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    1. ’ He said, reaching across and unscrewing the metal lid with one quick twist

    2. "Let me bust open this bale," doostEr said and set his knife to the twist

    3. We hadn’t had the sixties and the rest of it to twist things

    4. collection of shrunken Jivaroan heads, each one bobbling with every bump and twist

    5. If a man dreams of being a father, he will have a twist of fate

    6. She also laid forth with every twist of invective an old sailor could come up with

    7. She cried at the angry twist of fate and prayed for her

    8. tear and twist into the splintered carcass that bore him home,

    9. where red bitten steel rods twist away the years,

    10. and the twist of the seasons

    11. desperate to avoid the twist and turn

    12. this is reality with a twist, reality with a real life vibe,

    13. but this is the twist, this is the spike,

    14. I twist the car in my hand,

    15. Twist your body to the maximum to bring your right arm as far round as you can and at the same time turn your head to look over your right shoulder so that you twist your neck to the utmost; as you turn slowly bend your left arm so that when the swing to the right is at its height your left thumb should touch your right shoulder

    16. And having practiced it for a day or two you should graduate with no difficulty to a more advanced lateral twist called THE SIDESLIP POSTURE

    17. 1 refer to Ardha-Matsendrasana, called in English the SPINAL TWIST, not a very poetic name for what you will see is a Yogic poem of graceful movement

    18. The SPINAL TWIST effects in the dorso-lumbar and lumbar region a lateral twist which not only keeps the spine healthy but which imparts a health-giving massage to the abdominal organs and to the kidneys

    19. When you have mastered this first stage of the Spinal Twist proceed to the next

    20. People with lumbago should also practice it as it brings relief from this and allied complaints, and those with constipation and digestive troubles would also gain much relief from practicing and perfecting the Spinal Twist

    21. the pressure at the height of the lateral twist rather than on the

    22. I slow her, noting how her ears twist as though in disappointment

    23. He takes away the tray, deftly closing the door behind him with a quick twist of his foot, and I leap into action … at least that is the intention

    24. Living with Nigel had been so very non-normal in the last years, naturally, I believed all he told me – you trust the man you marry … that he could deliberately try to twist my mind is something I still do not understand, and probably never shall, but I have survived it and that is to be celebrated

    25. No, this was not a good place to twist an ankle or to find yourself trapped

    26. That woman was round the twist

    27. He hesitates as he gets his keys out, ‘Can I twist your arm into repeating the experience perhaps?’

    28. The bull yanked his head back, launching the girl high in the air where she did a somersault with a full twist, landing on the bull’s back, doing a handspring and launching back into the air, where she did another full twist and landed on her feet

    29. The second crew repeated the acrobatics of the first, but with a double somersault without the twist, and a little more slop in the dismount

    30. I actually came to look at those twist drills George put out last month

    31. violent twist, followed by a loud crack

    32. With a quick twist of her wrist

    33. quite possible that the little twist he felt in his stomach was entirely

    34. Billy has to twist round in his seat to find the source

    35. The questions twist and turn

    36. I twist in his arms and raise my hand to caress his face

    37. getting his beard in a twist

    38. Reynard tried to twist his head, but Francois dug his knee

    39. " The look in his face, took on a different twist

    40. Oliver Twist probably experienced the

    41. The idea I had for this business was to create it as an information hub for everything to do with bed and breakfasts, but with a twist

    42. a curious twist of logic – is held in the Friday Market

    43. " Lemoss was glad Flitter had the most talking as the thin youth had an even thinner mouth, and it had started to twist and writhe

    44. But it was a twist he never saw coming

    45. One of them caught Penelope’s panicked glance and it seemed to twist its terrible mouth into a smile

    46. The Elf memorized every twist and turn through the systems flickering passed her eyes

    47. ” With that, he gave his heel a final toe-crunching twist, then stepped out into the open

    48. ” They had been coached on this scenario over the recent days, but the twist the Elf included now was inspired

    49. Games with motor racing, and a twist of

    50. Life is one strange pursuit, no question, and another twist had just been added

    1. Moyo’s stomach feels twisted looking at how weak his brother is

    2. With his free hand, Vald swatted and twisted apart the men running and crawling from the wreckage

    3. twisted and buckled and then snapped back into place

    4. He twisted round in his chair, caught the attention of one of

    5. The drive lay broken and twisted, with roots breaking through the once

    6. twisted round him like a winding sheet

    7. he stared hard he thought he could make out leaves and twisted boughs and tall

    8. With each item listed in his panoply of destruction, images flowed and twisted

    9. Her arms were twisted painfully over her head in a submission hold she couldn't imagine and didn't want to

    10. That would be in the real world of debt of course, not in this fantasy world of twisted, evil, leg-breaking and furniture smashing debt

    11. I counted the days not by marking the passing of the usual solar landmarks, but by reckoning the drift between waking anger and dreams that always twisted in chimerical fear

    12. When Tig and the alien twisted around again, the blade of magnetically focused plasma had sliced a Squidy into a pair of thrashing hose and ribbon tangles that shot a mix of snowy atmo and alien blood out mortal wounds

    13. My thoughts ran riot, one after another, disjointed, becoming a twisted nightmare sequence of unrelated rants

    14. Again the rope went up till it disappeared in the sky, again he swung and twisted in the wind

    15. I turned a little and twisted my head so that I could look at him

    16. With each item listed in his panoply of destruction, images flowed and twisted together, images of limbs and contorted faces, of blood and bone and rock, and in the midst of it all, as if conducting a violent symphony of discord, there stood the man in black, his flowing locks streaming in the winds and currents of calamitous fatality as his arms gesticulated wildly

    17. It was very late in Afternoonday now, more like Duskmeal, but there were plenty of great torches on tall, twisted larorlie pillars to light the way

    18. said as he twisted the blade in Sons’ chest

    19. The stream fusses on through twisted roots

    20. The satisfaction in these streets has twisted and crumbled,

    21. The beast thrashed and twisted his powerful body, but Ash would not let go

    22. by the trail tail of his twisted tie chord

    23. beside a sea of skin and twisted cotton,

    24. Archibald twisted and turned every which way he could, but he found it impossible to position his own lips close enough to those of his darling girl because his nose always got in the way

    25. The manor house was beautifully appointed, inside and out, sporting a novelty coat of arms above the door and a beautiful wisteria that twisted and flowered around the porch and around the front bay windows

    26. I helped myself to a bottle of sparkling mineral water and, ignoring all protestations, twisted off the cap, thereby spraying myself with a fizzy shower

    27. At eye level, through a well-worn avenue between some old twisted trees, we could see the flat of a beach and we knew we had arrived

    28. I looked around and saw a shack made from driftwood and mud amongst the shadows of one or two twisted olive trees on the extreme point

    29. She twisted on her chair so her back faced me

    30. The virus twisted and turned, flew somersaults in the air and

    31. “Sisters!” She cried out in her pain, “My sisters, you have not died in vain!” She moaned loudly and twisted about

    32. his arm twisted in the folds of his cloak, but after a few seconds of

    33. Archibald twisted and turned every which way he could, but he

    34. wisteria that twisted and flowered around the porch and around the

    35. ‘Bunty twisted the arms of the local health services to provide ante-natal classes on site

    36. What he sees now perverts his sense of honour, twisted though it is

    37. The old man's arm is twisted up behind his back and he is manhandled into the office

    38. Images flash up in Maggie's head, images of burning fuel and twisted metal

    39. She twisted around and raised her head until she could barely discern the car

    40. Pushing her back up into an arch and raising Chrissie as she did so, Sheila twisted suddenly, throwing Chrissie off

    41. twisted the contours of his face

    42. covered cobwebs twisted and turned on gentle

    43. The older man’s face twisted into a wry grin

    44. ” And he moved over to the hand tools shelf and methodically picked up each displayed tool, twisted, waved, or pushed it through the air

    45. The Sergeant’s face twisted into a sardonic smile that Tom had

    46. lucid, with none of the twisted surrealism and random jumps of

    47. was overturned, the bedding twisted in every direction

    48. Roman had Johnny’s arm twisted up behind his own back

    49. Jack did not pray, however, because in his personal opinion and not necessarily anybody else’s, it was quite selfish to pray, to ask the powers that be that the rules of the universe be temporarily twisted in one’s own personal favor

    50. Here and there next to the house, wherever there was a crack between rocks, thick twisted vines with small clumps of long floppy leaves grew large, brilliant and aromatic flowers and hard green pods

    1. She could hear the horns and metal and glass twisting and grating and cracking against itself

    2. of gently twisting strings

    3. “Oh, bugger”, he muttered, twisting round to face the door

    4. The warped and twisting stars sped past Jordo’s canopy on either side in a way that made him think they were flying underwater

    5. The junk drifted close to the twisting stars and the waving wall of the transit

    6. Over those first grinding miles I fought against the bonds, twisting my arms and wrists against the tape, but all that I did was make the tape coil tighter and tighter so that it cut into my skin

    7. They were very hungry, jumping and snarling and twisting at him, savaging each other to get at him, deafening in their din

    8. I held on for dear life, twisting his foot so that he lost his balance, more out of surprise than through the force of my sudden retaliation

    9. A chair toppled, twisting backwards, cavorting across the room

    10. up the hill, twisting away the headlights

    11. ’ She said, twisting her mouth as though chewing on her thoughts as she puts her tawstones away again

    12. and sunny day is the one twisting in the breeze,

    13. ’ I bantered, turning to face him, twisting in his embrace

    14. Emphasis is on the full sweep of the arms and the twisting of your torso to the utmost rather than on speed

    15. At the extreme points of the twisting movement you can exert a slight pressure to enhance the value of this limbering exercise

    16. And on a wall in a smaller room were faded painted traces of dark fat grapes and twisting in through the window, grey old straying twists of some very lively jasmine, and even wild rosemary

    17. “Something is happening to me,” she was twisting her hands, (very unlike herself Duncan noted), “things are surfacing

    18. the bedroom door twisting slowly in the shadows behind him

    19. The girl yelled, the man screamed, the bull dropped and turned his head, twisting his horn out of the way of the man’s neck scant milliseconds before disaster

    20. But twisting and contorting what they have observed have instead learned to

    21. Matai was twisting and turning, scrambling to keep the beetles from his head

    22. He catches the tub with his upper arm, feels the pressure of contact and withdraws, moving his right arm across his twisting body to steady the thing before it makes any noise, but he is too slow

    23. He produced a threaded flange and affixed it round the hole under the floor with screws, then began twisting the pipe to mate it to the flange

    24. They sit quietly, contemplating the night ahead, a night that will see Maggie twisting the duvet around her legs in her bed and Jock dozing uncomfortably in an armchair

    25. Joe flailed what legs he had, twisting and turning in Bobby’s grip

    26. " he pulled her closer, twisting her arm in the process

    27. "You’re twisting this, who have you been talking to

    28. It is important to understand that fasting is not about twisting

    29. She sat at a round oak table, her slim fingers rapidly twisting a mass of dark curls, entwining the hair of the young girl sitting beside her

    30. To the east of the cross-roads lay a track barely visible that wound over hummock and stony outcrop, twisting and turning though stunted bush and nodding button grass for many kilomiles until finally reaching the mighty outcrop called 'Rocky Mount'

    31. The druid with the sickle grabbed his arm and slashed the back of the marine’s hand with the tip of the blade, twisting the sickle as he did

    32. Then there was the tricky matter of twisting it at the waist and arranging its folds while the Master watched

    33. Her light, unsure steps clicking on the ground, her twisting shadow, the coy clearing of her throat - it all bore out in his memory as clearly as the previous day

    34. Remarkably, this major neck twisting movement is routinely carried out without his having to go in afterwards for some heavy-duty, chiropractic therapy at the local buho medical building!

    35. Narrow and twisting passages lead to rooms ever more and more intriguing than the previous

    36. ” Mercer cackled, twisting the knife ever more

    37. It would come back to her swiftly enough, her lips twisting with disgust

    38. The metal fastenings of his coat caught the sunlight, twisting and twinkling as he shifted his weight

    39. They moved like a flock of birds, twisting, turning, supple movements flowing as one

    40. Carius in the meantime had taken to absently twisting the little flags between his fingers

    41. He had a knack for twisting things

    42. “What have you done?” hissed the dragon, twisting free from the druid’s grip

    43. My gut was twisting in knots, but I continued

    44. Twisting a leaf from one of the trees, I chewed on it thoughtfully as I tugged at the rope of the tired donkey

    45. Twisting in the air, he suffered the brunt of the impact

    46. The distortion effects continued: trees twisting to become malformed grotesqueries, as if animated in a child’s cartoon nightmare, before they vanished along with the flowers

    47. The beast is uncoiling! It's gnarled head rising! The eyes bulging ! The mouth twisting! And that tail

    48. He fidgeted anxiously with his snake signet ring, twisting it around his finger,

    49. Twisting her onto her hands and knees he rubbed her clitoris with

    50. He grabbed at Frank's sleeve and tried to pull him away from the railing, but instead he found Frank pulling at him, twisting and falling away from his grasp

    1. Theo’s mouth twists to the side of his face before he smiles

    2. coaster or life that gives our life little twists and unexpected

    3. coughs, twists in beside her and lays the line

    4. The riders were at ease on their dragons; the split second turns and twists were taken in stride

    5. And on a wall in a smaller room were faded painted traces of dark fat grapes and twisting in through the window, grey old straying twists of some very lively jasmine, and even wild rosemary

    6. Dates and days merge in Helen's mind, but something about the way the sky twists above her makes her start to count

    7. Her long golden hair pulled up and styled in twists and turns that I can’t even

    8. The lane twists and dips past Hoops restaurant, turning sharply left, and as the Mondeo swings through the curves and Alex catches a flash of brake lights up ahead, Billy starts to feel nauseous

    9. The lump under the bonnet of the Transit takes four twists of the ignition key to fire

    10. There was a lot of ornamental detail on most houses, porch rails were fanciful twists of thick vine, with clumps of leaves, large maroon flowers and long string beans

    11. I did a series of stretches—starting with toe touches, torso twists, and

    12. The wall ended at the other path, at this point a stairway leading down with a few twists and turns between two of the town’s great houses to one of the little circumferential streets behind the pond circle

    13. On a corner of this street two twists from the bridge was the back door to the Lappranile

    14. He made no contorted twists with his body or

    15. Life’s full of twists ‘n turns,

    16. Life was indeed brimming over with twists and turn, and that is

    17. Her ears perk, and she twists her head to look at him

    18. the strange twists and turns of that old stocking? I can see her, and I

    19. He made a slight gesture and the two badgers at his side arranged the ferns they had gathered over his back, tying them in place with long twists of grass

    20. Macy's top priority is compelling storylines with satisfying plot twists, but he never neglects character development

    21. Indeed Rewe quickened his pace and soon they were walking rather briskly through a series of turns and twists through widening and narrowing tunnels, some crudely cut into the rock and others finely bored with care and precision

    22. We came at last, by what twists of the city path I knew not, to a temple

    23. Ethan smiled with a corner of his lip in a bitter fashion before exhaling, the smoke swiftly vanishing away in little curls and twists

    24. When Brock had finished his breakin’ routine, Chi Girl jumped into the cypher with flips and aerial cartwheels with some twists, turns, and other shiznit that was a combo of breakin’ and gymnastics moves in one that drew cheers from our crew members

    25. twists and turns on the road, smoke with me, drink with me, get me all hot and

    26. Then Bizz – Bamm, Boom, Chi Girl started flippin’, twisting, and doing Aerial cartwheels and other acrobatic twists and turns in the air; tit for tat with that other guy

    27. Chi girl impressed the heck out of the crowd when she ended her routine with what seemed to be about three no handed flips, high up in the air, with some twists in the midst of her flips, and she had stuck the landing to boot

    28. thickens, twists, and out of turgid necessity

    29. Jack drove quickly through the twists and turns along the coast highway

    30. The air rushes over my body and twists around my fingers

    31. All these beams that are coming from our foreheads create a structure that looks like a pyramid; the top of the pyramid twists, creating a bubble

    32. Evelyn’s mocking smile twists like she has just tasted something unpleasant

    33. He takes out a small bottle with clear, bubbling liquid in it, and as he twists open the cap, says, “I stole it from the Erudite kitchens

    34. He twists in his chair and stares at me, his eyes wild and wide, like prey faced with a predator

    35. She twists paper into the floor with her boot soles

    36. Amar presses his palms together and twists them back and forth, to illustrate

    37. Peter takes the vial with a shaking hand and twists off the cap

    38. There are twists and turns in such a venture

    39. Her sports car was hugging the twists and turns of the country lane, she was in anticipation of the day’s events that were yet to unfold

    40. “What happened next my love?” She was lapping up the story; it had so many twists and turns

    41. The stealth bomber does twists in the air and heads west towards the Hudson River

    42. winding country road with hills, bumps, twists, and turns: you may be

    43. Scientism even twists the beauty of science and the scientific method into something vile, something politically motivated, something only interested in absolute power

    44. It might also help to rethink our legal system that outright lies / twists the language / delays and delays and delays and manipulates until ‘they wear you down’

    45. them through the twists and turns, pointing out the handholds and

    46. that, in odd ways, in paradoxes and memorable twists of

    47. will wobble across as it twists sideways to find the tap

    48. Another hand appears, the jewel sparkles more brightly, twists a little, and lands in the stranger’s outstretched palm

    49. It proves useless in destroying the mountain dog, but it twists the animal in flight so it lands with a grunt at his side

    50. He twists again, brings the knife up but the animal’s fierce and frantic lunges slam his arm away and the weapon falls with a thud to the earth

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    Synonyms for "twist"

    device gimmick twist spin twirl twisting whirl turn wind winding braid plait tress construction wrench turn of events eddy bend crook kink pull rick sprain wrick convolute pervert sophisticate twist around distort twine deform flex squirm worm wrestle wriggle writhe curve rotation coil spiral helix propensity bent bias proclivity torque intertwine change alter contort revolve rotate

    "twist" definitions

    an unforeseen development

    an interpretation of a text or action

    any clever maneuver

    the act of rotating rapidly

    a sharp strain on muscles or ligaments

    a sharp bend in a line produced when a line having a loop is pulled tight

    a circular segment of a curve

    a miniature whirlpool or whirlwind resulting when the current of a fluid doubles back on itself

    a jerky pulling movement

    a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair

    social dancing in which couples vigorously twist their hips and arms in time to the music; was popular in the 1960s

    the act of winding or twisting

    turning or twisting around (in place)

    to move in a twisting or contorted motion, (especially when struggling)

    cause (a plastic object) to assume a crooked or angular form

    turn in the opposite direction

    form into a spiral shape

    form into twists

    extend in curves and turns

    do the twist

    twist or pull violently or suddenly, especially so as to remove (something) from that to which it is attached or from where it originates

    practice sophistry; change the meaning of or be vague about in order to mislead or deceive

    twist suddenly so as to sprain