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Gun in a sentence

It was a dart gun.
He held up the gun.
A gun to his head.
It was a Tommy gun.
He put the gun in.
I gave him the gun.
Sam got his gun out.

But he used a gun.
He looked at the gun.
The gun held 50 cal.
I awoke to gun shots.
Nick put his gun away.
I have to find a gun.
She might have a gun.
I slid one in my gun.
I heard a gun chamber.
Cam, you got the gun.
There is a gun in a.
My father drew a gun.
He pulled out the gun.
The gun goes off again.
KC only wanted one gun.
In fact, the gun was.
There was no gun trade.
The gun failed to fire.
I took out my laser gun.
Then give me the gun.
Now give me the gun.
A gun cocked behind him.
Five was under the gun.
Anyhow, back to the gun.
I have another gun, a.
Yes, in the gun safe.
He aimed the gun at them.
The gun was cocked –.
The guy is holding a gun.
He almost draws his gun.
Had a gun and everything.
The gun to protect it.
The gun fired twice more.
Then have those niggas gunning for us.
Good luck with Victoria’s gang gunning down the army.
What about the Squidy task force gunning for Hardway….
Rain showers the water-hungry land, falling from gunning skies.
They weren’t the Mafia; they hadn’t come gunning for him or his family.
Nothing? I saw on the news that the guy was killed by machine gunning, Truman said, shifting gears.
Sergeant Gunning asked if I would see him as you were engaged, and I had a talk with him, but it's you that he wants to see.
None the less, Sheaar can’t afford the loss to his reputation and so he will have friends and acquaintances gunning for me.
Given that two journalists have died, we are still looking into an angle that a serial killer is gunning down journalists and broadcasters.
Later, in Darkfever, Barrons kills O’Bannion to keep Mac safe from him and his henchmen, but it’s not the end of the O’Bannions gunning for Mac.
Then said in the calm, modulated voice he had been using earlier: For those of you not in the know, gunning down a federal agent is not the wisest thing you could have done.
Also, in South Africa recently the world-famous paralympian, Oscar Pistorius had been accused of gunning down his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in cold blood on Valentine’s Day.
Though they had a few mishaps—Phil once taxied Super Man straight into a telephone pole—in aerial gunning, they nailed targets at a rate more than three times the squadron average.
In spite of our proximity to the enemy our chief annoyance was occasional sniping, machine gunning, rifle grenades, and liquid fire, for the area had been given over mainly to mining and counter-mining.
The B-26 light bombers, who still were a minute away from releasing their bombs, didn’t waste time arguing with her and turned back towards Pusan, gunning their piston engines for all their worth and hurriedly dropping their bombs while their commander started calling frantically the TACG in Taegu for additional fighter cover.
If you move along the dark alleys past the buildings where the editing rooms on the top floors whisper and bray and roar and snack-chatter until two or three or four in the morning, you hear chariots rushing by in the air, or sand blowing across Beau Geste’s ghost-haunted desert, or traffic coursing the Champs-Elyseés all French horns and derogatory cries, or Niagara pouring itself down the studio towers into the film vaults, or Barney Oldfield, on his last run, gunning his racer around Indianapolis to the shout of faceless mobs, while further on as you walk in darkness someone lets loose the dogs of war and you hear Caesar’s wounds open like rosebuds in his cloak, or Churchill bulldogging the airwaves as the Hound bays over the moors and the night people keep working these shadowed hours because they prefer the company of Moviolas and flicker-moth screens and closeup lovers to the people stranded at noonday, stunned by reality outside the walls.
Then you gunned them down.
We gunned by the sound stages.
The lucky ones are gunned down.
Gunned down at the train station.
He gunned the motor and drove away.
And he gunned the car down the road.
The newly elected leader was gunned.
Constance gunned us to the studio gate.
He knew he was well and truly out gunned.
I gunned my hilarity as I gunned the motor.
He gunned the motors to give him the exact.
After all of the men were gunned down, the women were.
Heart pounding, I turned back onto the road and gunned it.
He checked his watch, gunned up, and headed to the elevator.
It was during this slow passage on Elm that he was gunned down.
Soon we reached the stretch of desert and Salah gunned the car.
One dove away, the others got up and were subsequently gunned down.
With a little speed, the truck’s engine popped and gunned to life.
He gunned the V8 and spat stones against the crumbling dry stone wall that.
The cab driver grinned and gunned it, spinning out and taking off into the.
We gunned down all the ten intruders before they were trespassed our border.
He exited the Rock Creek Parkway at fifty miles an hour, then he gunned it again.
He was talking to me on the phone at Union Station when someone gunned him down.
I GUNNED MY EXPLORER, careening through a red light on Ness heading toward Geary.
One was gunned down, but the other managed to throw a bomb in the center of them.
My partner was gunned down in his own home, and I just have to sit on the sidelines.
The driver gunned the engine—the bus lurched as it slammed into the woman’s body.
Before the five British could react, she gunned them down in a hail of automatic fire.
She gunned the motor just as the light went yellow and the car in front of her crossed.
I turned the ignition and gunned the accelerator, giving the lady a sneer as I shot away.
The biker in the lead position gunned her engine, then shut off the motor and dismounted.
Mitch, unnerved by the sudden turn of events, gunned the Escort and aimed it towards home.
Twenty-seven people died that night, gunned down, blown up, poisoned, knifed, or strangled.
Mitchell gunned the boats throttle, after reaching the end of the port, still lost in thought.
That man then charged him and another guard while shooting like a mad man before being gunned down.
If they were as badly out gunned as she thought they were, they would need all help they could get.
Barry barely made it out of the car before I gunned the engine and fishtailed off the killing field.
Her going ballistic had demonstrated to the jury that she could have lost her cool and gunned him down.
Hiss gunned the engine and the truck bounded over the small dirt hills and indentations in the ground.
Miller gunned the little flying boat through a jungle of heavily forested islands and thick vegetation.
Then the guns go off.
I still have two guns.
He also loses his guns.
We looked over the guns.
But all the guns were.
We sprinted to the guns.
Out came the stun guns.
If you have guns, use it.
When guns are melted down.
Guys with guns, of course.
No guns, Child, no guns.
Guns banged in the streets.
He only has guns in front.
Maybe they have more guns.
The guns have been going.
They came in, guns blazing.
They tucked away their guns.
Frank was always into guns.
How many guns are there?
Joshua has a cache of guns.
Guns, Mother and Apple Pie.
Its not the guns we want.
Just get the guns and leave.
Tom kept guns down there.
The big guns finally emerged.
The agents raised their guns.
Yeah guns and roses and all.
You have guns front and rear.
These guys are guns for hire.
These guys always use guns.
We had our guns out and ready.
Are the guns on alert?
They had three guns in the car.
About fifteen guns that day.
The metal box was full of guns.
Devil Girlz trafficked in guns.
More hands would load the guns.
The soldiers lowered their guns.
They had their guns shouldered.
The guns, all revolvers, were.

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