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Accelerator in a sentence

This one is the accelerator.
She stepped on the accelerator.
He floored the accelerator and.
Freeman eased off the accelerator.
Release the accelerator and coast to a stop.
Halfway to Uig my accelerator cable snapped.
Sticky accelerator, the other driver had said.

Paul pushed a little harder on the accelerator.
The engine roared as he pressed the accelerator.
He floored the accelerator, picking up more speed.
Rafferty eased his foot back from the accelerator.
Good enough, she says and hits the accelerator.
Roland floored the accelerator of his sports car and.
And Amy isn’t sure why, but she hits the accelerator.
He eased his foot off the accelerator and slowed down.
They were almost back, he stepped on the accelerator.
Niki let up on the accelerator and stepped on the break.
They definitely know, she stamped the accelerator.
He stomped on the accelerator pedal, forcing it to the.
Uncle folded his hands to before pressing the accelerator.
Your hand twitches on the accelerator, the other on the.
Releasing his pressure on the accelerator, the bike’s.
Pandey pushed the accelerator, the engine roared more, and.
The first step is to blast the tins with a laser accelerator.
He reversed out of the car port and then hit the accelerator.
Adrenaline surged through her and she pumped the accelerator.
She turned the key in the ignition, and floored the accelerator.
There's some kind of field its main accelerator is giving off.
The man slowly pressed the accelerator, and the vehicle drove out.
Couple of years ago, everyone’s accelerator was getting stuck.
He swung right around the next corner and floored the accelerator.
The driver pressed the accelerator pedal down and took another gulp.
The car lurched forward as our driver stepped hard on the accelerator.
Southon at the Keck Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory of the.
Mom tapped the accelerator so hard, rocks flew out from the rental car.
He took his foot off the accelerator and allowed the car to slow gently.
With all the crazy traffic and a foot on the accelerator and a hand on.
I’m very sorry about my wife’s lead foot on the accelerator yesterday.
The young man turning on the ignition and put his foot on the accelerator.
You have the ability to move quickly if you put your foot on the accelerator.

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