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Dire in a sentence

1. I was in dire straits.
2. If you see dire things.
3. He also has a dire warning.
4. To mean in the dire gravity.
5. The situation was dire, and.
6. It’s that dire, is it?
7. The consequences can be dire.

8. He was in such dire straits.
9. Would haste in agitation dire.
10. Talbot hinted that it was dire.
11. It’s not dire for you, Amy.
12. I was in dire need of a shower.
13. It should be used only in dire.
14. The situation was dire and Lee.
15. Not for you, it never will be dire.
16. His words certainly painted a dire.
17. The expression on her face was dire.
18. The brew is thick, the need is dire.
19. The Ethiopian wolf is in dire straits.
20. This dire emergency may be caused by:.
21. I was, for the moment, in dire straits.
22. Believe me, Rebecca was in dire straits.
23. It belonged to the Dire Queen, Ankharet.
24. His sleep had been overrun by dire 319.
25. The food situation was increasingly dire.
26. The dire warning had been clearly provided.
27. My situation was more dire than ever before.
28. The Dire Queen sat impatiently on her Throne.
29. This decision was to have dire consequences.
30. Removing a protective totem could have dire.
31. Of dire predictions, about their demise, and.
32. A dire reflection of the Hisian-set’s own.
33. I'm afraid that I write to you with dire news.
34. It was the cry of a man in dire fear or agony.
35. The rest of clothing was in dire need of repair.
36. This would have dire consequences at Omaha beach.
37. The reality for 13% of Russians was dire poverty.
38. The situation there had instantly become dire by.
39. The Dire Queen uttered the incantation of shielding.
40. A dire thought suddenly entered Paul's mind and he.

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