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Operative in a sentence | operative example sentences

  1. Old being the operative word.
  2. He was the CIA operative there.
  3. It’s operative for a millisecond.
  4. The operative word is legitimate.
  5. A Brazilian operative got to her.

  6. We must treat her as an enemy operative.
  7. What? Send an operative into a ‘legally.
  8. The operative had eased inside the compound.
  9. The word " both" is the operative word here.
  10. The current scheme became operative from 1.
  11. Election: Confessions Of A Republican Operative.
  12. The dumpers shall be filled, with operative AVAs.
  13. Were’ may have been the operative word here.
  14. Private is the operative word here, no pun intended.
  15. Sanderson had decided to call in an outside operative.

  16. The main reason to kill an operative is pretty obvious.
  17. Maximum earnings when contract with City became operative.
  18. Faroque to his operative in Cyprus, Declan informed the.
  19. Yeah, Frank, revenge is the operative word, said Kurt.
  20. OK! OK! I have her, he said as the operative backed off.
  21. Frustratingly, she was unable to communicate with the operative.
  22. From the beginning Mark proved to be a very efficient operative.
  23. Oddly enough the operative from whom we rented the premises to.
  24. Back under the window the cautious operative rose up and looked in.
  25. The operative word is WHEN, Molly, with no specificity in time, to.

  26. The sunglasses man, a CIA operative, said there was nothing in Tikrit.
  27. In the stasis compound Gerrid looked sternly at the security operative.
  28. Still apparently undetected, the operative (Op14) approached a Darangi.
  29. The man was an experienced operative who knew all the tricks in the book.
  30. Our operative didn't see him in the lobby, so we don't know where he went.
  31. She was an experienced operative who was highly admired by her colleagues.
  32. The operative words here are that it was regarded as genuine by both sides.
  33. In this class is Aryeh Neier, a high-ranking operative in the Institute:.
  34. John Kenneth Knaus, a CIA operative who was involved with the CIA funded.
  35. Zach would one day make a terrific COPS operative, Nick thought to himself.
  36. Then there’s Anton Bok, but he’s a Russian operative who turned Reynolds.
  37. Well, had is the operative word because one of my co-workers deleted it there.
  38. Gulf of Tonkin episode is highly suspicious as an intelligence operative action.
  39. Chance was an operative connotation, especially since he understood the dynamic.
  40. This refers to reproductive karma which is operative in the last moment of life.
  41. Then you should follow what Utkarsh said is the operative wisdom of democracy.
  42. Inside the van the third operative had already verified that the bug was in place.
  43. But still, we keep our faith intact on democracy as the ideal operative prudence.
  44. If the hysterectomy is decided and the gynecologist is chosen then pre operative.
  45. Anna was instrumental in getting Mainwaring to hire and train you as an operative.
  46. The only American casualty was ‘Tony’ – the CIA/SAD operative, shot in the leg.
  47. A Star Fleet Operative on planet Romulus just alerted fleet that there was a high.
  48. With venom laden spittle dripping from his lips, the operative hissed out his mandate.
  49. The operative pointed up at a building or rather a line-up of buildings on the horizon.
  50. It had an old photo of Ray on it, along with: Sergeant Raymond Habashaw—Field Operative.
  51. Until that untrained operative stepped on her heels she had no idea she was being watched.
  52. Due to his negative and non co operative behaviors he was receiving thrashing again and again.
  53. After a brief pause Alistair quietly said, ‘Retrieve the ruro globe then destroy Operative 4.
  54. Do you have an operative with a shock of hair that he likes to toss? Skinny, pale, tall?
  55. Okay, you cover up the realism but still the world?s operative prudence is realism, won?t you.
  56. We're about to tell him to home in on Operative 4, the disabled neurode who has the ruro material.
  57. The privilege of converting is sometimes not operative immediately upon issuance of the obligation.
  58. And some people, Calvin was sure, saw him as a real contender for the unofficial role of best operative.
  59. And his fingerprints match those of an ex-CERKO operative and so do the fingerprints of all my attackers.
  60. It is something alive, operative, active, wanting to increase its hold over your life and produces death.
  61. A CIA OPERATIVE named Ian Flaherty was babysitting a hysterical family down in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
  62. Restrictions on resale and blockage are mutually exclusive, since both cannot be operative at the same time.
  63. A few selected people understood it was the work of a CIA operative working with mercenary forces in Rhodesia.
  64. This is why the UK has no operative super-cities and is now a Muslim state, often referred to as New Pakistan.
  65. It was nine months after he went into the capsule, there was time for some operative to get that note from her.
  66. I need to know if that operative that got in here, the one in the Yellelle cherub, did something to his gear.
  67. Our killing of this highly trained special forces operative should be a lesson to others who remain at large.
  68. To risk the life of another operative in her stead was unacceptable, when she had all the intel to gain access.
  69. The operative concept here is usually lower highs into support, as successive bounces find fewer willing buyers.
  70. I’ve lost two important leads on that case because of cover blown by an unskilled operative who was not mine.
  71. But what does Stratavynski have to gain from all of this? He’s not an Islamic extremist or al-Qaeda operative.
  72. From what she knew of him, the special forces officer and ex-OSS operative was much more than just a tough soldier.
  73. This latter provision became operative, and the $72 purchasers in September were a group of institutional investors.
  74. As a physiologist he believed in the artificial placation of malignant agencies chiefly operative during somnolence.
  75. Then why was there an additional operative following our man and why were you so afraid of what I have to say?
  76. Lady and Stocky met with a JRA operative the day they went to court, and he explained how the payment plan would work.
  77. Nick listened intently to something his operative was saying to him over his headset, and then said in a clipped tone.
  78. Smith? Mainwaring had logically ruled out the possibility of a known KGB operative from the Russian embassy in Ottawa.
  79. Whichever change has the later time stamp is the one that becomes operative when the replication process is completed.
  80. Do you deny this? In spite of the fact that you give me papers that show you to be a Polish operative for the NKVD?
  81. Jacques read the contents but it was just a routine memo between David Mosenke and some other operative called Vusi Twala.
  82. Immediately an operative had been assigned to Teller reporting to him personally every four hours, or as and when necessary.
  83. More shouting from the operative demanding she lay on the ground snapped Teal back to reality; he raised his gun to cover her.
  84. The operative adjusted something at his own temple for Gerrid to shift back into view, but only as a purplish glowing figure.
  85. If they can put an operative on my ship, they can certainly put a false routing tag in a mail message, Kelvin pointed out.
  86. Had the offer been 100% operative the consolidated enterprise would, for the year 1968, have had $163 million in debt, only $2.
  87. We have then come to know that Mind is the only principle which is operative in the physical, mental, moral, and spiritual world.
  88. The past 36 hours had been hectic for the operative, beginning with Sam‘s departure on what Skeets considered a wild goose chase.
  89. An Internal Investigations operative, even one who seemed as cow-stupid as Bethai, would have access to all of the internal records.
  90. The primary operative component of a physical layer installation is the transceiver found in NICs, repeating hubs, and other devices.
  91. Once he figured that out, he needed to choose an operative to go and look into the background of anything else that Kulai had going on.
  92. Gun in hand, the cautious operative eased to the Pit as an outline took form among the stalks—a man—his head inches from Junk Yard.
  93. He used that opportunity when both of their heads were close and while Ingrid was not near to speak in a whisper to his young operative.
  94. Maybe she is in reality a covert action operative, although I can’t see why those Canadian boy scouts would need such a killing machine.
  95. Tried was the operative word, as Ingrid peppered another bomber, putting one of its engines on fire before diving through their formation.
  96. The operative history represents an object that contains only relevant information that is required for the backtesting of a certain strategy.
  97. Chaim Levi, the Israeli special forces operative who captained the stolen sailing vessel used to transport the bomb past a Coast Guard cordon.
  98. Even despite such limitations, placing the operative history in random access memory may require application of the data compression algorithms.
  99. What happened to you? How did you wind up in Afghanistan? Are you the child of some Blackwater operative? Is your mom Iranian or something?
  100. An active CIA operative had used the service for personal gain and unwittingly had triggered an inevitable, world-wide countdown on his own life.

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