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Surge in a sentence

And in a surge of.
Just a surge of emotion.
He felt a surge of hope.
Hal felt a surge of hope.
I felt a surge of relief.
A surge rippled through me.
Time travels by the surge.

The surge of his party is.
I feel a surge of gratitude.
With a surge of relief, he.
Midge felt a surge of relief.
That surge will clobber us.
She felt a surge of affection.
He felt a surge of excitement.
Feel the surge of acceleration.
He was surprised by the surge.
A surge of happiness engulfed me.
They felt a surge of physicality.
She battled down a surge of panic.
Merthin felt a surge of compassion.
Monty felt a surge of apprehension.
What was it? A power surge?
The waves that surge upon the beach.
I grinned as I felt a surge of hope.
Nicky felt a surge of anger hit her.
At any moment the crowd would surge.
A surge of anxiety runs through me.
A surge of excitement rushes over me.
In fact, the surge is so strong that.
It is always a divine surge within you.
Shirani felt a dull surge of adrenaline.
A surge of flames shot through his body.
She swallowed down a surge of excitement.
I felt a surge of energy injected into me.
Regardless of the cause, a surge of pain.
The surge of power was almost frightening.
When he did, he saw the surge of the crowd.
He's in the 3rd Surge down there at Saigon.
Again, Midge felt a surge of … something.
Like a surge of electricity through my body.
Obama was surging in the polls.
Her bitterness came surging up.
I spun to face her, anger surging.
The sea was swelling and surging.
And waves surging on the river Che.
She fought down a surging of panic.
And waves surging on the river Che;.
Now, surging around the end in a rapidly.
He frowned, irritation surging through him.
I felt the Power grip me, surging into my.
With its surging enrollment and new facil-.
Rising, frustrations surging, he faced his.
Its surging tides and raging waves a-flowing.
He could feel a new power surging though him.
She strained forward, surging toward the light.
I slipped the phone into my bag, anger surging.
A brotherly warmth surging from his body to hers.
I close my eyes and try to beat back the surging pain.
Hanor’s heart nearly burst from the up surging grief.
Fighting the mist and the surging force of the water.
A feeling of cold surging numbness coursed through my.
Finally he tears past the outside of the surging masses.
Behind the Stygians the asshuri were surging and yelling.
His heart started pounding, fear surging through his veins.
But night fell and wrapped the surging ocean in its shadows.
I quickly focused on his thereness, and he came surging back.
Closing her eyes, Claire fought the panic surging through her.
They found it surging and tossing, in quest of Defarge himself.
The sound of that word still sent electricity surging through me.
The fundamentalists with Bishop Rendellyn were surging to the fore.
Through me the afflatus surging and surging, through me the current.
The darkness spilled over the Outer Shell, surging into the courtyard.
There is then only a surging ahead unceasingly with the vision of mind.
Then trolls and ogres were surging forward, and Talia turned to her party.
My stomach turned and I started to retch, the surging bile doubling me over.
The tide went away and came back, surging through a lock that had rusted open.
There were at least four Sabers on board and they were all surging toward me.
His thundering, surging, trembling body sent her on wave after wave of orgasm.
Picturing them rushing towards their location, Hanor could see the Souls surging.
Kumiko stood on her balcony and watched the water slowly stop surging through the.
Grief surged up in her.
Hope surged in his chest.
The water surged about him.
Pain surged through her elbow.
The ball surged high as Ish.
Panic surged through his body.
The words surged from his lungs.
A guilty feeling surged over me.
A wave of heat surged through her.
The Unnoticeables surged into life.
A jolt of shock surged through her.
More chemicals surged in his body.
Then a great terror surged over me.
The horses surged forward and away.
Adrenaline surged through his veins.
Power surged beneath those muscles.
He surged ahead, pulling his friends.
More pressure surged through her head.
Self-loathing surged through her veins.
The High Police surged forward as one.
A jolt of electricity surged through me.
An angry feeling surged up in his heart.
Holly surged ahead and ordered Ray away.
Misgivings surged at what he could do if.
Carrie heart surged with love for her father.
A rush of thoughts surged through his brain.
The entire field surged out in front of them.
More heat surged through her, hotter this time.
An exhilarating rush surged through his stoic.
Electricity surged through his long, black hair.
Questions and emotions surged through her brain.
Reminded of it anew, emotion surged in his words.
Doon gave a shout of triumph, and surged forwards.
Too much water had surged under the bridge, then.
The crowd surged forward to better hear the answer.
Once again, a burst of relief surged through Locke.
A poignant and rebellious doubt surged in his heart.
Explosively, a wealth of memories surged through him.
Ferocious triumph surged through Conan's numbed brain.
Horrified, the Souls surged past the group, only to.
Surges, speed and momentum of.
Just then, it surges with full force.
Red electric energy surges through both of.
But ah, the thrill that surges when we find.
Angry, electricity surges throughout his body.
In other words, implied volatility often surges.
The water surges to her knees: cold, even in July.
Yes, yes, yes, KILL, the Book surges to life again.
Tremendous surges of random data are clogging her electronics.
Interesting surges in the scanners the closer to the system.
Blood surges from a wound in her abdomen, dyeing her shirt crimson.
The free blood of the Watsons surges within me at the sight of them.
He refused to go stupid and relinquish his surges of rational thought.
The extra heat caused short pressure surges, and they burst the discs.
If there is no retest and the stock surges higher, then we make money.
Peter surges toward me in a half crouch, and punches me in the stomach.
The birth control pill for acne works by evening out those hormonal surges.
Push! she yells, and the handle surges forward, almost out of her grasp.
David surges toward me with a grimace of pain as he puts weight on his injured leg.
The great storm surges that flooded the streets had killed most of the vegetation.
It is simply that when implied volatility surges, you can often sell them for more.
A large mass of seawater, pushed by the repeated tidal surges, welled up in the eastern.
Within the physical constraints of human economy, financial surges are adrenaline rushes.
The release of nitric oxide creates surges of blood flow, which is the muscle pump we are.
The sea that surges, falls, and resurges, is the life that is born, dies, and is reborn again.
Once seated, he touches the side of the boat and, again, it surges a little faster through the waves.
A large mass of seawater, pushed by the repeated tidal surges, welled up in the eastern Mediterranean.
Your own energies are channeled into the wood, where any surges and inconsistencies are smoothed over.
The crowd surges into administrative offices, carrying out typewriters and sheaves of scattering files.
A fierce revulsion shook him as he gazed at the green surges that deepened into purple hazes of mystery.
He was experiencing powerful surges of sadness and guilt, feeling responsible for the horrible accident.
The disorder is triggering surges of panic in her circuits, which are filling with the random noise of fear.
He lay on her and began to move his hips, felt her respond under him with undulations and surges of her own.
My admiration surges to the few names I have read about, who were super-active in mobilizing the masses 120.
Till morning dawned I was tossed on a buoyant but unquiet sea, where billows of trouble rolled under surges of joy.
He understood why Killian’s eyes lit up so often…with a temper like that he was probably prone to magic surges.
Just like the body knows how to create a fever to cleanse itself of toxins, it also knows how to handle energy surges.
That’s the charm of it, isn’t it? But as the urge surges, so would the pain for possession in the pangs of passion.
The boat was surging along the wave tops at an unbelievable speed that came in surges that matched the beat of my heart.
Due to his half-cetra heritage he could feel the surges in the Lifestream, but he wasn't sure how to fully process them.

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