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Operative in a sentence

1. Old being the operative word.
2. He was the CIA operative there.
3. It’s operative for a millisecond.
4. The operative word is legitimate.
5. A Brazilian operative got to her.
6. The operative had eased inside the compound.
7. What? Send an operative into a ‘legally.

8. We must treat her as an enemy operative.
9. The word " both" is the operative word here.
10. The current scheme became operative from 1.
11. Election: Confessions Of A Republican Operative.
12. The dumpers shall be filled, with operative AVAs.
13. Were’ may have been the operative word here.
14. Private is the operative word here, no pun intended.
15. Sanderson had decided to call in an outside operative.
16. The main reason to kill an operative is pretty obvious.
17. Maximum earnings when contract with City became operative.
18. Yeah, Frank, revenge is the operative word, said Kurt.
19. Faroque to his operative in Cyprus, Declan informed the.
20. OK! OK! I have her, he said as the operative backed off.
21. Frustratingly, she was unable to communicate with the operative.
22. Oddly enough the operative from whom we rented the premises to.
23. From the beginning Mark proved to be a very efficient operative.
24. Back under the window the cautious operative rose up and looked in.
25. The sunglasses man, a CIA operative, said there was nothing in Tikrit.
26. In the stasis compound Gerrid looked sternly at the security operative.
27. Still apparently undetected, the operative (Op14) approached a Darangi.
28. The operative word is WHEN, Molly, with no specificity in time, to.
29. The man was an experienced operative who knew all the tricks in the book.
30. John Kenneth Knaus, a CIA operative who was involved with the CIA funded.
31. She was an experienced operative who was highly admired by her colleagues.
32. In this class is Aryeh Neier, a high-ranking operative in the Institute:.
33. Our operative didn't see him in the lobby, so we don't know where he went.
34. The operative words here are that it was regarded as genuine by both sides.
35. Zach would one day make a terrific COPS operative, Nick thought to himself.
36. Then there’s Anton Bok, but he’s a Russian operative who turned Reynolds.
37. Well, had is the operative word because one of my co-workers deleted it there.
38. Gulf of Tonkin episode is highly suspicious as an intelligence operative action.
39. Chance was an operative connotation, especially since he understood the dynamic.
40. This refers to reproductive karma which is operative in the last moment of life.

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