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Surge in a sentence | surge example sentences

  1. And in a surge of.
  2. He felt a surge of hope.
  3. Just a surge of emotion.
  4. Hal felt a surge of hope.
  5. I felt a surge of relief.

  6. A surge rippled through me.
  7. Time travels by the surge.
  8. The surge of his party is.
  9. I feel a surge of gratitude.
  10. Midge felt a surge of relief.
  11. With a surge of relief, he.
  12. That surge will clobber us.
  13. She felt a surge of affection.
  14. He felt a surge of excitement.
  15. He was surprised by the surge.

  16. Feel the surge of acceleration.
  17. A surge of happiness engulfed me.
  18. They felt a surge of physicality.
  19. She battled down a surge of panic.
  20. Merthin felt a surge of compassion.
  21. What was it? A power surge?
  22. Monty felt a surge of apprehension.
  23. The waves that surge upon the beach.
  24. Nicky felt a surge of anger hit her.
  25. At any moment the crowd would surge.

  26. I grinned as I felt a surge of hope.
  27. A surge of excitement rushes over me.
  28. A surge of anxiety runs through me.
  29. In fact, the surge is so strong that.
  30. It is always a divine surge within you.
  31. Shirani felt a dull surge of adrenaline.
  32. A surge of flames shot through his body.
  33. She swallowed down a surge of excitement.
  34. Regardless of the cause, a surge of pain.
  35. I felt a surge of energy injected into me.
  36. The surge of power was almost frightening.
  37. Like a surge of electricity through my body.
  38. When he did, he saw the surge of the crowd.
  39. Surge pushed the blue button on his phone.
  40. He's in the 3rd Surge down there at Saigon.
  41. Again, Midge felt a surge of … something.
  42. These EBMs, along with the surge in demand.
  43. Ellie was flooded with a surge of adrenaline.
  44. Red electric energy surge around TK’s arms.
  45. Vinny felt a surge of exhilaration when he.
  46. There was now a surge of excitement in Ixia.
  47. He experienced a surge of freedom and relief.
  48. She felt a surge of warm energy fill her body.
  49. There was a surge of voices begging to confess.
  50. That thought sent a surge of panic through her.
  51. That must have really been one hell of a surge.
  52. The crowd stood atop the stairs began to surge.
  53. Feeling a surge and renewal of spirit, I sat up.
  54. Adrenaline, but more like a surge of electricity.
  55. But he can’t suppress the surge of hope he feels.
  56. The thought made his blood surge with anticipation.
  57. No! said Oleon with a sudden surge of energy.
  58. Clayton’s chest tightened on a surge of emotion.
  59. Kay was warmed by a surge of kinship with the man.
  60. There was a sudden surge of pride and patriotism.
  61. By watching the surge of LH hormone, a infertile.
  62. I felt the familiar surge of energy within my core.
  63. All the excitement had given me a surge of strength.
  64. Midge felt a surge of … something in his stomach.
  65. Surge ever found out how Tim had gotten their names.
  66. Joseph felt a surge of emotions cascade through him.
  67. The WEAPONS nearly awakened with that last surge.
  68. Had to be, and Colin felt another surge of adrenaline.
  69. Across the way, the Italian boat began another surge.
  70. She Who Gathers Stones Together felt a surge of pride.
  71. The surge that had given it such power still ran in.
  72. Hearing that name brought a surge of bitter memories.
  73. The surge of happiness increased his appetite and he.
  74. Where had the sudden surge of confidence come from?
  75. The upward surge of a bull market has been far more.
  76. It’s just strange to think that after such a surge.
  77. Then Khosatral came upon him in an irresistible surge.
  78. A surge of blood spattered as she drew the blade back.
  79. With the right power surge, the new fray can interact.
  80. The head jerked back and a surge of crimson burst forth.
  81. In that brief moment a surge of energy rushes up my arm.
  82. Another surge of power made the man quake where he stood.
  83. The first slashed at him with a great surge of strength.
  84. Her hands surge upward and splash a third wave in my face.
  85. Komroff smiled faintly as he watched them surge into the.
  86. He looked so desperate that she felt a surge of compassion.
  87. As soon as we entered the restroom we felt a big surge of.
  88. He was still thrusting and each surge sent Melissa higher.
  89. The thought of them sent a surge of tenderness through me.
  90. Minerva after the rattling surge looked over at the others.
  91. With a surge of confidence she marched up to the loiterer.
  92. Libby felt a surge of relief when she saw the smile in his.
  93. The question seemed innocent, but Hal felt a surge of guilt.
  94. The surge of bravery that had sustained Elowen through the.
  95. He felt the power surge through the soles of his bare feet.
  96. The Bentley leaned forward with a thrusting surge of power.
  97. Sebastian smiled sadly and a surge of relief washed over Con.
  98. A surge in oil prices can place downward pressure on stocks.
  100. As soon as the flames shot up and out I felt a sudden surge.
  1. Her bitterness came surging up.
  2. Obama was surging in the polls.
  3. The sea was swelling and surging.
  4. I spun to face her, anger surging.
  5. And waves surging on the river Che.
  6. She fought down a surging of panic.
  7. And waves surging on the river Che;.
  8. Now, surging around the end in a rapidly.
  9. He frowned, irritation surging through him.
  10. I felt the Power grip me, surging into my.
  11. With its surging enrollment and new facil-.
  12. Rising, frustrations surging, he faced his.
  13. Its surging tides and raging waves a-flowing.
  14. He could feel a new power surging though him.
  15. She strained forward, surging toward the light.
  16. I slipped the phone into my bag, anger surging.
  17. A brotherly warmth surging from his body to hers.
  18. Fighting the mist and the surging force of the water.
  19. I close my eyes and try to beat back the surging pain.
  20. Hanor’s heart nearly burst from the up surging grief.
  21. A feeling of cold surging numbness coursed through my.
  22. Finally he tears past the outside of the surging masses.
  23. Behind the Stygians the asshuri were surging and yelling.
  24. His heart started pounding, fear surging through his veins.
  25. But night fell and wrapped the surging ocean in its shadows.
  26. I quickly focused on his thereness, and he came surging back.
  27. Closing her eyes, Claire fought the panic surging through her.
  28. They found it surging and tossing, in quest of Defarge himself.
  29. The sound of that word still sent electricity surging through me.
  30. The fundamentalists with Bishop Rendellyn were surging to the fore.
  31. Through me the afflatus surging and surging, through me the current.
  32. The darkness spilled over the Outer Shell, surging into the courtyard.
  33. There is then only a surging ahead unceasingly with the vision of mind.
  34. Then trolls and ogres were surging forward, and Talia turned to her party.
  35. My stomach turned and I started to retch, the surging bile doubling me over.
  36. The tide went away and came back, surging through a lock that had rusted open.
  37. There were at least four Sabers on board and they were all surging toward me.
  38. His thundering, surging, trembling body sent her on wave after wave of orgasm.
  39. Picturing them rushing towards their location, Hanor could see the Souls surging.
  40. Kumiko stood on her balcony and watched the water slowly stop surging through the.
  41. Price closed near the high of the day and continued surging on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  42. A surging, seething, murmuring crowd of beings human in name only filled the huge room.
  43. Whitey had watched for a few moments as Marty was trashed by the surging sea; and his.
  44. My mind was still in high gear, boosted by my surging hormones and the whole crappy day.
  45. He could not have said how long he sat there with vague thoughts surging through his mind.
  46. On the bridge water was surging in and the captain knew that he was about to meet his fate.
  47. She heard it before she reached the edge of the cliff – a violent, shushing, surging noise.
  48. The surging roar of the diesel engine grew louder overpowering the constant drum of the rain.
  49. He felt a surging urgency in his desire to speak with her so he walked towards Macnock's store.
  50. You could notice the crowd as they rose to their feet, surging forward to appreciate my mother.
  51. Olsen ran to him and had virtually no control of his temper, which came surging to the surface.
  52. The stock traded around the lower boundary of the wedge for several weeks before surging higher.
  53. The Gypsy man could feel mobility surging into his hand and fingers, his bulky body coming alive.
  54. For a moment, all my instruments went crazy, overcome by a surging wave of spacetime distortion.
  55. A man stands looking over the rail of a vessel into the surging water, and cries out, 'Save it!'.
  56. And before she knew it, a wave of red energy came surging towards her and knocking her to the ground.
  57. Trading is opportunistic, and it follows the surging of trends or the waves of an oscillating pattern.
  58. All known lands lay behind them, and day upon day the blue surging immensity lay empty to their sight.
  59. She knew that would be the result, but the knowledge alone couldn’t fight the pain surging within her.
  60. The stock declined a bit more before pausing and surging higher to do a hard retest of the lower boundary.
  61. She felt the warm flush, a danger signal always with Gerty MacDowell, surging and flaming into her cheeks.
  62. A man stands looking over the rail of a vessel into the surging water, and cries out, 'Save it!' Men come.
  63. Damien swallowed hard, ignoring the heat surging to his loins and flipped her over, oustretched, beneath him.
  64. Listhew and Smithforge stepped in their path and contended with the surging bull-trolls with their broadswords.
  65. I stood still, trying to understand what had just happened, and failing to dispel the energy surging through me.
  66. Denver, knew of course all the emotions that were surging through his body, uncontrolled, so very easy to read.
  67. Fifty-two mini fusion thrusters fired up, sending him surging forward like some children’s animated superhero.
  68. With excitement surging through her, she opened the car door and took off after Boston, Clayton close on her heels.
  69. The surging drug then raced viciously through his bloodstream, until the artificial high became nearly overwhelming.
  70. We had reached a village near Lille, which had been in German occupation, and the inhabitants were surging round us.
  71. A man stands looking over the rail of a vessel into the surging water, and cries out, 'Save it!' Men come rushing up.
  72. It was perhaps just because ideas I did not understand were surging up in me, that I used to drink and fight and rage.
  73. The boat was surging along the wave tops at an unbelievable speed that came in surges that matched the beat of my heart.
  74. I could almost hear the beating of my own heart, and the blood surging through my temples sounded like blows from a hammer.
  75. He watched without their benefit, grinding his teeth against the overpowering surging of fresh blood reawakening his flesh.
  76. How? Oops, sorry… She added hastily and apologetically, when she noticed the blush surging into her friend’s face.
  77. To his surprise, he then watched with wide eyes after squeezing the trigger that revealed a blue voltage surging near its tip.
  78. Valeria's eyes rolled toward him with mute appeal, and his own helplessness sent red waves of madness surging through his brain.
  79. I focused my attention to the warehouse, letting my mind free for a split second, but that was enough to have hope surging through me.
  80. The pillar bulged, filled with a surging power driving up from a depth with which the lake of fire could not contend, and never could.
  81. The crowd went wild_ Cassius felt fury, surging through him; with all the strength left in him he forced himself to stay frozen in place.
  82. When one is in the midst of the flow of surging water knocking out all that which blocks its path, even the first time makes a lasting.
  83. Then let’s assume that prices, instead of eventually surging upwards in mid-December, continued to decline and that the pattern failed.
  84. James and I walked south, surrounded on all sides by speed-walking streams of office workers surging along the sidewalk toward the subway.
  85. We anxiously watch the post-breakout action as prices, rather than surging up, are hugging the upper boundary of the symmetrical triangle.
  86. This is especially true with teens because their hormones are often surging out of whack and haven't settled into a more even production yet.
  87. Conan stopped, grasped the slack of his garments and hauled him clear, and slammed the door in the faces of the men who came surging into it.
  88. It was unexpected youth, surging up anew after its temporary check, and bringing with it hope, and the invincible instinct towards self-delight.
  89. But when Roopa’s clamor rent the air as Sandhya plunged her tongue into her surging vulva to savor its flavor, they both had gratifying feeling.
  90. The report showed him surging to an unbeatable margin over his opponent, as a result of his newfound notoriety as anti-drug champion of the people.
  91. The unexpected chill that even slightly moved the drapes but brought the candles surging back to life sent shivers through all the bodies at the 319.
  92. After what seemed like an eternity of running in slow motion, Zoran snatched Ea up into his arms as the water slumped back, surging past his lower legs.
  93. She was aware of her husband approaching a long way off, and she could not help following him in the surging crowd in the midst of which he was moving.
  94. More of the beautifully presented young men sent testosterone surging and the sexual frustration that had been building for weeks threatened to explode.
  95. How many S&P strangle players who took premiums every month for several years were in the market in mid-2008? Volatility was surging in September of 2008.
  96. Will watched and classified the people in the surging crowd, the schoolkids, rogue males, and out-of-towners, and he saw money changing hands near the bar.
  97. I’d always thought of Jannie as my little girl, but here she was the youngest in the school to make varsity track and now she was surging with hormones?
  98. At this point in time, the human consciousness of the world has passed the point of neutrality and it is surging ahead towards Oneness or a holistic way of life.
  99. Scarlett leaned her elbows on the counter and almost glared at the excited laughing crowd surging about the platform, their hands full of Confederate paper money.
  100. It was a place of surging breakers, precipitous cliffs, towering volcanoes, and open windswept slopes, all located on the most remote island in the Pacific Ocean.
  1. Grief surged up in her.
  2. Hope surged in his chest.
  3. The water surged about him.
  4. Pain surged through her elbow.
  5. The ball surged high as Ish.
  6. Panic surged through his body.
  7. A guilty feeling surged over me.
  8. The words surged from his lungs.
  9. A wave of heat surged through her.
  10. More chemicals surged in his body.
  11. The Unnoticeables surged into life.
  12. A jolt of shock surged through her.
  13. Adrenaline surged through his veins.
  14. The horses surged forward and away.
  15. Then a great terror surged over me.
  16. Power surged beneath those muscles.
  17. He surged ahead, pulling his friends.
  18. More pressure surged through her head.
  19. The High Police surged forward as one.
  20. Self-loathing surged through her veins.
  21. A jolt of electricity surged through me.
  22. Holly surged ahead and ordered Ray away.
  23. An angry feeling surged up in his heart.
  24. Misgivings surged at what he could do if.
  25. A rush of thoughts surged through his brain.
  26. Carrie heart surged with love for her father.
  27. The entire field surged out in front of them.
  28. More heat surged through her, hotter this time.
  29. An exhilarating rush surged through his stoic.
  30. Electricity surged through his long, black hair.
  31. Questions and emotions surged through her brain.
  32. Too much water had surged under the bridge, then.
  33. Doon gave a shout of triumph, and surged forwards.
  34. Reminded of it anew, emotion surged in his words.
  35. The crowd surged forward to better hear the answer.
  36. Once again, a burst of relief surged through Locke.
  37. A poignant and rebellious doubt surged in his heart.
  38. Heat surged through her all the way down to her toes.
  39. Ferocious triumph surged through Conan's numbed brain.
  40. Horrified, the Souls surged past the group, only to.
  41. Explosively, a wealth of memories surged through him.
  42. As he turned they surged in on him with hostile cries.
  43. A light changed, and the traffic surged forward again.
  44. Fear surged through Jake The Snake as he put down the.
  45. Grays and blacks and red spots surged across her vision.
  46. A shaft of pleasure surged through him at her compliment.
  47. I took my coat off and surged toward the security fence.
  48. Spewing and sputtering he surged to his feet in the pond.
  49. His whole body surged with vibrations of cold and static.
  50. When the fire surged, John pulled enough to drain her.
  51. The mental genes of Mad Carlton surged to life within me.
  52. The warriors of various races surged into a valiant charge.
  53. Sales of the second and third books (not free) have surged.
  54. The stock initially surged after the earnings-day reversal.
  55. Air bubbles surged to the surface from deep within the pond.
  56. By then the guards had recovered, and they surged around him.
  57. Anger surged through Iratus as he shook his head violently.
  58. No! Hollowcrest surged to his feet, upending his chair.
  59. Happiness surged through her like a rush of energy, and she.
  60. The rate surged to thirty-nine and then immediately to forty.
  61. Adrenaline surged through her and she pumped the accelerator.
  62. People surged forward as the two fighters danced on the ground.
  63. Their boys had surged ahead at the end—anyone could see that.
  64. The Padawans surged forward as one, driving Malorum back as he.
  65. But then he surged forward and clung wildly to Sola’s throat.
  66. Suddenly the water surged way over the bank and erupted in spray.
  67. Life and realism surged gravely into his mind and onto his face.
  68. His professional side surged to the surface and resumed control.
  69. Her heart surged with surprising tenderness for this hidden poet.
  70. The horse surged forward, neighing a sound of fear into the night.
  71. That stopped suddenly as he grabbed the steering wheel and surged.
  72. Just then night fell suddenly, and the waves barely surged in the.
  73. Power surged through them; it was that which was making them sway.
  74. The Calderans surged, and again they gained only inches of ground.
  75. Anger surged up in Yukino, I’ll tell her about Tomo, she thought.
  76. My cousins flew off their chairs and surged towards the dance floor.
  77. He hung on for dear life as the water surged over his battered body.
  78. The whole crowd of liberated statues surged back into the courtyard.
  79. Then anger surged over hint, and he ran about his master's body in a.
  80. Then it surged to its feet like a cresting wave, shrieking adulation.
  81. A wave of repressed longing surged through her and she shook her head.
  82. She surged with happiness to learn her family had survived the storm.
  83. The legions of firbolgs and minotaurs levitating below surged upward.
  84. I let the reins go slack and Relentless surged forward into the night.
  85. Sara paused, and all the deep, strange thoughts surged up in her breast.
  86. Little did anyone know how much conflicting emotion surged through him.
  87. But now, the truth surged in, down to the deepest recesses of her soul.
  88. The pain that had been far away during the gunfight surged over Pillsbury.
  89. I bit her and as the blood surged into my mouth, images burst into my head.
  90. He took a step back and the Enma surged ahead of him, emitting growls and.
  91. All of a sudden he stopped moving and water surged over him, dragging him.
  92. More dinos surged forward, and the ’pus flung another water wall at them.
  93. Out of the past it surged up again, hot and flaying, when he heard her name.
  94. Sicarius surged forward, but the men were expecting it, and they blocked him.
  95. The beast surged over the crown of the hill, snow churning beneath its paws.
  96. A red-and-black sea of burnt rage rushed around the corner and surged for them.
  97. A wave of energy surged through the ground and the bridge buckled, lurched to.
  98. By 2007, Vietnamese annual production had surged to more than 16 million bags.
  99. The past surged up before him facing the present; he compared them and sobbed.
  100. Then devotion surged forth without restraint; so extreme it was that it became.
  1. Surges, speed and momentum of.
  2. Just then, it surges with full force.
  3. But ah, the thrill that surges when we find.
  4. Red electric energy surges through both of.
  5. Angry, electricity surges throughout his body.
  6. In other words, implied volatility often surges.
  7. The water surges to her knees: cold, even in July.
  8. Yes, yes, yes, KILL, the Book surges to life again.
  9. Interesting surges in the scanners the closer to the system.
  10. Tremendous surges of random data are clogging her electronics.
  11. Blood surges from a wound in her abdomen, dyeing her shirt crimson.
  12. The free blood of the Watsons surges within me at the sight of them.
  13. If there is no retest and the stock surges higher, then we make money.
  14. He refused to go stupid and relinquish his surges of rational thought.
  15. The extra heat caused short pressure surges, and they burst the discs.
  16. Peter surges toward me in a half crouch, and punches me in the stomach.
  17. The birth control pill for acne works by evening out those hormonal surges.
  18. Push! she yells, and the handle surges forward, almost out of her grasp.
  19. David surges toward me with a grimace of pain as he puts weight on his injured leg.
  20. The great storm surges that flooded the streets had killed most of the vegetation.
  21. It is simply that when implied volatility surges, you can often sell them for more.
  22. A large mass of seawater, pushed by the repeated tidal surges, welled up in the eastern.
  23. Within the physical constraints of human economy, financial surges are adrenaline rushes.
  24. The release of nitric oxide creates surges of blood flow, which is the muscle pump we are.
  25. The sea that surges, falls, and resurges, is the life that is born, dies, and is reborn again.
  26. Once seated, he touches the side of the boat and, again, it surges a little faster through the waves.
  27. A large mass of seawater, pushed by the repeated tidal surges, welled up in the eastern Mediterranean.
  28. Your own energies are channeled into the wood, where any surges and inconsistencies are smoothed over.
  29. The crowd surges into administrative offices, carrying out typewriters and sheaves of scattering files.
  30. He was experiencing powerful surges of sadness and guilt, feeling responsible for the horrible accident.
  31. A fierce revulsion shook him as he gazed at the green surges that deepened into purple hazes of mystery.
  32. The disorder is triggering surges of panic in her circuits, which are filling with the random noise of fear.
  33. He lay on her and began to move his hips, felt her respond under him with undulations and surges of her own.
  34. My admiration surges to the few names I have read about, who were super-active in mobilizing the masses 120.
  35. He understood why Killian’s eyes lit up so often…with a temper like that he was probably prone to magic surges.
  36. Till morning dawned I was tossed on a buoyant but unquiet sea, where billows of trouble rolled under surges of joy.
  37. Just like the body knows how to create a fever to cleanse itself of toxins, it also knows how to handle energy surges.
  38. That’s the charm of it, isn’t it? But as the urge surges, so would the pain for possession in the pangs of passion.
  39. Due to his half-cetra heritage he could feel the surges in the Lifestream, but he wasn't sure how to fully process them.
  40. The boat was surging along the wave tops at an unbelievable speed that came in surges that matched the beat of my heart.
  41. Arnold looked at the torn, broken wing, disappearing and reappearing between the powerful surges of water, and shook his head.
  42. The Horizon was spared most of the internal damage due to the fact all of its systems were already disabled from earlier power surges.
  43. But as the first surges of pleasure broke over her the memory of Sebastian's voracious lips against hers returned with vivid intensity.
  44. Surges in volume accompanying large price moves, large price moves on low volume, and trap moves, such as low volume on a long legged doji.
  45. So monitoring those huge daily price/volume percentage surges is certainly an excellent source for discovering potential swing-trade candidates.
  46. When news is released, it is often the first place where we see volume surges in the market, and they are excellent places to start our analysis.
  47. The resulting rapidly changing electric fields and magnetic fields made all electrical and electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges.
  48. The overloaded shields caused power surges and internal damage, in addition to tremendous amounts of energy coursing through the ship after the shields failed.
  49. That would have been to content myself with living on the Fortunate Isles, while surrounded behind and before by nations tossing on the surges of a boundless fiery ocean.
  50. Yet natural gas demand surges in the summer months as well because natural gas is used by many power plants to generate electricity to power air-conditioning units during hotter temperatures.
  51. At the corner of Avenue A, some men with penlights shout: No! Not that way! This way! He can barely hear them over the chanting (Take It Back! Take It Back!) but as the whole crowd surges west, it overtakes him.
  52. His mouth, teeth, lips, hands, and fingers were untamed and unrestrained, his adrenaline surges pumping faster and faster as his bloodlust and the yohimbe from my sexed cells sent messages for him to complete what he'd started.
  53. Many titans whose powers have been dormant for years, had surges of power; even those who never manifested any power other than that that all of them had – strength and a faster healing process – saw themselves getting stronger.
  54. At this stage the price action becomes more volatile with surges higher followed by a close back to the open price, with increasing volumes of buyers flooding into the market, fearing they will miss out on the next leg up in the bullish trend.
  55. Who does not know that fresh impulse, so strong and gracious, towards good that surges up in us after a period of sitting still in mud? What an experience it is, that vigorous shake and eager turning of our soiled face once more towards the blessed light.
  56. When they had ridden into the Plaza and caught sight of the equestrian statue of the King dazzlingly white in the sunshine, towering enormous and motionless above the surges of the crowd, with its eternal gesture of saluting, a murmur of surprise ran through their ranks.
  57. He even pushed his attentions so far as to desire the aide-de-camp at his side (a thick-set, short captain with a Tartar physiognomy) to bring along a corporal with a file of men in front of the carriage, lest the crowd in its backward surges should incommode the mules of the senora.
  58. A whole sea of handkerchiefs, hats, and flags surges above the heads of the crowd in the square: 'Vive la Russie! Vive les Russes!' shouts this mass of one hundred thousand people, trying to get a look at the dear guests, extending their hands to them, and in every way expressing their sympathies (New Time).
  59. No form can he set on his sensations as he strolls, one blazing afternoon, along the Parisian boulevard and skips out of the way of the royal landau which, looking indescribably ramshackle, rattles along the pitted roadway, saluted by citizens of both sexes cheaply dressed in bowler hats and continental costumes; though a shepherd in kilt, cap, and gaiters very nearly drives his herd of goats between the royal wheels; and all the time the Acropolis surges into the air, raises itself above the town, like a large immobile wave with the yellow columns of the Parthenon firmly planted upon it.
  60. For if there are some masterful spirits who can stand upon the edge of the precipice, observing—without any recoil—the millions falling in one broad unbroken stream into the fiery surges below, there, "Thick as leaves that strew the brooks In Vallombrosa," to remain in torment forever—I was one of those, the majority of Christian spectators— who find repose for their minds alone in the feminine sleights of forgetting or overlaying the daily remembrance of the terrible fact,—that they live in a world, the certain destiny of whose dense unevangelised population—after every deduction for lunatics, idiots, and children dying in infancy—is of a character to fill the creation with everlasting dismay, and to draw from all ranks of being a shout of congratulation for those on whom the blessing of insanity or the hand of the infanticide fell.
  61. The hollow surges rise and fall,.

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