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Gruesome in a sentence | gruesome example sentences

  1. Gruesome jumped to his feet.
  2. It became a gruesome sight.
  3. Gruesome stared into the fire.
  4. These are the rules of gruesome.
  5. It was gruesome, the way Howdy.

  6. You know the rules of gruesome?
  7. The sight was gruesome and awful.
  8. Gruesome, horrible ends in those.
  9. Gruesome stared at the little girl.
  10. But Gruesome was already past them.
  11. Gruesome admired the man’s heart.
  12. The Honorless are not like Gruesome.
  13. It is an honor, glorious Gruesome.
  14. Early on, it was sloppy and gruesome.
  15. Pjodarr, Gruesome held up a hand.

  16. Two more of the animals rushed Gruesome.
  17. The girl finds it amusing and gruesome.
  18. I try not to think of the gruesome parts.
  19. Gruesome could see the pain in her eyes.
  20. This is a very bloody and gruesome sport.
  21. Gruesome enough to set off the gag reflex.
  22. Their stories were too gruesome to recall.
  23. The voice was cut off with a gruesome noise.
  24. Gruesome had to marvel at the pace he kept.
  25. Gruesome and Pjodarr stared at the young man.

  26. This is a reward? Gruesome was shocked.
  27. He told a series of sad and gruesome stories.
  28. It was a gruesome sight—well, not for Yeltsa.
  29. He looked back toward Gruesome and his master.
  30. Gruesome realized the old Honorless still lived.
  31. Chief Gruesome, ‘tis good to see ye again.
  32. Gruesome promptly stood and bowed to the dwarf.
  33. Gruesome wondered what went on behind the mask.
  34. I could have saved her from this gruesome fate.
  35. Gruesome kicked his knee into the old one's gut.
  36. Bowhunting in particular is a gruesome practice.
  37. Because of the gruesome experiences of that war.
  38. Apparently there have been a couple of gruesome.
  39. A gruesome horror flick from the 60's was showing.
  40. Gruesome knew the slave's silver mask hid the tears.
  41. Gruesome knew what the shaman had to tell his master.
  42. Gruesome turned his attention to the old man as well.
  43. Cara wanted to know some, but not the gruesome parts.
  44. It also is a quite gruesome sight to the uninitiated.
  45. Gruesome grunted and slapped the little havtrol apart.
  46. The Administrator put on a gruesome show, said Timmy.
  47. Ted had not seen anything this gruesome during the war.
  48. He couldn’t shake the gruesome visions from his mind.
  49. He was acutely aware of the gruesome cost of even one.
  50. Helga, remembering the gruesome story her father had told.
  51. Gruesome had time to study the man more during their meal.
  52. Gruesome shook his head and went back to donning his gear.
  53. With a final blow, Gruesome ended its miserable existence.
  54. There was a gruesome cracking sound as Kyle re-set his nose.
  55. The reports are gruesome, Faye Anne said with a shudder.
  56. As a child Chikatilo was conveyed many gruesome stories by.
  57. In the Social Hall, these gruesome theatrics were magnified.
  58. He smiled at Gruesome, and the havtrol saw him fully composed.
  59. It shattered, momentarily, the darkness of that gruesome place.
  60. Gruesome rose slowly to his feet and pointed his finger at Folik.
  61. I spent a gruesome night in an old country farmhouse last summer.
  62. I never knew I could be happy to see three gruesome, severed heads.
  63. Which key? David asked back feebly, lo st in gruesome thoughts.
  64. It is a long, gruesome story; are you sure you want to hear?
  65. Gruesome was unsure if this was some form of human courtship or not.
  66. We were a gruesome circle; even my wife's high social spirit faltered.
  67. Pjodarr figured the havtrols would focus on Gruesome and he was right.
  68. He snarled, baring teeth, and his mouth twisted into a gruesome smile.
  69. Gruesome looked at the small circle of stones in the middle of the hut.
  70. His right eye glared at the captain, but that was not what Gruesome saw.
  71. She continued to smile but I now thought it stretched, almost gruesome.
  72. Chuck could see his own gruesome, stretched-out reflection in its base.
  73. The woman’s daughter had been murdered in a horrifyingly gruesome way.
  74. December 31, 1980, through December 31, 1984, was particularly gruesome.
  75. A gruesome monstrosity suddenly appeared in the midst of the demon horde.
  76. I watched the scene unfolding in the main room with gruesome fascination.
  77. The Honorless lifted a bit of its guts and waved them weakly at Gruesome.
  78. Gruesome had never known another slave that could command such authority.
  79. Given Brink’s gruesome death, it appears the boss was involved, deeply.
  80. He turned a corner—and suddenly he encountered a gruesome row of veterans.
  81. The gruesome aspects of cleaning Anna’s body kept recurring in her dreams.
  82. Pjodarr watched with rapt attention as Gruesome pulled the axe from his hip.
  83. Every time the phone rang, she expected it to be another gruesome discovery.
  84. He didn’t suppose it really mattered exactly what the gruesome details were.
  85. Tom looked back at the two horses following him, carrying their gruesome loads.
  86. The thought of a gruesome death by the Orderrans taunted his belief in victory.
  87. For spirit without ability usually led to a gruesome death on the battlefield.
  88. His gruesome task was to destroy all the eggs and anything else he found there.
  89. The more gruesome his descriptions of his murders, the more excited she became.
  90. Yuki looked at the gruesome evidence that had now dropped literally into her lap.
  91. All I saw when I closed my eyes were the rancid, gruesome faces of the infected.
  92. He sounds gruesome, but as long as Sebastian had him to look after, he was happy.
  93. Such magic was beyond the mind of a warrior, so Gruesome did not wonder about it.
  94. But the trooper's attention had been caught by something gruesome upon the ground.
  95. The mighty Gruesome flew through the air with the grace of a stone butterfly!.
  96. I decided to change the subject before she began recounting more gruesome stories.
  97. Gruesome watched the shaman intently, and wondered what worked in the man’s mind.
  98. Gruesome did not have to look to know exactly what the honorable general was doing.
  99. You mean you dug him up because he was your hero? Gruesome grunted in disgust.
  100. I shouldn't have woken you and burdened you with the gruesome events of the evening.

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