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Grisly in a sentence | grisly example sentences

  1. It was a grisly sight.
  2. The sky was grisly, mystical, & eerie.
  3. And then, in this grim grisly skeleton.
  4. No…, It was too grisly to believe.
  5. The grisly pendulum swayed over his head.

  6. Forbidden for anyone to own the grisly volumes.
  7. They obeyed the grisly piping of the eery music.
  8. Looking at the grisly images made Danny nauseous.
  9. The actual grisly work of butchery is done elsewhere.
  10. The earl had a grisly head injury that might be fatal.
  11. Koke could well imagine what their grisly fates had been.
  12. This may sound grisly: but it is an anthropological fact.
  13. I’m told that the troubles in Turfmoor were quite grisly.
  14. The guard opened the door behind him to reveal a grisly scene.
  15. She hesitated before, the leg, transfi xed by the grisly sight.

  16. The point of this grisly story is that Kenny could have blamed.
  17. One more to swell the grim and grisly ranks of the Undead!….
  18. Only a dancer of Zamboula could have lived in that grisly square.
  19. He was dealing with a multiple down there, a baffling and grisly one.
  20. She made a few grisly discoveries of rotted corpses, but that was it.
  21. This is still grisly, Bane said, with no idea what this all meant.
  22. What grisly abomination Xaltotun plotted lay in the unpredictable future.
  23. It was a grisly scene of hell reserved for only the bloodiest of battles.
  24. But this was a grisly job which would involve destroying all the foetuses.
  25. Molinari gave me time to go over the crime scene, which was definitely grisly.

  26. The sight was grisly and shocking, made for the cover of the National Enquirer.
  27. His primitive imagination peopled the subterranean darkness with grisly shapes.
  28. Savouring their power and the dread generated, he was flooded by grisly insights.
  29. He lived in the world, as the last of the Grisly Bears lived in settled Missouri.
  30. Similar grisly discoveries have been found in warehouses elsewhere in the north of.
  31. An experienced glance told him that the grisly find had only recently been relocated.
  32. She saw nothing, but she sensed an unseen peril, more grisly than she could understand.
  33. Flynn turned away from the grisly sight and back to steering the Polly forward out to sea.
  34. Down the corridor he heard the great serpent crawling, sluggish from its recent grisly meal.
  35. Having just witnessed the grisly event, she wondered how he could appear so strangely chipper.
  36. IT LOOKED LIKE A particularly grisly suicide, except that the spray paint can was nowhere around.
  37. Some ran from their chairs to stand in the center of the cellar until the grisly items had passed.
  38. The only evidence of what went on appears to be a videotape found at the scene of this grisly event.
  39. I could only imagine the grisly scene that he had come across, but it didn’t explain his reaction.
  40. Come on, Bear, where’s the grisly Bear from the old days? We’ll be over that fence quick smart.
  41. He had left the grisly scene in charge of his deputy and had been in his office less than 30 minutes.
  42. Then the grisly head was thrown back and the thing wheeled and was gone like a wind through the trees.
  43. This only served to compound his grisly ruminations with visions increasingly graphic as time went by.
  44. I directed the patrol officers upstairs to the grisly body of Joanna, but my thoughts had turned to Chris.
  45. Many died who drank of it; and in those who lived, the drinking wrought change, subtle, gradual and grisly.
  46. Human foes he did not fear; anything understandable, however grisly, caused no tremors in his broad breast.
  47. Once they had finished their grisly task, they would set off into the Forest, to reclaim their slave-girls.
  48. Perhaps they had also learned their penchant for grisly sacrifice and blood offerings from the old ruins to.
  49. Warren kept his eyes on the President who struggled to maintain his composure while facing the grisly scenes.
  50. Why is the truth, the ugly grisly disgusting truth about human civilization and human history so convoluted?
  51. But his grand vizier came to such a grisly end in them that Khossus in a fright walled up the entrance again.
  52. Because a grisly rotting dead Neanderthal decapitated head looks almost exactly like a human decapitated head.
  53. Shortly afterwards, the like grisly sense of the humorous again stole in among the solemn phantoms of his thought.
  54. Returning to the grisly scene, Ducharme continued with his questioning of the Abbot as to the sequence of events.
  55. The water was rising, and she continued to pluck at the loose, dead skin, hanging there in grisly folds and pleats.
  56. He knew that any being clothed in material flesh can be slain by material weapons, however grisly its form may be.
  57. And as he watched, its struggles ceased and it lay jerking spasmodically, staring upward with its grisly dead eyes.
  58. Sheila hung around the kitchen for the hour and a half it took for the men to carry out their grisly task and return.
  59. Not that you could call it much, a scoop of lumpy mashed potato, grisly, tough beef and a miserly serving of tasteless gravy.
  60. They say the room where he was assaulted was a grisly sight—satanic symbols drawn on the walls, blasphemies against God.
  61. The trouble is… the second you try to preserve the beauty of a living girl, all you get is the grisly horror of a dead corpse.
  62. Oh my God! shrieked Chelsey, who was now standing in the doorway with Susan, and staring at the grisly scene in the office.
  63. Point, Phil! He was every bit as dramatic as Nadine, but he didn’t have to rely on shocking, grisly photos to stir up the jury.
  64. And in a grisly new twist, he had used the souvenirs to keep his living victims right where he wanted them—paralyzed with fear.
  65. All certainty and sanity were swept away, leaving a shadowy universe through which stole hooded figures of grisly potentialities.
  66. I have seen what he plots—and I tell you it is no less than the restoration of the ancient, black, grisly kingdom of Acheron!'.
  67. It was a gray ape, one of the grisly man-eaters from the forests that wave on the mountainous eastern shores of the Sea of Vilayet.
  68. What do you want to know for tell me what good it will do knowing all the grisly details? He spat on the floor and continued.
  69. The door shook off its remaining supports and started to tip over and then fell toward the floor and the grisly remains littered on it.
  70. Hilt-deep the saber sank, somewhere below the grisly face, and a convulsive shudder heaved the vast bulk that half enveloped the Cimmerian.
  71. Kiesewetter, a thick-set, grisly man, spoke English, and a thin young girl, with a pince-nez, translated it into Russian promptly and well.
  72. But instead of ending her life in some grisly fashion, the man reached down and cut her sister’s hands free, retying them in front of her.
  73. The prosecution was presenting chat transcripts from young girls who’d fallen in love with their dolls, a particularly grisly phase of my trial.
  74. Zarko noticed her reaction and quickly walked over to the guards to explain the grisly find, hoping to resume the magical moment again thereafter.
  75. When the two men from the Royal Guard left with their grisly find wrapped in linen, Zarko decided not to return to the palace to press Helez for an answer.
  76. News of the bloody and grisly attacks in Birmingham, London, Bradford, Manchester and Edinburgh was being discussed by several academics on the morning TV.
  77. When they reached the haunted house there was something so weird and grisly about the dead silence that reigned there under the baking sun, and something so.
  78. He was never absent during business hours, unless upon an errand, and then he was represented by his son: a grisly urchin of twelve, who was his express image.
  79. Meltz produced a jar containing a grisly object, partly cutaway showing many long, thin, whitish threads crowded into one of its chambers like so much spaghetti.
  80. The other guard, farther removed from the source of the sound, yet sensed the horror of what was taking place, the grisly threat that lay in that demoniac fifing.
  81. And then, he thought some more about the grisly discovery of the massacre’s aftermath near the old ruins to the east and questioned whether this Roscius.
  82. As his hands came free there was a brief tensing of his abundant musculature and she correspondingly tensed in expectation of a grisly fate at this man’s hands.
  83. Jeremiah Cruncher, sitting on his stool in Fleet-street with his grisly urchin beside him, a vast number and variety of objects in movement were every day presented.
  84. So, my friend, what do you think are the chances of another shocking, grisly crime happening in my life? Oh, about a hundred percent, and I can say that with total confidence.
  85. Perhaps Arthur Salisbury had sat in the dingy pub and had observed the man who was to become known as Jack the Ripper luring one of his unsuspecting victims to their grisly fate.
  86. They were equally certain that the van driver who went into shock after finding out the grisly details of what he had been carrying in his car was an innocent party in the matter.
  87. Every white man, paradoxical as it may read, was a sickly yellow, for the malaria was upon all in a slight or severe form, and a fever bred of the grisly and horrible surroundings.
  88. Half-forgotten memories surged back, of grisly tales whispered of the shapes that haunted these uninhabited forests at the foot of the hills that mark the Zingaran-Argossean border.
  89. The Massagetae were claimed to have sacrificed horses, on which they were heavily dependent, to their sun god; and even to have sacrificed old men and feasted on their grisly flesh.
  90. The grisly details of the atrocities the winners committed; and the absence of any accounts of their victims the losers that might put a better perspective on why it happened and how.
  91. He put all his loathing and savage revulsion behind the plunging blade, and suddenly the monster heaved up convulsively beneath him as the point found its grisly heart, and then lay still.
  92. Turning away from his grisly discovery, Grindel hastily entered the inner chamber, all thoughts of rebellion vanishing once he stood before the bent and twisted old figure dominating the small space.
  93. Not for naught had he gained access into darksome cults, had harkened to the grisly whispers of the votaries of Skelos under midnight trees, and read the forbidden iron-bound books of Vathelos the Blind.
  94. Hilderich was already on his feet, following Amonas from close behind, careful with his steps, avoiding what seemed the most grisly pathways and wet spots that held soft matter of dubious origins underneath.
  95. He was not daunted by the grisly tales of what had happened to traders and explorers before him, and by some whim of fate he came among the people he sought, alone and unarmed, and was not instantly speared.
  96. The Black Death wrapped its grisly arms around its victims and sank piercing fangs into the depths of their being, pulling them to the grave faster than the ground could be opened to receive their spoiled bodies.
  97. Sword shaking in his grasp, horror and revulsion and fear almost choking him, he backed away and down the glass steps with painful care, glaring in awful fascination at the grisly thing that slumbered on the copper throne.
  98. At this door stood a fat repellent figure, dangling a bunch of keys—Tsotha's chief eunuch, Shukeli, of whom grisly tales were whispered—a man with whom a bestial lust for torture took the place of normal human passions.
  99. He got a glimpse of a grim stone altar, faintly lighted by the glow outside; five human heads grinned on that altar, and there was a grisly familiarity about the features of the freshest; it was the head of the merchant Tiberias.
  100. But Conan did not hesitate; he darted around a bend in the trail and disappeared, and Balthus, panicky at finding himself alone with that awful scream still shuddering through the forest in grisly echoes, put on an extra burst of speed and plunged after him.

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