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Frasi con gratify (in inglese)

  1. Females are the spoils and exist to gratify him.
  2. In some cases, the ex wil want to gratify his or.
  3. Why should you refuse to gratify my last wish?
  4. Only then had the tyrant been able to gratify himself.
  5. Dantes must be crushed to gratify Villefort's ambition.

  6. You will deny any truth that does not gratify your ego.
  7. All humans do is indulge themselves and gratify themselves.
  8. And what he saw in this mirror did not gratify his self-esteem.
  9. Are you disposed to resist His will and gratify your own?
  10. Do not squander what is innocent to gratify that which is wicked.
  11. Bambridge would gratify them by being shot from here to Hereford.
  12. He saw his friend was boasting, and it occurred to him to gratify him.
  13. Deliciously: Living in a manner to please the taste and gratify the mind.
  14. Anything that does not gratify you becomes useless, worthless and valueless.
  15. In case you didn’t know: we were not put on this Earth to gratify ourselves.

  16. Well, it is a form that will gratify everybody, revenger and revenge equally I should think.
  17. Such were his present impressions; it would gratify him to find himself to have been mistaken.
  18. Don Quixote said that to gratify them he would open it, and did so, and found that it ran as follows.
  19. When all of that change was compressed into a week, he sold a large part of his position to gratify Mr.
  20. They are not allowed to choose anything that does not gratify their lowest most base lusts and appetites.
  21. The strength of that passion had been a power enabling him to master all the knowledge necessary to gratify it.
  22. It goes against the entire idea of creating an artificial ease called civilization in order to gratify yourself.
  23. The citizens, the Populi, the population of Rome enjoyed their God Given Right to gratify themselves for 700 years.
  24. Her partner may find ways to gratify his sexual needs elsewhere, which may put a great deal of strain in the relationship.
  25. The Yogi should thus unwearied gratify his organs of sense for a period of one Yama (3 hours) every day with great effort.

  26. It is the sin of the ego: the ‘I’ that is completely selfish and only wants to gratify its appetite for lust and destruction.
  27. As a way out of his predicament, Gautam toyed with the idea of firing Naina and to gratify the craving with a willing replacement.
  28. If you have the freedom to throw away whatever does not instantly please and gratify you right away: then you develop a throwaway culture.
  29. Similarly, the motivation of our deeds would be to bring goodwill to others, instead of using physical dominance to gratify earthly yearnings.
  30. In the Edinburgh Review for September, 1818, this work is again reviewed, and in a manner which must gratify every friend to American science.
  31. We cannot afford to think that we can do just as we damn well please and gratify our stupid, spoiled wishes as randomly and irrationally as possible.
  32. Because I believe that every child should be kept closest to the heart, and I would never squander what is innocent to gratify that which is wicked.
  33. At length I wandered towards these mountains, and have ranged through their immense recesses, consumed by a burning passion which you alone can gratify.
  34. In this anything-goes, gratify me NOW culture of objectification and in-your-face reality TV, teenagers are learning useless lessons in how to get noticed.
  35. A quarter of an hour later he was strolling about the barracks quite unoccupied, looking for some group whose conversation might possibly gratify his curiosity.
  36. Grant, instead of contriving to gratify him at little expense, gave her cook as high wages as they did at Mansfield Park, and was scarcely ever seen in her offices.
  37. Nothing is more common than to be told, that such are the wishes of the naval interest of Great Britain, and that this or that war must be entered into to gratify them.
  38. In America: the only places people get together is where they can compete against each other as enemies, or gratify themselves as consumers or mass together as spectators.
  39. She didn't attend to Dory's carping, to her belittling six-hundred bucks as slave wages, but she responded to the other women as they attempted to gratify their curiosity.
  40. If any gentleman wishes to retain it, let him show a single possible case in which it can properly be exercised—never, but to gratify the ambition or caprice of an individual.
  41. But what we strive to gratify, though we may call it a distant hope, is an immediate desire: the future estate for which men drudge up city alleys exists already in their imagination and love.
  42. More or less can be got for it, according as the competitors happen to be richer or poorer, or can afford to gratify their fancy for a particular spot of ground at a greater or smaller expense.
  43. Do we feed the beast or revere the deity whenever we see spiritual fruit blossoming? Those who feed the beast oppose the divine fruit within the human spirit in efforts to gratify primal desires.
  44. Yet it is only necessary to abandon the false view (adopted to gratify the heroes) of the efficacy of the directions issued in wartime by commanders, in order to find this unknown quantity.
  45. Yet it is only necessary to abandon the false view (adopted to gratify the ‘heroes’) of the efficacy of the directions issued in wartime by commanders, in order to find this unknown quantity.
  46. The poor, in order to obtain food, exert themselves to gratify those fancies of the rich ; and to obtain it more certainly, they vie with one another in the cheapness and perfection of their work.
  47. When that was finished he put her off his knee, and said he was now ready to gratify her impatience and show her everything; they would go over the house first, and then the garden and outbuildings.
  48. I yesterday purchased these horses of the baron; but as the baroness evidently regretted parting with them, I ventured to send them back to her, with a request that she would gratify me by accepting them from my hands.
  49. But as Villefort saw his father but seldom, and then only when absolutely obliged, and as he never took any pains to please or gratify him when he was there, all the old man's happiness was centred in his granddaughter.
  50. They teach this religion to their children by example, by gratifying themselves, and believing their children have a god-given right to gratify themselves also… without giving any example of refusing to gratify themselves.
  51. Alston said he would have voted on the motion, if the gentleman had not asked for the ayes and noes; but as he appears desirous to marshal one side of the House against the other, he was not disposed to gratify him in his request.
  52. Impressment, then, is a mere trifle, compared with this trade, and it may be that Great Britain understands it so, and is willing to gratify us with this trade for kin-sake, as long as we are contented to be impressed for kin-sake.
  53. Soon after the death of my sister, an incident occurred, to prove to me that the heart of a libertine is dead to natural affection; and to convince me, that the being who has appeared all tenderness, to gratify a selfish passion, is as.
  54. Herzberg found that job characteristics related to what a person does — that is, to the nature of the work they perform — apparently have the capacity to gratify such needs as achievement, competency, status, personal worth, and self-realization.
  55. Lavrushka, understanding that this was done to perplex him and that Napoleon expected him to be frightened, to gratify his new masters promptly pretended to be astonished and awe-struck, opened his eyes wide, and assumed the expression he usually put on when taken to be whipped.
  56. Lavrúshka, understanding that this was done to perplex him and that Napoleon expected him to be frightened, to gratify his new masters promptly pretended to be astonished and awe-struck, opened his eyes wide, and assumed the expression he usually put on when taken to be whipped.
  57. Here Don Quixote, too, broke silence, saying to Sancho, Have patience, my son, and gratify these noble persons, and give all thanks to heaven that it has infused such virtue into thy person, that by its sufferings thou canst disenchant the enchanted and restore to life the dead.
  58. Mine was, that I could not conceive how it was possible for mankind to run into a taste, not only universally odious, but absurd, and impossible to gratify; since, according to the notions and experience I had of things, it was not in nature to force such immense disproportions.
  59. The first few days, those of a wedding being usually days of merry-making, Lothario frequented his friend Anselmo's house as he had been wont, striving to do honour to him and to the occasion, and to gratify him in every way he could; but when the wedding days were over and the.
  60. The small waterfall remains usually alone occasionally receiving a guest in the form of a newly wed couple who are always in search of a lonely place to gratify their desires arousing intensely after marriage as the cool environment of Solan arouses the desire to have each other more.
  61. Elinor had heard enough, if not to gratify her vanity, and raise her self-importance, to agitate her nerves and fill her mind;--and she was therefore glad to be spared from the necessity of saying much in reply herself, and from the danger of hearing any thing more from her brother, by the entrance of Mr.
  62. The law which put an end to all prosecutions against witchcraft, which put it out of any man's power to gratify his own malice by accusing his neighbour of that imaginary crime, seems effectually to have put an end to those fears and suspicions, by taking away the great cause which encouraged and supported them.
  63. At this instant there came into court two old men, one carrying a cane by way of a walking-stick, and the one who had no stick said, Senor, some time ago I lent this good man ten gold-crowns in gold to gratify him and do him a service, on the condition that he was to return them to me whenever I should ask for them.
  64. And I swear," added Don Quixote, "by the order of knighthood which I have received, and by my vocation of knight-errant, if you gratify me in this, to serve you with all the zeal my calling demands of me, either in relieving your misfortune if it admits of relief, or in joining you in lamenting it as I promised to do.
  65. While the others were busily occupied in seeking to gratify their childish passion for finery, by plundering even the miserable effects of the scout, or had been searching with such bloodthirsty vengeance in their looks for their absent owner, Le Renard had stood at a little distance from the prisoners, with a demeanor so quiet.
  66. A copy of the Army and Navy Register of July 23rd was produced, and in English, which three-fourths of the officers there understood, a captain read: The Cubans insurgents felt, when Santiago capitulated, that they should be privileged to sack the city and gratify their lust for robbery, greed, and generally riotous living.
  67. When he has nothing left, must not his desires, crowding in the nest like young ravens, be crying aloud for food; and he, goaded on by them, and especially by love himself, who is in a manner the captain of them, is in a frenzy, and would fain discover whom he can defraud or despoil of his property, in order that he may gratify them?
  68. Why do you not gratify him, and have a short engagement? Yes, I do understand what you feel about the mercifulness of being often left alone, though I have never been worried in quite the same way as you seem to be; when I am driven it is to places like the kitchen, and your complaint is that you are driven to what most people would call enjoying yourself.
  69. Now so long divided from everybody who knew the place, she felt it quite the voice of a friend when he mentioned it, and led the way to her fond exclamations in praise of its beauties and comforts, and by his honourable tribute to its inhabitants allowed her to gratify her own heart in the warmest eulogium, in speaking of her uncle as all that was clever and good, and her aunt as having the sweetest of all sweet tempers.
  70. We find that the functionary, civil, military, or ecclesiastical, who performs his duties to gratify his selfishness or ambition, or, as is more usually the case, for the sake of the stipend, collected in the shape of taxes from an exhausted and crippled people,—if, by a rare exception, he does not directly steal from the public treasury,—considers himself, and is considered by his equals, a most useful and virtuous member of society.
  71. She by her fickleness strove to make my ruin irretrievable; I will strive to gratify her wishes by seeking destruction; and it will show generations to come that I alone was deprived of that of which all others in misfortune have a superabundance, for to them the impossibility of being consoled is itself a consolation, while to me it is the cause of greater sorrows and sufferings, for I think that even in death there will not be an end of them.
  72. If you commence hostilities before you are prepared to strike a blow, and while your cities, your territory, and your property on the ocean, are exposed to the mercy of a Government possessing vast resources of war, what can you expect but to add new distresses, defeat, and disgrace to the wrongs of which you complain? It is a strange motive for war—a wish to gratify the rapacity, to swell the triumphs, and to increase the insolence of the enemy.
  73. A working-man in our period, even though his work may be less fatiguing than the labor of the ancient slave, and even were he to succeed in obtaining the eight-hour system and twelve-and-sixpence a day, still has the worst of it, because he manufactures objects which he will never use or enjoy;—he is not working for himself; he works in order to gratify the luxurious and idle, to increase the wealth of the capitalist, the mill-owner, or manufacturer.
  74. There, as if he had guessed our wishes, or meant to gratify at once his pleasure and his pride, in being the master, by the title of present possession, of beauties delicate beyond imagination, he discovered her breast to his own touch, and our common view; but oh! what delicious manual of love devotion; how inimitable fine moulded! small, round, firm, and excellently white; then the grain of their skin, so soothing, so flattering to the touch! and of beauty.
  75. He remained steadily inclined to gratify so amiable a feeling; to gratify anybody else who might wish to see Fanny dance, and to give pleasure to the young people in general; and having thought the matter over, and taken his resolution in quiet independence, the result of it appeared the next morning at breakfast, when, after recalling and commending what his nephew had said, he added, I do not like, William, that you should leave Northamptonshire without this indulgence.
  76. She had been told that, rough and brutal as they seemed just then, they were not like this all the year round, but were, in fact, quite civil persons save during certain weeks of autumn and winter, when, like the inhabitants of the Malay Peninsula, they ran amuck, and made it their purpose to destroy life—in this case harmless feathered creatures, brought into being by artificial means solely to gratify these propensities—at once so unmannerly and so unchivalrous towards their weaker fellows in Nature's teeming family.
  77. Lothario seeing the fixed determination of Anselmo, and not knowing what further examples to offer or arguments to urge in order to dissuade him from it, and perceiving that he threatened to confide his pernicious scheme to some one else, to avoid a greater evil resolved to gratify him and do what he asked, intending to manage the business so as to satisfy Anselmo without corrupting the mind of Camilla; so in reply he told him not to communicate his purpose to any other, for he would undertake the task himself, and would begin it as soon as he pleased.
  78. Honour and virtue are the ornaments of the mind, without which the body, though it be so, has no right to pass for beautiful; but if modesty is one of the virtues that specially lend a grace and charm to mind and body, why should she who is loved for her beauty part with it to gratify one who for his pleasure alone strives with all his might and energy to rob her of it? I was born free, and that I might live in freedom I chose the solitude of the fields; in the trees of the mountains I find society, the clear waters of the brooks are my mirrors, and to the trees and waters I make known my thoughts and charms.
  79. At this, Don Quixote, turning to Sancho, said, Did I not tell thee, Sancho, there would be squires enough and to spare for me? See now who offers to become one; no less than the illustrious bachelor Samson Carrasco, the perpetual joy and delight of the courts of the Salamancan schools, sound in body, discreet, patient under heat or cold, hunger or thirst, with all the qualifications requisite to make a knight-errant's squire! But heaven forbid that, to gratify my own inclination, I should shake or shatter this pillar of letters and vessel of the sciences, and cut down this towering palm of the fair and liberal arts.
  80. Now tell me, Anselmo, in which of these two art thou imperilled, that I should hazard myself to gratify thee, and do a thing so detestable as that thou seekest of me? Neither forsooth; on the contrary, thou dost ask of me, so far as I understand, to strive and labour to rob thee of honour and life, and to rob myself of them at the same time; for if I take away thy honour it is plain I take away thy life, as a man without honour is worse than dead; and being the instrument, as thou wilt have it so, of so much wrong to thee, shall not I, too, be left without honour, and consequently without life? Listen to me, Anselmo my friend, and be not impatient to answer me until I have said what occurs to me touching the object of thy desire, for there will be time enough left for thee to reply and for me to hear.
  81. Mass adulation of a few professional athletes by billions of unathletic lazy, sedentary, sick, weak, unhealthy, spoiled people who have nothing better to do with their lives because they have no purpose and no meaning in their lives except to gratify their lowest, most disgusting, oldest, most obsolete urges, instincts and appetites… This culture of consumer self-gratification not only dehumanizes billions of civilized babies, infants, children, adolescents, men and women… it desensitizes them, it makes them so empty inside, so vapid, so worthless, so useless; that without the weapons of mass distraction and mass entertainment which the sport of tennis is only a tiny part of… they would become so depressed, they would all commit suicide because their precious fucking entertainment spectacles would not be there for them so they can escape reality and not have to look at themselves and their life and what they are doing and ask themselves why they are doing it.
  82. Ask, indeed, any individual if he considers it praiseworthy or even honorable for a man to fill a position for which he receives a salary so high as to be out of all proportion to the amount of his labor, as, for instance, that of collecting from the people, often from beggars, taxes which are to be devoted to the purchase of cannon, torpedoes, and other instruments for murdering the men with whom we wish to live in peace, and who wish to live in peace with us; or, to receive a salary for spending his life either in perfecting these instruments of murder, or in the military exercises by which men are trained for slaughter? Ask whether it be praiseworthy or compatible with the dignity of man, or becoming to a Christian, to undertake, also for money, to arrest some unfortunate man, some illiterate drunkard, for some petty theft not to be compared with the magnitude of our own appropriation, or for manslaughter not conducted by our advanced methods; and for such offenses to throw people into prison, or put them to death? Ask whether it be laudable and becoming in a man and a Christian, also for money, to teach the people foolish and injurious superstitions instead of the doctrine of Christ? Whether, again, it be laudable and worthy of a man to wrench from his neighbor, in order to gratify his own caprice, the very necessaries of life, as the great landowners do; or to exact from his fellow-man an excessive and exhausting toil for the purpose of increasing his own wealth, as the mill-owners and manufacturers do; or to take advantage of human necessities to build up colossal fortunes, as the merchants do?
  1. The stunned silence was gratifying.
  2. Extremely gratifying to learn that.
  3. It was gratifying to know she looked good.
  4. It can be challenging and most gratifying.
  5. But it’s very gratifying, just the same.
  6. There is nothing more gratifying than being.
  7. The issue in itself is gratifying and prestigious.
  8. He takes a step back, which is somewhat gratifying.
  9. The interest of all those foreigners was gratifying.
  10. It lasted a long time and was thoroughly gratifying.
  11. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to.
  12. God; words that are gratifying; fellowship in the spirit.
  13. Working with foreclosed properties is gratifying in that.
  14. I didn’t think a self gratifying term was appropriate.
  15. She Who Gathers Stones Together found this most gratifying.
  16. There is something gratifying in hubris defied and punished.
  17. I don’t know when I’ve ever heard anything so gratifying.
  18. Could there be a more gratifying reward for sincere effort?
  19. Q: It is, no doubt, very gratifying to hear that one is the silent.
  20. This eagerness was very gratifying, but it was embarrassing as well.
  21. It must have been gratifying to beat out your competitor, WWW Company.
  22. But if there’s one gratifying thing about the drudgery of redundant.
  23. It was gratifying to see my own wingman right there, wagging his wings.
  24. Teaching you the finer points of our craft has been extremely gratifying.
  25. Back in the United States, Roger had to face other less gratifying realities.
  26. He was happily married with two children, and he enjoyed a gratifying lifestyle.
  27. But with your success in life? Surely it should be very easy, gratifying even.
  28. Both boys had always been very virile for their ages, very potent and gratifying.
  29. The year ends with gratifying results to business men in every avenue of activity.
  30. The juice felt gratifying to his taste buds like nothing else in the past few days.
  31. Hitting an objective is gratifying and often a good time to reevaluate your game plan.
  32. In the process, all my mistakes would be corrected and replaced with more gratifying stuff.
  33. The gratifying sound of secondary explosions showed exactly how powerful a weapon that was.
  34. Prompt, immediate and gratifying reform marks this action of the International Mercantile Marine.
  35. It would be a sweet, gratifying experience for Barry and I and we couldn’t wait for it to happen.
  36. This praise is gratifying to hear, and it confirms Greenberg's poor experience with outside analysts.
  37. It was so gratifying to know that I’d both surprised her and possibly made one of her dreams come true.
  38. So far, nothing worth coming in here for had drifted past, but it was gratifying to see his script working.
  39. He would have enjoyed gratifying the foolish notions of the things Scarlett set her mind on were unthinkable.
  40. He heard the gratifying sigh from the curator who was staring wide-eyed at the ever-increasing bounty before him.
  41. Finally, the level of obvious sleaze and greed was particularly gratifying to short sellers when the bubble burst.
  42. Most gratifying to the officers and men of the Carpathia is the constantly expressive appreciation of the survivors.
  43. A gratifying crunch of bone through shell resulted in the splatter of thick, alien blood, with some landing on his face.
  44. Jennings directly gave her the gratifying assurance that she certainly would not, and Miss Steele was made completely happy.
  45. Jennings directly gave her the gratifying assurance that she certainly would NOT, and Miss Steele was made completely happy.
  46. It was gratifying to see that his colleagues had nothing more to offer than copying the articles that Reuters put on the wire.
  47. But parenting is not supposed to be about burdensome duties alone it also involves a lot of other far more gratifying emotions.
  48. By vicariously gratifying all of the addictions and cravings they died-with, and never got rid of, and are still poisoned with.
  49. As gratifying as that might be, having you brought up on assault charges in my honor isn’t quite the resolution I had in mind.
  50. Caroline’s first official act as general manager was a gratifying one: barring the insolent prostitute, Herminia, Mike’s Chiquita.
  51. When Magua thought sufficient time had been lost in gratifying the family affection of the warrior, he again made the signal to proceed.
  52. This is because they are capable of doing good, but waste this capability in gratifying their lusts and committing sins and infractions.
  53. He was broken in health and fortune deplorably enough to present a truly gratifying spectacle to the supreme chief of democratic institutions.
  54. It is; however, gratifying to acknowledge that the ‘soldiers’ of our nation continue to be the best armed combat teams in the world.
  55. And for the same reason, it was gratifying to meet a group like this one that had not succumbed to the depressing reality of our circumstances.
  56. Taking the islands into their hands, the English Government had to undertake the difficult task of gratifying various expectations raised by them.
  57. But when Roopa’s clamor rent the air as Sandhya plunged her tongue into her surging vulva to savor its flavor, they both had gratifying feeling.
  58. This is the classic buy the low or sell the high, which, though emotionally gratifying when it works out, can be very challenging to execute.
  59. Norris too well to think of gratifying her by commendation of Fanny; to her, it was as the occasion offered—Ah! ma'am, how much we want dear Mrs.
  60. This gratifying certainty increased Florentino Ariza’s eagerness, for at the height of pleasure he had experienced a revelation that he could not.
  61. And although my sister instantly boxed my ears, it was highly gratifying to me to see that the answer spoilt his joke, and brought him to a dead stop.
  62. The result of his experiment has been so gratifying that he finds himself justified in adding to them from his surplus, as he is doing largely this year.
  63. This spirit is what brings Abortion(child sacrifice), Sexual immorality(Gays,Lesbian,Bisexual,Transgender), it is totally self seeking and self gratifying.
  64. If you like game theory and trying to logically deduce what's likely to happen, this is a great application for that and it's very gratifying to be proven correct.
  65. With a gratifying smile now predominately displayed across his face, Paul quietly stood in place and watched as the kid gasped for air as he remained lie on his back.
  66. It was all satisfying to us once, and we do not intend to allow it to waste in unconscious effervescence among the gaudier though less gratifying delights of manhood.
  67. Though it is gratifying that she and Adrian care that much – Adrian had even come on the phone at one point trying to convince me that they had space – silly man!.
  68. There was something fascinating about watching these creatures eat, something sordidly gratifying about the way that little dribbles of sauce might run down their chins.
  69. This had been a bone of gratifying contention between the two of them for almost four years, neither getting close enough to 1G to see for themselves what the truth might be.
  70. To hear about what was going on in his brain the day he made that leap, and to see him years later, successfully treating his depression and engaged to be married, was so gratifying.
  71. With me, indeed, this question is one of sacred accountableness; whereas with my opponents, I have good reason to say that it is an occasion for gratifying a spirit of worldly opposition.
  72. He loved money, but he also loved to spend it in gratifying his peculiar tastes, and perhaps he loved it best of all as a means of making others feel his power more or less uncomfortably.
  73. The division of gratifying sensations ought not, in strict justice, to have been equal; for Sir Thomas was fully resolved to be the real and consistent patron of the selected child, and Mrs.
  74. We arrived at the Valley of Axber without incidence, our allies numbered close to four thousand, a most gratifying addition to our strength in the event that the Teoti still wasn’t convinced.
  75. Although the eighteen-week program in Salamanca and Madrid, including the one-week tour through southern Spain, was both gratifying and relaxing for Roger, he missed his children considerably.
  76. War is a very ugly business, and while it is gratifying to notice you stood and fought rather than turned and ran, I couldn’t help thinking that there must be a better way to prove yourself.
  77. Some percentage of these trades will evolve into major trend reversals; however gratifying that is, it is not the most common outcome and should not be your expectation when trading this pattern.
  78. Woman, then, appeared to him a mysterious and charming creature; now, he looked on woman, on every woman, except nearest relations and wives of friends, as a means of gratifying now tried pleasures.
  79. It was all known at the Parsonage, where he loved to talk over the future with both his sisters, and it would be rather gratifying to him to have enlightened witnesses of the progress of his success.
  80. The IDEA that you should spend your entire life doing NOTHING but LOLLING AROUND sitting on your ASSES and GRATIFYING YOUR LOWEST, WORST ADDICTIONS AND URGES Is the reason WHY ALL OF YOU ARE STILL SLAVES.
  81. While also gratifying their egos, and their greed: with all kinds of expensive, once-physically gratifying sacrifices, as the only way left to them anymore to partake in any of their baser urges vicariously.
  82. She had no more time to think about this, for ten inches of hard cock had been thrust into her wet cunt and she was then taken completely and beautifully out of this world for a very long, gratifying time.
  83. And her whole body, the very way she sat in her chair, showed an absorption, an eagerness not to miss a crumb of my uncle's talk, that would have been very gratifying to him if he were not used to just this.
  84. That’s ugly stuff, but it’s best not to ignore those screw ups as if they didn’t exist (although I wish they didn’t), painting myself a gratifying but distorted rosy picture of my own glorious history.
  85. What these stuffs did there, it was impossible to say; they awaited, while gratifying the eyes, a destination unknown to their owner himself; in the meantime they filled the place with their golden and silky reflections.
  86. Sancho returned to his master mightily pleased with this gratifying answer, and told him all the great lady had said to him, lauding to the skies, in his rustic phrase, her rare beauty, her graceful gaiety, and her courtesy.
  87. They teach this religion to their children by example, by gratifying themselves, and believing their children have a god-given right to gratify themselves also… without giving any example of refusing to gratify themselves.
  88. It was the only thing approaching to a letter which she had ever received from him; she might never receive another; it was impossible that she ever should receive another so perfectly gratifying in the occasion and the style.
  89. And he tried— I bugged my eyes and blew right in their faces, and when they continued to laugh, it was more than a little gratifying, like an oasis in the middle of everything that had gone on since I’d come to Africa.
  90. It was gratifying to know for sure that he’d been right in his assumption that she and Scar were one and the same, but Tristan’s thoughts were pulled away from Scara abruptly when an arrow thudded into the ground at his feet.
  91. You see," he began suddenly with extraordinary dignity, "as to what I saw abroad I have already given explanations, and my explanations were found satisfactory, otherwise I should not have been gratifying this town with my presence.
  92. William's promotion, with all its particulars, he was soon master of; and with such a secret provision of comfort within his own breast to help the joy, he found in it a source of most gratifying sensation and unvarying cheerfulness all dinner-time.
  93. They caught fish, cooked supper and ate it, and then fell to guessing at what the village was thinking and saying about them; and the pictures they drew of the public distress on their account were gratifying to look upon—from their point of view.
  94. Because if it did: then parents would have to stop being consumers and stop gratifying their children’s slightest wishes, and raising them to become spoiled brats; stupid and slow, with dulled senses, and deadened minds… easy targets for rapists.
  95. She blushed at this hint; but it was even visibly gratifying to her; and after a ten minutes’ interval of earnest thought, she came to her sister again, and said with great good humour, Perhaps, Elinor, it WAS rather ill-judged in me to go to Allenham; but Mr.
  96. But those who were born poor and have risen under the stimulus of a furious envy of the comfortable and the rich, fancy that everybody who isn’t rich has the same savage hunger which they themselves had, and is ready to use the same desperate methods in gratifying it.
  97. Ingeborg was transformed in his eyes with gratifying rapidity into a sister--a gentle maiden sister who on the demise of his wife had taken over the housekeeping; and when in the evenings he bade her a kind good-night he found himself doing it quite naturally on her forehead.
  98. Vincy, after some struggle, had gone with Fred to stay a little while at Stone Court, there being no other way of at once gratifying old Featherstone and keeping watch against Mary Garth, who appeared a less tolerable daughter-in-law in proportion as Fred's illness disappeared.
  99. It would really be gratifying to see them all again, and a little addition of society might be of infinite use to them; and as to yourself, you must feel yourself to be so wanted there, that you cannot in conscience, conscientious as you are, keep away, when you have the means of returning.
  100. Ferrars, not aware of their being Elinor's work, particularly requested to look at them; and after they had received gratifying testimony of Lady Middletons's approbation, Fanny presented them to her mother, considerately informing her, at the same time, that they were done by Miss Dashwood.
  1. Sen seemed gratified by the question.
  2. Children can be threats if not gratified.
  3. Susan in particular was highly gratified.
  4. We are much gratified in noticing both what Dr.
  5. He was deeply gratified by this turn of events.
  6. Lynde was spitefully gratified to find that Mr.
  7. He was immensely gratified to have her with him.
  8. And in a tone vaguely gratified, he observed—.
  9. She painted the city in glowing terms, gratified.
  10. Lembke was much gratified and was quickly consoled.
  11. Just the same, she agreed, in a gratified tone.
  12. He was pleased that the rival pastor should be gratified.
  13. Rafferty was gratified to find he was in the right for once.
  14. I got to Roy’s and was gratified to see that he was there.
  15. I should have been gratified, but instead I just passed out again.
  16. I asked for three cards and was gratified to see my third 4 appear.
  17. I was gratified to see him turn pale, and toss the comic book aside.
  18. For months I told her stories, gratified by the change I could cause.
  19. He was more or less gratified with his guest's alarm and submission.
  20. They were accustomed merely to pronounce a wish to have it gratified.
  21. I told her that it looked as if her desire was about to be gratified.
  22. Petrovitch, much gratified at this agreeable banter, though still sulky.
  23. He was particularly gratified at how much territory the animals covered.
  24. It could be so for all the resemblances, said the gratified parents.
  25. Gratified by his gesture, she joined her hands to ensconce their embrace.
  26. I was simply gratified to see their condition improve following that feeding.
  27. How gratified he had been to see Moses leading his people, giant staff in hand.
  28. We were, indeed, not exempt from every evil, or gratified by every possible good.
  29. If we could have its use, without its attending abuse, I should be gratified also.
  30. Gratified by his gesture, so it seemed, her lips played host to their labial guests.
  31. He confirmed his friends in their confidence, fixed the wavering, and gratified all.
  32. At first he offered me his bed, but when I refused it I think that too gratified him.
  33. I'm gratified when she doesn't look around to see who's watching, because I don't care.
  34. That sounded good, so I let him poke and prod, and was gratified to hear him pronounce.
  35. When gratified by lovemaking, it occasions a fulfilled feeling for man and woman alike.
  36. No doubt everyone ought to have been deeply gratified that there had been no bloodshed.
  37. I was so terribly happy and gratified to see that Zoë had inherited this love of mine.
  38. Elm nodded his head gratified that he wouldn't have another boy looking upon Fern's body.
  39. My opinion! she cried, shrinking from such a compliment, highly as it gratified her.
  40. Now people would point and whisper when they saw him, and this gratified Ravan a great deal.
  41. Oke and myself are gratified that we can orchestrate the ritual of their passing with decorum.
  42. A fact that gratified Matthew who was not adept at being two faced, no matter what the occasion.
  43. He’d been afraid she was going to leave over the synapsase, he was gratified that she didn’t.
  44. Olin was gratified to observe that there was no evidence of trash or garbage anywhere about the area.
  45. Bhaer cleared his throat with a gratified "Hem!" as he stepped into the corner where Jo stood, saying.
  46. But the cupidity of the Indian was soon gratified, and the different bodies again moved slowly onward.
  47. He seemed gratified that Ravan was injured, and it appeared that his intent would be to injure him more.
  48. A part of him seems oddly gratified by the fulfillment of this vengeance, even though it is not his own.
  49. Even as they warmed them with their tears, he felt gratified as both of them showered kisses on his hands.
  50. He was highly gratified with the temper and ability with which the discussion had been hitherto conducted.
  51. Darren was gratified to see some people actually did bring their families (and pets) with them to the studio.
  52. When he became aroused, he demanded to be gratified, which, of course, was the very thing she intended doing.
  53. Pouring the niaphron powder onto both wounds he waited and was gratified to see bubbles and the bleeding stop.
  54. He was vastly gratified the next moment, to see the "Spaniard" take to his heels and get himself out of sight.
  55. Makienko was also loosing strength, and Miller was gratified to notice that he had hit the Russian in the chest.
  56. As she turned to go, she decided to give Mick a kiss on the cheek, and she was gratified to see him blush in response.
  57. As she introduced him to the animated inmates, he was gratified to note that they didn’t make him feel embarrassed.
  58. Parents and friends were highly gratified with the very flattering manner in which the young ladies acquitted themselves.
  59. Amy was gratified, but of course didn't show it, and demurely answered, Foreign life polishes one in spite of one's self.
  60. This inclined plane was suppressed later on, for the sake of symmetry; horses may die of thirst, but the eye is gratified.
  61. He was gratified to see that as she took a sip of her coffee she sat back in her chair and looked more relaxed and engaged.
  62. Seated on their towels on the floor, appetites gratified, muscles satisfied after an active day, they leaned back in silence.
  63. Of course these objections wrought my eagerness to a climax: gratified it must be, and that without delay; and I told him so.
  64. I will endeavor to convince him of this, and shall be gratified if I can enlist his talents on the side of a bleeding country.
  65. He was gratified to see the influence of the churches that preached a "holier than thou" philosophy, losing favor with society.
  66. When a gratified Gautam wanted to donate his immense wealth to the ashram, the swamiji saw his disciple’s destiny differently.
  67. As to myself, as an American, I am by no means gratified that we should contend with one nation because another does us justice.
  68. He was especially gratified to see a small dark-haired woman wearing an expensive Fila tracksuit in line at the checkout counter.
  69. Gratified with the substantial success of this department, we solicit orders from all who have unexceptionable wares to advertise.
  70. I’m gratified, she said with a feeling that suggested that she understood his feeling, conveyed through his body language.
  71. Here was a face with flashing eyes and distorted features, a face convulsed with hatred and with the mad joy of gratified revenge.
  72. He was extremely gratified to hear the boomer, who had nothing else to do except monitor the situation, say Nice hookup, Pintail.
  73. And a gratified Gautam found himself crying over his son’s head even as Suresh began washing his father’s feet with his tears.
  74. A man may, from various motives, decline to give his company, but perhaps not even a sage would be gratified that nobody missed him.
  75. If the object be to have gentlemen who never saw such a thing gratified with an explosion, that object will be attained, but no other.
  76. We are, thus far, gratified with the success of this department, and solicit orders from all who have unexceptionable wares to advertise.
  77. President, it would have gratified me if some other gentleman had undertaken to reply to the ingenious argument which you have just heard.
  78. I had asked him the question inhospitably enough, for I resented the sort of bright and gratified recognition that still shone in his face.
  79. Linton, recalling old times, would have me give you a cordial reception; and, of course, I am gratified when anything occurs to please her.
  80. Compare the efficiency of that force with the interest of three millions and a half, the cost, and you cannot but be gratified with the result.
  81. Intense brass sounds and pompous drums came from the small speaker, while the Swede seemed instantly gratified judging from the grin on his face.
  82. The village was deeply gratified to see an unconscious Frau Pastor carried through its midst, and her limp body had all the prestige of a corpse.
  83. And as long as her father was near her, they were sudden temper to which she gave vent in screaming tantrums that were forgotten as always gratified hastily.
  84. The future travelers were both satisfied with, and gratified for, all the efforts made on their behalf that would allow them this once in a lifetime adventure.
  85. He was gratified to see her able to walk farther now between restings, and looking at her as she walked ahead of him was easier than it had been the day before.
  86. Colling dealt with the remaining minor ailments in what he believed was an efficient way, and was gratified to see that the line of waiting men had almost disappeared.
  87. Their first lively lusts gratified, the young men lay facing each other on the bed, curious fingers already seeking new ways to pleasure, stimulate and reignite passion.
  88. Jack Smith's ambition to be a sailor and how it was finally gratified notwithstanding the obstacles that intervene, his capture by Algerian pirates, and his subsequent rescue.
  89. When the triumphant shout of Uncas was borne to his ears, the gratified father raised his voice in a single responsive cry, after which his busy piece alone proved that he still.
  90. A while later, somewhat breathless from manoeuvring the heavy box down the ladder but gratified that I have managed it on my own, I sit on the bed and start going through my history.
  91. As soon as she saw him she was seized by the same feeling she had had at the opera- gratified vanity at his admiration of her and fear at the absence of a moral barrier between them.
  92. He only gratified his own feelings, saved himself from annoyance-and this was probably one of the most selfish and very worst actions of his life, for in all respects he is most worthy.
  93. Seeing he was fulfilled as well, she felt gratified for being the source of his fulfillment and as her own enjoyment, occasioned by him, made him even more endearing to her loving heart.
  94. A vagrant current or a slight rise in the river had carried off their raft, but this only gratified them, since its going was something like burning the bridge between them and civilization.
  95. Darling, I have endeavored to introduce to you the many aspects of managing a large household, and I am gratified to say that your abilities are unsurpassed in thoroughness and creativity.
  96. All the guests, in fact, were sympathetically gratified; even the children's games were checked that they might not hinder the conversation: the whole atmosphere was saturated with reverence.
  97. It gratified all the vicious vanity that was in him; and so, instead of winning him, it only "set him up" the more and made him the more diligent to avoid betraying that he knew she was about.
  98. His sentiment of patriotism was gratified too ; they've got another story, for instance, that the English gave Zavyalov a million on condition that he shouldn't put his stamp on his handiwork.
  99. He was gratified to find that he could get a good grip on the armrests, and that the footboard was positioned against his soles so he could brace himself solidly with his feet and his shoulders.
  100. Carton would never have asked it of her, yet was gratified that she saw it to be her duty to leave nothing undone in tracing the girl, not even considering the possibility of offending Langhorne.
  1. They buy whatever gratifies them at the moment.
  2. Question: I think that the fan-celebrity relationship gratifies both sides.
  3. Its unspoken religious message is that only comfortable normality, only normality that gratifies you the most is good-right-winning, etc.
  4. The unspoken religious assumption of consumer choice is that they are only supposed to choose what ‘pleases’ them; they are only supposed to choose something ‘if it pleases them’… ‘if it gratifies them’ meaning whatever makes their egos swell up and feel big and important.

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