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Accelerator in a sentence

1. This one is the accelerator.
2. She stepped on the accelerator.
3. He floored the accelerator and.
4. Freeman eased off the accelerator.
5. Halfway to Uig my accelerator cable snapped.
6. Release the accelerator and coast to a stop.
7. Sticky accelerator, the other driver had said.

8. Paul pushed a little harder on the accelerator.
9. The engine roared as he pressed the accelerator.
10. He floored the accelerator, picking up more speed.
11. Rafferty eased his foot back from the accelerator.
12. Good enough, she says and hits the accelerator.
13. Roland floored the accelerator of his sports car and.
14. They were almost back, he stepped on the accelerator.
15. And Amy isn’t sure why, but she hits the accelerator.
16. He eased his foot off the accelerator and slowed down.
17. They definitely know, she stamped the accelerator.
18. Niki let up on the accelerator and stepped on the break.
19. He stomped on the accelerator pedal, forcing it to the.
20. Uncle folded his hands to before pressing the accelerator.
21. Releasing his pressure on the accelerator, the bike’s.
22. Your hand twitches on the accelerator, the other on the.
23. The first step is to blast the tins with a laser accelerator.
24. Pandey pushed the accelerator, the engine roared more, and.
25. He reversed out of the car port and then hit the accelerator.
26. Adrenaline surged through her and she pumped the accelerator.
27. She turned the key in the ignition, and floored the accelerator.
28. There's some kind of field its main accelerator is giving off.
29. Couple of years ago, everyone’s accelerator was getting stuck.
30. He swung right around the next corner and floored the accelerator.
31. The man slowly pressed the accelerator, and the vehicle drove out.
32. The driver pressed the accelerator pedal down and took another gulp.
33. Southon at the Keck Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory of the.
34. The car lurched forward as our driver stepped hard on the accelerator.
35. Mom tapped the accelerator so hard, rocks flew out from the rental car.
36. With all the crazy traffic and a foot on the accelerator and a hand on.
37. He took his foot off the accelerator and allowed the car to slow gently.
38. The young man turning on the ignition and put his foot on the accelerator.
39. I’m very sorry about my wife’s lead foot on the accelerator yesterday.
40. You have the ability to move quickly if you put your foot on the accelerator.
41. Nothing phases this dog, Smith thought as he pressed down on the accelerator.
42. He backed the Jag slowly out of the driveway, then stepped on the accelerator.
43. With a glance in her rear-view mirror, she lifted her foot off the accelerator.
44. With Richard now safely in the car, E slammed his foot down on the accelerator.
45. With that said, Frank floored the accelerator and William’s head jerked back.
46. They reach the top of the hill and Alex changes down and floors the accelerator.
47. He stamped on the accelerator only just getting ahead of the Bull bars in time.
48. Construction of the Australian Super Collider particle accelerator is underway.
49. If you punch the accelerator, you’ll be slammed back in the seat and ripping.
50. Tgthiem floored the accelerator and caught up with the police car, then overtook it.
51. He slapped his booted foot down onto the accelerator, and felt the van surge forward.
52. Uncle Hobart stuck his middle finger in the air, stamping his foot on the accelerator.
53. The agile assassin tossed her pistol into the passenger seat and hit the accelerator.
54. He put the van in gear and held the brake as he put the heavy rock on the accelerator.
55. When she pushed it this time, she pulled in the clutch and left the accelerator alone.
56. She grinned, showing perfectly white teeth, and a great smile, hit the accelerator and.
57. Shafer stepped on the accelerator again and headed forward against the oncoming traffic.
58. The van began to roll forward again, but his foot froze, hovering over the accelerator.
59. In the parking lot, he found his car, got in, started it, and slammed on the accelerator.
60. I turned the ignition and gunned the accelerator, giving the lady a sneer as I shot away.
61. He searched for and found a large rock with which to weigh down the accelerator and got in.
62. He’d pushed his foot down hard on the accelerator and had gotten the hell away from there.
63. He floored the accelerator the whole way home and only relaxed when the house came into sight.
64. The doctor makes a quick decision, floors the accelerator and points the car at the fence line.
65. The driver scratched his head, somewhat confused, before pushing again on his accelerator pedal.
66. She cried out again, writhing into the machinery and pumping the accelerator with blind vigour.
67. He immediately applied his accelerator for full power and knocked the goods train out of his way.
68. LP planted his foot hard on the accelerator, changing from first to second gear in four wheel drive.
69. He lingered no longer and slammed his foot on the accelerator commanding the police car to reverse.
70. William looked over to Frank’s foot on the accelerator and he could see that Frank was letting up.
71. Yuki threw the car into gear, jammed down the accelerator, and with tires squealing, she left the lot.
72. If you feel this way, remember that your foot, if you will, is on the accelerator — you ultimately.
73. He started up the engine, and, keeping it in neutral, he placed the rock carefully on the accelerator.
74. He might have known it before, probably felt it, but life in the big city has worked as an accelerator.
75. Just sort it out yourself! Taisei yelled as he hit the accelerator and drove off into the distance.
76. Eventually Davie kicks the beast into life and holds the accelerator in the mid-range for a few seconds.
77. The light changed at the intersection of Merv Griffin and Wilshire, and Gozan stepped on the accelerator.
78. Tafferel told Aguero to floor the accelerator as he believed the cops from Vitoria would not be far away.
79. Olsen adjusted his vision so not to look at the bullet holes in the windscreen and floored the accelerator.
80. Rani stamped her foot on the accelerator, the tires screeched as they van headed towards the hood in the wood.
81. Just in time the doctor realises that the engine is going to stall, dips the clutch and floors the accelerator.
82. As earlier indicated HAR1, the human accelerator region, kicked in around that 5 million year demarcation.
83. I floored the accelerator and we bumped down the twisting roads of the backwoods of Olema and out to the highway.
84. Intending to speed off and leave him behind, I press heavy on the accelerator, but he speeds along, racing with me.
85. The engine wound down from a roar as he let off the accelerator, allowing her to hear the approaching car’s engine.
86. CERN's large accelerator resides 100 meters underground along the French/Swiss border located just outside of Geneva.
87. He glanced over at her and she gave him a little pout so he pushed his foot down a little further on the accelerator.
88. Ramming the car into gear, she floored the accelerator, constantly checking in the rear-view mirror as they sped away.
89. By the time we walked up, she was sitting in someone else’s back seat, babbling about her accelerator getting stuck.
90. He hit the accelerator hard and within a few seconds came up on a pickup truck and a white minivan driving side by side.
91. He flicked the indicator switch, floored the accelerator pedal, and the Truck leaped ahead down the narrow and winding road.
92. Puller checked his seat belt, noted the air bag sign on the dash, took a deep breath, and pushed the accelerator to the floor.
93. A gentle touch on the accelerator caused a shriek from the tires as they slipped a part turn on the smooth grey painted floor.
94. Without a split seconds hesitation, the driver of the car pitched the vehicle into a sudden turn and stepped on his accelerator.
95. In one last desperate move, he pushed his right foot down on the accelerator as hard as he could and felt the car surge forwards.
96. Unlocking his car he jumps in and starts the engine with a roar, taking his foot off the accelerator he tries to calm himself down.
97. Gnashing the gears he forced the van into second and pressed his foot hard on the accelerator, trying to push it through the floor.
98. He slid the gear selector into reverse and pressed the accelerator to the floor before he could even turn his head to look behind him.
99. Rani did a rapid U-turn, stamped her foot down on the accelerator, and zoomed back up the road leaving the officers in a cloud of dust.
100. There was something brutal in his movements and Charro was about to floor the accelerator when he heard his rear door being yanked open.

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