action.
  48. Yes, all who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution but suffering for Christ and the sake of Christ always precedes glory.
  49. Painful is the minute which precedes such a punishment; so painful, that perhaps I am wrong in taxing with cowardice those convicts who fear it.
  50. And Nicholas, who had vainly suffered all the dread that precedes a battle and had spent that happy day in inactivity, was all the more depressed.
  51. The construction I have contended for gains additional weight when we consider the restriction which immediately precedes that under consideration.
  52. When an object, other than apersonal pronoun or relative pronoun, precedes its verb, a correspondingpersonal pronoun-object is often used with the verb.
  53. She often recalled Abbot Francis quoting an age-old Eastern proverb as they spoke together once in his sunlit office: Confusion precedes enlightenment.
  54. And that very apprehension, that very wonder, brought on the spasm in his throat that always precedes such attacks, and he fell unconscious into the cellar.
  55. This title is misread as 'Jasher', and at some point Jasher is treated as a proper name; however the pronoun 'the' (Hebrew 'ha') never precedes proper names.
  56. Unable to stand the inactivity, she started screaming, her fists pounding the windows, her mind now gripped in total panic that precedes the coming of death.
  57. All our actions have a purpose or intent — a thought that precedes the action and a result that follows the action — sometimes called the fruit of action.
  58. Half-past two had chimed, and it was the darkest hour which precedes the dawn, when we all started as a low but sharp click came from the direction of the gate.
  59. The crowd noise dimmed to a hushed calm, like the calm that precedes a storm, as they caught sight of my purposeful approach across the sands of the arena floor.
  60. In that original state of things which precedes both the appropriation of land and the accumulation of stock, the whole produce of labour belongs to the labourer.
  61. My eyelids began to droop and the warmth of the night slowly turned into a soft buzz in my head, the sort of sound that so often precedes the sudden slip into sleep.
  62. A filter to minimize the effects of Spectral Dilation precedes the actual calculation, and the shortest and longest periods of this filter are profit as user inputs.
  63. Until I began to learn another language, the idea had never crossed my mind that in some languages the noun precedes the adjective and must also agree with the gender.
  64. Let us say, moreover, parenthetically, that from a few words of what precedes a marked separation might be inferred between the two classes of historians which does not exist in.
  65. Several rallies back up into the 10-week line occur before one last rally precedes a final break through the 40-week (200-day) moving average, after which the stock plummets precipitously.
  66. Hell precedes further down to ignite monsters, demons, dragon, Allah and the stars of philosophies marked with recognition, namely in synthesis trying to drive an uprise to go totally wild.
  67. The selling that precedes the exhaustion gap indicates that most of the longs have already gotten out of positions and the shorts are less likely to pile in right after such a large decline.
  68. Natural immortality is the first article of 'natural religion’ to religious men who have not learned of Christ; as the Ptolemaic astronomy founded on sense-perceptions precedes the Newtonian.
  69. A series of such aeons precedes the introduction of a new series inaugurated by the Christian dispensation, and the end of the world and the second coming of Christ are to mark the beginning of another series.
  70. How deceitful is the intellectual pride that precedes the spiritual downfall! My friend of many years, who even now eats my bread, will be willing to betray me, even as he now dips his hand with me in the dish.
  71. In the progress of improvements, the period at which every particular sort of animal food is dearest, must naturally be that which immediately precedes the general practice of cultivating land for the sake of raising it.
  72. For them to think of voluntarily consenting to make that region the theatre of the war, would compel me to believe that they are on the verge of that madness which precedes the destruction of all doomed by Heaven to perish.
  73. As they gradually rose from the level of the valleys, the thick darkness which usually precedes the approach of day began to disperse, and objects were seen in the plain and palpable colors with which they had been gifted by nature.
  74. An acre of potatoes is cultivated with less expense than an acre of wheat; the fallow, which generally precedes the sowing of wheat, more than compensating the hoeing and other extraordinary culture which is always given to potatoes.
  75. It is otherwise in the barbarous societies, as they are commonly called, of hunters, of shepherds, and even of husbandmen in that rude state of husbandry which precedes the improvement of manufactures, and the extension of foreign commerce.
  76. The most important concept here is that momentum precedes price, meaning that a sharp momentum move in a market pressing to new highs will usually be followed by higher prices after a consolidation, and the reverse is true to the downside.
  77. Casaubon to become engaged and married: but this learned gentleman was possessed of a fortune; he had assembled his voluminous notes, and had made that sort of reputation which precedes performance,—often the larger part of a man's fame.
  78. We see in many cases in the more recent tertiary formations that rarity precedes extinction; and we know that this has been the progress of events with those animals which have been exterminated, either locally or wholly, through man's agency.
  79. Market history shows that a formation can be discarded (1) when it is supplanted by another pattern which precedes or follows it, (2) when it is short or imperfectly formed, or (3) when it occurs at a very low level, historically, in the average.
  80. Integrity precedes everything in business because there’s no point proceeding with a business evaluation if you don’t trust the people running the place! Buffett himself is famous for his candid assessment of Berkshire in the company’s annual reports.
  81. Even these occasional threatening sounds ceased to be heard in that dull hour which precedes the day, at which period a listener might have sought in vain any evidence of the presence of those armed powers that then slumbered on the shores of the holy lake.
  82. Our false conception that an event is caused by a command which precedes it is due to the fact that when the event has taken place and out of thousands of others those few commands which were consistent with that event have been executed, we forget about the others that.
  83. At the moment when that name, which he had buried beneath so many layers, was so strangely articulated, he was struck with stupor, and as though intoxicated with the sinister eccentricity of his destiny; and through this stupor he felt that shudder which precedes great shocks.
  84. But this was not so easy a matter, for the streets were thronged with people, and Rome was already a prey to that low and feverish murmur which precedes all great events; and at Rome there are four great events in every year,—the Carnival, Holy Week, Corpus Christi, and the Feast of St.
  85. Gershwin’s face when he was confronted with the howling and screaming that precedes Man Out of Time, and wonder how long it was before he tore the needle from the groove and tossed the record across the room, in despair at what the present generation had made of his brilliant brother’s legacy.
  86. Our false conception that an event is caused by a command which precedes it is due to the fact that when the event has taken place and out of thousands of others those few commands which were consistent with that event have been executed, we forget about the others that were not executed because they could not be.
  87. Off the walls in sorts of animal suspicions, hang tameable tricks and tears, visors of haughty expressions, made happy with drinks and beers; and pairing with a pinking shears, the pieces off his customers, a butcher-barber-cut-off-ears, wets his comb and precedes yes, to style yet another outpatient from The Home.
  88. Marius, fasting, fevered, having emerged in succession from all hope, and having been stranded in grief, the most sombre of shipwrecks, and saturated with violent emotions and conscious that the end was near, had plunged deeper and deeper into that visionary stupor which always precedes the fatal hour voluntarily accepted.
  89. The new British war leader emerged through a consensus of a small circle of Dept heads … which was jokingly called ‘the magic circle’ and it was governed by an almost unspoken opinion… making a choice that was viscerally ‘felt’ to be the right choice without the usual argument or debate of pros and cons or any intelligent dialogue which precedes such a massively serious political choice.
  90. In that rude state of society which precedes the extension of commerce and the improvement of manufactures ; when those expensive luxuries, which commerce and manufactures can alone introduce, are altogether unknown ; the person who possesses a large revenue, I have endeavoured to show in the third book of this Inquiry, can spend or enjoy that revenue in no other way than by maintaining nearly as many people as it can maintain.
  91. Again: as the profound calm which only apparently precedes and prophesies of the storm, is perhaps more awful than the storm itself; for, indeed, the calm is but the wrapper and envelope of the storm; and contains it in itself, as the seemingly harmless rifle holds the fatal powder, and the ball, and the explosion; so the graceful repose of the line, as it silently serpentines about the oarsmen before being brought into actual play—this is a thing which carries more of true terror than any other aspect of this dangerous affair.

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