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Dingy in a sentence

He wore a dingy tee-shirt.
An old fisherman in his dingy.
We passed a badly-lit hotel, a dingy.
Snow is falling to-day, yellow and dingy.
Spock and the lady went into a dingy room.
The once dingy green floor of the Tavern.
The rooms were on the small side, dark and dingy.

Carroll looked down at his torn, dingy shirt sleeve.
The whitewash was dingy and had fallen off in places.
They drove to a shabby hotel and went to a dingy room.
There still was a fairly dingy, rundown look to it all.
It only took a minute to pull the galvanized dingy back.
Six dingy plastic chairs lined the left and right walls.
The beds were small and metal with dingy sheets and covers.
Low, ragged, dingy clouds moved rapidly across the cold sky.
I follow him under a hanging sheet and into a dingy back room.
He wore gray, ragged clothes that looked so shabby and dingy.
The bathrooms were tucked away in a dingy, badly lit corridor.
After bearing the hot water, Junya pissed in the dingy toilet.
My mind was elsewhere… rooted back in that dingy hotel room.
Piers ran the boat up onto the beach next to the half-sunken dingy.
I spent the night in a tiny dingy room with Shinde as my room-mate.
His dingy gray shirtsleeves hung loosely over his once powerful arms.
We walk into the dingy office where David gave me my mother’s journal.
Jimmy would be sitting by the phone in his dingy apartment not far away.
In this dingy, leaning against the mast meant her feet were over the bow.
The dingy evil of the tunnels that had been the scenes of flight and fear.
Phlegmy coughs shook the air of the bookshop, bulging out the dingy curtains.
They lived in lodgings or dingy rented rooms and their only outlet from the.
Beyond the security checkpoint, the facility is not as dingy as it was before.
He scribbled in the dingy light of the car, silently purring over the motorway.
Conal watched Troy swim to the stern of the sunken dingy and pull himself over.
Now the banner was dingy, the silk stained brown with drips from the leaky roof.
The bed covers were dirty and dingy, holes in the floors, and overall unsanitary.
Natalie gave her correct address at the dingy little room she was renting from Jimmy.
She learned that it was actually located in a rather dingy residential neighborhood.
Actually there’s a lower cellar that’s particularly dingy and ice-cold, I said.
It was not much changed—a little more run-down and dingy than it was twenty years ago.
I spotted Shareef Thomas on one of the mattresses, near the rear of the dark, dingy room.
The fluid dribbles down his throat and drips off his chin onto his dingy, sleeveless shirt.

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