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Big in a sentence

That is a big IF.
It was a big hit.
Go big or go home.
Big W, here I come.
I owe you big, Cal.
But is a big treat.
He's a big boy now.

It was a big river.
This is the big one.
This is a big worry.
Big had set her up.
I was in big trouble.
They were a bit big.
He could see a big.
M is a pretty big one.
And a really big clue.
There is a big wheel.
A chump in big shot.
It is strong and big.
I had a big breakdown.
He picked up the big.
Was there a Big Bang?
It was too big inside.
She gave me a big hug.
Had a bloody big cock.
It is all a big show.
It was a big ass Caddy.
And then the big man.
The big coward you are.
Aakash had a big house.
The sky is too big and.
He gave me a big smile.
Hes a big hairy man.
He's a big fan, anyway.
He’s a big one he is.
The big man carried her.
Is it really that big?
The big job, two days.
Fly the big red rocket.
He says I have big ears.

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