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    1. ’ I said quickly, gratified by her passion but concerned that she should not waste her energy on the man

    2. ’ I said, gratified by the startled indrawing of breath at the other end of the phone which this statement causes

    3. A while later, somewhat breathless from manoeuvring the heavy box down the ladder but gratified that I have managed it on my own, I sit on the bed and start going through my history

    4. gratified to see Old Ged, the dragon hunter that he had encountered

    5. He’d been afraid she was going to leave over the synapsase, he was gratified that she didn’t

    6. gratified that he was rapidly able to intercept the older Guardian, who

    7. “Darling, I have endeavored to introduce to you the many aspects of managing a large household, and I am gratified to say that your abilities are unsurpassed in thoroughness and creativity

    8. The future travelers were both satisfied with, and gratified for, all the efforts made on their behalf that would allow them this once in a lifetime adventure

    9. When he became aroused, he demanded to be gratified, which, of course, was the very thing she intended doing

    10. In his „How the Mind Works," Stephen Pinker would have us believe that he can retroactively read the mind of early man trudging the African savannah, and that this ancestor of us all would have been gratified by a clear sky due to the fact that he would be better able to spot predators than would be the case on a cloudy day

    11. languid at best, so I was gratified when my new friend returned

    12. I got to Roy’s and was gratified to see that he was there

    13. That sounded good, so I let him poke and prod, and was gratified to hear him pronounce

    14. I asked for three cards and was gratified to see my third 4 appear

    15. hard into it and was gratified to see that it went clear through to another street

    16. No doubt everyone ought to have been deeply gratified that there had been no bloodshed

    17. I was gratified to see him turn pale, and toss the comic book aside

    18. gratified to see Harold’s car there as well as the other cars that his henchman had driven the night before

    19. Colling dealt with the remaining minor ailments in what he believed was an efficient way, and was gratified to see that the line of waiting men had almost disappeared

    20. Intense brass sounds and pompous drums came from the small speaker, while the Swede seemed instantly gratified judging from the grin on his face

    21. He was gratified to see her able to walk farther now between restings, and looking at her as she walked ahead of him was easier than it had been the day before

    22. Susan in particular was highly gratified

    23. 12 And when Jacob approached the camp of Joseph, Jacob observed the camp that was coming toward him with Joseph, and it gratified him and Jacob was astonished at it

    24. He was gratified to find that he could get a good grip on the armrests, and that the footboard was positioned against his soles so he could brace himself solidly with his feet and his shoulders

    25. 12 And when Jacob approached the camp of Joseph Jacob observed the camp that was coming toward him with Joseph and it gratified him and Jacob was astonished at it

    26. He was extremely gratified to hear the boomer, who had nothing else to do except monitor the situation, say "Nice hookup, Pintail

    27. How gratified he had been to see Moses leading his people, giant staff in hand

    28. While feasting on a special meal Tilly Connor had prepared to celebrate our return, Ezra and Fred described how surprised and gratified the sheriff of Umatilla County had been to take custody of Virgil Troaz

    29. then one is gratified with the pleasure of having discovered

    30. Their first lively lusts gratified, the young men lay facing each other on the bed, curious fingers already seeking new ways to pleasure, stimulate and reignite passion

    31. Seated on their towels on the floor, appetites gratified, muscles satisfied after an active day, they leaned back in silence

    32. ” I removed my wig and was gratified to see his eyeballs bulge at the

    33. A fact that gratified Matthew who was not adept at being two faced, no matter what the occasion

    34. When a gratified Gautam wanted to donate his immense wealth to the ashram, the swamiji saw his disciple’s destiny differently

    35. When gratified by lovemaking, it occasions a fulfilled feeling for man and woman alike

    36. And a gratified Gautam found himself crying over his son’s head even as Suresh began washing his father’s feet with his tears

    37. As she introduced him to the animated inmates, he was gratified to note that they didn’t make him feel embarrassed

    38. “I’m gratified,” she said with a feeling that suggested that she understood his feeling, conveyed through his body language

    39. Gratified by his gesture, she joined her hands to ensconce their embrace

    40. “It could be so for all the resemblances,” said the gratified parents

    41. He was particularly gratified at how much territory the animals covered

    42. He was gratified to see the influence of the churches that preached a "holier than thou" philosophy, losing favor with society

    43. As she turned to go, she decided to give Mick a kiss on the cheek, and she was gratified to see him blush in response

    44. should feel gratified that God has granted us the ability to be able to

    45. I think you will be surprised and gratified to find how such a simple adjustment as changing the house system you use can produce such an amazing difference in the specificity and accuracy of your predictions

    46. being spoiled when all your wants and needs are instantly gratified through replicator and holographic technologies,” K said

    47. gratified that he had taken some electronic rifles with him

    48. Makienko was also loosing strength, and Miller was gratified to notice that he had hit the Russian in the chest

    49. Gratified by his gesture, so it seemed, her lips played host to their labial guests

    50. Seeing he was fulfilled as well, she felt gratified for being the source of his fulfillment and as her own enjoyment, occasioned by him, made him even more endearing to her loving heart

    1. " "What kinds of luxury sir" I asked "are hurtful?" "Every act of a man which he performs with pleasure" he replied "is an act of luxury; for the sharp-tempered man when gratifying his tendency indulges in luxury; and the adulterer and the drunkard and the back-biter and the liar and the covetous man and the thief and he who does things like these gratifies his peculiar propensity and in so doing indulges in luxury

    2. existentialist hero, a natural (or absurd) man: He says, "This life gratifies his every wish, and nothing is worse than losing it

    3. Question: I think that the fan-celebrity relationship gratifies both sides

    4. Its unspoken religious message is that only comfortable normality, only normality that gratifies you the most is good-right-winning, etc

    5. The unspoken religious assumption of consumer choice is that they are only supposed to choose what ‘pleases’ them; they are only supposed to choose something ‘if it pleases them’… ‘if it gratifies them’ meaning whatever makes their egos swell up and feel big and important

    6. They buy whatever gratifies them at the moment

    1. The poor, in order to obtain food, exert themselves to gratify those fancies of the rich ; and to obtain it more certainly, they vie with one another in the cheapness and perfection of their work

    2. The law which put an end to all prosecutions against witchcraft, which put it out of any man's power to gratify his own malice by accusing his neighbour of that imaginary crime, seems effectually to have put an end to those fears and suspicions, by taking away the great cause which encouraged and supported them

    3. More or less can be got for it, according as the competitors happen to be richer or poorer, or can afford to gratify their fancy for a particular spot of ground at a greater or smaller expense

    4. A copy of the “Army and Navy Register” of July 23rd was produced, and in English, which three-fourths of the officers there understood, a captain read: “The Cubans insurgents felt, when Santiago capitulated, that they should be privileged to sack the city and gratify their lust for robbery, greed, and generally riotous living

    5. not to gratify animal passion

    6. 35 And the king took many gifts and bestowed of it on those whom he would gratify

    7. She didn't attend to Dory's carping, to her belittling six-hundred bucks as slave wages, but she responded to the other women as they attempted to gratify their curiosity

    8. no longer exist; but the desire of a glutton to gratify the sensation of taste,

    9. Herzberg found that job characteristics related to what a person does — that is, to the nature of the work they perform — apparently have the capacity to gratify such needs as achievement, competency, status, personal worth, and self-realization

    10. The small waterfall remains usually alone occasionally receiving a guest in the form of a newly wed couple who are always in search of a lonely place to gratify their desires arousing intensely after marriage as the cool environment of Solan arouses the desire to have each other more

    11. In this anything-goes, gratify me NOW culture of objectification and in-your-face reality TV, teenagers are learning useless lessons in how to get noticed

    12. me”-- he is tempted to use his powers to gratify his own ambition

    13. As a way out of his predicament, Gautam toyed with the idea of firing Naina and to gratify the craving with a willing replacement

    14. Females are the spoils and exist to gratify him

    15. 10 Do not try to satisfy the curiosity or gratify all the latent adventure surging within the soul in one short life in the flesh

    16. The Yogi should thus unwearied gratify his organs of sense for a period of one Yama (3 hours) every day with great effort

    17. Gratify without harming

    18. Her partner may find ways to gratify his sexual needs elsewhere, which may put a great deal of strain in the relationship

    19. Why do you not gratify him, and have a short engagement? Yes, I do understand what you feel about the mercifulness of being often left alone, though I have never been worried in quite the same way as you seem to be; when I am driven it is to places like the kitchen, and your complaint is that you are driven to what most people would call enjoying yourself

    20. Well, it is a form that will gratify everybody, revenger and revenge equally I should think

    21. When that was finished he put her off his knee, and said he was now ready to gratify her impatience and show her everything; they would go over the house first, and then the garden and outbuildings

    22. “Are you disposed to resist His will and gratify your own?”

    23. Similarly, the motivation of our deeds would be to bring goodwill to others, instead of using physical dominance to gratify earthly yearnings

    24. Do we feed the beast or revere the deity whenever we see spiritual fruit blossoming? Those who feed the beast oppose the divine fruit within the human spirit in efforts to gratify primal desires

    25. Do not squander what is innocent to gratify that which is wicked

    26. “Do not squander what is innocent to gratify that which is wicked

    27. “Because I believe that every child should be kept closest to the heart, and I would never squander what is innocent to gratify that which is wicked

    28. Only then had the tyrant been able to gratify himself

    29. gratify these desires insofar as they will go--still thou

    30. Deliciously: Living in a manner to please the taste and gratify the mind

    31. It is the sin of the ego: the ‘I’ that is completely selfish and only wants to gratify its appetite for lust and destruction

    32. Anything that does not gratify you becomes useless, worthless and valueless

    33. If you have the freedom to throw away whatever does not instantly please and gratify you right away: then you develop a throwaway culture

    34. All humans do is indulge themselves and gratify themselves

    35. You will deny any truth that does not gratify your ego

    36. It goes against the entire idea of creating an artificial ease called civilization in order to gratify yourself

    37. They teach this religion to their children by example, by gratifying themselves, and believing their children have a god-given right to gratify themselves also… without giving any example of refusing to gratify themselves

    38. The citizens, the Populi, the population of Rome enjoyed their God Given Right to gratify themselves for 700 years

    39. They are not allowed to choose anything that does not gratify their lowest most base lusts and appetites

    40. In America: the only places people get together is where they can compete against each other as enemies, or gratify themselves as consumers or mass together as spectators

    41. We cannot afford to think that we can do just as we damn well please and gratify our stupid, spoiled wishes as randomly and irrationally as possible

    42. In case you didn’t know: we were not put on this Earth to gratify ourselves

    43. Mass adulation of a few professional athletes by billions of unathletic lazy, sedentary, sick, weak, unhealthy, spoiled people who have nothing better to do with their lives because they have no purpose and no meaning in their lives except to gratify their lowest, most disgusting, oldest, most obsolete urges, instincts and appetites… This culture of consumer self-gratification not only dehumanizes billions of civilized babies, infants, children, adolescents, men and women… it desensitizes them, it makes them so empty inside, so vapid, so worthless, so useless; that without the weapons of mass distraction and mass entertainment which the sport of tennis is only a tiny part of… they would become so depressed, they would all commit suicide because their precious fucking entertainment spectacles would not be there for them so they can escape reality and not have to look at themselves and their life and what they are doing and ask themselves why they are doing it

    44. In some cases, the ex wil want to gratify his or

    45. Honour and virtue are the ornaments of the mind, without which the body, though it be so, has no right to pass for beautiful; but if modesty is one of the virtues that specially lend a grace and charm to mind and body, why should she who is loved for her beauty part with it to gratify one who for his pleasure alone strives with all his might and energy to rob her of it? I was born free, and that I might live in freedom I chose the solitude of the fields; in the trees of the mountains I find society, the clear waters of the brooks are my mirrors, and to the trees and waters I make known my thoughts and charms

    46. And I swear," added Don Quixote, "by the order of knighthood which I have received, and by my vocation of knight-errant, if you gratify me in this, to serve you with all the zeal my calling demands of me, either in relieving your misfortune if it admits of relief, or in joining you in lamenting it as I promised to do

    47. She by her fickleness strove to make my ruin irretrievable; I will strive to gratify her wishes by seeking destruction; and it will show generations to come that I alone was deprived of that of which all others in misfortune have a superabundance, for to them the impossibility of being consoled is itself a consolation, while to me it is the cause of greater sorrows and sufferings, for I think that even in death there will not be an end of them

    48. The first few days, those of a wedding being usually days of merry-making, Lothario frequented his friend Anselmo's house as he had been wont, striving to do honour to him and to the occasion, and to gratify him in every way he could; but when the wedding days were over and the

    49. Now tell me, Anselmo, in which of these two art thou imperilled, that I should hazard myself to gratify thee, and do a thing so detestable as that thou seekest of me? Neither forsooth; on the contrary, thou dost ask of me, so far as I understand, to strive and labour to rob thee of honour and life, and to rob myself of them at the same time; for if I take away thy honour it is plain I take away thy life, as a man without honour is worse than dead; and being the instrument, as thou wilt have it so, of so much wrong to thee, shall not I, too, be left without honour, and consequently without life? Listen to me, Anselmo my friend, and be not impatient to answer me until I have said what occurs to me touching the object of thy desire, for there will be time enough left for thee to reply and for me to hear

    50. Lothario seeing the fixed determination of Anselmo, and not knowing what further examples to offer or arguments to urge in order to dissuade him from it, and perceiving that he threatened to confide his pernicious scheme to some one else, to avoid a greater evil resolved to gratify him and do what he asked, intending to manage the business so as to satisfy Anselmo without corrupting the mind of Camilla; so in reply he told him not to communicate his purpose to any other, for he would undertake the task himself, and would begin it as soon as he pleased

    1. Though it is gratifying that she and Adrian care that much – Adrian had even come on the phone at one point trying to convince me that they had space – silly man!

    2. these creatures eat, something sordidly gratifying about the way that little dribbles of

    3. So far, nothing worth coming in here for had drifted past, but it was gratifying to see his script working

    4. There was something fascinating about watching these creatures eat, something sordidly gratifying about the way that little dribbles of sauce might run down their chins

    5. Gratifying, but needlessly gratuitous

    6. It was gratifying to see that his colleagues had nothing more to offer than copying the articles that Reuters put on the wire

    7. In the process, all my mistakes would be corrected and replaced with more gratifying stuff

    8. Extremely gratifying to learn that

    9. That’s ugly stuff, but it’s best not to ignore those screw ups as if they didn’t exist (although I wish they didn’t), painting myself a gratifying but distorted rosy picture of my own glorious history

    10. Both boys had always been very virile for their ages, very potent and gratifying

    11. It lasted a long time and was thoroughly gratifying

    12. Unless this or some other method is fallen upon, and there seems to be none more ubvious than this, of preserving the importance and of gratifying the ambition of the leading men of America, it is not very probable that they will ever voluntarily submit to us; and we ought to consider, that the blood which must be shed in forcing them to do so, is, every drop of it, the blood either of those who are, or of those whom we wish to have for our fellow citizens

    13. She had no more time to think about this, for ten inches of hard cock had been thrust into her wet cunt and she was then taken completely and beautifully out of this world for a very long, gratifying time

    14. The juice felt gratifying to his taste buds like nothing else in the past few days

    15. It was gratifying to know she looked good

    16. On the other hand, it was overwhelmingly gratifying to observe the kids’ reaction in the small Chapel of the Apparitions in Fatima, when they made a little prayer throwing the lit candle to the fire, then go to the fountain to drink “Fatima water” and fill bottles with it to take home to their friends

    17. Caroline’s first official act as general manager was a gratifying one: barring the insolent prostitute, Herminia, Mike’s Chiquita

    18. It was gratifying to see my own wingman right there, wagging his wings

    19. it is gratifying for Huldah to see children from the slums of Cal-

    20. War is a very ugly business, and while it is gratifying to notice you stood and fought rather than turned and ran, I couldn’t help thinking that there must be a better way to prove yourself

    21. He was happily married with two children, and he enjoyed a gratifying lifestyle

    22. God; words that are gratifying; fellowship in the spirit

    23. love coming to him were so intense and gratifying; the

    24. Q: It is, no doubt, very gratifying to hear that one is the silent

    25. Back in the United States, Roger had to face other less gratifying realities

    26. Although the eighteen-week program in Salamanca and Madrid, including the one-week tour through southern Spain, was both gratifying and relaxing for Roger, he missed his children considerably

    27. It is; however, gratifying to acknowledge that the ‘soldiers’ of our nation continue to be “the best” armed combat teams in the world

    28. living luxuriously and gratifying all his passions

    29. 11 He however who has sent his good creature sleep from all time by night or by day so gratifying whom he wills diffused a portion of it now on the king

    30. " "What kinds of luxury sir" I asked "are hurtful?" "Every act of a man which he performs with pleasure" he replied "is an act of luxury; for the sharp-tempered man when gratifying his tendency indulges in luxury; and the adulterer and the drunkard and the back-biter and the liar and the covetous man and the thief and he who does things like these gratifies his peculiar propensity and in so doing indulges in luxury

    31. torture it? In what way was this gratifying, fulfilling?

    32. She Who Gathers Stones Together found this most gratifying

    33. It must have been gratifying to beat out your competitor, WWW Company

    34. This spirit is what brings Abortion(child sacrifice), Sexual immorality(Gays,Lesbian,Bisexual,Transgender), it is totally self seeking and self gratifying

    35. Working with foreclosed properties is gratifying in that

    36. was lonely, but she found her own company far more gratifying than

    37. more gratifying physique by the majority of accounts

    38. The stunned silence was gratifying

    39. His shriek was gratifying

    40. It would be a sweet, gratifying experience for Barry and I and we couldn’t wait for it to happen

    41. It was gratifying to know for sure that he’d been right in his assumption that she and Scar were one and the same, but Tristan’s thoughts were pulled away from Scara abruptly when an arrow thudded into the ground at his feet

    42. This had been a bone of gratifying contention between the two of them for almost four years, neither getting close enough to 1G to see for themselves what the truth might be

    43. " Would this sort of presumption, this defiance of his Father's laws of gravity, be justified in order to protect himself from possible harm or, perchance, to win the confidence of his mistaught and distracted people? But such a course, however gratifying to the sign-seeking Jews, would be, not a revelation of his Father, but a questionable trifling with the established laws of the universe of universes

    44. A gratifying crunch of bone through shell resulted in the splatter of thick, alien blood, with some landing on his face

    45. The gratifying sound of secondary explosions showed exactly how powerful a weapon that was

    46. admit that receiving that letter was gratifying as

    47. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to

    48. “There is nothing more gratifying than being

    49. We came out of the tunnel and there before us was the whole Toltec nation, the hidden valley was exactly as Coatl had described it to me there was enough space in the valley bottom to accommodate four or five tribes and to see my people waiting for our entrance was a sight that almost brought tears to my eyes, we made our way down the valley towards the canopied dais that had been erected earlier, people bowed as we passed, at the dais the heap of captured weapons was very impressive, the captains from all the different settlements were waiting to report, I poured a drink for Coatl and myself we then sat to hear from the captains, Tulancingo’s report was very brief, twenty one enemy engaged, twenty one enemy killed, five Toltec slaves freed, no Toltec dead or wounded, he bowed and stepped back, the Tolteca went wild with joy, Jodas then stepped forward for Xocanti, sixteen enemy engaged, sixteen enemy dead, six Toltec slaves freed, no Toltec casualties, next came Santaros, nineteen enemy engaged, nineteen enemy dead, six Toltec slaves freed, no casualties, then Vincoso, nineteen enemy engaged, nineteen enemy dead, seven Toltec slaves freed, no casualties, finally our captain rose and gave our report, twenty one enemy engaged, twenty one enemy dead, nine Toltec slaves freed, no casualties, he then added that Coatl had himself dispatched the captain of the tax collectors in hand-to-hand combat, the applause was tumultuous, with people dancing and laughing, releasing all the tensions and stress that they had lived through recently, all their fears had been magically washed away by the numbers, ninety six enemy dead, thirty three Toltecs returned to the tribe, all without a single Toltec so much as stubbing his toe, it was more amazing than anyone had imagined or hoped for, today’s result would dispel any lingering doubt about Coatl’s god-head or the unusual way he waged war, with everyone in this holiday mood there was no point holding a planning meeting, so before we joined in the fun, Coatl paraded the freed slaves, there is no feeling more gratifying than to see the joy of a family who find a relative they thought lost forever, the people filed past, some with whoops of joy, others with a look of disappointment as they reached the end of the line, I heard one old man say to his wife

    50. We arrived at the Valley of Axber without incidence, our allies numbered close to four thousand, a most gratifying addition to our strength in the event that the Teoti still wasn’t convinced

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